Is Amy Schumer responsible for the Tampon Shortage? Joe Rogan looks back on Carlos Mencia fight

Is Amy Schumer responsible for the tampon shortage? Stay with me.

Curbed has a fantastic article goofing on SNL cast member’s homes

Tig Notaro was on Conan and well it didn’t come off great

Joe Rogan looks back at the Carlos Mencia incident.

Jenny Mac with your daily comedy news. According to a former Trump aid, Rudy Giuliani was wasted on election night. Trevor Noah said, I’m just curious how you even know when Rudy Giuliani is drunk because when a normal person is drunk, they say crazy things. They yell, they sweat a lot. As I work with Rudy, does it work in reverse?

Does he start talking? Normally his hair die sucks back into his hair. How does it work?

They were all telling Trump, you lost this election, sir. But Trump was like, yeah, whatever drunk vampire. What do you think Steve Colbert said? There was a bit of a leading question. They were asking witnesses. Do you notice anyone that night who was maybe forting while leaking hair dying ranting in front of a dildo shop?

Anyone like that could be anyone take your time. Think back. Seth Meyers. It’s funny to me. How, when all these depositions, Trump aids are all Heming and hawing pausing, taking their time to use the most precise, legal language possible. Cuz they’re under oath. Then as soon as someone asked, was anyone truck at the white house?

They all immediately buzz in like an uncle on family feud, Rudy. It was Rudy.

Trevor Noah also had talked about the attempts to change gun laws in this country. And he said, although, unfortunately, nobody really expects a lot to change.

Although In New York, the governor signed into law, a gun control package that would raise the age to purchase a semi to 21. Trevor said, wow, this is so weird. A mass shooting happened and then. Politicians did something. I didn’t even know that was possible. It’s like I show up to McDonald’s and the McClury machine is working.

I don’t even how you react to that. Do I clap? Do I tip what’s a good tip for passing gun laws.

Trevor added that in his opinion, instead of 21, the law should be 21 and four days. Why? Because I don’t want someone buying a gun on the same night that they’re slamming 10 shots of jigger. Just spread it out. You.

Seth Meyers said that the measure also bans body armor, but in his thought they should also ban under armor because I’m tired of seeing people’s nipples on the train.

You know, I get it. You work out. Here’s a fun headline is Amy Schumer to blame for the tampon shortage. I’m gonna go ahead and say, yeah, totally her fault, Proctor and gamble. The parent company of Tampax told time that it saw a 7.7% increase in demand since 2020. They attributed the search to the success of an ad campaign with comedian Amy Schumer.

The New York post points out. You know, other brands of tampons are also in short supply and they didn’t have an Emmy winner and Tony nominee to blame. I still think it’s Amy’s fault. But then I was like, what? Tony nominee, Amy Schumer, what did I miss this? Apparently I did in 2018 comedian Amy Schumer was in Steve Martin’s play meteor shower.

Everyone remembers meteor shower, right? Classic.

Amy Schumer got a Tony nomination for best performance by leading actress in a play. She did not win

while we’re off on lax from curved, they ask why do the men of Saturday night live have such horrifying apartments?

The New York post reported that Colin Jo sold his west village duplex for two and a half million dollars. curb rights, just furnishes home. Like someone who doesn’t know what to do with his design budget. The main floor has a loveseat awkwardly jammed into a corner and a sad little starter kit breakfast table blocking the Juliet balcony doors.

The cramped kitchen cabinets are done in confusing yellow. The kind that only exists in the natural world for tropical frogs to signal don’t eat me on poisonous. The primary bedroom has called pre Reno style floors, and the other bedroom has a very ugly bed facing a bathtub.

Hey, don’t knock it. Scarlet Hansen may have used that tub in the bedroom at the foot of the bed. Grimes of all is the little basement den decorated with only a menacing floor lamp and a lonely and presumably autographed football PO boys on the TV console.

Curb says by my count, Joe’s home has two indoor shrubs, one old timey wash board leaned against a window, one magazine folder with no magazines in it and zero books.

Curved has some pictures, including the bathtub at the foot of the bed. It is a little weird, unless of course Carli Hanson’s using it. In which case it’s kind of cool.

So curb asks, why do the men of SNL live in such horrifying apartments? It could be as in Joe’s case, they tend to date up somehow luring outta their league stars into relat. Some examples, Jason Sudeikis and Olivia wild, Dan Aroy and Carrie Fisher, Pete Davidson and everyone

Davidson’s home has always been central to his lore. I love this article for several years into his time at SNL, he still lived with his mom and not only that, he lived in the basement at his mom’s.

You could view it as a red flag or point out that he dated among other people, Ariana Grande, Kate Beck in sale, and Margaret quali, all of whom I suspect had homes above ground where he could stay freeing Pete Davidson to leave his dump unchanged.

Curbs then speculates that these guys live on a college student schedule, SNL cast S and producers work through the night on Tuesdays and longer in the evening for the rest of the week.

So they kind of go for the frat house look, and then they talked about Jimmy Fallon’s old. In 2002, four years into his SNL tenure Fallon bought a unit in a gram sea park. Co-op for $850,000. Simple enough, no, over the next two decades. As his career moved from SNL to tonight, show Fallon brought up three other units across the building, stitching them together like a madman into a true Frankenstein monster of a triple.

