Doug Benson on Weed, Cheech and Chong on Weed and Brian Posehn…on weed!

For 4/20 some anecdotes from Doug Benson, Cheech & Chong and Brian Posehn.

Gilbert Gottfried will be honored at EbertFest

That time I met Andy Kaufman’s brother and got paranoid and thought it was Andy himself doing a bit.

Johnny Mac with the four 20 edition of daily comedy. And is now your buddy. Johnny Mack is the most straight laced person you’ll ever meet, but I like to have some fun from scoop, 20 Dolby jokes only. Stoners will understand. All right, let’s dive in.

Police officer. How high are you? Stoner? No officer it’s. Hi, how are you?

got so high last night, we searched for our friend for half an hour while he helped us look,

if the whole world smoked to join at the same time, there’d be world peace for at least two hours followed by a global food. And I used to smoke weed. I still do, but I used to too hard. Right. Hi times spoke to Doug Benson. Hey, Doug Benson for you personally, how is weed immersed in your day to day life?

Most days, awakened bacon and keep at it all day. People always assume I’m high. So I might as well be right. Does it play role in your creativity, a leading role? It’s the main character. I’ve got my best ideas when I’m high. Also some terrible ones. I can write jokes like getting high first, but that’s no fun.

And since the end result is supposed to make people happy, why should I be miserable while creating. Doug Manson. Have you ever taken a tolerance break? The only tolerance breaks I take or when I can’t smoke for some reason, like on planes, I feel like I don’t need a tolerance break cause I mix up what I’m doing so much from joints to blunts, to bong, rips, to dabs and edibles, everything hits it a little differently.

Growing up the joys know comedy was your path. Doug Benson said, I always loved. Stand-ups watching Johnny Carson and David Letterman every night falling all the acts. But I thought I was going to be an actor writer after living in LA for a few months, pursuing my show business dreams. My friends convinced me to try stand up.

I had an okay, three minutes set on potluck night at the comedy store and was hooked.

At times asked Doug Benson, how cannabis first entered his life. Even though I grew up in Soquel, I didn’t have much experience with weed and school. It was when I became a touring comedian that I started smoking regularly. That weekend, I remember really getting into pot was I was working at a club in the bay area with Greg Proops and Brian post-sale.


those two hilarious dudes had been friends and smoking buddies of mine ever since. Doug, what’s one deeper truth about the universe you’ve learned through cannabis consumption that nothing matters. What’s a more ridiculous experience you’ve had while stoned. Doug said I was hired to host a private event for a phone company’s holiday party in 2007, which was a battle of the eighties bands.

I got to meet and introduce Tiffany Thomas Dolby, tone, Loke, vanilla ice, and the sugar hill gang. Wow. Each group of artists perform two songs and then the audience voted on their phones. Oh man, imagine you were like Tiffany or Thomas Dolby or tone or vanilla ice and the sugar hill gang. And you have to go to this dumb holiday party where a bunch of suits are going to vote, which one of you wins?

Awful. Doug said I had to perform stand up while the event crews set up for each performance and I was way too high for the job. The crowd did not care for me at all. In case you’re wondering who won the battle was the sugar hill gang in a landslide. Cheech and Chong. Yep. That’s what we’re doing today.

They’re out promoting Cheech and Chong’s cannabis company, a consortium of weed related businesses that includes marijuana distribution dispensary’s and a takeout service. So it’s like the George Lopez tacos of pot. That’s amazing was they ran a contest that was allowing three people in the LA area to have Cheech and Chong show up at their house today on 14.

not shockingly Cheech and Chong have individual weed businesses. They’re called Tommy Chong’s cannabis and teaches stash. Get into it, think about it. You’ll get it. But Cheech and Chong’s cannabis company marks the first time the Tusome has gotten to the marijuana business together.

LA magazine caught up with Cheech edge.

She said, people are always excited whenever they see us. I think they can’t believe we’re still alive. I’m remembering here. We did at Sirius XM, we did a town hall with Cheech and Chong. They were pretty cool.

And then we had a walk on from Snoop Dogg.

John says when he meets people that kind of refer to me like a daily, like I’m a holy person or something. Cause every time they look at me, they go, oh my God,

John, it means you get a good seat in a restaurant. It can be crowded. People lined up, but as soon as they see us this way, Mr. Marrin, Mr. Chong, whichever one you are Cheech. One of the advantages is, good Mexican food from bad Mexican food. Some people don’t know that good Mexican food tastes like it just got made bad. Mexican food got made some time last since. LA exit. Do you get confused for each other Chung? Yeah, all the time. When I got out of jail, I was sleeping with my wife. She woke up and says, cheat sheets, get up. Chuck will be home. I was halfway down the block before I realized, Hey, I’m Chong.

Sounds like they have their act. Well-rehearsed this.

