Is Comedy Moster Jim Gaffigan’s BEST? Plus Comedy Festivus!

Jim Gaffigan’s Comedy Monster is his best special.

Even better is Being The Ricardos!

For Comedy Festivus it’s the Airing Of The Comedy Grievances

The BBC tries some anti-woke comedy but I wonder What Could Go Wrong?

W. Kamau Bell’s new documentary is We Need to Talk About Cosby

There’s a new doc about Super Dave Einstein

Fox cancels Joel McHale and Ken Jeong New Years Eve

Rosebud Baker makes Vulture’s Comedians You Should Know list

Uncorrected transcript below.

Better late than never. I have two things that are the best of 2021. I watched them both on TV last night. I’ll tell you about that. After the late night jokes, Jimmy Kimmel’s said time magazine unveiled their annual person of the year, that person is Elon Musk, or as I call him old Sheldon Campbell, again, person of the year is believed to be the highest honor ever awarded to a person who cuts his own hair coordin in response to this, Jeff Bezos just bought time magazine said he was going to go out and buy a copy, but then he realized he’d have to pay taxes on it. So it was, you know, not worth it camel. It’s important to note that it’s not necessarily a compliment Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump were also named person of the year.

Time is basically your dad watching a bad Superbowl commercial and going, Hey, love him or hate him. We’re all talking about him. Right? Trevor Noah said, I am so happy for Elon Musk. Like the guy could really use an ego boost. You know, honestly, you can’t argue with this.

I mean, richest man in the world who also controls space crypto and electric cars, who would even be in second place, maybe Pete Davidson, Fallon. Yeah. Musk receive the honor for his work in space exploration. After he bought 10 million subscriptions, two time at magazine. I’m kidding.

Although it was a little strange that everybody at the time drove to work today in a brand new Tesla, felon being named at person of the year is a big deal. It’s basically sexiest man alive, but you’re competing against the Dalai Lama and the post.

All right. What did I watch on TV? So I have a problem here. I don’t want to record a podcast on Christmas day. You know, so for Sunday I had already recorded my top 10 funniest things of 2021. And then I go and watch TV last night. And there’s two things that not only make the list, they make the list at numbers two and three, and now I have to reedit Sundays pod.

Ah, all right. What did you watch? Johnny Mac being the recorders. It’s the best movie of the year. Do you hear me? It is the best movie of the year. I think there are four Oscar worthy performances in there.

I’m giving best actor to Javier Bardem for his portrayal of Desi. Arnaz, I’m giving best a supporting actor to William Frawley. No, not to William Frawley. He’s dead to JK Simmons. Why don’t you edit it? Cause it’s funny or the way I messed it up. I’m giving best supporting actor to JK Simmons.

He plays William Frawley. Who’s dead.

For your consideration, but she won’t when Nicole Kidman as Lucille ball is fantastic.

And how about Aaliyah shock hat as best supporting actress? She plays. One of the writers gets a pretty meaty role in the film. I thought this thing was wonderful.

It takes a bunch of things from Lucy and Desi, his marriage cramps them all in a one week. It’s got Sorkin, like dialogue it’s looks great. It sounds great. It’s tons of fun. I loved this thing. Start to finish

being the recordist. Best picture you hear me? You hear me? Then I put on Jim Gaffigan’s new, special.

Comedy monster. I’m here to tell you it’s the best at Jim Gaffigan special. Yes. And I’m still mad at him for not calling us back at Sirius XM 10 years ago. I don’t let it go. That said it’s Jim Gaffigan’s best special. You know how I do my emperor of Rome thing where I sit there and I go, oh, that’s really funny.

Great callback. Hilarious. I laughed at this thing. Laughed out loud, like actual laughter like a human does.

I’m now going to talk for about a minute about what’s actually in the special, if you don’t want to be spoiled, skip ahead about a minute, but I’m going to say things like, oh, that first section where he talks about, uh, doors, I’m staring at my door. And then the second part, we talked about garbage cans.

