Does Joe Rogan need to draw a line?

The Boston Globe asks “Where does Joe Rogan draw the line?” Joe Rogan’s deal was reportedly worth $200,000,000 which is $100,000,000 more than $100,000,000 let’s not overlook that.

John Oliver plans to goof on the new bosses at Discovery.

Conan O’Brien doesn’t know when his new show will be ready.

More “Best Comedy Podcast” award nominations – is this really the best list?

Donald Glover will end Atlanta after Season 4.

A fight broke out outside a Jimmy Carr show.

Kanye now calling out Lorne Michaels.

Trevor Noah is a little suspicious of those pesky Russians. He said, I’m not going to lie, guys. Wouldn’t be surprised if Russia was being sneaky. I mean, this is the same country that hides dolls inside, bigger dolls. Do you know how sick you have to be to do that? Trevor. I’ll also commented on news that South Africa wants to turn Nelson Mandela’s home in Johannesburg into a luxury hotel. Does that make sense? Trevor said it actually does. If you remember, one of Mandela’s most famous quotes was, do not judge me by the color of my skin, but rather judge me by the thread count of diesel cotton sheets.

Trevor is nominated for best comedy podcast, Johnny Mac didn’t. We just do podcast awards. We did, but these are totally different podcast awards. These are the Ambi. Put on by the podcast academy. This caught my attention because people on the injury webs are not too happy with the nominees for best comedy podcasts.

They are the daily show with Trevor Noah ears edition. I’ll start there. I really like Trevor Noah. I really like comedy central. I founded comedy central radio on Sirius XM. I like the comedy central people. I do think the daily show ears edition does some original content, but at its core, isn’t it really just the audio from the TV show?

The description of that podcast is listened to highlights and extended interviews in a year’s edition of the daily. You know, so to me, it’s kind of like when you rip the audio from your Netflix special and submit it for best comedy, Grammy album, is it a podcast? It’s not really a podcast. I mean, it is a podcast, but then anything is a podcast.

I don’t know. I just, I love Trevor. I just don’t feel like that should be nominated.

The other nominees, best friends from ear Wolf. How did this get made from ear Wolf? Spotify is nosy neighbors, the Sarah Silverman podcast. Is there any buzz whatsoever on that?

I just went on a website called chartable where you can look up the rankings for various podcasts. I’ll take a second here and walk you through this right now. The Sarah Silverman podcast is not showing up in the comedy category at all. It is 100 seconds on apple podcasts, USA charts for society and culture.

This is at about noon on Friday in that same category, the top three are the Trojan horse fair it’s me tanks. And we can do hard things with Glennon Doyle.

Now to be fair to Sarah. When you set up your podcast, you declare a primary category, secondary category and a tertiary category.

So it looks to me and I don’t have access to their dashboard that they didn’t pick comedy as their number one category. I haven’t either. I’ll explain that in this.

But you’re up for best comedy podcast. You should probably be in the comedy category.

Now, right now around noon on Friday, as I look at the charts, the number one comedy podcast is morbid a true crime podcast. Number two, Smartlist with Bateman Hayes and our nets three Dana Carvey and David Spade’s podcast for his office. Ladies five is Conan six, always sunny seven Adam Corolla, eight, two bears, one K with Thompson Gordon bird Kreischer nine, your mom’s house with Christina P and Thompson.

Gora 10 juicy scoop with Heather. Shouldn’t we nominate one of those now.

All right. The nominees best friends. How did this get made? Nosy neighbors daily show Sarah Silverman. Wait, wait. Don’t tell me from NPR and why won’t you date me with Nicole Byer.

No. I mentioned the subcategories and why Sarah silver may have chosen differently. I have my primary category as stand up. I’m not a stand-up comedian, but the choices really are the comedy catchall. And frankly, I don’t have a big enough podcast to even come close to charting on that one. So the game is you go for the sub categories and the subcategories are like improv stand up and something else.

So the closest to what I do, it’s not like there’s a comedy news category is stand up. And right now in the United States, this podcast is number 31 in the category of standup.

And my podcast does tend to bounce around number 30 in that category. Give or take also, it’s really fun to look at the international charts. Did you know that in the all comedy category, this is the number 46 podcast in Saudi Arabia. Number four in standup. That’s right

in Slovenia. This is the number four standup podcast.

And guess who’s got the number one up podcast and Ghana. That’s right. The king of comedy, Johnny Mac daily comedy news. Right now, number one stand-up comedy podcast on apple podcasts in Ghana. Congratulations to me. Hey, Zimbabwe at number two, step it up guys.

So you, are you the one person listening in Zimbabwe? Hi. Thank you. Appreciate it.

Going to know, Brian talked about when his show on HBO, max might show up. He said, it’s the same question that HBO max is asking me all the time we’re working on something. I can’t tell you exactly what it’s going to come out. It will not be a night tonight. Show

what I’d like to focus on is the stuff that I do that I’m particularly useful at or adept at. And I want to double down on all that. So when you talk about remotes and things where I’m with real people in real situations, that’s exactly the kind of stuff that I’m thinking about and what I want to do.

