Gilbert Gottfried: Comedian reactions, and Gilbert’s own words about edgy comedy

Gilbert Gottfried has passed away at age 67.

A summary of comedian reactions to his death, and a look at Gilbert reflecting on his own comedy.

Words of Gilbert Godfried. Whenever I hear about somebody’s death, I always think, well, okay. Were they on drugs? Were they drinking? Were they way overweight out of shape, wear something and then you find out? No, no, no. None of those are. Gilbert’s family put out a statement saying we are heartbroken to announce the passing of our beloved Gilbert Gottfried after a long illness.

In addition to being the most iconic voice in comedy, Gilbert was a wonderful husband, brother, friend, and father to his two young children. Although today is a sad day for all of us. Please keep laughing as loud as possible. And Gilbert’s honor, Gilbert was 67.

The quote I read was from January of this year. He was talking about Bob Saget.

I want to sprinkled jokes in, as we go along here today in the style of how Gilbert approached his work from the 1980s, one of his routines had a setup where he met Jackie Kennedy at a cocktail party. And his joke was, I went up to her and wanted to break the ice.

So I said, do you remember where you were when you heard the JFK was shot? Right. It’s funny. It’s horrific. It’s all that. And I think that sums up a lot of Gilbert’s comedy, in his final social media post. He was sticking up for comedians on Instagram, on March 28th, the day after the Oscars Gilbert posted, which is the worst crime Chris rock being physically assaulted or.

Chris rock telling a joke

From the New York post Gilbert’s publicist Glenn Schwartz shared that Gilbert succumb to a heart abnormality called a recurrence of ventricular tech at cardia, which is an arrhythmia caused by a myotonic dystrophy type two.

People with DM or at a higher risk of irregular heartbeat, a sustained sped-up rhythm can cause a fatal drop in blood pressure. The dark post says Gilbert’s heart condition has been publicly known for some time that hadn’t hit my radar, but that’s neither here nor there. And they pointed out that at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 Gilbert canceled a series of live appearances in Montana, as his doctors reportedly advised that he refrain from flying during a viral outbreak due to his weekend.

Kathy Griffin shared a photo in the photo. Bob Saget, Louie Anderson and Gilbert Godfried. Kathy wrote Gilbert would be the first one to make a joke about this picture today, the first. And he would not hold back. And I think Kathy nailed it there.

Didn’t cook. Gilbert Godfried was never not funny. He was a lovely guy, always friendly and made many people happy. Conan O’Brien said I saw Gilbert perform in 1985 when he entered to applause. And he said, thank you. Thank you very much. He then continued to say, thank you repeatedly for 10 full minutes.

It was the nerdiest funniest thing I had seen. So, , sorry to lose this sweet and delightfully funny, man, John Stewart, rip Gilbert opening for Gilbert Godfrey to Caroline’s and Princeton catch was one of the great thrills of my early Stanhope life. He can leave you gasping for breath, just indescribably unusually.

Hilarious. Damn

Amy Schumer. Gilbert was so sweet, generally kind, a legend Richard Lewis, Gilbert. I don’t want to believe this. I loved him. I’m heartbroken for his beautiful family. Say it ain’t. So for almost 40 years has spectacular comedy blew me away.

You can’t be funnier. My God, all who experienced him are crushed. Say it. And so when he Cummings the kindest funniest, most gentle legend. The world makes no sense if you’re not in it. W Kamau bell, just a super nice person would the skating wit. And I was always honored when he aimed that wit at me, he was both new school and old school at the same time. Rest in peace, Gilbert. Jackie cation Gilbert Godfried is the only reason I would tell anyone to watch the aristocrats, tiny rage of the audience’s response to his nine 11 joke that morphed into rage,

effing the audience with the aristocrat joke is unmatched. Doug Benson, rip Gilbert Godfried make God uncomfortable. Jason Alexander Gilbert Godfried made me laugh at times when laughter did not come easy. What a gift? I didn’t know him well, but I loved what he shared with me, my best wishes and sympathy to his family.

