Did Tom Brady want to sue Paul Scheer? Plus Louis CK’s movie gets bad reviews. Is Jordan Conley the next Kevin Hart?

Louis CK’s movie gets bad reviews

Did Tom Brady want to sue Paul Scheer over t-shirts?

Did Tom Brady team up with Jamie Foxx to get Cameron Diaz to unretire or is it just a goofy press stunt?

Wanda Sykes has some interesting political theories.

Is Jordan Conley the next Kevin Hart?

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Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news late night was still talking about Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony. Apparently it left Fox news, speechless.

Seth Meyer said, it’s like, when you get in the car with your parents, after they took you to a movie that had way more nudity than they were expecting,

Stephen Colbert said that was quite the pause. It explains Fox’s new slogan. Fair end. Oh yeah. We’re still here.

Louis CK has got that new movie called 4th of July. Good timing on the release. Louis CK, putting it out. However, the Hollywood reporter said this low budget, indie DRM being released in a smattering of movie theaters. As of now, it’s not scheduled to be screened by any of the larger chains.

Reveals the controversial comic working in an uncharacteristically muted fashion, lacking the acerbic edge of his brilliant work on the TV sitcom, Louis and web series. Ho and Pete, I forgot about that. 4th of July turns out to be something we would’ve never expected from Louis CK. Bland. Ouch.

Even worse news for you, Joe list, cuz Louis CKS career will sail along, but the Hollywood reporter wrote partly, this seems because he’s working in collaboration with comedian Joe list who co-wrote the screenplay executive produced and stars in the lead role of Jeff recovering alcoholic and anxiety ridden jazz pianist.

CK shows up in only a couple scenes as Joe’s therapist, a bit of casting that feels ironic considering his issues, the bottom line nots, a return to glory, the Hollywood reporter, ouch from us weekly, Paul sheer claims that Tom Brady threatened to Sue him. Why over a t-shirt that was offered as merchandise for the podcast.

Unspool. In a video on Instagram. Paul Shearer said, tom Brady threatened legal action against me in the unspool podcast. All right. So what’s going down here last month. They watched the film poco Roso you know, that film, of course you do. Shear and cohost Amy Nicholson were discussing how director Hao, Miyazaki is going to retire.

And then he comes out of retirement shear then compared him to Tom Brady. Who’s been known to do that.

Quoting shear. So I said, Miyazaki is the Tom Brady of the animation world. They began offering a t-shirt featuring a drawing of Brady wearing Maki’s signature, tan suit and glasses, and throwing a football along with the phrase is the Tom Brady of the animation world.

However, shortly thereafter, she received a phone call informing him that Tom Brady’s legal team had filed an injunction against them. Sheer said, if we continue to sell this shirt, we will be sued. Apparently this mother efer has trademarked his own name. So he can’t sell anything with the words, Tom Brady on it.

I don’t think that’s crazy.

However they are now selling. T-shirts that say Miyazaki is the Brady of the animation world, who they mean by Brady. That’s up to your interpretation.

If you want one they’re available for purchase on T public, I didn’t click the link. Let’s say how much they’re charging for this thing.

Okay. Here’s the shirt, 22 bucks. That’s not bad. Um, in terms of wearing it as a, t-shirt pretty deep,


lot of inside jokes here on their website. Alright. Moving on. Back to back Tom Brady’s stories from the Hollywood reporter, cameron Diaz is coming out of a self-proclaimed retirement to get back into acting. We’ve learned this from my former coworker, Jamie Fox.

Jamie posted on his social media. Cameron, I hope you’re not mad as I recorded this, but no turning back now had to call in the goat to bring back another

Fox posted audio of Jimmy Cameron Diaz and NFL start som Brady socking. Tom Brady has heard saying I was talking to Jamie and he said you needed a few tips on how to unretire and I am relatively successful. And unretiring all right. That’s fun.

From gold derby.com. Your home for comedy news. They were watching. America’s got talent. Now listen to this headline. Howie Mandel puts comedian Jordan Conley on par with Kevin Hart. After America’s got talent.

Howie Mandel really liked Jordan set and said it was authentic. How he explained that what makes comic stars is the audience’s belief that there’s no separation between who that person is and that this is not an act.

Yeah, cuz then Anthony, Justin, ACT’s a pretty horrible person. No, how he compared him to Kevin Hartz , in the sense that people will also say, I love Jordan Conley because what they get on stage is exactly who he is, how he’s strong reaction to Jordan was largely due to the fact that his set centered on his experience as the child of two military parents, with stories about his goofy responses, to their request, that he fallen their footsteps.

Simon Callwell called him naturally fun because he’s super, super talented. So I was curious, I watched the set and I have shared it on the Facebook group, which is daily common news podcast group. And I haven’t heard back yet, but I am seeking the opinion of some fellow comedians. I felt the set. First of all, I, I thought the set was good, but I felt it was a little rushed and I felt like it was scoped in the editing, meaning that they made some invisible cuts.

I felt like the rhythm was a little too fast. Maybe Jordan was just a little anxious. Being on national TV. But, uh, I, I do a lot of editing. The rhythm didn’t seem natural to me. I, I think they cut some pauses and they, um, sped it up for pacing, but I’ll wait to see what the pro comics say. Now. Meow wrote, who is Jordan Conley?

