Gilbert Gottfried Stories (Part Two)

A look back at some old Gilbert interviews where he talks about money, travel and Bill Cosby.

Gilbert Godfried stories. Part two, you’ll find part one in the feed from last Saturday, from the New York times in 2013, when Gilbert Godfried find something really funny, like one of a self-depreciating and willfully tasteless jokes as narrow eyes grow even narrower, he lets out a gruff cackle and buries his face in the Palm of his hand.

He jokes about his goofy looks and short stature. He says in real life, I’m a tall blonde Christian, and he jokes about his frugality. I would show up at a party for Al Qaeda. If you said there’s going to be a dinner. Gilbert said I’d love to go where it’s a dark area. You never know what people choose to be offended by.

The observer caught up with Gilbert in 2015 and said, Gilbert Godfrey does not sound like Gilbert Godfrey. Yes. I’ve been trying to tell you all that. They wrote his speech of slow, measured, and thoughtful. His voice is almost baritone compared to the loud, high pitched shrieks.

He admits on the job as a standup comedian voice actor.

The observer said, you sound different on the phone. Gilbert said, I sound like Bing Crosby. I should be by the fireplace doing a Christmas special and smoking pipe. People ask how he came up with my delivery and my whole style to me, it’s like walking up to someone on the street and saying, how’d you develop that?

Gilbert as a former SNL cast member, you had recently attended the 40th anniversary of the show. Was there any comparing which season was best Gilbert. And I’ve heard him tell this story a few times and it always cracks me up season. I was on was right after Lauren Michaels and the original crew left.

So it was the worst time I’ve been on SNL. It’s like if in the middle of Beatlemania, John Paul, George, and Ringo left, and they said here’s four other schmucks. He better liked them just as much.

Whenever I see a season or an episode, I don’t like, I always go, oh, I was there and my season wasn’t any good. So I better keep my mouth shut. Gilbert. What did you think of the Oscars in Memorial montage, omitting Joan Rivers and Elaine Stritch. Gilbert said that’s usually the part I look forward to. The only part I really like watching the academy awards is the dead people segment and they never get it right this time, it looked like painted photos. It looked like something you’d get in a department store, give us your photo and we’ll paint it and frame it for you. It was kind of tacky looking.

Actors are still taken more seriously than comic actors. My main concern is that I feel like show business is a party that I snuck into. And I’m scared that any day now someone’s going to walk out on me with a clipboard and say, your name’s not on the. The gay city news, you’re home for comedy news, ask Gilbert about his podcast.

Gilbert said, what I noticed with the older generation of performers is that most of them have a great sense of humor. they’ll laugh off camera at a filthy joke or word or tell one themselves. But on camera, these performers in their nineties won’t say anything. They don’t want to damage their image.

I’m like, you’re a hundred. What’s the big deal.

The gay city news said, what was your interaction like with bill Cosby? Now I noticed Gilbert would always say Cosby like rhyming with Crosby, Bing Crosby, bill Cosby. And I always found that. Interesting. So I’m going to say Cosby here, just in the spirit of.

It’s funny. I worked with Cosby twice. He had me on two of his shows and I ran into him once during the tonight show with Jay Leno. It was like when I met OJ Simpson, before all that O’Day stuff happened, it was kind of a treat to meet him. He told me he was a fan didn’t imitation. It was kind of like meeting Charles Manson and him saying I’m a big fan.

I saw Latin a thousand. But I do remember meeting Cosby and then waking up in the street with my pants around my ankles. I heard that he cut ties with Coca Cola as their spokesperson because they made him advertise the new Coke saying it was better than the original, but people hated the new Coke. And he felt that damaged his image because it made them look unreliable.

Coke was the least of his problems. Gay city news asked him to talk about Joan Rivers. I was crazy about Joan. She was a nut. I once went to this big birthday bash at the stern theater. I was lucky enough to be sitting at a table with her. And that was like a show in itself. All these celebrities would go by and under her breath, she’d say she’s a tramp, but a total slut.

She EFT everybody. the next day people would always talk about stuff. She said, I roasted her on comedy central and she said, watching Gilbert Godfried makes me want to drive to Malibu and perform an act on Mel Gibson.

I had to clean that up. Gilbert said that the aristocrats has completely disappeared. I don’t know who owns it. What shocked me was that I didn’t expect anything to come out of it when it was released. It got this exposure in quite a following. I was doing the tonight show and heard someone call out. I loved you on the aristocrats.

It was Harrison Ford. And I thought, wow.

And 2018 Westchester magazine spoke to Gilbert and said, you’ve spent years touring the country beer, a Brooklyn boy. Is there anything special for you about booking gigs in New York? The pizza, the bagels Gilbert said mainly sleeping in my own bed. Not having to go through security at the airport, not having to pack a bag.

He was about to play the Younkers comedy club. And they asked him if he had any recollections of playing there before or any favorite restaurants nearby. Gilbert said, well, I remember the last time I think they were just opening. I was about to go on, they had the opening act in the middle and both of them were working without sound.

I thought even as loud as I speak, I don’t want to get too pushy, but I think a working mic might help. Uh, they’d fixed it, I think right in the middle as they were introducing me, like all good comedy. That’s great timing.

