Final Bob Saget Autopsy Details, why Amy Schumer is dancing topless & more Kanye vs. Pete Davidson

A court has determined we will get no further details about the death of Bob Saget – but the final release does have some new information.

Amy Schumer was dancing topless and shared it on the Insta

Patton Oswalt’s new movie won an award at SxSW

and a whole bunch of Pete Davidson stuff

Happy St. Patrick’s day. I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news, Michael Ian black tweets correctly, St. Patrick’s day is the only holiday designed to perpetuate to grading stereotypes of the people it’s meant to honor. Yeah. To my fellow Irish American. Don’t embarrass us today. All right. All right.

Trevor Noah said seemingly every day, Russia becomes more and more isolated from the rest of the world. They can’t fly anywhere. They can’t order anything off Amazon. They can’t even use Airbnb, which means now they’ll need to film themselves, going to the bathroom.

The Kremlin has taken down Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Olga is a Russian reality TV star and said, it feels like a big part of my heart. And my life is being taken away from me.

Trevor said, if you thought being a Ukrainian refugee was bad, mentioned being forced to pick up your whole life on Instagram and move it over to cameo. That’s tragic. And with the invasion going poorly, Putin only has one man to blame anything, but him says Steven Coby, IR

russian spy chiefs have been placed under house arrest. Go bear said, that’s right. They’re stuck at home with nothing to do, except watch the popular Russian reality show. Love is blindfolded and thrown into a van. There’s so much beat Davidson stuff. That’s going to be the second half of the podcast. I feel bad.

I forgot to tell you about this one yesterday in the middle of the night. You forgot to do the Sackett story. I forgot to do the Saget story fall on my sword here. I forgot to do the Saget story. I apologize. Two days ago, local authorities were permanently blocked from releasing photos and videos taken of Bob Saget, his body and his personal effects under a ruling issued by a judge.

At a virtual hearing for a lawsuit filed by sag its family. The circuit judge agreed on a permanent injunction stopping the orange county Sheriff’s office in district nine medical examiner office for making public a limited cash of records.

The family’s attorney told the judge he met with authorities and after discussions, they agree that other records, including photos of Sackets hotel room, that don’t include his personal effects and a redacted investigative report or subject to public disclosure.

Judge told sag its wife, Kelly Rizzo, and the family, nothing that we’re going to do today obviously is going to take away the pain of your loss. But the hope is that what we can do today by entering this injunction is to allow you a little bit of space and privacy to travel that.

Before the lawsuit was filed. The orange county Sheriff’s office had already released an incident report and recording of the nine 11 call by hotel security.

The medical examiners office had also made public an autopsy report that showed Sagat died of head trauma that most likely incurred from an unwitnessed.

Sag it’s family argued the records from the death investigation and autopsy are confidential and should be exempt from release photos, videos, and audio recordings of autopsies, are already exempt from public disclosure under Florida’s public records laws.

Thus the orange county Sheriff’s office has issued its final report into the death of Bob Saget. They said they will comply with a court ordered permanent injunction.

According to the final report, sag it’s family requested security at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando to conduct a wellness check on Sagen on his checkout date of January 9th. , after they were unable to reach him. Hotel security contacted local authorities after finding Sagat unresponsive and cold to the touch.

Responding authorities found the room in order with quote, no evidence of a struggle, any type of foul play or that anyone else was in the room at any time during his stay. Mr. Saget was lying on his back on the right side of the bed, partially covered by the sheet and bedspread with his left arm, lying loosely across his torso and his right arm by his side, the sheets, bedspread and pillowcases on the bed were whites.

And there were no signs of blood or bodily fluids on them or anywhere else in the suite. Sag. It appeared to have slight swelling and a bruise over his left eye.

The report notes that while the door between the room adjoining Sackets was unlocked, the occupying guests had checked out two days before, and there was no evidence of entry after. The report says Sackets room was opened shortly after [2:00] AM. Local time on January 9th, eight time consistent with his departure from his show in Jacksonville that night.

