Eddie Murphy’s huge idea for his return to the stage, Andrew Santino on being political, Donnell Rawlings on Dave Chappelle

Eddie Murphy has big ideas about what his return to the stage would be.

“I want to have the show be more than just stand-up. Stand-up comedy would be part of it. I want to figure out how to do like a full-on show.”

Bert Kreischer’s The Machine story? It’s all true.

Donnell Rawlings on Dave Chappelle

Jerry Seinfeld on Marriage

River Butcher on giving tags to other comedians

Andrew Santino on getting politcial

Adam Devine will be King Bacchus LIV

The Shark Deck. For 40 years now, we’ve been waiting for Eddie Murphy to return to standup. This will be the Beatles reunion of standup comedy should it ever happen. Hi, I’m Johnny M with your daily comedy news, and I don’t think it could ever possibly live up to the hype. It’s been too long. Eddie Murphy, if you do it now, now I believe in you.

I’ve seen you perform. I know you can crush, but. Talk about a high bar for the return of comedy. Eddie Murphy spoke to ET Canada and said, I want to get back to live performing. But I don’t know if it would just be standup. I’d have to figure out how to do a full on show because I have music and I do comedy, I wanna do comedy and music, a real show.

I wanna have the show be more than just standup. Standup comedy would be part of it. I want to figure out how to do like a full on. , would he have any celebrity guests? He says, Nope, just be him. He’s the star. It’s me and all my characters. I have to figure out how to do all those characters. You can have holograms and characters and stuff.

Comedy and music, like an experience. I’m trying to figure out how to do something that’s never been done before my past. People wanna see me do standup, so standup comedy would be part of it, but I wanna have a show that reflects everything. My entire experience that I’ve had and everything that I do. I wanna see that.

It’s like, how do I get that on stage? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Wow. I don’t know that’s gonna be, oh, I mean I would love to see it, but I don’t know. Pretty high bar. The guardian caught up with Bird crosier. He says it’s true. When he was 22, he really did befriend two Russian Band Dei.

Great word named Igor and Igor. Drink vodka with them all night and then help them hold up a buffet. They took to him. He says cuz he went shot for shot with him until [4:00] AM and it’s how he earned the nickname the machine.

Then there were the stories of how he had a bare knuckle fist fight with a 10 foot grizzly bear. Jumped off the 1,149 foot stratosphere tower in Las Vegas and got fired from a human slingshot. Those are some of the zany orange that bird Chrysler tells on stage. Makes again stories about raising his two daughters and the mundane reality of married life.

bur Kreischer does have some regrets. His two daughters are now famous among bur gracious fans, cuz he is talked about them. So, Yet they hate people knowing who they are. Bert said if they could trade all my success for anonymity, they’d do it in a heartbeat. One of the daughters just started college and now every frat boy is knocking on her door.

They’re like, Hey, you wanna party? We gotta party. I wanna party with the machine’s daughter. But she’s not that kid.

He gets anxious too, that both his daughters have confessed to smoking. Cannabis and thinks it’s in part cuz he’s made such light of it in his shows and podcasts. Bird said, I remember they told me as if we were friends. I’m like, I’m your dad. I wish I could put the toothpaste back in the Tube, Philadelphia Weekly.

They’ve been crushing it with their comedy articles lately. They caught up with Donnell. The topic cancel culture. And Philly Weekly said, certainly Chappelle has made working through and against that something of a cause He seems to get away with whatever he says as he spits in the face of it all. Donnell said that’s putting too much power in the hands of too few people.

Take us last special. You got a hundred people watching that. Maybe two might be. Instead of focus on the 98, the focus goes on the two. Why?

When you’re own boss, you’re not beholden to someone like Nike.

Who say I wanna make money with or through you. You don’t have to worry about that.

The most important people to me then are the people who are paying to come see my show and spend money. The other people, I can’t concern myself with them. The only thing cancel culture wants to do is stop you from making a living. They get off on hearing. Walmart doesn’t wanna work with a comic.

Philly Weekly followed up and said, if you’re a comic, a pure standup who doesn’t deal often with corporate film or TV making, the pressure is off. Don Al said, real standup comedians, you don’t worry about making movies. All we wanna do is be able to put our name, our key, and make a living off our God-given talent.

You can’t counsel someone like, Being a mega movie star isn’t everyone’s goal. I just want to go to work this weekend and provide for my family and keep it moving. I don’t need Disney, even though they do some good stuff. I’m not saying screw that industry. I’m picking my battles. I just need my fans to come and continue to support me, and I’ll give them the best show that I can.

