Episode 1000! Jon Stewart wins the Mark Twain Prize, the Atlantic asks whatever happened to Jon Stewart?

It was a star-packed celebration as Jon Stewart won the Mark Twain Prize for comedy. Dave Chappelle, Jimmy Kimmel, Bruce Springsteen, Pete Davidson, Olivia Munn Steve Carrell, Samantha Bee all in the house. (Colbert has covid). Olivia brought her date John Mulaney.

The Atlantic did a tear down of Jon’s show on Apple, which if you think about it isn’t that much more popular than THIS show.

Speaking of which this is Episode 1000. Thanks for listening and supporting!

Gabriel Iglesias talks about playing Dodger Stadium.

A new podcast will overanalyze Bo Burnham’s Inside.

This is episode 1000. Well asterisk. It depends how you want to count the bonus episodes or not. But if you were to listen to every episode in the feed today, this would be the 1000th one. You’d get two. So congratulations to me, I guess. I don’t know. Hey, did you see Rudy Giuliani was on the mast singer last week.

Jimmy Kimmel said they finally got a Republican to wear a mask and that’s how I went to yeah.

Host Ken Junge as stormed off the set. He was not happy to see Rudy there. We talked about that a few months back, Jimmy Fallon said, you know, it actually takes talent not to hit any notes, Seth Meyers. It’s just unbelievable. Somebody famous was on the mess. Uh, Trevor. Yeah, Rudy Giuliani just got voted off the mass singer, which means he’s about to spend the next five years claiming that he actually won the mass, the singer.

I like what you did there, Trevor.

Congratulations to John Stewart. He won the mark Twain prize for American humor. It was a big event. Sunday night, Bruce Springsteen saying, come together the Beatles song for some reason.

A lot of celebrities there. Don’t forget the Jon Stewart, if it jumps Stewart or an NFL coach, we’ll be talking about the coaching tree. So I don’t know. What do you call it? The late night host tree, you know, the one with people like Stephen Colbert and John Oliver and Steve Carell at a different category out there.


John Stewart’s friend, Dave Chappelle said when Jon Stewart got the daily show, it had soul. , jimmy Campbell said before, John’s.

We had no idea. You can make a TV show where you play clips of another TV show and then say, boy, that other TV show sucks. He took on Fox news every night and he exposed their hypocrisy, their cynicism and their lies. Thanks to his heroic work. They were never heard from again.

Chappelle turned to John Stewart and said, it’s a miracle to watch you work. You are a cure to what is our culture?

Sam B said he inspired a generation of imitating.

But seem Yusef is an Egyptian comedian who was run out of the country after his own show, took on the government, sometimes referred to as the Egyptian, John Stewart, he said, you’re the origin story for every.

Jimmy Kimmel said he met Stuart 1995. When John would wear a leather jacket, he looked more like a Jewish Fonzie or a Sylvester Shalom.

Kimball made a joke about one of the previous recipients of the mark Twain award. Dr. William H Cosby Kimble said to John Stewart, they didn’t make you a new trophy. We’re just giving you bill Cosby’s old one.

Jon Stewart said, there’s a lot of talk about what’s going to happen in comedy. You know, the slap and will comedy survive in this new moment.

He looked at the bronze bust of mark Twain and said this man’s to capitated. Massage is a reminder that what we have is fragile and precious.

. Pete Davidson brought his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, Olivia Munn brought her boyfriend, John Malaney.

Olivia Munn, she was a correspondent on the daily show. Did you forget that? I had Jon Stewart actually made it cool to be informed and have an opinion on the news.

Mon joke that John left the daily show to pursue his dream of dressing, like a maintenance worker for the rest of his life years before anyone had heard of COVID, John were nothing but stain sweat fans and avoided human contact. Pete Davidson said the most controversial thing he’s done is be friends with me, friendship.

Isn’t something he half does like acting or gives up on like directly.

Steve Carell said a humorist as a comedian, who’s been dead for over a hundred years. We’re making an exception for John.

John strives to make sense of the insane and find joy in the darkness.

The Atlantic took this moment to write an article with the eye catching headline. What happened to Jon Stewart? Now I’ve shared this on the subreddit, which is daily comedy news and on the Facebook group page, which is daily comedy news, a Facebook group, excerpting from the Atlantic,

The grand return that John Stewart finally launched last fall streaming on apple TV is hosted by a guy who took a six year break from TV. And boy, does it show according to industry measurement from Sam MATV the fifth episode of the problem with Jon Stewart has been streamed.

What do you hear? This number? You ready? Just 40,000 times.

Nothing about that. Now, if I said to you, John Stewart is only 40 times as popular as this dumb podcast. Wouldn’t you be like no effing way? Well, yeah, that’s not a lot. I’m sure if you put daily company news on apple TV, I could get, I don’t know, 2000 people to listen.