And the door is not open again until around [4:00] PM by hotel security staff.

An autopsy conducted the following day, found a fracture at the base of Mr. Saget skull, the evidence of bleeding around the brain and demonstrated the transfer of force that broke the orbital bones at the front of the skull.

Chief medical examiner. Joshua Stephanie explained the amount of force necessary to cause the fracture coupled with the fact that the skin on the back of the head was still intact, led him to believe that the injury was most likely caused by something hard covered by something soft. And he gave us an example of that.

A fall onto a carpeted floor. Stephanie concluded such a blow would have stunned as Saget and caused symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, and slurred speech.

Stephanie told investigators that after sustaining such a blow, that Saget wouldn’t have been able to drive two hours back from Jacksonville, which he reportedly did.

Following the autopsy investigators returned to the hotel to reexamined the scene to locate specific places or items in the room that could have caused the trauma. Nothing definitive was identified. Stephanie said sag, its head injury likely occurred within a few hours of his death, but could have occurred in the days prior.

A number of interviews conducted by authorities with people who interacted with Bob and his final days produced no evidence of drug or alcohol use or any behavior out of the ordinary. A photo was taken at the request of the valet at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando in the early morning hours of January 9th and shows no visual evidence of injury or trauma to sag.

The cause of death, determined to be blunt, head trauma, the manner of death determined to be an accident.

Rest in peace. Bob Saget met Bob once was a pretty cool guy. There is no way to transition from that story to this next story, without it being completely awkward. It’s a, let’s just jump in the pool from the daily mail. Amy Schumer dances, topless and shows off her lower back tattoo.

As she gets fitted ahead of hosting the academy awards. That’s right. Amy Schumer is hosting the Oscars for some reason, and she’s dancing topless. Amy shared the topless video on her Instagram. I have shared it on the Reddit, which is daily comedy news. And on the Facebook group page, which is daily comedy news podcast group don’t act like you don’t want to see Amy Schumer topless, although for you pervs it’s from the back, you’re still.

The daily mail tells us Amy was pictured from behind while still standing inside a dressing room where she was totally nude aside , from a pair of plain black panties. she had her blonde hair tied up casually in a messy bun. As she turned her head back towards the camera, revealing that she was going makeup free for the.

The view, also highlighted the train wreck store, his lower back tattoo. She captured the photo oscar and at life and Beth Hulu fitting, is it, are you being fitted for both? Amy Schumer press machine is out there. She knows he post topless photos, losers in the basement. We’ll talk about you on their podcast. She knows what she’s doing here. Oscar and life and Beth fitting can’t stop dancing, hashtag bad tattoo. Hashtag bad dancing. The woman filming all this couldn’t hold back a Gale. As Amy Schumer, who’s hosting the Oscars.

For some reason, she threw her hands in the air and gyrated her hip. She strutted forward with little baby steps and rhythm with hip hop that was playing faintly in the background.

About that Tatsu. She’d talked about it in her book, which is called the girl with the lower back tattoo in the book. She recounts how her mother drove her and her sister Kim to get the tribal ink when she was 20.

She doesn’t regret it now. They’re all my work, my relationships, my tweets, my body parts, and my sandwiches are publicly analyzed. I’m proud that I labeled myself a flawed normal human before anyone else did. I’ve been called everything in the book, but I already branded myself as a tramp. So the haters are going to have to come up with something fresh.

Meanwhile, Amy Schumer who’s hosting the Oscars for some reason said that she and fellow co-host Wanda Sykes and Regina hall are going hard when they take the stage. He online asked who exactly should be afraid. Amy said everybody there because vaccines are not required. All right. That’s funny. No, really.

She said, I’m going to burn some bridges. I don’t know if I’ll ever do this again. You won’t and I want to go out swinging. Okay. I want it to be a big celebration, but I’m also a mean-spirited. Which is why you are a weird choice to host the Oscars. I don’t get it. Have I made that clear? I think you have Johnny Mac from, is it lad, Bible, lad Bible?