Gilbert, you had the distinction of being one of the last celebrity apprentices to be fired by Donald Trump, Gilbert. Yeah, I never thought at the time a former game show host would become president. I was campaigning for bad seat Jack. Which of Trump’s ever rotating cabinet posts. If it could be best suited to Phil Gilbert said that would be resident Jew.

it’s funny. I kind of feel like now everybody’s getting fired by Trump. I was one of the early ones before it became a.

NBC news from 2008, Gilbert, you always describe yourself as a pretty miserable guy. Are you doubly miserable when you travel Gilbert? Oh, absolutely. With me traveling for work is arriving at the airport, checking the hotel, leaving the hotel the next morning at four or five to do something like the Jimmy and Jackie captain crazy morning zoo.

Do a bunch of those in a row. Go back to the hotel. Finally, go to the. My sightseeing pretty much consists of watching the streets from the hotel to the radio station and going from the hotel, the club, that’s the definition of.

That’s it just sitting there watching TV, maybe looking at the hotel, lobby, someone doesn’t drag me out. I don’t see anything. I always wished the hotels were like they are in the movies and TV shows or you’re in Paris right outside your windows. The Eiffel tower in Egypt, the pyramids are right there and the movies, every hotel has a monument right outside your window.

My hotel rooms overlook the garbage dumpster in the back alley.

My biggest fear is the key won’t work. It’s like pulling a slot machine with your chances of the green light actually coming up. It’s a horrible feeling when it doesn’t work and you have to go down to the lobby again, I always hold my breath. When I put in the card, once I’m in the room and I drop my luggage down, the first thing I do is go to the bathroom and see what they have in the way of shampoo, conditioner, and skin lotion.

And also what I can steal from the. One time two years ago, I moved. It was quite frightening. I had tremendous boxes of shampoos and lotions that could have had their own apartment. And the bad part about that is they give you a hard time about traveling because of liquids. It makes it much more difficult.

Now, sewing kids too. They stopped me and security at a tiny sewing kit with a pair of scissors, the size of your thumbnail, but they said because of flight regulations, you can have scissors seriously. You could have shoved those scissors into your eye and not hurt yourself.

CNBC as Gilbert Godfried about money. For some reason hey Gilbert, how did you support yourself back in your struggling comedian days? Gilbert said I had a lot of very crappy jobs, messenger jobs, mailroom jobs at a job for some company that used to put out anti burglary kits.

There was a metal pencil. They gave you the scratcher code number into your valuables. They wanted to see if those pencils work. So I had a glass ashtray and a pile of these pencils and the ones that would scratch the glass ashtray, I would put in the good pile and the ones that didn’t, I would put it in the bad pile.

The best part was in these kits that said tested by skilled craftsman

Gilbert. Now that you’re successful, what are you most likely to splurge on? He’d sold CNBC. Here’s the problem having. kids you’ve got to spend money when he wants who or not.

If we’re up to me on my own, I’d still be walking 20 blocks to get a slice of pizza. That’s 10 cents cheaper. I’m still in that mindset, not one of those people who could show you my collection of vintage cars.

So, has there been anything we were like, I really want, this is this for me. And just splurged Gilbert said, I don’t think so. I might’ve gotten something once for a dollar 99 that I really wanted to get for 98 cents, but thought, oh, screw it. He only live once. Roger from 2017 asked Gilbert, what extent did you have creative control in a.

Gilbert said they definitely left it open for me to be able to play around and throw in lines. When the recording your voice, they have a video camera in the rooms. They can capture your facial expressions, which influenced the way the parent was drawn. One time the artist showed me a drawing. He made, we see a character of me that slowly transformed into the parrot.

There was a particular line in the film that I had ad-libbed and someone, some of that Robin Williams cracked up when he heard it, it was during a scene when they escape and I go quick, let’s get everything. The guns, the knives, the hand grenades. And what about this picture of media? Like it, I think I’m making a weird face in it.

That was a lot of fun, of course, every now and then I have to stop me and go, this is a Disney film. We can’t really use that word.

And from the Chicago Tribune in 2006, Gilbert Godfrey tops, the list of the 100 unsexy men in the world. Ouch.

The editor said the parrot voiced pickle face comic is to sexy. What kryptonite is to Superman ouch. In my head, I’m picturing Gilbert and character laughing at this.

The editors emphasize the list is about who is unsexy versus ugly, which explains why Brad Pitt made the list at number 100, because he may look good. but if the rumors about his hygiene and bio issues are true, then he’s probably not worth it.

The rest of the top 10 in case you’re curious. And you know, you are a ballplayer, Randy Johnson, Roger Ebert, Dr. Phil political pundit, Alan Colmes remember him, the lead singer of Nickleback Mike Mills from REM Jay Leno, Don IMS and Osama bin Laden describing Loddon as a six, five, no vertical leap mass murdering douche bag, not getting any stuff.

Some other comedians made the list again, the top 100 unsexy as a list that Brad Pitt is somehow on Jon Lovitz at 15 carrots, top 16. 17 Chevy at 19 Chris Catan, 31 Al Frank and 40 Andy Dick 47. Drew Carey 54, Robert Schneider, 56, Dennis Miller 64 and Horatio’s sins at 96. And that’s your comedy news for today?

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