Is Dave Chappelle looking to open a comedy club in Washington DC?

Jerrod Carmichael gets a deal with HBO for a docu-series

Dave Chappelle might be opening a comedy club in Washington DCIs

Nate Bargatze on being nice

A look at Joel McHale’s imdb

Paul Shaffer back on NBC tonight

Joe Pera starts a podcast

Frasier details

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is back

King of the Hill is back

The shark.

I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Jimmy Kimmel said Tom Brady announced he decided to retire, but it’s for real. This time. Every year on the 1st of February, Tom Brady comes outta the locker room to announce his retirement. Then if he sees the shadow, he goes right back to the N F L.

Now DL Hughley went with this joke that I think is terrible, and I will illustrate why DL Hughley hosting the Daily Show said, this dude retires more than Cher. What is that like? Who’s your target audience? Does anybody younger than me even know who Cher is at this point? It’s a terrible joke. And to prove that it’s a terrible joke.

I asked the chat bots to write jokes, and the chat bot wrote three better jokes than the DL Hughley writers did. You ready? These are.

Tom Brady is so old. He played in the N F L when the forward pass was considered a trick play. That’s better. Tom Brady is so old. He’s the only player who has to warm up before stretching. That is way better. Tom Brady is so old. He’s the only quarterback who still calls out to his receivers using a rotary phone. Those are all better. Step it up daily. Show Cordon went with, sadly, without football. Tom Brady’s gonna have to fill his days with nothing but. Being insanely rich, accomplished fit, handsome, and single.

Fallon, he was around for a long time. Let’s just say Brady was the only active N F L player to see Top Gun one and two in theaters. Love it. Fallon Brady is done. And in a related story, tickets to next year’s Buccaneers Games are now free.

Gerard Carmichael has a new deal with HBO O. This from the laugh button. Carmichael will star in and executive produce a new untitled comedy documentary series based on Carmichael’s life.

The official description, the series centers on Gerard Carmichael’s personal life, following him through encounters with friends, family, and strangers, all in his quest for love, sex, and connect.

I guess I didn’t find him too funny on the, uh, people’s Choice Awards, and I’m the one person who doesn’t think Nathaniel was the number one special of last year. So what do I know? Anyway, that’s coming to H B O. This next one sounds like a Carnac joke. Do, are you old enough to know what a Carnac joke is?

Look it up from Axios. A Dave Chappelle Comedy Club. Marion Barry Square, hundreds of apartments, a hotel and a new NAACP headquarters. And now Ed McMahon will go, a Dave Chappelle Comedy Club. Marion Barry Square. Hundreds of apartments, a hotel and a new NAACP headquarters.

Cornac will tell you are all in the mix for a big redevelopment on 14th and U Streets in dc. Why it matters? Well, they’re transforming the vast and aging Reeve Center municipal building, and it’s something that better fits the areas booming nightlife.

One plan would bring Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Club, 322 Mixed Income Apartments and a 116 unit residential hotel to the space. I’m all in favor of Dave Chappelle having more comedy clubs. Speaking of Dave, let’s hit Gossip Corner. He’s in Australia. He was spotted in Surrey Hill, Sydney. Chappelle was rocking a casual look, black t-shirt, great pants, sneakers looked relaxed as he exited a Jamaican inspired restaurant.

How is the Jamaican food in Australia? Probably pretty good

news. Talk to Nate Brise. Did you watch Nate Special yet? It’s the number one special of the. It’s a little early, but it will be on the end of the year top. Funny things list. Nate, did you make a conscious decision to work clean? Nate said, I did. It’s how I grew up.

I grew up Southern Christian and clean comedies. All we could watch, it’s how we were. I knew I’d never be dirty. I’ve always been. When I moved to New York City and a lot of comics were dirty, I’d do a lot of midnight shows. That would be like uncensored comedy. Being edgy was like this big thing, but I always knew I was gonna do what I was gonna do.