Tammy Piscatelli called Gilbert. The sweetest funniest man that cancel culture, tried to destroy Judd Apatow. Nobody was a funnier man than Gilbert on a roll. He could put you in a convulsive hysterics. He was also the sweetest man. His podcast is a comedy treasure.

What a terrible loss, sending my condolences and love to Dara and his family. Brian Miller tweeted, somewhat lost in Gilbert Godfrey. His legacy is his tenure hosting, hilariously edited for TV cult movies on USA up all night was my entree. It’s a whole new worlds of weirdness and heavily censored depravity.

Thank you, Brian, for bringing that. So as I record this on a Wednesday during the [8:00] AM hour, I feel like there’s a lot more to come here. I personally, as I was doing the research here, I feel like the comedian mentions are under representatives so far. I think there’s going to be a lot about Gilbert in the next few days.

I’ve got some ideas of how I want to tackle that on the weekend. I met Gilbert a couple of times, and I think from the reactions that I’ve just read to you, the kindness sweetest, man, when you met Gilbert in real life, when he wasn’t performing, he was, he wasn’t Hayden talked like this. He was just, you know, Hey Gilbert, we’re going to go down the studio three.

Oh, okay. Thanks very much. Soft-spoken nice. But then he would turn it on and it would just be amazing. I’m a big fan of his podcast, which I had noticed since the beginning of the year, they had been dropping a lot of rerun episodes and it made me wonder. didn’t think about it too much. Didn’t have a conspiracy theory, but I did notice it.

One of the episodes they dropped and it might be the one at the top of the feed right now. It’s an Encore presentation with Bob Costas. And one of the many things I do in my life is I teach a college class and I actually have the students listen to that episode because most people would interview Bob Costas and have him on and ask him about baseball.

And Gilbert got a wonderful interview at of cost is talking about old time comedy. And it’s one of my favorite podcasts of all time. So you definitely want to check that out. I also, and I’ve brought this up in the past. I always enjoyed the way Gilbert wouldn’t pay any attention at all on his podcast.

Uh, the co-host Frank Santo Padre really would carry the water on that podcast and steer the interview. And sometimes, and this didn’t actually happen, but this is the Bible. What happens on that podcast is a guest would tell a story and be like, you know, telling a story and then end with like, yeah. And you know, then my family died in a horrible fire and I really never got over.

And then Gilbert would jump in, right. So I have to back up and then Gilbert would jump in. So let me pantomime it, you know, so then my family died in a horrible fire and I never really got over it. And you are on Hollywood squares in 1974. Is that right? And it would just be like, did you not hear what the man just said?

And it was just one of the wonderful things about that podcast. Gilbert Godfried. Fantastic. More to come.

In 2012 after Daniel Tosh got in trouble for a rape joke, Gilbert Godfried wrote a lengthy piece for CNN. This from 2012. Gilbert writes, if you don’t want to hear an edgy joke, don’t. If you’ve never in your life, seen a comedian perform ear. The instructions. If a comedian tells a joke that you find funny, you laugh.

If he tells a joke, you don’t find funny, don’t laugh, or you could possibly go as far as groaning or rolling your eyes, then you wait for his next joke. If that’s funny, then you laugh. If it’s not, you don’t laugh. Or at the very worst you can leave. Quiet. This is the way I going to see a comedian has worked for centuries.

Some comedians tell nice jokes that you could sell to your kids. Some use bad words, they work blue. If you don’t want to hear a joke, that’s blue. You shouldn’t go to a comedy club where comedian who makes blue jokes is performing. Let’s jump back a few years. Shall we? A few days after September 11th, 2001.

Friar’s roast. If Hugh Hefner in New York city outside smoke was still in the air, people seem very reserved and we’re not totally laughing at any of the comics at night. I wanted to be the first one to slap them out of it. And I said, I have to leave early tonight. I’m flying to LA. I couldn’t get a direct flight.

