Is Joe Rogan close to opening The Comedy Mothership comedy club in Austin?

Jon Stewart gets headlines with the suggestion that he is considering running for office – but his words suggest he won’t.

The signs are pointing to Joe Rogan opening a comedy club in Austin to be called The Comedy Mothership.

Taylor Tomlinson’s new special is out today.

Muppets band The Electric Mayhem get their own TV show

Kanye West says his Pete Davidson stuff is “art”

The Supreme Court declined to hear the Bill Cosby case

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news, a few tweets from Mark Norman, who says a comedian leading a country through war is still less crazy than one having regular sex with Kim Kardashians. Luckily Biden has military experience. He fought in the civil war. Mark Norman also asks, have we checked?

Putin’s old tweets, Seth Meyers, Ikea has announced it will temporarily pause manufacturing and retail operations in Russia and Belarus. Do the invasion of Ukraine. While I key it in Ukraine is opening their doors to Russian soldiers and hoping they can’t find their way out.

Fallon, and it’s not just business distancing themselves.

I read that the international cat veteration has banned Russian cats from all competition. I’m just going to go ahead and say, that’s the biggest news that’s ever come out of the international cat Federation. Meanwhile, the silence from the international dog Federation is definitely.

Series moment here. I watch CNN for a half hour. The other night. It was heartbreaking with these refugees, just, uh, I was just, I couldn’t function after watching it just people’s homes being destroyed. Uh, I know it’s not why you’re here for this podcast, but I just had to share that this whole thing is awful.

John Stewart says it’s impossible not to consider running for office. When he sees the cleaning it up here, crap heads who are currently in Congress, he told Kara Swisher on her podcast. how do you not? When you watch all day and you’re like, oh my God, what is this? This is terrible. But as, I don’t know if I’d have the temperament for it, it’s having the patients like how can that person gets to still be here, make that person leave. I also think there is a lack that goes around. That has nothing to do with passion or care about issues or wanting to help people that has to do with fundraising and the way the game is played and the lack of perspective on it.

Sometimes I feel like I could be more effective on the outside than the inside.

It’s sorta like when you get in the car and the one driver’s drunk and you’re like, did he ever think about taking the wheel? And you’re like, yeah, I did.

Odd comparison there. Mr. Stewart, did you watch Saturday night live? Hey, Johnny Mac. Why do you guys do the SNL recaps on Tuesday? Quite honestly, cause I usually take Monday on Friday afternoon because I have soccer games with the kids on the weekend and I don’t usually watch SNL till Sunday evening.

This week’s episode. It was okay. I thought the opener was really strong. Alex Moffitt’s Tucker Carlson impression was on-point. That opening sketch the Fox news Ukrainian invasion celebration. Spectacular. That was pretty good. The monologue was okay. I thought Oscar Isaac did a good job with it. The first sketch about the paw patrol.

I really enjoyed that one. If you didn’t see the episode, it was citizens of Paul patrol city, whatever that’s called complaining that they only have one fireman and it’s a dog, et cetera. That was pretty good. The rest of the episode, eh, nothing really grabbed me. I started skipping through sketches, which I haven’t done most of the year, but there were some that I was just like, I just don’t care about this sketch.

A lot of buzz coming out of Austin is Joe Rogan. Finally going to open a comedy club.

Austin culture map is associating. Joe Rogan with the vacant Ritz theater, formerly home to the Alamo draft house asylum real estate holdings plans to convert the theater into a venue called comedy mothership. Asylum is managed by Rogan’s talent agent. the Ritz theater dates back to 1927 and started as a movie theater in subsequent years, it has hosted acts like Stevie Ray Vaughn and the red hot chili peppers.

It also did Simon as an adult movie theater and a temporary home of the Esther’s Follies comedy.

Under its most recent configuration, the venue containing downstairs theater with 175 seats and upstairs with 96 seats.

Last July, an entity related to asylum real estate. Ownings filed a federal trademark application for comedy mothership, which would cover among other things. Comedy shows, apparel. Video recordings, documentaries and other products and services bearing the brand name tailored Tomlinson’s special is out on Netflix today.

The LA times has seen it already and says she jokes constantly about her sex life, mental illness and her mother’s death from cancer when she was eight

a lot of Taylor is comedy is focused in her religious upbringing. Taylor said, growing up that way, you do become such a people pleaser because all of your self-worth is derived from being like a good kid and being somebody God’s going to be proud of, I’m still uncomfortable with it. And I’m so, so scared of disappointing people.