I could never be dirty in front of my parents. Not that it’s the only thing stopping me, it was just never gonna happen. If you talk about yourself and your family, you’re going to be unique in the fact that you are you. Everybody’s unique if everything’s about an observation joke, they can be relatable and you’re the one who notices them.

But it’s kind of like if you are in the situation, then people are picturing you going through these observational things. If Starbucks messes my order up, everyone can relate to it cuz theirs gets messed up too. I just tell the story of me going through it and that’s what makes it unique. Well, Nate, the Atlantic described your comedy as nice.

Is that accurate? Nate said, yeah, I hope so. I can do jokes sometimes where I feel like I’m being mean to a person. It’s not like they’re. But I don’t wanna come off like pure anger. It’s just like, believe this guy is messing everything up. I can tell when something feels too mean I have to do a lot of it with my wife material.

I want it to be relatable. But I love my wife. There’s a line, we’ve gotta learn how to tell that story. Or if I tell a story about her, you can tell that there’s love there.

From Deadline. Danny Trejo and Joel Michale, by the way, Joel MACHAs got that, uh, I dunno what it’s called, pet cops thing coming to Fox. I, I don’t know, like Joel MACHAs, really charismatic. And some of the trailers, a couple of the jokes are actually funny and landed. Some of them I’m like, Ugh. And I’m just, Fox had come in 2023.

I don’t. But other than pet cops, and I don’t know what it’s called, but that’s what I’m calling it. Danny Trejo and Joel Macha have been unveiled as key supporting cast members of Stimson Sneed Sci-Fi comedy, Tim Traver and the Time Travelers Paradox.

What’s the plot? Samuel Dunning stars as a narcissistic genius, broke scientist who seeks to solve the paradox of what happens to your past self when a future version travels back in. . His work attacks. The attention of the head of a mercenary army, played by Joel Macha. No, Joel MACHAs not playing the head of a mercenary army.

Danny Trejo, of course, is the mercenary. Joel Macha plays a conspiracy theorist radio host Joe Michell. Credits, by the way, community and the great endures. What was the great endures? Was that his CBS sitcom? That’s what we’re his second credit is. At least give it to pet cops.

Yeah, the great Indoors American sitcom starring Joe Macha that aired on C B S from October 27th, 2016 to May 8th of the next year. 22 episodes, one season. Is that really Joe Mike’s second best credit. I got an imdb, this guy.

Didn’t he host talk suit for like a million years? Can’t we go with.

Joe Macha. You know him as D. Defended from a 1998 episode of Bill Nye, the Science Guy. No, he was Curtis on The Fugitive. Remember that? No . He played Richard on diagnosis. police officer on guiding light one episode. He’s Mr. Jacks in Spider-Man too. Really?

He did play Roy in the attempted American version of the Its crowd. I wish they had made that. He would’ve been really good in that. Can we give that another, another try

and keep Richard a in it. He was gonna be in the American version as well. Just let’s roll this back. Joel, Richard, and whoever you wanna play the female lead, that would be great. I’d watch that. If you watch the British version, watch it. Trust.

2009, the informant, Joel McCail played F B I. Special Agent Bob Herndon. Two episodes of Robot Chicken, he voiced Anderson Cooper. Hmm. I played somebody named Jeff Winer on something called community. I’m not familiar with that.

Joe mcCal played Warren on Sons of Anarchy in two episodes.

And he played Tad O’Malley on the X-Files. Now, wasn’t Tad O’Malley also a conspiracy guy?

Yeah, tad O’Malley is the host of a right wing conspiracy theory television show. All right, so let’s bring this story home on that little side. Now he’s gonna play a conspiracy theorist radio host, Joel, you’re being typecast. Move on. Johnny M. Enough with that tonight, Paul Schaffer and the world’s most dangerous band.

