Is Amy Schumer a joke thief? Will Pete Davidson fight Kanye for Jake Paul? Is Russell Brand the UK Joe Rogan?

Jake Paul wants to pay Pete Davidson and Kanye West $30M each to fight.

David Cross says no comedians are actually being canceled.

Is Russell Brand the Joe Rogan of the UK?

Some in the past have accused Amy Schumer of being a joke thief.

Is Amy Schumer a joke thief. We’ll take a look at that in the second half of the podcast. Hi, I’m Johnny Matt co to Brian tweets, even though they’re expanding the baseball playoffs from 10 to 12 teams, I still feel confident saying, sorry, Mets Kona again, while I’ve officially lived a long life because people are excited.

Germany’s re-arming.

And one more from Conan, a friend of mine at a bar, just overheard someone order a Kona O’Brien, which is whiskey with ginger Conan heads. Please let this catch on.

It is a relatively quiet day in the neighborhood. So we’ll start with Trevor Noah. He was talking about Kanye west again, did you see the Grammys have banned Kanye from performing? Trevor is the host of these two years Grammys on Twitter. Trevor Noah wrote, I said, cancel Kanye, not cancel Kanye.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul is trying to get Kanye west at Pete Davidson to box. He says his $60 million offer to get Kanye and Pete to take their beef to the boxing ring is not a publicity stunt this from TMZ.

Jake Toltz, I’m kind of sick of them going back and forth on social media. And I think it’s affecting the kids’ lives like Kanye and Kim’s kids. They’re gonna be the ones that take the most trauma from this.

Jake says his most valuable promotions will handle everything as long as PE and Kanye show up and do their thing in the ring. They’ll get 30 million each and some pay perview bucks too. As for the money. Jake says, that’s no problem. He’s already got financial backers involved, even though he didn’t need them.

I would watch that. I’m gonna be honest. I would watch that. And that would probably get a bonus episode of the podcast. Can you guys fight in the ring? I’ll watch

Pete and Kim were spotted at the airport. Apparently Pete picked Kim up at the Vanny airport. She just landed in her private G six 50 jets.

Some really lazy Google activity shows me a result that says the average hourly rental for the Gulf stream. G six 50 is around $11,400 per hour. If you wanna buy one it’s 67 million. So I’m gonna guess she rented it for 11 five an hour. Kim was coming back from Miami

So some more half baked internet research shows me there are private jet clubs. I guess this one result says fly private $3,800 one way from New York to LA. So maybe she spent like five grand on that. Or did she fly from Miami to Vanny?

Let’s call it. I don’t know. Let’s call it four hours at 11 five. Call it 50 grand. Must be nice.

Pete picked him up in a Mercedes and he was greeted with a sweet kiss from his girls as TMC. It was one of those head grabbing mooches too, you know, serious stuff. Eventually they realized the paparazzi had seen them.

And so they drove away. Stephen, Colbert’s got a new side gig. Pickle Ball is going prime time. Since the Hollywood reporter, I’ve got some adult friends who are playing this. I haven’t fallen into this yet, but I’m sure I will. The increasingly popular racket sport, which combines elements of tennis table tennis and badminton will be the focus of a comedic prime time special called pig it’ll air on CBS later this year.

They don’t know what the format will be yet, but there will be celebrity competitors.

Col said, I love hosting the late show, but at the end of the day, and I’m specifically talking about the hours between eight and [10:00] PM Eastern. I see pickled as a chance to bring lots of different people together for something playful and unpredictable. Tom SGO has announced some more dates to his world tour presale Thursday at [10:00] AM the code Showtime.

That tours called Tom Segora. I’m coming everywhere. VX talks to David Cross about cancel culture. Cross doesn’t think it’s a real thing.

He said, we live in a capitalist society and that’s how it works. If people aren’t getting canceled, they’re either getting their tickets refunded or trying to shame people from going to see somebody’s live show who knows what kind of effect that’ll have. Probably not very much. I don’t know anybody.

That’s not able to do standup anymore. Cuz they said something offensive. Obviously there are people who have done some egregious things that have nothing to do with their comedy. And lots of people have made their feelings known about that. But if you say something extremely homophobic or misogynist or racist or antisemitic that can’t be defended, people go, Hey that person’s appearing on apple TV or Netflix or whatever.

Let’s boycot the sponsors then that’s right. But nobody’s not able to do standup. Maybe you can’t sell out Madison square garden each shows in a row, but you’re still gonna get to do standup.