When he sold it, some of the things that were revealed included a pantry lined with busy cowboy wallpaper stocked with approximately 500 cans of progressive soup. Let me repeat that 500 cans of progressive you want and a tiny door that appears to be meant for child. Wait.

There’s a wonderful tweet from Olivia Crandle. Who writes do I do my job today or write 5,000 words about the loan back of cheeses, languishing away in the cracker barrel gift shop. Jimmy Fallon operates out of his gramsy park pants house.

This is fantastic. I’ve shared it on the Reddit and on the Facebook group page, which is his daily comedy news Facebook group. Wonderful job curbed.

Tiro spoke to LA magazine. Talking about, the slap and attacking comedians and all that and said, I think it’s very indicative of what’s going on in the world right now. There’s such a divide. There’s so much conflict. And it’s really showing up in comedy because comedians speak their minds.

There’s a line drawn on a lot of social and political areas. And I think that’s where you’re gonna hear it pretty directly. It’s from these comedians. I think we’ve lost sight of so many things. A lot of the social and political activism that I’ve been involved in has not been very showcased on the standup stage necessarily.

I know, kind of indirectly, I’ve done things with cancer awareness and being an out gay comedian. So there’s that, but I think more than ever, I’m so interested in things being friendly and positive. It just does not feel like a time to push that divide. She was on cone and O’Brien’s podcast, and I didn’t think she came across as likable.

The thing that sticks in my mind is I guess, Conan must have said TNA, taro and. she like snapped and said, well, it’s Notaro. If anybody cares and I get it. And I’m really big on getting people’s names. Right. I try. But to snap at Conan, you know, we we’ve seen Conan for 30 years. I don’t think anything about Conan Obrien suggests that he’s trying to be a jerk.

I think he comes in peace and means well, and probably went home and felt bad for four days about the Netara and Nataro thing. But her whole appearance, it really turned me off to her. I belt on it. And right now, if you said to me dig Nataro, I’m kind of like, eh, no, thanks.

Joe Rogan was on the flag podcast and he looked back on the, wow, this was in 2005, the whole Carlos mania stealing jokes thing to catch you up in 2005, Joe Rogan accused Carlos Manc stealing jokes. Rogan did that. When Macia was on stage at the comedy store, they had a heated exchange in front of a live crowd Rogan wound up being banned from the place.

On the recent podcast Rogan said I don’t like trashing fellow comedians. I generally don’t. During the moment of the incident with Carl Smith C I felt bad. I realized how much negativity it creates. I was almost looking at it like it was a system you input X and you get back. This a good thing was done where people were in danger of having their intellectual property taken by someone who is far more successful.

The weird thing was the anger. A lot of this, not logical, the way human beings react to things. As we choose teams, we choose the side.

From the mirror, glam comedian, Catherine Ryan is having the last laugh by defying advice to look more manly on stage. Who’s telling you that

the 38 year old former HOOS waitress was told by industry big wigs to be as unfeminine as possible while performing, or she would never have a career in comedy.

The Canadian ignored the sexist advice.

She’s got a new TV show backstage with Katherine Ryan, which she filmed with a baby and breast pump in toe. She said, her smart look is deliberate. I’ve done it purposely from the beginning because women in comedy are told not to accentuate anything feminine that might be distracting. Boys will not take you seriously.

And women will hate you was absolutely the narrative that was told to all female comedians. When we started wear a hoodie wear jeans. So very early in my career, I started dressing for the job I wanted, not the job I had. I feel like you should dress up cuz it’s an honor and it’s a great privilege.

Have people come see you on purpose? The laugh button wrote about Bobby Monahan, lightning wolves, all eight episodes are out already. I didn’t even know that had come out. Good cast, including Kobe smolders, Tarn, Calum, and Donald Faison lightning wolves follows the premise of what if action figures find out that they only exist to sell toys?

Didn’t realize it was out. Sounds like a fun premise that is called lightning wolves.

You’ll find it on YouTube and the episodes are like four minutes long.

And I saw this one in the independent. I’m not sure I totally understand the story, but it intrigued me that I’ve looked at it several times from the independent Eddie Izzard’s soccer aid message has been deliberately ignored by those who’d rather rant about gender.

so Eddie put out a video message for soccer aid and said, I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna live in a world where children feel scared and unsafe. That’s not a good world.

the three minute video sees Isard introduce viewers to a young girl and her story of living in conflict as art said, I was born in Yemen. And I just wanna say that the people who live there are real human people like you and me who through no fault of their own, find themselves in the middle of this hellish situation.

It’s gotten so bad. Now that Yemen is often described as the worst place on earth to be a child. Children are always the worst affected by war. So why are people freaking out because Eddie was wearing lipstick.

Some fans accused is art of jumping on a fashionable trans bandwagon to in some way, advance her career. One person tweeted? Why wasn’t he using she pronouns all this time? If that’s what he actually thinks.

One defender pointed out Isard who came out as gender fluid in 1985. Has been saying F gender for decades.

So that’s today’s social media war. What about the children of Yemen? Everybody let’s focus here. And that’s your comedy news for today? File the show for free on apple podcasts or Spotify. One way you can support the show is becoming premium subscriber, seeing more and more people do that. Thank you very much.

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