Is Dave Chappelle actually against affordable housing?

The headlines all suggest Dave Chappelle is against affordable housing – but is he really? Let’s take a look beyond the headlines.

Futurama is coming back – but who will voice Bender?

Seth Rogen talks about hosting the Oscars but wouldn’t it be awesome if JOE Rogan hosted?

Some more details from Bob Saget’s autopsy

Why would CBS want to make a female Honeymooners?

James Acaster on giving up social media.

Bob Odenkirk on his health scare.

I have the giggles. I just posted on Instagram at daily company news. This picture of this koala, just to look at it. My question to you is, is it me ELC happy Valentine’s day. Hey, why the air fresheners love Valentine’s day because they’re so sentimental.

Why was the canoe? Consider it a heartthrob. He was so romantic. What do you call somebody with a cold on Valentine’s day? Love sick. What did the couple say after they were struck by Cupid’s arrow? Ouch.

Uh, from ShoreTel James, a caster has written a new book about quitting social media. He says, I’ll tell you exactly how I did it and how I now live my life. A social media free. How I now smile on my ex-girlfriends in real life and how I now start arguments with strangers in real. Dave Chappelle catching some crap.

The headlines where Dave Chappelle spoke out against affordable housing plan in his community. Chappelle’s publicist. Carlos Sims said Dave Chappelle didn’t kill affordable housing concern residents and responding village council killed a half-baked plan. I wonder if she did that on purpose? Dave Chappelle was in a movie called half baked ones.

I don’t think she did that on purpose. Interesting. Killed a half-baked plan, , which never really actually offered affordable housing. Now I’m distracted by half-baked chaos. Half-ass Jim brewer impression when you take it, it Dave’s against affordable housing. Come on. It’s a real estate deal.

That’s what they want you to believe that blame it, Dave.

At the meeting, Dave Chappelle said, I cannot believe you would make me audition for you. You look like clowns. I’m not bluffing. I will take it all off the table.

The Dayton daily news reported a Chappelle was one of numerous residents who spoke out against the affordable housing portion.

One person who was there said without question, Dave Chappelle cares about yellow Springs. He’s sewn into the fabric of the village, the passion with which he delivered his comments during the village council meeting were just as evidence as when he fought to create living wage jobs with his famed summer camp for residents during the height of COVID-19, blah, blah, blah, neither Dave, nor his neighbors are against affordable housing.

However, They are against the poorly vetted cookie cutter sprawl style development deal, which has little regard for the community culture and infrastructure of the village. So, as I understand that, You know, the big, shiny headline is Dave’s against affordable housing, not in my backyard, but I believe, and you’d have to ask actual Dave Chappelle that yellow Springs has a certain look and feel.

And Chappelle would like to keep that type of look and feel. Now I’m the sort of person I am a development snob. I grew up in Queens. I was somebody in Queens. I had put some sort of zoning laws on anything. They have knocked down these beautiful old houses. And now every square inch of a piece of property is like this townhouse thing where there used to be a lawn.

And now you just park your car on cement and they are ugly and no storefronts match. And I was someone in Queens, New York city had cared as much as Dave Chappelle appears to care here. So the other thing, according to the Dayton daily news in this version, the developer would build 143 single family homes starting at about $300,000 instead of 64 single family homes, 52 duplexes and 24 townhomes with an additional 1.75 acres to be donated to the community.

So it seems to me here from far away, it’s one of those typical development deals where like, Hey, I will build a skill or, you know, maybe not the first week, but you know, eventually we’ll build some affordable housing. So I have a feeling here. Dave is being positioned as the bad guy, and maybe he’s not the bad guy.

It’s also possible that I am undereducated in this. Dave Chappelle said I’ve invested millions of dollars in this town. If you push this thing through what I’m investing in is no longer applicable. I would say that Uber that’s, the developer can buy all this property from me if they want to be your benefactor, because I will no longer want to.


From TMZ. Here’s another story that I may be undereducated on and I hope to get right. TMZ rights. Kanye west is featured on, uh Favio. Is that how you say your name? foreigns new single city of gods.

Kanye takes a verse and from the transcript I’m reading. The lyric this afternoon, a hundred goons pulling up to SNL. What, when I pull up it’s dead on arrival. Hmm. What could that mean?

and the next lyric seems to be about Kim coordination. The language in that lyric, I am uncomfortable even trying to pantomime to you. So I will leave that be you can read that on TMZ. Meanwhile, people are obsessed with Pete Davidson’s bedroom.

He did a video call with people last week

and I noticed his bed had multiple stuffed animals on it, as well as a huge yellow flower pillow. Interesting bedroom choice there. Now I like stuffed animals. As I look here to the left here in the studio, I’ve got a baby Yoda I’ve got this cool parrot. I’ve got this Rufus lion that reminds me of the Rufus lion I had when I was a kid.

It’s one of those cool monkeys. I forget what they’re called. I’ve got a Mr. Metso. Yeah, I’m down with him. Beat Davidson. I am not going to make fun of you and I’m definitely not going to do lyrics about you in my upcoming hip hop record.