I’m in my. Those were great, but that’s not what he actually talks about. Okay. So if you want to be spoiled, you’ve got 3, 2, 1 spoilers boy, his opener about COVID, especially as we’re all freaking out about Amir Cron, it was like on-point. I know it was accorded a month or two ago. This thing felt super topical.

Super funny. I was watching with my 83 year old mom. She also enjoyed it by the way, love a comedian that works clean. Can we all wear clean?

then Jim goes into a bit of a edgy for Jim Gaffigan segments about religion, which I thought was hilarious. He did have a segment that was very Jim Gaffigan II about what Jim, it looks like. It was funny. It felt like I’ve been down that road with Jim before, but really enjoyed Jim Gaffigan comedy monster.

And when I re cut Sunday’s episode, you will hear that Ricardo’s is going to be number two, and Jim’s going to be number three. What’s number one, you’ll have to tune in. Have you listened to all the year? I’ve told you what it is,

I guess, while we’re talking about the weekend tomorrow, Christmas Eve will be a normal episode. Uh, Saturdays in December, I’ve been reviewing, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. So episode seven. What better to talk about on Christmas day. And it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. And then Sunday will be my best of the year, Monday normal episode.

And as always, there’s always an episode of daily comedy news. I don’t skip any days. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, et cetera, will be normal

from Collider. And your documentary from w Kamau bell is coming to Showtime. It’s called. We need to talk about. I’m pretty excited about this one, a four part docu-series that will give audiences an inside look at both bill Cosby’s career, as well as his scandals and fall from grace and a teaser for the dock.

We hear w Kamau bell tell audiences he’s a child of bill Cosby. He goes on to say, you know what I mean? I’m a black man, a comic born in the seventies. Bill Cosby had been one of my heroes. And we need to talk about Cosby. Bell takes a look at how difficult it is to learn something absolutely horrific about someone you’ve spent much of your life.


The doc features voices who were impacted by Cosby’s legacy as an actor, comedian, and role model for the black community and the information we know about what kind of person he is behind closed doors. We need to talk about Cosby, Showtime at January. From deadline, HBO documentary films unveiled the trailer for the super Bob Einstein movie, a documentary celebrating the life and legacy of super Bob Ornstein.

This’ll be on HBO next week, December 28th, that’s Tuesday, nine Eastern west also streaming on HBO, max.

The film explores Einstein’s unlikely discovery and enduring career, including his iconic alter ego, super Dave Osborne, his work both in front and behind the camera on the Smothers. His work on curb. Your enthusiasm features commentary from Einstein’s fellow comedians, including Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Susie Essman David Letterman, Sarah Silverman.

I’m trying not to make some sort of a face joke about Sarah Silverman, Norman Lear, Cheryl Hines, Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Martin patent Roswell, Rob Reiner and JB Smoove.

from variety. Fox has decided not to do new year’s Eve toast and roast 2022 because of the . Fox says we’re confident in the health and safety protocols for Fox’s new year’s Eve toast in roast at 2022. But the recent velocity of the spread of Alma Cron cases has made it impossible to produce a live special in times square that meets our standards.

Joel McHale and Ken Junge would have hosted this thing. Fox is going to make up some other new year’s Eve plans. I’m going to watch Pete Davidson anyway. And when I say I’m going to watch Pete Davidson, I mean, I’m going to play video. And then the next day go on like vulture and see what B Davidson did

from the last button. There was a new romantic comedy coming out starring Charlie day from it’s always sunny in Philadelphia and Jenny’s. It’s called. I want you back. Peter played by Charlie day and Emma played by Jenny slate. Thought they were on the precipice of life’s biggest moments. Marriage, kids, houses in the suburbs houses until their respective partners dumped them.

