Gilbert Gottfried Stories (Part One)

A look at some old interviews with Gilbert Gottfried, and some of his appearances on the Howard Stern show.

Today’s just Gilbert Godfried stories. I’m really happy. The left button put out a great article called Gilbert Godfrey’s greatest Howard stern appearances. Now, back in the day, Howard had Gilbert on all the time. This is back in the days of the cool Howard, not this phony. 2022 version of Howard who lives in the Hamptons as a second wife, and wants to just be the respected interviewer, Howard.

Your legacy is going to be lesbian, dial a date he needs. He would just accept that. You’re never going to go down as the great interviewer. It’s not going to happen.

Last button writes from 1988, until 2012 fans of the Howard stern show knew they were in for a treat. If they found out Gilbert was coming in.

Agreed. So 10 years, Howard didn’t have Gilbert on. Come on, man. In the early days, there were times when it stopped by two days in a row, mainly because he was bored and lived nearby. And why not get on the radio by the mid two thousands, he started appearing less frequently. By the time he made his final appearance in 2012, he hadn’t been on in a year and a half.

It became clear that stern was going through his own sort of rebranding. One day, Gilbert was just told that they don’t book comedians on the show anymore. That’s weird. Cause Amy Schumer was on the other day. I digressed, he hear me getting frustrated. I used to love Howard like love Howard.

Like get up in the morning, record 45 minutes on a cassette while I showered and got ready for school. Listen to Howard. Live on the subway. Then we went underground, listen to the cassette. Howard was so cool. This version of Howard though, is everything Howard would hate. Hey Johnny Mac, I thought this episode was about Gilbert you’re right listener.

I’ll do an episode on Howard some other day on Wednesday, Howard stern paid tribute to Gilbert and revisited some of the infamous bits they did on the show with him.

Howard said Gilbert had been on the show 122 times, just not in the left Eckerd.

This is a great job by the left button and they have embedded clips as well. Although they’ll probably get taken down as soon as somebody over at stern finds out this, the article even exists. All right, Gilbert Godfried is Jerry Seinfeld.

One time, Gilbert and Howard called Seinfeld and left, repeated voice messages and side up his answering machine. After Jerry failed to call in for a phone interview. In the early two thousands, Abe Hirschfeld, that called into the Howard stern show from prison during his appearance on the show, he wanted to tell a joke.

He wrote the joke was painfully unfunny and hardly even a joke. However, Gilbert was also there and insisted that Hirschfeld, tell the joke again and again and again, and it only got funnier as time went on. Thanks to Gilbert.

Gilbert and Sam Kinison, there were two back-to-back mornings in 1990 that Gilbert and Sam Kinison wreaked havoc on the stern.

perhaps the most memorable bit was a refeeds in about what it would be like if Andrew dice clay spoke at the funeral for Ryan White, who was a teenage boy who famously died of aids, it’s about the furthest from politically, correct. As you can get, but Gilbert refused to.

I’m looking at the still image of the YouTube video that they have embedded. And it’s Gilbert dressed as dice smoking a cigarette. It’s funny to even look at Gilbert and Lucy as Lucille ball was on her death bed. The show thought it’d be funny to have Billy West do an impression of Lucy from her hospital room.

The premise itself is funny, but Gilbert Godfrey and managed to turn it into a home run with questions like ? Has anyone ever called you Ms. Test?

Gilbert and Dennis Miller, Gilbert had a tendency to not really care where the line was, was funny to him. He went with it and there’s no better evidence for this. When Dennis Miller called in the shell with his newborn baby

Gilbert started trying to talk dirty to the infant. It was shocking enough to Dennis Miller, that it turned them off for being on the show for a while.

I’m skipping a little, cause I don’t want to read the entire left button. Article Gilbert as Dracula.

I’m looking here at a picture of Gilbert dressed as Dracula. And the laugh button says the bit really takes off when Gilbert hits the streets and takes a poll with black people, asking if they think OJ Simpson is innocent or guilty.

Great job left button. I’ll throw that in the Reddit and on the Facebook page. So you guys can check that out. subreddit is daily company news. The Facebook group is daily comedy news podcast group Tampa asked is Gilbert Godfried. Really this annoying in real life. I can answer that.

In the documentary called Gilbert, you can see Gilbert acting more mild-mannered than his stage persona his voice. Doesn’t great. Dropping half it’s nasal quality and all of its foul mouth bluster.

Gilbert says, I was thinking that scene in the wizard of Oz where it’s like, please ignore the man behind the curtain. Now movies revealing the man behind the curtain. So it’s scary.

He talked about the VIN current version of his act. I said, it’s a funny thing. People ask me that. And I think, ah, now I have to think about what I’ll be saying on stage. Just to me always sounds so unfunny. There’s nothing worse than talking about comedy.