Cross also talked to VX about the polarization and capitalization of comedy audiences.

Cross that I think you see a lot more people doing that kind of thing. They’re speaking to a consumer base and they’re looking at it like that. It used to be back in the late eighties or early nineties, there was a kind of stigma around the comics who were just doing standups so they could get on a sitcom.

That was a real thing. Other comics would recognize it immediately. Now there are people who are trying to backdoor in a stand via other avenue. So you get a podcast or something, cuz that’s where the money is. It’s a 180 from where it used to be. People are getting a stand up now from the money. So you get a lot of people with a foot in both worlds that are using stand up specifically to build their base, to build their revenue streaming possibilities.

Is Russell brand, the UK’s Joe Rogan, ha that’s from a D Bible or lad Bible, or however you say your website. I don’t know.

Lately Russell brand has been talking at length about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on his YouTube channel, telling his fans. It may not be all that. It seems over a series of posts. Russell bran said, people shouldn’t just take the mainstream narrative as gospel and they should question things such as the us involvement in starting the war.

He also took an opportunity to dig at Canadian president Justin Tru Joe, over his handling of the truckers protest earlier this year. He said, if the reason that this war is wrong is down to democratic principles, then he have to vote democracy in your own country. What you can’t do is claim to be an Exem of democracy.

If, or if you get the opportunity to be tyrannical, you take it also, you know, there’s that pesky detail of in invading a sovereign nation and bombing out their cities and killing children, you know, that Russell brand, but whatever.

When user said people being surprised. Russell brand is basically Joe Rogan dressed as Jack Sparrow at a wellness retreat. Clearly haven’t been paying attention.

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Is Amy Schumer, a joke thief. That is today’s question. So over the weekend, somebody put a TikTok on my radar and I watched the TikTok and I went, huh, interesting point of view from this other comedian. I shared that on the Facebook group and I think I shared it on the Reddit as well.

The Facebook group is daily comedy news podcast group. The Reddit is a daily comedy news. So I started doing some research and I’m seeing some articles from 20 16, 20 17. Now, I don’t remember any of this and I’ll tell you why. If you’re a relatively new listener, I ran Sirius XM comedy from February, 2004 to the beginning of February of 2014.

Now towards the end of my run, it’s serious. I was finding, watching comedy at home, stressing me out. I was bring up this example at that time, Louis CCK. Remember we used to like him. He had the FX show and everybody was raving about him. Calling him the next George Carlin. Remember that before we decided we didn’t like them.


So I’d watch that show. And I remember I’m watching it one night and all right. Enjoying it. And then Jim Norton comes on and my brain starts going, oh yeah, I gotta talk to Norton at work tomorrow. I gotta get him a voice, this promo. And now I’m thinking about my boss and now I’m stressed and now I’m back at work and it’s 11 at night and I’m just trying to watch TV and I’m all stressed about Jim Norton.

And so I kind of had started to back off watching comedy at home. Then once broke up with Sirius or they broke up with me.

I kinda detoxed from comedy for a little bit. I remember being home the night, Robin Williams died and it’s everything in my instinct to be like, oh, we gotta do a tribute episode. Let’s go live. And I was like, oh, I don’t have to do anything about this. And I went back to playing video games. So I’ve got a little bit of hiatus in my comedy knowledge and it’s right around 2016, which is where this article from Vox came from.

In 2016 Vox road over a Martin Luther king day weekend three female comedians, Kathleen Madigan, who I know pretty well. Wendy Leman and Tammy Paselli alleged through their Twitter accounts that Amy Schumer stole her jokes and presented them as her own.

Interesting to me, the tweets were then deleted.

Luckily refinery 29 and other websites captured the messages, Tammy Paselli apparently tweeted and later deleted. What has always been amazing to me is she reports to be a feminist and yet only steals from other female comedians. If we call her on it, we’re jealous or career shamed be successful.

We you to do well, just do it with your own material. By the way, she blocked me.

Madigan Leman Paselli accused Schumer stealing three different jokes. One from each of them since their initial allegations, two more one involving Patric O’Neal and the other involving the writers for Schumer’s comedy central series. Have both surfaced. Here’s a rundown of the jokes. Madigan’s joke is that Oprah’s so rich.

