Fleabag named top comedy of 21st Century? FLEABAG?????!!!

Some “experts” listed the Top TV Shows of the 21st Century…here’s the list of the comedies (and their overall rank on the master list.) FLEABAG? 30 ROCK in the Top 5? Are you kidding me?

1.Fleabag (4th overall)
2.The Office UK (9th)
3.BoJack Horseman (11th)
4.Atlanta (14th)
5.30 Rock (17th)
6.The Thick Of It (20th)
7. Curb Your Enthusiasm (21st)
8.Veep (24th)
9.Parks And Recreation (29th)
10.Girls (30th)
11.Arrested Development (32nd)
12.The Office US (39th)
13.Schitt’s Creek (41st)
14.Peep Show (42nd)
15.Community (44th)
16.Inside No 9 (48th)
17.Big Bang Theory (56th)
18.Detectorists (64th)
19.Rick And Morty (76th)
20.How I Met Your Mother (86th)

No. Just no.

Dane Cook canceled his Boston shows, he would have taped a new special

Jim Gaffigan is going to Abu Dhabi

Jo Koy is working on another Netflix special

Roy Wood Jr. jas a special on Comedy Central next Friday.

The Flyover COmedy Festival will return to St. Louis with Doug Benson and others.

What do you think of that Top 20? Chime in…
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