, more details coming out of the autopsy of Bob.

Apparently at the time of his passing, he was positive for COVID.

Sagen had said in December that he had COVID 19 PCR test can return positive results for weeks after recovery.

The autopsy also showed that Bob Saget had an enlarged. 95% blocks on one side,

speaking of health of the New York times caught up with Bob Odin, Kirk, who said I’d known since 2018, that I had this plaque buildup in my. Explain that he went to two heart doctors at Cedar Sinai. And after testing included an MRI scan, the doctors could not agree on a treatment.

One doctor suggested Odin Kirk immediately start medication. The other told him the wait Odin, Kirk listened to the second doctor and remain fine until one of those pieces of black broke up. We were shooting a scene. We’d been shooting all day. Luckily I didn’t go back to my trailer. It’s that he went to a resting space.

Is CoStar Rhea. Seehorn said he started turning blueish gray right away.

Thankfully the show’s healthy safety supervisor was nearby Odin Kirk received CPR and was hooked up to an automated. Olden Kirk says when it got to the hospital, doctors blew up little balloons and knocked out the plaque and left stents in two places. Pretty scary.

Should I start giving out half-ass medical advice? And then maybe people will get upset at me and protest my podcast and I can move up the charts. Hmm. . Good news. Everyone. Futurama is being revived at Hulu.

Very exciting. I’m a big fan of that show. Hulu would get 20 new episodes, original cast members will return except. John DiMaggio. He’s the voice of bender

at the time of this recording. They’re current negotiating and public producers are hopeful. DiMaggio will return. Should that not happen? Bender will be recast today. Monday, they’re doing a table read and the plan is no dementia. Someone else is going to play bender. Now I’m curious to see how this shakes out.

Especially with Billy West. He’s very talented in the room. And here’s why on Ren and Stimpy originally, Billy West was the voice of Stimpy. And somebody else was the voice of Ren, the guy that did Ren got fired and they just had Billy West do both voices. So I won’t be shocked if at the table read today, bender is done by Billy West.

We will see.

Deadline writes. I hear DiMaggio is traveled the world, promoting the character in the series over the years. Okay. I see which side you’re on was approached along with the rest of the cast. According to sources, the offer new DiMaggio was in line with that for fellow leads,

Billy Weston, Katie Seagal. Okay. They play fry and Leela. Those are important. DiMaggio felt the proposal was not competitive based on the success and name recognition of the original series. The original series aired from 1999 to 2003. Wow. It’s been a long time. It came back in 2007, with four direct to DVD movies that air does 30 minute episodes and comedy. Those did. Okay. Then comedy central ordered new seasons, those in June, 2010.

And that was canceled again, not three years later. So it’s been already nine years since future Rama’s third, fourth incarnation.

John DiMaggio’s Twitter account has been retweeted, a numerous people saying they won’t watch the series unless John DiMaggio plays bender. Yes, he will.

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Hyphen chains today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by the new podcast, the best song ever this week. This week’s the best song ever this week is Johnny Cash is Sunday morning coming down. Kris Kristofferson landed a helicopter on Johnny Cash’s lawn to hand him a demo tape. The rest is music history.

You listened to the podcast. Scott Frampton tells you that story. It is a fantastic story. The all episodes like seven, eight minutes. You’ve got the time right after this, especially this podcast, isn’t like 25 minutes. They were pretty long. Last week was pretty busy week. The best song ever this week, wherever you get your podcasts, you know, I have this Facebook group.

It is daily comedy news podcast group. Becky asked a question. Becky wrote johnny Mac, are you the Johnny Mac that Chris Spencer mentioned on the latest episode of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast? I chuckled at that.

I am not. However I know the person Chris Spencer mentioned

he’s Johnny M F in Mac. He says the whole word. I know him. He was a writer on the foxhole on Jamie Fox’s radio station and radio show. We worked together. I’ve been around this guy a lot. He’s quite funny. And I promised on the Facebook group, which is daily common news podcast group. I would tell a story.

So one of the things I loved about the Jamie Fox show is Jimmy. You know, he’s a star.

Johnny MF Mac less noon. So sometimes the guys would be ragging on a celebrity, but Jimmy has to stay on the good side of things. So Jamie would actually scribble down a joke, pass it to Mac, and then Mac would slay a celebrity and then Fox would be like, ah, Johnny Mac. I got to distance myself from you.

You can’t be saying that about whoever. And meanwhile, it was Fox who was writing all the lies. It was really funny.

So, yeah, funny dude, always enjoyed hanging out with him. I’m also reminded of, you know, this weekend was Superbowl and I was telling Superbowl stories on Friday. You know, the other thing about being at the super bowl was I was working. I remember one night, it was that same Dallas Superbowl. Jamie was broadcasting from one of his parties.