She could hire someone to slap the food out of her hands. Schumer joke is centered on a new weight loss program where a chef would slap the food out of your hands and you’d belong to a gym where trainers would work while you sleep.

Is there a similarity there? Yeah. V Wrights Madigan’s argument is more pointed with regard to Oprah status and inequality in America.

As I look at this, , especially with Madigan’s joke going first, I feel like Madigans is the better version of the joke. If the order were reversed, I would feel like Amy stole a premise and made it better. But in this order, why would Amy steal a joke and downgrade it? That doesn’t make sense to me, case number two Schumer versus Wendy Leman, Leman, maybe I’m old fashioned, but I like it when the guy pays for sex.

Amy Schumer. I’m very old school. I think the guy should always pay on the first date for sex V writes, the jokes are very, very similar.

So there is a concept in comedy called parallel thinking. Not everyone is a joke. The,

Case number three Schumer versus PE Tammy PEs. Kelli, man, if we love you, we dress you for other women too. That’s why we dress you. Stupid Schumer. You dress ’em like that. So no one else wants to have sex with him. That’s cool.

Similar Amy Schumer versus Patrice. O’Neil the two jokes involved sex acts called the Houdini and the Palter Geist

Schumer used to open for Patrice who passed away in 2011. This article from 2016.

O’Neil there’s the Poltergeist, but you need your friend for this one. You are cleaning it up here, having sex with her from behind. Then you sneak out and he takes your place. Then you walk outside and wave at her through the window

Schumer. The worst one I’ve ever heard is the Houdini. It’s where the guy having sex with the girl from behind then unbeknownst to her, her friend subs in for him guy, one runs outside knocks on the window wave of the girl, which is just rape. That’s just rape. It’s not fair to Houdini. Uh, that sounds like it took Patrice’s joke and tagged onto it to me

from the daily beast in 2017 on Wednesday, a video surface accusing Amy Schumer of stealing jokes. Comparing her stand up sketches and bits from comedy centrals inside Amy Schumers, similar jokes by other comics, including Wendy Leman, Kathleen Madigan, Tammy baske, and the late Patric O’Neal. The video was removed from Vimeo after via com claimed copyright infringement

Schumer went on Jim Norton’s radio show and said, I will take a, the test and put it on my show. This season. She said she had never heard of any of the bits and that both Kathleen and Wendy knew me and they don’t believe I would do that.

Scher said she didn’t believe the accusations were personal, but that people build people up. Then they like to rip them down. Cause they’re experiencing some success.

Amy said she went on Norton’s show cuz she wanted to clear her name quote, because more than anything, I want credibility as a comic. I don’t think comedians can forgive jokes stealing. I’m not gonna become one of those people who’s known for taking other people’s jokes. I’m the fattest, ugliest and monster with the stinkiest of vagina.

Keep writing that, but don’t call me a joke. Thief. Amy Schumer is hosting the Oscars this weekend. For some reason, she has revealed that her request to have Ukrainian president VDI Zelensky address, the star started gathering was rejected. She said she wanted to have Zelensky speak at the Oscars. Cuz there are so many eyes on the Oscars, but the idea was turned down by the organizers. Amy said I’m not afraid to go there, but it’s not me producing the Oscars afraid to go where the whole world is like, yeah, don’t invade Ukraine. What are you afraid of?

Ooh, Ooh. Amy Schumer had a guy on and talking about not bombing out cities. That’s pretty edgy. What are you talking about?

You don’t think people are gonna wear blue and yellow at this thing. Come on. What are you talking about? Amy said, I think there’s definitely pressure in one way to be like, this is a vacation, let people forget. We just wanna have this night, but it’s like, well, we have so many eyes and ears on this show.

Yeah. Again, it’s not like people aren’t gonna get up and slip in their causes to their acceptance speeches. What are you talking about? Who are the pro invade Ukraine people I can think of one guy and his name is Vladimir.

Amy said the Oscars provide a great opportunity to at least comment on a couple of things. She told drew Barrymore that some jokes that kind of highlight the sort of current condition. I mean, there are so many awful things happening. Seems hard to focus on which one.

I shared on the subreddit from the Keve independent three comedians perform for about a hundred viewers in one of the bomb shelters in Sumi, a regional capital in Northern Ukraine on March 19th. Imagine that you’re in a bomb shelter and people still doing comedy Metro comedy news for today.

Follow the on apple podcast, Spotify overcast. Or if you get your shows, see you tomorrow.

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