I don’t know. I see these guys on the internet. I don’t know how to pronounce your website. Love to give you credit, whatever that’s called. They say Connor McGregor, you know, UFC guy, he’s taken a virtual swipe at comedian alpha Loran offering alpha ran a fight because of alpha ans terrible impressions of Conor McGregor.

The Irish funny, man, happy St. Patrick’s day. See I play on the shows. I know what I’m doing here is known for his hilarious takes of the UFC legend. He also does impressions of others, including Joe Rogan, Mike Tyson, Gary Neville, and Harry Kane

Connor McGregor has had enough for ran, had just been named on the undercard of a charity boxing event. That’s being organized by fellow comedian, Steve O Timothy.

After Timothy announced that the impressionist is looking for an opponent to step in the ring. McGregor said, he’ll do it. Connor McGregor tweeted. I’ll fight this imposter in the co main terrible impressions of me. He is doing years.

Conard turned into Yoda there for a second. What does that syntax.

Fran retweeted it and said

he accepts the offer, but he accepted it doing an impression of Connor McGregor.

McGregor is a big support of the charity. He had donated 10,000 euros recently after Timothy announced that target had gone from a thousand to 5,000 euros, Conor McGregor tweeted him saying hi, yes, love the Steve-O and batty B, but me down for 10,000 euros. Great stuff, lads for a great cause.

Good luck in the boxing match.

Today’s a daily comedy news is brought to you by my other casual travel podcast. It’s called travelers back on that show. I’ll tell you about places that I’ve been and what I do when I’m there. I think this week I misspoke last week today is the last of the basement episodes. There was this pandemic.

Did you hear about this? There was this thing called COVID-19 and we all had to basically stay home for two years and not go anywhere. And we had to wear masks. Was this whole thing. I don’t have time to explain it to you. Just Google it. You’ll find it. So in the basement episodes, I was doing memories of place that I’ve been starting next week.

It’s the Las Vegas trip that I recently took. I got like seven, eight episodes out of that, going to go to Zion national park with your red rock canyon, Hoover dam, the strip itself, death valley. So I’m really looking forward to sharing those episodes. That’s me with a portable recorder, actually at those places at doing the things, sharing them in more or less real time, you know, except for the whole record, edit, clean up remaster publish make you wait a week.

That thing anyway, travel is back as the podcast name, wherever you get your shows.

While we’re talking podcast, mark Marin had on Keith Richards, you know, Keith Richards, he plays guitar and Mick Jagger’s band, the rolling stones. He’s going to be so mad at me that I called it Mick Jagger’s fan, man.

Imagine if I have the Rogan east. The rodeo people, the age-ism guy and Keith Richards all coming after me. Woo. This is a controversial podcast. Isn’t it? Keith Richards on mark Marin, definitely worth a listen. I also cut up with Joe Rogan, had Tom Papa on maybe two weeks ago. Now it was. It’s like three and a half hours long.

And for big stretches, Joe and Tom don’t have any chemistry. It’s like a bad date. Rogan is talking about MMA and Papa, you can tell is checked out. It’s basically like when I come upstairs and I tell my wife how much, I just enjoyed an episode of Boba Fett and she indulges me, but she doesn’t care.

That’s what Papa sounded like. So that was okay. I was on doing the apple fitness spin class. There are Spotify up on the TV, Elyssa, some Rogan it’s. Okay.

All right. If you hate Pete Davidson stuff, you’re dismissed, but there’s a lot of it today

from Newsweek. Trevor Noah is disturbed by Kanye west harassment of Kim Kardashians.

Trevor express concern that Kanye has become more and more belligerent. I share that concern, including when he posts a Claymation music video depicting himself kidnapping and burying Pete Davidson, Trevor said it makes you uncomfortable to see Kardashian being harassed.