Now, when I say one of his parties, I mean, one of his parties, I was at a point. But I had to work, so I’m just standing grants the wall. I remember a nice young lady came over to me and said, I didn’t look too happy. What? I like a beverage and I’m like, no, I have to work. Like I, the boss was so crazy. I didn’t even want to get accused of being like, well, you buzzed at the event.

Like I’m not touching a drop of alcohol, not hanging out. I’m not talking to the nice lady. I’m just going to stand here. Looking very serious behind this equipment because we’re going to do this broadcast. And we are not going to get yelled at by the boss. Poor lady probably thought I was just a miserable human being.

Well, that night I was a miserable human being. Imagine being like this awesome party in Dallas, like, but just picture like Jamie Fox, there’s a party. It’s a good party. Right? There’s music. There’s Gilligan people. There’s alcohol. And I have to sit behind equipment looking stone, cold, serious auto get in trouble.

I saw this next one. This has been around since January, but I somehow missed it in the show. Prep. CBS is developing a new version of the honeymooners. First question. Why second question, which is not a question don’t but listen to this, this version of the honeymooners, you’re familiar with the honeymooners, right?

Jackie Gleason art. You know, this one you’ve seen it. Yeah. Familiar with it. This CBS version is being described as a bold female-driven reboot.

The story is described as centered on a new wife, Ruth and her husband, Alex, who were determined to have a marriage where they are true equals. But what happens when a marriage has two heads of the household? Are they co-heads or no hat at all? Hey, that sounds like a perfectly fine sitcom, but that’s not the honeymooners.

That’s something else. Stop. I hate that they keep taking old IPS and like just twisting, just make something new, make a sit-com called Ruth.

Is Ruth going to threaten Alex with domestic violence, Alex, I’m going to send you to the moon. Like just don’t make it. There’s no way it’s going to be good. Does anyone listening right now? Do any of you listening to this patch and be like, oh yeah, that female reboot of the honeymooners sounds like a great idea.

So just don’t make it. Seth Rogan is baffled by Hollywood’s needs. Have people care about the Oscars? He said. I don’t get why movie people care so much. If other people care, what awards we give ourselves? Maybe people just don’t care. I don’t care who wins the automobile awards, no other industry expects everyone to care about what awards they shower up on themselves.

Maybe people just don’t care.

Maybe they did for a while and they stopped caring. And why should they? I saw a tweet and I misread it. I thought it said Joe Rogan being considered as hosted the Oscars. And I was like, what’s it, Joe Rogan hosting the Oscars right now. Are you serious? Can we please make that happen? It was actually Seth Rogan being considered to host the Oscars, not nearly as interesting.

Congratulations to mark Marin. He made the podcast hall of fame.

He’ll be inducted in March. Don’t forget today. Hanging with Dr. Z returns. That’s right. It’s like Dr. Zayas from planet of the apes hosting a talk show.

12 new episodes with Hank Azaria, weird Al Yankovic, Maria Bamford day, fully pendulum Hannah iron bender. Jeff Garlin. Ron Funches Gary Anthony Williams, Bobcat Goldthwait and David Keltner. You’ll find it on YouTube. I’m a big fan of hanging with Dr. Z is back baby. And from gossip corner, Jennifer Aniston shared a photo.

She was on the set of the SQL to murder mystery with CoStar Adam Sandler. Yes. Another hilarious Adam Sandler movie is on the way. Thank goodness. She captured the photo back to work with my buddy Adam sailor in the photo has a thick beard speckled with gray.

Maybe we’ll see Adam Sandler gracefully age into more mature. Yeah, probably not known that’s not going to happen at all. No, it’s not. The daily mail says Jennifer Anniston, the 52 year old looked youthful and casual and an all black and sambal. She wore simple black t-shirt, but she added some extra decoration with a lay comprised of white flowers.

She matched her shirt with black jeans and she lightened up the look with and red, new balance trainers.

She also had a large beige tote bag with a thick strap over one arm, and she wore a silver luxury wristwatch.

Casey don’t remember that first murder mystery. One of the great films of all time, much like any Adam Sandler movie, especially the Adam Sandler, Netflix movies. They’ve all been fantastic. That film featured Jennifer Anniston as a hairdresser and obsessive fan of mystery. Adam Sandler played her husband, a New York city police officer during a trip throughout Europe aboard a yacht.

Cause why wouldn’t they be on a yacht police officers make a lot of money. They met an elderly billionaire only to find him dead after the millionaire was stabbed with a dagger spoilers, Anniston, and Sandler became the prime suspect in the. And they were forced to clear their names, find the real killer.

What will happen in murder mystery to why are these two always involved in murders? Isn’t that suspicious? Hm that’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show on apple podcasts, Google podcasts. Oh my I’m looking at the clock. Johnny Mac. I thought you said the episodes are going to get shorter again.

I’m having a good time. So are you because the numbers are up so people aren’t hating me with these longer episodes. Thank you for listening. Spotify apple, Google good pods, Pandora. You know the drill t-shirts man, tiny Hyphen chain. Buy me comedy news.

See tomorrow.

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