LA magazine talked about their takeout business and long time listeners know I’m fascinated by takeout businesses. Hydrogel of has chocos LA mag said, let’s talk about your company and start with what I think is the most important thing, which is your takeout, which has $25 eights, which is a good deal.

Geesh, very chunk take out, by the way. It’s probably one of the oldest professions in the world where the guy with the drummer telephone, depending on how they communicate, I need a bag every here, quick, and it’s delivered.

Does it having your own brand mean you can’t smoke other weed Cheech. Now we’re open equal opportunity. Weed vendors will smoke anything. Chung. We did drugs when it was called, try this, then what we would do would try it and we’d say what’s supposed to happen.

Cheech, the strains changed so much every week. There’s hundreds of new strains come in the market every day. So I smoke, whatever my son tells me is good. He’s a taster for my brand Chung. When they asked me, I always tell people I’m still looking for my favorite.

What’s the longest either of you has gone without smoking Cheech years. Chung. When I got busted, I had to quit smoking immediately because of what they call pre-trial probation. When I got out, I was on probation for a year and I did nine months, but it took a year to get to the courts about three years, as long as I’ve been in, without it cheat, same for me.

I go through periods where I don’t smoke at all. Just meditate.

LA magazine. Both of you, I imagine are on everybody’s Stoner’s wishlist, which do each of you want to get high with Chung? The only beetle I never got high in front of, not just with, but in front of was Paul McCartney. Paul knows he’s on my bucket list and apparently he’s willing whenever we hook up, were going to get high together Cheech.

We should do that together. Cause he’s the only beetle that I haven’t smoked with too.

LA mag Cheech. You have a museum opening and Riverside next month. Of course he does. Can you tell me about that Cheech? I had this big collection of Chicano art that I’ve been working on for about 40 years and touring it. One thing led to another and the city of Riverside offered me a museum to house the collection that came to me and offered me this beautiful mid-century building and rivers.

No separately from that good times. Dot SC caught up with Tommy chunks. Solo. They read the Chung recently gotten to the grateful dead and considers himself. What took you so long to embrace them? Chung? Because I was working at the same time. They were right at the same kind of trip going on in Vancouver, maybe a little longer. I started before the Beatles. I started at the beginning of rock and roll.

I started playing country. I was a guitar player for a fiddle player. It was just a neighbor, a form area. I knew about the dead when they were the warlocks. Then went country a bluegrass. Yeah. Jerry was a bluegrass player and that’s why he became such a great far as he could single pick any tempo.

And then he started playing the blues and tried all these different things to see what worked. I was already playing music like that. I guess it was a little of everything, but the dead were jamming and they’re in the moment people were doing acid. See the light show. Marijuana was always there, but it was mostly acid.

NASA does such a spiritual trip for everybody, whether they know it or not. I was never a fan because wasn’t. That’s why I never really connected with the dead. I was basically doing the same thing. Now I’m a fan. When he get out of music, playing it, you can listen. So I never really had a chance to sit down and take an, a dead experience.

Now I love everything they did. I loved their whole approach to music. The dead were always such good musicians. I always respected the fans. They always played for the fans. The fans were more important than the music I grew up with that same outlook.

We can take a Motown song and played for hours. If we wanted to music as continuous, you may stop playing, but the music never stops. I’ve always had that mindset, especially with acid in those days.

Chung talked about when he was in prison, he said,

I was very lucky. Everything that happened to us during that time became a challenge. Our life was going too well. And then that came up when we had to make some changes in our life. First of all, my wife was super, my wife could always make money. That’s what attracted her to me, my ambitious nature. I wasn’t just a musician.

I own the nightclub we played in. We got discovered by Motown. I was going for broke and she recognized that fact. So when I went to jail, we immediately turned it in real plus for both of us. As soon as I realized there was no way out and I was going to jail, we changed, she started planning on her life without me.

And I was looking forward to my time in prison because I’m a celebrity. I was embedded with the troops and everybody loved me. The only time prison got down on me was when they said, okay, Tom, no more pictures with the visitors. The visiting room is getting too crowded on weekends. Cause you got to take a picture with Tommy Chung.

I turned down a pardon from Obama Cheech met Obama who was awarded some Chicano thing and mentioned Obama. This partner was in jail and Obama said, do the paperwork and I’ll sign it. But I didn’t want the pardon because it’s like admitting you did wrong and never did anything wrong. So I want to appear before the judge.

And change my plea. You can do that. It’s not very common, but you can appear for that judge or another judge and change your plea because it’s already my time figure. If I changed my plan, I get a not guilty plea. They got to give me back the a hundred grand or whatever is that I had to pay in fines. And then they confiscated money that nothing to do with the pipes.

So yeah, that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to wait until the right time and then we’ll get a really good lawyer and go in there before the same judge, which is in Pennsylvania and change my plea.