Jerry Seinfeld joked about marriage. He said, well, I’m not in Hollywood. I’m in New York. So I have a little advantage there. I always thought that LA was very bad for marriage.

Four seasons is good. Marriage, weather, when it’s sunny and warm all the time, that’s not good for long relationships, you know, cause it makes you want to venture out, . It’s nice out New York. You just wanna stay home in the.

My personal viewpoint is this, the problem with humans is our heads are just way too big, and one of the greatest appeals of monogamy is the simplification of the mental process. I don’t have any friends who aren’t faithful to their wives, but if I did, my main question would be, who’s got time to figure all that out?

It’s just too much work.

Seven days. Vermont did an excellent interview with River Butcher. The topic sharing criticism with other comics. River said, I have learned in my own life that criticism it’s just not something that I share with another human being, especially not other comics.

I never know what’s gonna be criticism to another person. Sometimes I think of a tag to somebody’s joke, but someone has to be very close for me to be like, Hey, are you open to a note about this? Because sometimes notes are tags feel like criticism of people. I get really sensitive when I get off stage, so I just try to praise my fellow comedians, you know, what’s the point?

I think it’s a good tag. They might not. I’d rather keep my friendships intact than share that.

An opposite practice for me is learning to take criticism with a grain of salt. It has nothing to do with me.

Variety. Did a long profile of Andrew Santino and they were like, Hey, Andrew Santino, you poke fun at Trump, Biden and Kamala Harris in the special. Are you ever wary of alienating part of your audience?

Santino said Everyone is fair game in the political world. Cino says the Trump backlash is more aggressive. People online are like, someone should assassinate you, which is insane. Trump’s side tends to be more. Someone should shoot you in the streets where the Biden side is a little more like, why would you do something like that? You’re a loser. But no, I don’t care about the alienating.

If you don’t get that, I’m kidding. I don’t need you as a fan.

Audiences are free to respond how they feel about the material. I’m not putting the onus on the audience. I’m saying you are a part of it. As much as I’m a part of it. Comedy is a shared. Your preconceived notions of the world construct, how you receive things, your race, your gender, your age, your socioeconomic status, all that you bring to the comedy show.

I’m leading the horse to water and showing them what they’re drinking. I’m giving you the material, but you’re building it. We’re just comics. I’m not standing on a platform telling you have to feel this way or you have to agree with me. I’m just joking about nonsense in the world.

Variety said, well, you mentioned Dave Chappelle in the Special, and you say The beauty of the world we live in is he can say whatever he wants and people can respond however they want.

How is Netflix as a partner and why did you wanna bring up Chappelle in the special? Santino said, I have nothing bad to say about Netflix. They were like, Hey man, go do your thing. They didn’t say, you can’t say that. You can’t talk about that, which tends to happen at other C. I wanted to talk about Dave Chappell and the special to give it some levity in that sense, there’s a ridiculous nature to it.

People were enraged, and I say very specifically in the special that people have a right to be upset at him. They’re allowed to say, I don’t like that kind of speech, but I don’t think censorship of comedy is a healthy place to be. What’s the barometer for what we’re allowed to say? You can’t barr him from expressing his feelings as an entertainer.

Then we get into speech control, and that’s a little weird. Unless you’re inciting violence, then you get into the legal world and that gets a little. Dave is a comedian. I don’t think there’s hate in his heart. I don’t believe he hates a group of people. Now. I don’t know. On a personal level, I just don’t feel that to be true.

There’s a difference between how a dictator speaks about a group of people and how a comedian speaks.

Mardi Gras coming up and from New Orleans. The crew of Backus announced that actress, screenwriter, comedian and producer Adam Devine, you know him from workaholics, he will reign as backus. The, uh, Roman numerals here. Let’s see, l i v 54th Backas the 54th for their Mardi Gras parade on February 19th.

Parade is at [5:15] PM on Sunday, February 19th from Napoleon Avenue on its traditional uptown route. The theme of back’s 54th parade is throw me something, Mr. This will be portrayed on 21 Theme floats including Mr. Potatohead, Mr. Coffee, Mr. Mardi. Specialty items this year include 17 different socks, numerous kitchen items, light up baseball bats, glass beads, flip flops, and notepads.

Charging chords and of course the Beach Boys who will be performing at the Backus Rendezvous. Okay. And I’m a major, major, major, major, major Beach Boys fan, but that’s pretty funny to me. Have fun surf set. That’s your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on Apple Podcast, Spotify, u YouTube, wherever you get your shows, and I’ll see tomorrow.

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