They returned to NBC for the first time in 30 years. They’re filling in for the roots on The Tonight Show. The roots are off being the house band for the Grammys. So Jimmy Fallon needed a band tonight and he called up Paul Schaffer. That’s really cool. You may recall Paul Schaffer was the band leader for David Letterman on both Incarnations of Dave’s late night show, Jimmy Fallon in a statement said, Paul Schaffer is one of the most important musical figures in late night history. Yeah, absolutely. From SNL to Letterman, he’s done it all. I’m beyond honored and excited that they’re getting the band back together.

Schaffer told Rolling Stone, he was still putting the band together, but I do have the great Felicia Collins on guitar and the great Anton Fig on the drum.

Nathan shot me a note. Hey, man. Well, he didn’t write. Hey man, I’m paraphrasing here. Hey man. Howie Mandel had weird al on. Nathan said it was really good and he learned a few things about Al that he didn’t know. I immediately downloaded it. I haven’t gotten listened to it yet. I’ve been traveling so much.

My phone, seriously. I connected to CarPlay in the car and the phone is like, wait, wait, what? So filled with podcasts. I need to just sit in the basement, play video games and listen to these things. But I have added Howie Mandel with Weird Al. Looking forward to listening to that. Thank you. Nathan Joe Para has started a new podcast.

This one

is called Drifting Off of Joe Para.

Joe announced on Twitter. Hello, my name is Joe Perra and I’m back on my bs.

And then he adds, sorry, my nephews wrote that the podcast supported by Patreon are 15 minute episode. Featuring guest scores from musicians, Joe Perra admires, he says in the teaser, we just wanted to keep exploring the territory where sleep and comedy overlap.

The first episode is about soup, making soup, eating soup, talking to your friends about soup. Sounds interesting. I have a whole bunch of TV things. All right. If you like the TV and your comedy, here come like eight stories in a. I recently told you C n N was looking to add comedy. They added comedy, official press release, HBO’s, popular post show segment overtime is coming to C N N.

You’re like, what’s overtime? That’s the thing where Bill Mar and his guests continue the discussion and answer viewer questions following each episodes of real time with Bill Moore. Over time, the real time with Bill Moore post-show Segment will air on cnn Friday nights at 11. Meanwhile on Fox. That’s where Roseanne bars cancel. This special’s going to air the Monday after the Super Bowl. It’s Roseanne’s first standup comedy special. In nearly 20 years, I saw Roseanne in person. I wanna say it was at Radio City. I remember the show because sitting on my left was one of the host at Sirius xm.

Mark says hi. Sitting on Mark’s left was Paul Mooney and Paul Mooney fell asleep during Rose.

I remember her being okay. We are sold these special features. Ms. Barr’s signature, comedic take on a variety of topics from her experiences growing up. Jewish in the Mormon citadel of Salt Lake City, moving to Texas and raising her privileged B brood.

Fox Nation. So this isn’t the Fox News Channel. This is their digital thing. Fox Nation will also release, who is Roseanne Barr? A special, which takes an in-depth look inside the life and career of Ms. Barr. It’s interesting to me that the press release twice refers to her as Ms.

Barr. I wonder where that came from, or if that’s a demand of hers. It’s just a little uncommon.

King of the Hill, which is one of those animated shows on Fox that actually exists. I’ve actually seen it unlike Bob’s burgers. Let me talk to you about Bob’s Burgers. Two questions. Have you ever seen Bob’s Burgers? You haven’t. I know you’ve seen the promos. I have. You seen the artwork, but have you ever actually seen the show you.

Second question. Have you ever met anyone who has seen Bobs burgers? You haven’t. Fox just tells you this thing is coming on cuz they know you’re not gonna watch The Simpsons and King of the Hill and then stay tuned for Bobs Burgers if there’s a football game on, it’s all a hoax. But King of the Hill did actually exist and it’s coming back, but not to Fox.

It’s coming in a Hulu.