We have to make a stop at the empire state. No one in the history of comedy ever lost an audience more completely. You could hear chairs moved back and murmuring through the crowd. Gasping groaning. One guy yelled too soon, which I thought meant I didn’t take a long enough pause between the setup and the punchline.

I’m laughing, reading this. I figured there was no lower I could go. So I want to doing the aristocrats jokes. These are very blue. The crowd soon exploded with laughs and cheers. So terrorism is shocking and in bad taste, but a joke about incest and beastiality is totally fine. Jump ahead. A few. Over the period in between I’ve done several very poor taste jokes.

Then the tsunami in Japan happened and it’s all over the news with newscasters, pretending it hits them personally, newscasters really should get acting awards. Anyway, I figured a treat a natural disaster the same way, treat a terrorism with comedy. So I proceeded to tweet jokes about the tsunami.

Many of them were actually quite silly if there were anything to be outraged about, it would have been about how dumb the jokes actually.

I’ve always felt comedy and tragedy are roommates. If you look up comedy and tragedy, you will find a very old picture of two masks. One mask is tragedy. it looks like it’s crying. The other mask is comedy. It looks like it’s laughing. Nowadays. We would say how tasteless and insensitive a comedy mask is laughing and a tragedy mask.

I’m returning from a job out of town. My agent says you’re not going to print any more tsunami jokes. Are you? I looked on the internet and on every news site it says Aflac fires, Gilbert Godfried.

Of course as this procedure, when you make a joke nowadays, he must immediately make a public apology so much as Tasha did with his rape jokes. I did with my tsunami jokes. People on the internet was screaming for my death. The news media jumped in, but of course their job is to make a mouse for it sound like it’s a nuclear explosion.

They reported on it and repeated my jokes, which seems odd if what I said is so shocking and inexcusable, why are they repeating it? Well, it’s to get asses in the seats.

They referred to my jokes as comments and remarks, not jokes because if they did any rational person would have said, so comic made jokes. What’s the story here. I’ve been telling jokes like this for a very long time. So the reaction surprise.

Aflac thought I was such an evil person and what I did so heinous that there was only one way to deal with it. Hire a new guy to imitate Gilbert Godfried, pay him less, save a train load of cash and commercials. Thus bringing closure to this horrible tragedy. My favorite tweet that a fan sent me was Aflac fires, Gilbert Godfried.

After discovering he’s a.

George Carlin once said it’s the duty of a comedian to find out where the line is drawn and then step over it.

And Gilbert’s proper.

Born in Brooklyn, New York on February 28th, 1955. Gilbert started performing standup comedy at age 15. He was on Saturday night, live during 1980. That’s the losses. And after Lauren Michaels and the original cast left

gilbert was a very frequent guest on Howard stern. I wonder what Howard will do because he had Howard had distanced himself. I don’t think Gilbert’s been on that shone a long time. Cause you know, new Howard establishment Howard, the great interviewer likes to just erase his past. I wonder what Howard is doing on the radio today about Gilbert Godfrey.

Gilbert would go on the Howard stern show and impersonate people like Andrew dice, clay, Groucho Marx, Bela Lugosi. I remember he would do a David Brenner. That was pretty funny. He’d do a Jerry Seinfeld. That was very funny.

In 1992, he got the role as Lago, the parrot and a Latin.

His other major voice roles included Krang subprime in teenage mutant ninja turtles. Mr. In Superman, the animated series, Dr. Bender, and a son Wendell in the fairly odd. Also rolls on SpongeBob Brennan, Stimpy, duck, man, and Disney’s house of mouse

and the two thousands and 2010s. He did a bunch of the celebrity roast when that was the thing.

In 2017 director, Neo Berkeley created documentary titled.

Film critic, Owen Gleiberman reviewed it for variety saying , Gilbert displays, no regrets. He has the courage of his abrasive conviction.

He’s a man who puts on his entire, a personality, like a moth balled old suit. But once he’s in character, he’s never more himself. You may or may not walk away from Gilbert as a Gilbert Godfried fan, but either way, the movie makes you glad he exists.

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