Ah, houses. Oh, I’ve done this before. And I made the same joke and same mistake. I feel like I read this to you in the summer. Let me back. They felt like they were on the precipice of life’s biggest moments. Marriage, kids, houses in the suburbs until the respective partners jumped them horrified to learn at the loves of their lives.

Have already moved on Peter and Emma hatch, a hilarious plan to wind back their exits with unexpected results. Gee, what do you, think’s going to happen on this one? Amazon prime at February 11th. From chortle the BBC is piloting a new comedy show to combat the perception that all its comedians are woke.

You’re ready, unsafe space will feature a number of comedians linked to the comedy unleashed free speech comedy nights, which are championed by pressure group of the campaign for common sense.

The standups lineup for the trial episode of the possible radio four show include at GB news presenter, Andrew Doyle. I’m a yank. I believe GB news is British for what Fox does here. Also on the bill are Tony law, Nick Dixon, George Zack, and Mary Burke. It will be recorded at comedy unleashed Houma, the backyard comedy.

Unsafe space is built as provocative unorthodox stand-up comedy. For the open-minded bringing diversity of opinion at BBC radio for the campaign for common sense, kicks back against transgender rights, campaigners and believes black lives matters is a divisive ideological nonsense.

interesting choice by BBC four, moving on from the daily record, Scott’s comedian. Gary folds was left sick to his stomach. Why he came out, his van was there and somebody had spray painted on his van. I’m a beat.

And called him a Pino. Gary told the daily record. It was horrific when I saw it. I just felt really sick to my stomach. If you don’t like my comedy, just say that. But to call somebody a beast as the worst thing you could do, my head is wasted with it. And I’m so drained.

Well, today is December 23rd. As you know, that is Fest of us a secular holiday. Mint as an alternative to the pressures and commercialization of the Christmas season, it is well known from the season nine Seinfeld episode called the strike, which first air December 18th, 1997.

For Festivus. The usual tradition of a tree is manifested by an unadorned aluminum hole. Those attending Festivus may also participate in the airing of grievances, which we are about to do on this podcast.

An opportunity to tell others how they’ve disappointed you in the past. That’s followed by a Festivus dinner and then completed by the feats of strength where the head of the household must be pinned.

are you ready for the airing of grievances comedy addition? Here we go. Hey, Grammy. stop giving best comedy albums to things that aren’t albums. We all know Netflix specials when we see them just because Dave Chappelle releases 8 46 on 846. Copies of vinyl does not make it a comedy album.

It’s a TV special stop doing that. Grammys. You have been grieved, Adam Sandler. Come on. I saw uncut gems. You can do it. You choose not to do it. You are talented. You choose to hand in crap, Adam Sandler, please hand in better movies. It’s within you. And my final grievances go to Jim Gaffigan and Aziz Ansari already mentioned on this podcast.

Why? Because 15 years ago at Sirius XM, when you guys were starting out, we helped your career. And then when you got famous, he didn’t call us. You are being grievance is, is, is, is, is moving on. Paste magazine says nobody needs a best comedy album. Grammy. I agree. They write the woke internet mob strikes again as canceled comedians, Louis CK and Kevin Hart.

I forgot we canceled Kevin Hart. He’s been an canceled, have been burdened with their third and second Grammy nomination, respectively. The pool of best comedy album nominees is repetitive even for a major award show as the same names, pop up each year. Pace makes a great point here. Jim Gaffigan has found himself nominated for six albums in a row case.

In point I told you earlier in this podcast, his new, special comedy monster notice I use the word special. It’s clearly a Netflix special. That’s not a comedy album, and yet we’ll be sitting here a year from now and I’ll tell you it’s going to win the comedy album.

Five of the last six or Patton Oswalt, four out of five for Chris. Rock four in a row for weird Al five in a row for Louis Black

and perhaps the most telling of all six nominations in a row for Kathy Griffin.