What GIM is going through is terrifying to watch. And it shines a spotlight on what so many women go through when they choose to leave. What we’re seeing is one of the most powerful, one of the richest women in the world, unable to get her ex to stop texting her, to stop chasing after her, to stop harassing her.

Noah recounted his own experiences. Growing up in an abusive household, he noted his mother was told she was overreacting before being shot in the head by Noah stepfather. Trevor said, as a society, we have to ask ourselves, do we wish to stand by and watch a car crash? When we thought we sought.

By Wednesday morning. Kanye was still targeting Pete Davidson on Instagram, suggesting that Pete will get Kim Kardashians hooked on drugs.

Page six picks up the story. Kanye wrote, I’m really concerned that skeets will get my kid’s mom hooked on drugs. He’s in rehab every two months.

Page six as Pete has been candid about his love of marijuana, but has always maintained that he has quote, never really unquote done any other drugs.

Awesome from page six, Kanye offered up another reason why he doesn’t want his kids around Pete Davidson because of a 2019 joke about having sex with a baby

Connie wrote yet another reason why skeet got to stay away from my child. Apparently in 2019, Pete Davidson did a stand up routine at the bell house in Brooklyn, where he told a story about babysitting a friend’s child who was Teeling and began sucking on a comedian’s finger. Davidson choke was that it felt good.

And quipped, I don’t want to F this baby, but he’s asking for it.

I think you can imagine Pete telling that joke properly, not the way I deliberately did it flat with. Body language of a comedian and a smile and the audience being in the moment. I don’t think Pete Davidson actually was thinking about, uh, you know, move on Johnny Mac from Yahoo, Pete Davidson’s colleagues have his back SNL star Bowen yang says the cast is supporting Pete.

We’re supporting him by giving him space. I think he’s just, you know, figuring it out. Cause I think a lot’s out of his control in terms of people’s responses,

Kim herself seems pretty upset about all this over the weekend. Kanye had written the line. This was on my daughter’s backpack. When I was allowed to see her last week, Kim said, please stop at this narrative. You were just here this morning, picking up the kids for school.

The source told us magazine that Kim is deeply hurt by the fact that north could come across. Kanye is posting. It could affect her. She’s doing her best with the joint custody, but there are certain things that are hard to control.

Pete Davidson is going to space next to.

Checking out on south by Southwest the south by Southwest 22 film festival grand jury awarded James knees. I love my dad. The top prize in the festivals, narrative feature competition. Why am I mentioning this? It stars Patton Oswalt

and I love my dad a clinically depressed. 20-something named Franklin played by James Moore, Sini himself. Emerges from his latest stint in a mental health facility with a new resolve to cut ties with his toxic F up of father check played by Patton Oswald. Upon discovering that his son has blocked them on social media,

a desperate Chuck played by Patton Oswalt decides to catfish his own kid

with with the fake profile. He cares around it’s pictures of a beautiful waitress who works at his local diner. Hi-jinks ensued. Um,

But as any wire rights, well, hi-jinks might be an insufficient way of describing a scene in which a grown man fiercely sex with his own son. Who’s, um, you know, in the bathroom, you know, move on.

Any wire says people who love to wince their way through comedies will find plenty to squirm about here. And yet it’s not like check is a complete sicko. The film positions him more as a standard issue deadbeat in an age when anyone can go full Mrs. Doubtfire with just a few clicks of a button.

He’s the kind of dad, we’ll forget your birthday. Leave 10 voicemails to say. Sorry. And then miss it again. Next year,

Oswald finds just the right level of sleaziness for his role. They gave it a B minus over here. I’m mad at Patton Oswalt. Long story short. I love star Trek. I hate everything that the current regime had star Trek has done. Star Trek discovery was awful. Star Trek. Picard is about a robot that thinks he’s.

And then last week’s Picard. It was a cartoon cat, which doesn’t belong in star Trek. And it was voiced by patent Hoss waltz, a patent. You were contributing to the ruination of star Trek, and don’t even start me on them. Bringing in James T.

Convoy of Hope

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