And I’m scared of people. Disapproving of me, I’m working. Her new comedy is called. Look at you. The LA time says it’s a look at the same old sailor, a little sarcastic, a little. And emphatically in tune with her audience. Pete Holmes chimed in on this, Pete Holmes also came from a religious upbringing. Pete said when I was writing comedy in my twenties, I hadn’t yet figured out what was interesting about myself, but Taylor does it in real time.

She’s like a streaming service, like as a coming in so quickly while you’re able to live your life and be the narrator of your life simultaneously.

Taylor said the first six years I was like squeaky clean. I could still perform a church’s very easily. Then about six years ago, I was like, I don’t want to be boxed into the center.

The Supreme court has said it will not take up the sexual assault case against bill Cosby, leaving in place a decision by Pennsylvania’s highest court to throw his conviction out and set him free from prison. The Supreme court did not say anything and rejecting the. The case was included in a long list of cases.

The court said Monday, it would not here.

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I am intrigued by the salted caramel cream cold brew from national coffee chain with the Greenlight. At some point this week, I’m going to take out the portable recorder. Here’s the portable recorder right here. Let me tap it against my leg. And I’m going to go over to the green place and I’m going to try this and I will report back.

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So do that for me. Well, yeah. All right. Did you watch winning time on HBO? I loved it. That’s the Lakers thing. Adam McKay

after watching an hour of it, Adam McKay’s right. Will Pharaoh would have been terrible as doctor. I mean, maybe I’m under-appreciating will Ferrells abilities as an actor, but the problem with will Ferrell is he doesn’t disappear in a roles he’s just will thorough all the time, all day, every day.

So I think John C. Riley was a better choice there. Vulture seemed to have problem with the stylization of the show is one of the things I liked about at vulture wrote

the sensibility of winning time is to put it mildly aggressive. There are many flourishes throughout the episodes that feel very adamant, key ish, even when he’s not directing, there’s a ton of fourth wall breaking and talking directly to the audience. I love that stuff

tech sometimes appears on screen to accentuate a point. I liked that a lot as well, especially the Larry Bird commentary they made. There are also moments with animation, retro footage, shots that appear to be filmed as home movies and an overall visual look that evokes the fuzzy appearance of something shot in the late seventies or eighties.

Bolster says in short it’s a lot in the viewer needs to hop on board with the approach or risk being left behind. I love the approach. I thought the show was so. Can’t wait for more episodes. Also, I appreciate that HBO put stuff out at [9:00] PM Eastern time and not three in the morning, like Disney plus I hate waking up to star wars spoilers.

So thank you, HBO. Plus the trailer for Catherine Cohen’s upcoming, Netflix special is out. I don’t know what to make of this. I thought about sharing it on the Facebook group and like, I don’t want to just be a negative person. So I’m like, and let me leave it alone. But I watched this thing. It’s some sort of comedy, musical hybrid.

I didn’t get it.

She’s gorgeous. Premiers, March 15th. I don’t know.

Speaking of Disney, plus they’ve ordered a new series about the Muppets musical group, the electric mayhem band. Yeah. It’s titled the Muppets. And we’ll follow the band as they try to record their first ever album. Lilly Singh will start as Nora, the human junior and our executive tasked with managing the electric mayhem band.

The band, as you know, consists of Dr. Teeth on vocals and keyboards animal on drums, Floyd pepper on vocals and bass Janice on vocals and lead guitar. Zoots on saxophone. And can you name the trumpet player now? You can’t he his lips or maybe she, his lips.

And for page six, Kanye west is defending his art after facing backlash over his portrayal of Pete Davidson. In the recent music video, you may recall that video has a Claymation version of Pete Davidson being buried alive. Connie west claimed the first amendment said artists therapy, just like this view.

Art is protected as freedom of speech art inspires and simplifies the world. Art is not proxy for any ill or harm and a suggestion otherwise about my art is false and mal intended.

Dude don’t make a video about killing Pete Davidson. Meanwhile, a viral tick-tock showed Starbucks workers using the one-sided fight over Kim Kardashians to rack up more money with Kanye west or Pete Davidson sip jars. That’s right. A tick sock user went through the Starbucks drive through this particular Starbucks had labeled tip jars.

One said, Pete Davidson one said. This user put money in the Davidson jar, which had several dollar bills inside the west jar only had some change

when user said the Connie one full of coins because only 16 year old boys side.

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