Image comics has announced a new one-shot comic book called the secret history of the war on. One of the creators of this Brian post-sale it’s in comic book shops today. What’s it? About the years, 1985, the first lady decides to crush Northern California cannabis farmers and ploys the biggest tool in the armed forces.

Scotch McTiernan.

Scotch has a catchphrase. If it weeds, we can kill it. Scotch puts his boots on the ground and Humboldt does what he does best. But what happens when he gets high for the first time? 48 Hills? Dr. Brian, said, speaking of baking, I know you’ve mentioned your affinity for pot more than once in your efforts to quit.

Where are you with that? Now? Brian said that’s between me and Mary Jane. And that’s the most Snoop dog thing I’ve ever said.

EBird fast, 2022 kicks off today.

This will be at the university of Illinois today through the 23rd. They’re going to honor Gilbert Godfried.

As part of that they’ll screen Gilbert’s documentary from 2017. That screening is tomorrow.

From Alberta border and it, Calvin is getting new documentary treatment. This is exciting.

Director Alex Braverman sent a statement. No matter how many times I watch Andy Calkins work, I feel like I’m seeing a magic trick for the very first time. I’m excited for our project to honor that this is the film I’ve wanted to make my entire life.

Bob’s muda is part of this project. Bob was one of Andy’s comedy partners. Are you hip to Tony Clifton? So Tony Clifton was a character that Andy Kaufman would do aloud overbearing guy with a mustache. And back when Andy was red hot, the late night shows would try and book Andy Kaufman and Andy wouldn’t do it.

but he would say that his friend. Tony Clifton would do it. So Tony Clifton would appear on the late night shows, except sometimes they would send Bob’s mood and dressed up as Tony Clifton. So you think you’re booked Andy Kathlyn during character, but it’s, Bob’s, muda doing a character.

I hung out with Smoot and one day, a couple of times actually, and he told me some great stories about going out as Tony Clifton and picking up chicks. And the chicks, but he was Eddie, Calvin, which was pretty funny as well. At serious one time we were going to try and do a town hall with Andy Kaufman.

So town halls at Sirius, I don’t know if they still do them, but back in the day where you’d have a celebrity up and you’d have 12 to 15 people in the audience and you’d make a big, special out of it. And it was a big deal, a lot of promotion. So I wanted to do Andy Calvin town hall. And the Calvin estate and his brother, Michael Calvin were totally on board with this.

So I was going to have Kristen Shaw hosted because Kristen had won the Andy Kaufman award. And what we wanted to do was do the event and then just kill time waiting for Andy to show up. And I don’t know how we would’ve gotten out of the bit, that would have been the bed. Andy’s. And they were totally into this.

And the Calvin estate was even going to give me a quote from Andy Calvins, putting the press release. I really want to do this thing, but I couldn’t sell it all the way up the ladder. The bosses thought I was insane, but as part of that, so I was supposed to meet Michael Calvin for lunch, and we were going to meet out in front of the restaurant and I’m standing there and nobody shows up at I’m thinking.

Is this a Calvin like bit or as Michael, Calvin just late. It turned out. He was just late, but then when I was sitting with him, he resembles his brother. And who knows what Andy would have looked like circa 2013 and I’m sitting there and I’m like, maybe I’m actually sitting with Andy Kaufman.

And this is some sort of long con and I went down this whole rabbit hole in my head, but we never got to do any of that because bosses didn’t get it, which sucks. I really wish we had done Andy Calvin town.

At Moontower tonight. Lots of cool shows. Let’s see. Six o’clock Zach Sherwin, Jackie cation and Langston Kerman are on one set. That’s good. If I were in town, James Austin Johnson, you know him from Saturday night live he’s at the stateside theater at seven o’clock. That would be my pick for sure. Anthony DeVito is a really good comic.

He’s at the Parker jazz club at seven. Mark. Normand really great at the paramount also at seven. Wow. Tough choices tonight also at seven Andrew Murphy, Hannah Benner, Ian Edwards, Rosewood baker, Josh Wolf, Jeremiah walk-ins, Chad and JT Chappelle Lacey, Jackie cation, Kelsey cook, and Rachel Feinstein. All on the seven o’clock show

at Antone’s.

At seven 30 a show called by Felicia at the Cedar street, courtyard, Dylan Solvan guide brain and Brandy Davis, pat Regan, Solomon Georgio, M a woman and Irene two, who I discovered last week.

So many shows. Can I two more at 7 31 at eight, another one at eight with Josh Wolfe.

Jam packed. You’ll find that whole list on Austin, If you want to see the list there

Meanwhile Nashville at zany Stein, nine 15, Joshua blacks and music city roast battle. That sounds like a good time.

And that’s your comedy news for today, you could follow this show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever you at your shows. If you would like the episodes early in commercial free, become a premium subscriber on apple podcasts for just $5 a month. See you tomorrow.

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