The original cast is back a suit at Hulu. Said we’re all so excited to welcome back, Hank, Peggy, and Bobby. See what they have to say about the world we live in and continue the conversations. We began years ago. This show has all the perfect ingredients to meet this moment in animation at Hulu, and we’re so thankful to be having those conversations alongside this talented group.

Uh, wonder what they’re gonna do about solar opposites. Justin Rowland, uh, fired. Somebody’s gotta write the thing and voice Corvo Also coming back. Aqua Teen Hunger Force a new film. It’s called Aqua Teen Forever Fantasm. That’ll be on H B O Max February.

Also for the first time in eight years, new episodes of Aqua Team Hunger Force coming to Adult Swim, a different suit who, uh, listen to this, you hear the disgust in my voice, cuz this just shows me that I’m not gonna say everyone’s name, but it just shows like, dude, you’re in this for the wrong.

Right here’s the quote. We’re thrilled to be making more a cuisine Hunger Force episodes for new generation of fans. Okay, great. Building upon the most impressive collection of IP ever assembled.

A better quote. You waited just long enough for Aqua Teen Forever fans to be free on the service your parents pay for and can’t wait for you to discover the project everybody’s been talking about. By everyone, I mean our own personal Twitter account. See that? Do that. Do that. Don’t talk about ip. The new season is the show’s 12th season features, five new episodes.

Frazier is coming back. That’s. Deadline has details of the cast of the new Fraser. So Fraser is about Frazier, and you’ve probably lived in America in the last 30 years. And you know what I’m talking about when I say Fraser, so I won’t explain it.

Some other characters. Frazier’s son, Freddy Frazier’s, college professor friend Alan Alan’s boss. Olivia and Freddy’s roommate Eve.

the new, new Frazier is said in Boston. Now that’s interesting because Frazier used to hang out at a bar in Boston. A lot of speculation that maybe Frazier will visit the bar that he used to hang out at. Hmm.

So why aren’t the Frazier Frazier people in it? Kelsey Graham said he reached out to David Hyde Pierce and the. and they opted not to join, or maybe there wasn’t a role for them. In the new show, Kelsey Graham says they’ll acknowledge the death of John Mahoney.

In the first episode. Mahoney played Frazier’s father on the show. And there’s also the thing that in Cheers, Frazier had said at one point that his father was long dead. So who knows? Anthony Anderson. He’s good in everything. He is attached to starring a comedy series in development at Amazon. This is called Miraculous.

In miraculous, a happy amoral car salesman. Played by Anthony Anderson one day For no good reason. Walks on water, a miracle of God might just be the worst thing to happen to him in his life. Netflix is collaborating with Rapper Vince Staples for a new comedy series titled The Vince Staples Shows with an S at the.

No release date yet. However, filming will be done by the end of March.

The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival heading to Calgary later in the year has announced some of their lineup tickets Go on sale today, hit their website for whatever they’ve announced so far. But I can tell you, Priyanka from RuPaul’s Drag Race. And Andrew Schultz have been announced. There’s appearing.

And yesterday I told you I was in the basement with the door closed on only fans cuz I was researching comedy. Well, I’m still researching comedy. This story from the Daily Mail, again about the only Fann comedy contest. Comedian Andy Lee says he’s interested in appearing in only fans, but we’re gonna get a little naughty here.

So Andy Lee is a 41 year old comedian. There’s also a porn star named Andy Lee, a porn star. Andy Lee suggested a co-star together on only fans.

Andy Lee, the porn star stars in a series called My Massive, uh, thing of Majig. Clean that up. Starts with a c audio title there.

Anyway, the porn guy described the comedian as handsome.

The comedian thought they offered to appear on the porn thing is awesome.

Comedian Andy Lee said, I feel pretty intimidated cuz I, here he is, got a very large uh, and that’s, Get me on a good day. Tell ’em I’m interested. No problems at all, and I know you’re wondering the answer. 10 and a half. And that’s your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on Apple Podcast, Spotify, wherever, game show.

See you tomorrow.

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