I’m quite optimistic that things are going to get better and we’re turning a corner and I can’t wait to get back out. HBO had her initially described the show as a weekly variety show. When I heard Conan talk about that and he said, he read the press release. And he was like, what are you talking about?

Variety caught up with John Oliver. He’s looking forward to making fun of his new bosses at discovery.

He told variety. We had absolutely no contact with previous owner at TNC, and I could not encourage discovery more to continue that leave us the F alone

Of discovery CEO. Oliver says we do not need to meet each other. We do not need to speak.

Well, he poked fun at his new corporate masters. He said, I mean, yes, there’s nothing more satisfying to chomp down on the beauty with ACNC is it’s a hand that has done many terrible things. It deserves to be better.

He has hope his discovery won’t take his bait. I presume they’re not fans, but I also do not care. They’ve at least been smart enough to keep that one to themselves.


his current contract goes through the end of 2023. No plans to end. Eddie says it’s still going. It’ll still go till it won’t anymore.

The most joyous reason to even be able to do a show like this is to properly misuse HBO’s resources. If the show exists for anything it’s for that, the New York times reported on Joe Rogan’s contract.

You know how Joe Rogan got a hundred million dollars from Spotify? Oh no, no, no, no, no. Apparently he got at least 200 million. Now, when we’re talking about like a dollar and $2, it’s kind of the same thing. Let’s not gloss over here. A hundred million dollars is a lot of money. $200 million is a hundred million dollars, more than a hundred million dollars.

. Let’s not gloss over that. Those are two similar numbers. They’re not at all.

I gave you an example. And I used to talk about this at Sirius when we would negotiate with agents. Sometimes there’s no middle. For example, if I wanted you to mow my lawn and I said, can you do it for free? And you said, I’ll do it for $200 million. I can’t meet you halfway at a hundred million dollars.

That’s a lot of money. So $200 million. Wow.

The Boston globe is a shiny headline. It is. Where does Joe Rogan draw the line? Oh, my Boston comedian at Mike McDonald worked with Rogan back in the day. Mike McDonald said somewhere, somebody got to say no, Joe, that guy doesn’t get to be on your show. Someone has to tell Joe, look, we don’t need poll pots.

I enjoyed last week, Joe had back-to-back guests about the climate emergency. I’m going to be climate guy and it just seems like he was going way out of his way to balance the subject. And I’m like, Joe, you don’t need to do seven hours on this with two guests or do this two guests on the one show.

This is too much, man. So now he’s like oversteering and being like, no, I’m fair. Like just Joe, just do your thing, man. Veteran comedy promoter, bill bloomin’ Reich who opened the comedy connection in Faneuil hall back in the eighties, says Joe Rogan was ambitious from the outset in 1990.

Joe was the first comic in the whole Boston area to have a cell phone. It made him a lot of money. Every time a comic didn’t show up or couldn’t make it, you’d have to call someone. You’d be lucky if they called you back 10 hours later, but Joe had a cell phone. So he got a lot of.

12 years ago when comedian Miron Kashani was starting out in Boston, he went to see Rogan at the comedy studio. He said Rogan was funny, but used a gay slur repeatedly, which Kashani who’s gay, found odd and unnecessary. He said it wasn’t some magical punchline. It was low key signaling and people that you’re the kind of guy who says that word.

He said afterwards, smoking a cigarette. He complimented Rogan on a set, but seldom you don’t need to use gay slurs gratuitously. He immediately got defensive and was like, oh, come on. Joe feels easy saying certain things. Cause he doesn’t have people who stop him.

Like if you talk a big anti-feminist game with real ass women in the room, you’re going to get clamped back at that tells me you don’t kick it with a lot of strong women. Wow. Sue Costello. I know Sue. She used to be a guest on brewer show all the time. She was fun.

It sounds like she’s not a fan either. She said Joe came on after me and was so viciously disgusting to me. He said, who would ever bang her with that accent? Sue has a thick Boston accent it just ripped through my chest, says SU.

She’s called Joe Rogan out for it on social media. All his bros had sacked me saying I’m a bleeping old lady and who do I think I am now? Joe’s the one taking some hits and he’s been a big wimp, Boston comic, Don Zowlow regular listener and Rogan fan. Hey globe, you kind of deep dove here. Like we’re not talking to like bill bird and Conan O’Brien and the Boston elite here, don Zillow says, Joe Rogan’s podcast is an antidote to cancel culture, which he believes has infected everyone from sports to media, to college, to Hollywood. The two things Joe is selling tick. A lot of people off are truth and masculinity. Joe’s willing to talk with people instead of just blindly believing what he’s told and the mainstream media doesn’t like that.