And they said he is well known for his roles in Johnny LA Costo physical therapy. Of course. Now you’re like, oh yeah, that guy from Johnny LA Costo physical therapy now, you know who, I mean, he was also in vows in 2020, and in under wraps too, you know that guy, what are you talking about? Meow.

In an interview with voyage LA Jordan said he would return home delighted about my three minutes of open mic comedy, but his parents would still try to talk him out of his choices and discuss possible jobs other than stand up comedy.

He said his act compromises of self-depreciating humor that looks at himself, but spins it in a good light with the goal of encouraging others.

Jordan is a fan of video games, Disney professional wrestling, collecting action figures, comic books, and is a major star wars fan. So he might actually be me.

Less successful was the bicycle comedian bicycle comedian was also on America’s got talent Keegan, the bicycle comedian, his whole set revolves around bicycles. Meow says Keegan struggle

Fans on social media were less than impressed with Keegan, the bicycle comedian’s performance.

Comparing him to Mr. Pans.

One said the pants guy’s the exact same as the bike guy. Why are they all laughing? It’s like an episode of black mirror or something. Another said, I wish the guy with the bike jokes were as good as the guy with the pants jokes a third ass. So they liked the pants jokes, but not the bike jokes.

I don’t watch. America’s got talent. My mom does.

This weekend on the podcast, normal episode tomorrow, pretty robust Sunday and Monday will be Robin Williams, stories parts one and two Tuesday. Also a robust episode. I’m about to record Saturday and Tuesday back to back. I’m going to one of Sykes was on with Steven.

Cober pay attention to this quote here. Wanda speaking, the problem is that middle stuff. It’s those states in the middle, that red stuff. Why do they get to tell us what to do when the majority of us live out in New York, California, and we’re paying for all this crap really? I mean, right. I mean, we’re footing the bill Colby jumped in and said, that’s the union.

It’s supposed to be a representative democracy. It turns out to be minority rule, right? Wanda said California for where a country would be like the fifth largest economy. So if I’m footing the bill, know your position, look, it’s like, if I say, go out to dinner, you don’t get to pick the restaurant. Just shut up and eat.

Mm. Not sure she understands how democracy works or she was just telling jokes on a late night show. Relax, Johnny Mack.

Nikki Glazer now has a date for her next standup special, good clean filth premieres on HBO, July 16th, [10:00] PM. Eastern the specialty paramount theater in Colorado.

And takes out a range of topics in her brutally, yet honest, conversational style, whether she’s dishing about sex, outlining the dues and donts of dating and how to trick someone in a marriage or oversharing about her and not so private parts Glaz delivers an hour of unapologetic and no holds board comedy.

Not for me. Your shock value. No, no, no. But to be open about topics often considered taboo. Bill Bellamy has a new podcast. This will launch Wednesday, July 6th. It’s called top bill in with bill Bellamy filmed on the walk of fame in Hollywood each week, the comedian speaks candidly with leading figures in music, comedy, sports, and more.

Some of the upcoming guests, ti and entertainer, Tony rock, brother of Chris rock. Tony rock will speak about that. Oscar’s incident.

Bill said they know the comedian bill, and he’s not going anywhere. But with top bill and, and break beat, I’m bringing together generations of inspiring and impactful talent and asking them the questions. No one else has all while having fun, doing.

That bar’s pretty high. Jamie Fox on his radio show has some questions for ti that bar’s pretty high. I’ll leave it at that. Lori Kmar will headline the Milwaukee comedy festival. That’s not until October. If you want book your calendar, Milwaukee comedy festival, October 2nd through the ninth At Suku Oka, she’s been getting a lot of press this week. She was on mark Marin. I didn’t get to listen to it yet, but I’ve got it in my queue. She was part of vultures series where they asked comedians. All right. If we gave you Marvel style money, what would you make at Suku said 250 million Jesus. I mean, should I try to solve world hunger with that vulture wrote for the purposes of this interview, we told her to assume that world hunger has already been solved by Elon Musk.

That’s funny. All idea. Okay. We open in a typical theater with a queen herself, Beyonce performing partition.

Because of my hashtag drop challenge, Beyonce and I do the drop challenge together. I have a diamond covered mic, not blood diamonds, the conflict free kind. Then Oprah style. I start giving out gifts, starting with my grandma. I give her a live knee surgery performed by a top surgeon because she’s only had one knee done, but she needs both.

They wheel her backstage. Cuz not everybody wants to watch that, but there’s a feed you could tune to. And watch it. If you’re into that kind of thing, then we have the entire cast of selling sunset, take my husband and my mom on a tour of homes to get my grandma, her dream house. So it’ll be like multiple shows within a show I’m doing standup, but you continue into a fully produced episode of selling sunset if you want.

At the same time, the cast of queer eyes also there. So during my performance there’s wardrobe changes, live hair changes, makeup changes. Bobby’s rearranging furniture behind me. Let’s get LL cool J in an episode of N C S LA. My current specialty intruders about an intruder who came to our house three times in a day.

And he still hasn’t been caught. So LL cool. Jay solves the mystery and finds the intruder in the end, the audience chooses the selling sunset house, and I give whatever money’s left over to audience members on the way out. There’s hot, fresh pizza that was baked live. So there’s also a feed you can tune into.

I call it everything everywhere all at once, and let’s get the Daniels to direct it.

That’s a good time. That is your comedy news for today. Happy 4th of July weekend, unless you’re part of the British monarchy. And then you’re still man about that 1776 thing. Hey, you lost get over it.

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