40,000 times down at 78% from the pilot by comparison HBO’s episode of last week tonight with John Oliver from that same week drew, more than 800,000.

But then again, if I told you, John Oliver is only 800 times more popular than me, I’d be like, what? That’s impossible.

Stuart specific genius on the daily show rights, the Atlantic was layering facts and complexity and a jokes and stitching punchlines together into George Carlin asked political rifts.

When Stewart was at the peak of his powers, no one could pack more ideas in a 22 minutes of comedy, but something has turned. Now he’s the one who seems overwhelmed by complexity and prone to oversimplification. He’s the one that gets called out for fumbling facts for missing the point for being out of touch.

The problem with the problem with John Stewart is John Stewart himself. As for the mark Twain prize, the Atlantic says it also means that your best work is behind you and soon you’ll need spectacles to see it. No one has ever followed up a Twain prize with their masterpiece and John Stewart will not be the first.

Hmm. Let me look that up. Mark Twain, I’m Googling mark Twain prize for comedy.

First awarded in 1998 to Richard Pryor. We’ll definitely not Jonathan Winters. Definitely not. Carl Reiner, 2000, definitely not Whoopi Goldberg, 2001 new heart note to Lily Tomlin, Lauren Michaels. Would you say Lauren Michael’s best work has come a before or after 2004. Probably before Steve Martin, Neil Simon, Billy crystal, George Carlin, bill Cosby, Tina Fey 2010.

Uh, yeah, her best work is before then will Ferrell and 2011. His best work is before then. Ellen Carol Burnett’s, Jay Leno and 14 Eddie Murphy, bill Murray, David Letterman, 2017, Julia Louis Dreyfus and 18 Chappelle. And now John Stewart, the Atlantic may be onto something.

No one has ever followed up between prize with their masterpiece. And John Stewart will not be the first on this count Twain prize winners or no. Mark Twain. Stuart spent the first three decades of his career expecting failure. Assuming that tomorrow would be the day. It all come crashing down and instead he somehow managed to go out on SOP on his own terms.

No wonder he seemed lost ever since this is harsh, but maybe not enact. Once Trump arrived, John Stewart, all but vanished. He signed a four year production deal with HBO that ended in 2020 and produced literally nothing for years, nothing. There was an animated short series that never happened. A new standup special specials announced than never spoken of.

He tried making another movie a That’s the one that starts Steve Carell in a small town mayor’s race, the Atlantic rights, but the finished product feels like the work of someone who realized it was hopeless in the editing room. And maybe even while he was shooting, stuart was entering a lifetime achievement phase of his career. In other words, and maybe we shouldn’t roll our eyes so easily. It only being the voice of one generation. It’s easy to forget now where there was an inflection point when comedy central could have easily been the palace of Craig Kilborne and Tasha 0.0, Stuart dragged the daily show against its will, according to the oral history in the opposite direction. And he wound up giving comedy central its core identity, not to mention a rack of Emmys, including a remarkable 10 street for outstanding variety series without Stewart’s daily show. There’s no Kobe era war no last week tonight, no daily show with Trevor Noah, but maybe no Tucker Carlson tonight, either Stuart could have pulled the Jay Leno and hung onto the daily show for.

Instead, he had the uncommon grace to CDN and coming and get out before he overstayed his welcome again. I shared this on the sub-Reddit daily comedy news and on the Facebook group, daily company news at podcast group, the Atlantic wrapped with if the daily show was a parody of a nightly news show, though, the problem with Jon Stewart show often feels like a defanged real-time with bill Maher.


So by the way I was doing prep for upcoming weeks, we’ve got the Netflix is a joke comedy festival in LA later this week. So there’s going to be plenty to talk about, like the next two weeks should be really strong ended. I mentioned it’s episode 1000, kind of cool.

Chris rock. He performed in Baltimore on Friday night. He talked about the slap a little bit, little. a reporter for WJZ was at the show and tweeted that Chris rock said I’m all right. I’m all right. Healed from the Nixon bruises from the.

Apparently at some point in the show, he also critiqued the notion that words hurt stating that words only hurt if you’ve never been punched in the face. Some people on Twitter and said he started to do some audience work.

He started talking to a lady in the front row. He said, what’s your name? She said Jayda rock said, sit your ass down.

Chris Rock’s mom talked to the NBC affiliate in Columbia, South Carolina, Rosalie rose rock said when will Smith slap Chris? He slapped all of us. He really slapped me. She felt bad for quest love no one even heard his speech. No one was able to be in the moment because everybody was just sitting there.