Here’s my advice, and this is what I do. I open up the app and I see who Joe Rogan has on. And I cherry pick the episodes. He had Jim Gaffigan on. I’m like, all right, I’ll listen to this. He had climate change guys on I’m like I’m interested in that subject. I listened to a little, he had Joey Diaz on who?

In my experience, the one time I met Joey Diaz was the most horrible person in the history of the world that I ever met. That is my opinion of Joey Diaz. So I didn’t listen to the episode.

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mark Marin, he made podcast hall of fame, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes are hosting the Oscars for some reason. TIGTA Tara was on that horrible star Trek series. Andy killer got into a fight with somebody on cameo Lewis, black talks, masks, Jess Salomon, and. We are some comedians that you may not know. They are very funny.

Kevin Hart’s on a national sword, Donald Glover’s ending Atlanta spoilers. You hear about that? The second, uh, more news about the Bob Saget autopsy, the George Carlin documentary and Kathy Griffin went skinny dipping. So if you want to check out the weekly comedy thing, and here are those comedians it’s on the live one app.

It is free. The show is called the weekly comedy thing. Aren’t you guys once on social media? My question was, should I add Henry Winkler to the Mack pack?

If you were a new listener, the Mack pack is my fantasy group of celebrities. I would hang out with like Frank Sinatra hung out with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. I would hang out with Michael Chiklis. Keegan Michael Key, Andy Sandberg. And now officially we’re inducting.

Henry Winkler is now a member of the Mac pack. So someday you’re going to see some lame version of entourage with me driving around in a 2006 Hyundai Tucson with Henry Winkler riding shot. And in the backseat, Chiklis Sandberg Keegan, Michael Key, all cramped up moonroof will be open and we’ll be playing van Halen.

It’s like really lame entourage. That’s the Mac pack. Congratulations, Henry Winkler.

And I’m trying to back down on this Pete Davidson stuff, but even seriously, this morning at breakfast, my wife was like, did you see Kanye west that edit? I’m like, yes, I talk about it every day. And the audience is telling me they’re sick of it. I can’t ignore it. He dragged Lauren Michelson to this. Now remember a few years back, Pete Davidson did a segment on weekend update where he told Kanye west he should take medication for bipolar disorder.

And Pete was actually being serious there. Well, that started making the rounds again last week, Kanye commented on the clip on Instagram saying, hi, skeets you got any more mental health jokes for me?

This boy thought he could get away with performing the sketch for the team that wrote a forum. This is not harassment. This is payback in a follow-up post.

He targeted Lauren Michaels.

He shared Lauren Michaels, Wikipedia, bio, and wrote next up, it’s getting a little scary.

Donald Glover has announced that Atlanta will end after season four, season three is about to come out. But Glover says to be honest, I kind of wanted to end it after season two, when the conditions are right for something to happen and happens when they’re not, it doesn’t, the story was always supposed to be what it was.

From the footage has emerged showing a clash between a ticket holder and protestors at the corn exchange in Cambridge. This was a Jimmy Carter show. The protesters could be heard calling the gig goer a disgrace after the patron, allegedly said, Jimmy Carr’s joke was.

A protestor claimed you just walk up to my family and my community and said, it’s a joke. How’s it a joke? Are you joking me? I’m an Irish gay traveler. He’s offended me. You’re not from that background set of somebody. Like you might be a joke, but we don’t talk about disabled people. We don’t talk about Jews that were murdered.

Travelers were murdered. Gypsies were murdered. Gay people were murdered. All right.

Signs outside the gig, a red genocide is not a subject for mockery. The only death I’m laughing at is Jimmy chorus.

Which is, I dunno, that’s a bit of a weird move to me. Like everything I read there, you heard me changed. My total is like dead serious. And then somebody got a, the only death I’m laughing at is Jimmy core’s career. Like now we’re back at a crack at jokes. I don’t know. And here’s a shocker for you. I’m being dead serious here, Adam Sandler.

And you know, I’m a big fan of Adam Sandler movie. Adam Sandler released a trailer for hustle in hustle, Adam Sandler, place, a scout, trying to get back into the game.

Basketball scout played by Adam Sandler who discovers a once in a lifetime player with a Rocky past abroad only to bring them to the states without his team’s approval. And together they take one final shot to prove they have what it takes to make it to the NBA.

So I watched the trailer for hustle looks pretty good, . Longtime listeners know, I think almost every Adam Sandler film is complete garbage. The best Adam Sandler film by a mile is uncut gems. And the ones with drew Barrymore are watchable.

Everything else complete utter garbage, Jack and Jill, are you kidding?

But Hey, people like them, but I’m being serious here. I watched the trailer for this one and it’s Adam Sandler showing his acting chops. Adam, you’ve got them. I’ve seen them. I saw uncut gems. I know what you could do. I’m rooting for your bro. Stop doing Jack and Jill more of this. So I hope hustle is as good as the trailer looks.

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