Is Bob’s Burgers an actual TV show or just an elaborate version of The Mandela Effect?

Bob’s Burgers supposedly airs its 200th episode tonight. But ask yourself – have you ever seen Bob’s Burgers? Have you ever met anyone who has seen Bob’s Burgers? Why when I typed this did Apple switch it to Bob’s Berger’s if it is really a show. Oh we’ve seen the promos and the artwork, but does the show itself actually exist?

A survey, presumably in the UK, reveals the following shows get the most laughter.

The IT Crowd: 1min 44sec of laugher per hour

Peep Show: 1min 36s

The Inbetweeners: 1min 22s

The Office: 59s

Mr Bean: 54s

The Thick Of It: 51s

Outnumbered: 31s

Friday Night Dinner: 23s

My Family: 9s

This Country: 7s

Meanwhile, Maz Jobrani changed the name of his tour from Peaceful Warrior to Pandemic Warrior

And if you like The Crown you should check out a podcast called Palace Intrigue.

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