Like what just happened? I was still feeling that way, like an hour later when it was like, oh yeah, DeNiro and patina on stage together. What, what had happened? I’m just obsessively, scrolling Twitter to figure out what happened.

All right. From the LA times, Gabriel Iglesias vividly remembers his last visit to Dodger stadium.

Was the 2018 world series. Gabe says he doesn’t remember if there are any home runs amazing plays or even who won this from the LA times, but he doesn’t remember what he ate. They had these nachos that they served in a helmet of all the things going on. I was really excited about the nachos in a helmet.

Well, Gabe is returning to Dodger stadium, May 6th and seventh. He’s doing his comedy show.

Game set. It’s still not real. This was a huge gamble. It’s the biggest place I’ve ever performed. I’m usually very comfortable on stage, but I know this will have a different element to it. This will give me chills, but I’m not really scared of the performance. I’ve been doing this a long time. Five years ago, I played staple center.

I thought at the time, where do I go from here? Daughter stadium is a great way to celebrate 25 years in comedy. A good solid number.

Robbie PRA is with the Netflix festival. I’m the guy putting this all together. He said we really were looking to make the festival a huge LA civic event and thought, Would it be great to do something, a Dodger stadium? There’s a very small list of comedians that could pull that off since it’s never been done before.

The first person we called was Gabe. He has roots in the community and we think of this as a real homecoming. There’s something in Nate about his energy and the energy he brings out in his crowds that makes it a perfect fit for this historical moment in.

I said I’ve been working in this business for about 18 years. I’ve thrown a lot of shows. I once worked with Gabe at the Sydney opera house to this day, it was the loudest I’ve ever heard a crowd be for comedy show to pull off a show daughter stadium, you needed to be an artist that can marshal that kind of energy and excitement.

Gabe talked about his connections to the fans. He said, I let the audience know. Yeah, this is working. I realized that this can go away with one batch wheat, one bad comment, or if you slap someone’s face people appreciate it. When you take the time to tell them that you appreciate them for being there, it doesn’t take a lot to acknowledge that you’re grateful.

Comedy’s become a double edged sword. It’s bigger than it’s ever been. But at the same time, you’re limited by what you can say, go back and look at those comedians and the TV specials in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, there was nothing that cannot not be set on. Stage was no social media, no internet.

Now you can blast everything to an entire planet. I know without that my career wouldn’t be where it’s at. I made the decision early on that I would do a show that you can bring your family to people can bring their children. The grandparents, no ruffling feathers have an opinion, but keep it light, keep it friendly.

Keep it fluffy.

He says he does do callbacks to previous specials. My running joke is if you’ve never seen my shows before, go back and watch my specials because they’re all connected. It’s like the ghetto version of the Avengers. It’s a continuation of what’s going on with my family, my friends, some stuff about COVID the pros and cons more cons than pros.

How do you top Dodger stadium gave, said, well, the word retirement actually came up at one point. If this special is the greatest thing ever, maybe we’ll do another one. Maybe it’s our football stadiums, who knows maybe Elon Musk will call and say, you want to go to space and tell some jokes.

Congratulations to Rhys Nicholson for taking home. Neat SOP honor at the Melbourne international comedy festival. Most outstanding show for Reese, Reese, Reese, Reese Nicholson said everyone deserves an award this year. Not this one. This one is.

ShoreTel’s review said it’s just 30. The stage version of Nicholson appears to have complete understanding of who he is. The persona is as distinctive and sharpest as slick tailoring and manicured copper hair. And as the wellspring from which has fast flowing stream of gags and opinions emerges.

There is a new podcast today that is disecting Bo Burnham’s special inside.

It is called dissect in seven episodes. The host will analyze what Bo Burnham left on screen. And trying to answer how Bo Burnham pulled it off and also disect, no pun intended. Oh, I think there’s a pun there. Don’t worry. Just how Bo Burnham was able to capture what we were all going through during the pandemic.

Okay. And let’s stop at gossip corner for just five seconds. Yeah. We know Olivia was out with Malanie and Kim was there with Pete, but over the weekend, Kim Kardashians shared some photos. She was wearing. Some pants seemed a little big honor. The internet is wondering, are those sweat sweatpants.

To which I say, and if they are so David spade, nothing personal debuts on Netflix tonight and that’s episode 1000, huh? Come back tomorrow for episode 1001, unless the comedian dies, then later today will be episode 1001. Follow the show for free on apple pod. Spotify. I’m going to say Netflix.

I’m not on Netflix. I’m definitely not on apple TV plus, but if I were, I might be able to catch up with John Stewart. No, probably not. Seriously. Thank you all for listening every day. All right, let me do the rap. Follow the show for free on apple Spotify. Overcast week shows see tomorrow.

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