Hmm. That’s not good for my podcast.

He talked about his own podcast. It’s kind of fun. It concentrates mainly on old Hollywood with guests like Dick van Dyke, Carl Reiner, Bruce Dern. I had on both Batman and Robin from the old TV series was two of the candidates. I can say what I want, even if it’s dirty. It’s funny with the guests.

I have, they can go one of two ways. They’re either thrilled that they can say anything they want because they’ve been watching it all these years. Then there are the other ones who can be in their nineties and still feel they have to protect their image in their career.

At a good line about his little Aflac stir up after the tsunami joke.

The question we worried your career might not recover. And that Simon CV, they’re saying our top story tonight, Gilbert Godfrey’s career is over. What I started to realize is if your career is over, you’re not the top story of the night, the New York times. So it’s a Gilbert in 2013.

He was asked why he didn’t really readily volunteer intimate details about himself. Now that goes back to what I was saying about bill Maher on Friday’s show. Gilbert said the public wants to know your bank account number, your social security and pin code too. I can’t peek my head in a women’s changing room and go, well, I want to know.

And I’m curious about.

Gilbert went on celebrity wife swap. He conceded that reality TV had become a necessary evil for maintaining a showbiz career. Gilbert correctly said to the public Kim Kardashian is a much bigger name than Robertson.

Gilbert talked about being a father. He was pleased that he and his son max were bonding over their shared love of. Monsters. Gilbert said, max said, why is he turning into the Wolf, man? Why doesn’t Frankenstein journey into the Wolf man?

After a while, I’ve got to say, look, I know this makes no sense whatsoever.

And then Gilbert tagged that, talking about his children with, I only beat them when I’m on crystal meth. I’m proud of that.

Well, I’m doing this on the fly. I didn’t realize just how much material I had pulled. I think this is going to be a two-parter. Now I want to do a regular episode tomorrow. Maybe we’ll do more Gilbert stories next Saturday. This next one is from vulture in 2016. Gilbert Godfried said, you can do jokes about the Lincoln assassination and the Titanic.

And no one says anything because everyone involved is dead and their grandchildren are dead. Actually. I think that’s in worst taste. You’re saying screw all those people who died. I waited for it to become unimportant to us. When I do a joke about September 11th of the Japanese tsunami.

What’s funny is that it shocks the audience. They’re responding to the fact that it’s tragic and you’re acknowledging it with the challenger explosion or any other tragic event. Pre-internet, there’s always a bunch of jokes that would come out immediately.

Everybody was in a rush to tell their friends, everyone was laughing about it and it was okay. Now with the internet, it makes me feel sentimental about old-time angry mobs in a mob. You actually had to throw on your jacket, go outside and use your hands. Now you can join a mom sitting on your couch and your underwear.

I feel like people would get outraged like that are patting themselves on the back. You see, I was offended.

But I’m as hypocritical as anybody else. I remember when all those stories came out about Mel Gibson, a woman cop had stopped him and he had called her sugar boobs using the T word and asked her, are you a Jew?

And said the Jews were responsible for all the wars in the world. Then the news came out about his girlfriend. He smacked her when she was holding her baby and said something so foul, I don’t even want to dance with it. He said something really naughty.

Part of that sentence. I’ll put you in an effing rose garden. You see. Gilbert said, and after that I was like, wait, he said, what about the Jews?

And from the gay city news, your home for comedy news, the gay city news said you allowed yourself to be so naked in front of the camera. They were talking about the documentary. Gilbert said the idea of me naked makes you laugh and cry. At the same time. When I look at myself full frontal, I start crying.

I get suicidal. When I look at myself naked,

Gay city news asked about the scene in the dock where Gilbert ran into guys wearing Nazi uniforms at the war reenactment event. Gilbert said we were in the same hotels that convention, you can’t have a war without the bad guys. And that was like a gift from God. It’s probably the only time you’ll ever hear that.

The third Reich was a gift from God. The Nazi officers were in love with me, kept running over a yelling problem. Child is my favorite movie nervously asking if they could take a selfie with me. One of them explained to me that they may have lost the war, but the Nazis, the, one of the fashion show I’m standing around them laughing and thinking, you know, the Nazis got a bad rap.

That’s such a good line. I’m going to stop there. We’ll do more Gilbert stories next Saturday, normal episodes tomorrow. Follow this show for free on apple podcasts, overcast. Spotify, wherever you get your shows. If you’d like to become a premium subscriber that helps support the show $5 a month, get you all the episodes commercial free.

And I release them early. As soon as I finished editing them, I just publish them at early for the premium subscribers. So, you know, get in on this stuff. All right. See you tomorrow. When the normal episode.

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