Critical reception comes in second at best, especially in the case of Kathy Griffin, who according to the Grammy’s and the Grammy’s only is apparently a better comedian than John Malaney, Mitch Hedberg, Maria Bamford, mark Marin, Kyle Kinane and Hannibal Burress who have combined for a total of zero nominations.

Let me read that list again. Hedberg Molina. Marin Maria Banford Kyle Kinane, Hannibal Burris, F zero Grammy nominations

Pace rights. It’s not just that. The association continually snubs, beloved albums and artists. It’s like, they don’t even know they exist for any given year. You could guess who’s been nominated for Grammy and get it 90%. As the actual albums feel superfluous to receiving a nomination.

I agree. Let’s play let’s fast forward in time a year from now, here are the nominees for best comedy album, 2022. You’re ready to sign on scene. I’m going to go with Dave Chappelle, Louis CK, Jim Gaffigan, Jerry Seinfeld, and, um,

Whoever the it woman comic is at next summer. Those are your nominees. You can write that down. . The patterns are so clear that the selection process feels more like the result of a Google alert for select collection of comedians, rather than the act of listening to submissions. Going by the biggest names on board might seem like a good shortcut, but fame and past performance is only guarantee a check, not a quality spec.

As much as comedy runs under the radar. If you’re going to do something, you better do it, right? The Grammys should save themselves the metal and stay in their lane from city am a satirical comedy puppet show. Spitting image is going to hit the west end in 2020. If Omicron lets it the original sketch show spitting image ran from 1984 to 1996.

You Americans probably remembered from the Genesis a land of confusion. Made a return in 2020 on the streaming platform, a Brit box,

the show’s creators have hinted that prime minister, Boris Johnson will feature in the live production. And say the show that unlike Boris Johnson will be delivered with no shortcuts. Hmm. Vulture has been doing this list of comedians. You should know. They wrote about Rosebud baker. Hey, Rosebud baker.

When did you feel you were funny enough to make a legitimate go at comedy rosebud baker said I don’t even know what a legitimate go a comedy means. That’s because I came from money. It’s paying my bills and somehow still feels illegitimate. I don’t think I’ve ever felt funny now for it, but I’m doing it getting there.

I think for the first time I decided this was lucrative enough to be worth it. It was a corporate gig I did in 2019, I made 20 grand just to raise this billionaire for 15 minutes. I felt like a sex worker didn’t even have to take off my jacket. All right. Rosebud baker, who were some of your favorite comedians that right now?

So many comics, Ryan Donahue is one of the most talented standup comics in NYC. It pains me to say that because he’s already got reasons to be confident with his long flowing hair and he’s young. And one of his eyelashes is all white, like Australian shepherd, but he’s a heck of a comic. Larry Owens makes me laugh so hard and does cabaret in a way that I never appreciated until I saw him do it.

Brendan sag. Hello is more fun on stage than anybody he’s fun with. Especially when he thinks he’s bombing Adrian Aja. Baluchi, she’s one of the most skilled comics I’ve ever seen on stage. Well, Rosewood baker, what’s the best comedy advice and the worst company advice you’ve ever received the best. It’s not about trying to be right.

It’s trying to be about funny worst. When I start to hear bad advice, I judged the messenger so loudly in my head. I literally can’t hear them talking anymore. So I can’t remember Rosewood baker. Tell us one story from your childhood. That’s a good representation of. When I was a kid, I asked my dad, if I could try Baker’s chocolate, he told me I wouldn’t like it.

And I threw a fit. So he said that if he let me try it, I had eat. The whole block seemed fair. So I tried, it tasted like sidewalk, chalk, and band-aids. I had eat a whole block Southern dad’s do not F around. And I barfed everywhere all over. And I looked at my dad and. Delicious. And that’s your comedy news for today?

Follow this podcast. Come on, man. Do it on apple podcast, Spotify, Google good pods, Pandora, everywhere. Wherever you get your podcasts, I’m there. See you tomorrow.

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