Is Pete Davidson being a diva and missing SNL rehearsal?

Moontower Just For Laughs Austin – April 13th through the 24th – with a boatload of comediansIs Pete Davidson being a diva at SNL?

Howard Stern on why you should get vaccinated.

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After a pretty slow week today is really full I’m. Jenny Mack, with your daily comedy news. Trump jokes are back. Jimmy Kimmel says, according to documents filed by the attorney general in New York. They’ve uncovered evidence that indicates the Trump organization repeatedly engaged in fraudulent or misleading practices.

Kimball said the walls appear to be closing in on Trump, big beautiful walls. Mexico’s like, let us know if you need us to chip in with that. Muchachos

Kimball continued, but it’s a fairly straightforward case to find fraud and a business. You have to look for the signs, particularly the signs at the top of the building that say Trump on them. And you’ll find it there.

Now let’s pair up these next two jokes to see who did it better. The answer is Trevor Noah, Steven Colby, or you go first.

The attorney General’s office has uncovered significant evidence that the former president fraudulently valued multiple assets, including his own private residence. He claimed the triplex apartment was 30,000 square feet in size, but the actual size was just under 11,000 square feet. Yeah, that’s no surprise.

He’s known for falsely tripling the size of his assets. All right. But Trevor did what comedians call parallel thinking and it better here’s Trevor’s version. Donald Trump does not give a bleep. Let’s be honest. This dude will brag about himself. Even if it gets him in trouble. I bet when a cop asked him, if he knows how fast he’s going, he’s like, yeah, I do 400 billion miles a second. The fastest anyone has ever gone. I was so fast. So fast. Trevor continued. I can’t get mad at him for this cause deep down he is just a landlord.

And this is what every landlord in New York does. They’ll say an apartment has three bedrooms, then you get there. And two of the bedrooms are somehow in the kitchen, but it’s still the best deal for your budgets. He asleep in your dishwasher. It is what it is.

Seth Myers, you know how, when people are shocked, they spit out their water. When I heard Donald Trump exaggerated the value of his assets for the purposes of lying, the banks and the IRS, it was so the reverse of shocking. I sucked the water back into my mouth, but I think James Corden did the best job here saying this is nice.

They’re interviewing Donald Jr Ivanka, and I’ve already talked to Eric and making this the first time. Tiffany was happy to be excited.

. Switching topics. Jimmy Kimmel points out. President Biden gave his first press conference in a long time. And it went on for a long time. May still be going. I don’t know, cordon said it comes one day before his presidency hits the one year mark and he is the opportunity to highlight his administration’s key successes, such as vaccinating millions of Americans, low unemployment and casually hooking up with Pete Davidson fallon said this was smart to make Biden look good. They had the CDC director go at first and open for him. The press conference kicked off at [4:00] PM. You could tell it was really important for Biden because that’s right in the middle of dinner. It was his first formal press conference at the white house since March of last year in Biden’s defense.

That one just wrapped up a few days ago.

Moontower just for last Austin has released the lineup of comics for the inaugural merged. Between, just for laughs, just for laughs or the guys that put on the Montreal comedy festival and some other festivals. They’ve tried to make this a go in the states in the past, there was a Aspen comedy festival that moved to Las Vegas that moved to Chicago.

The Chicago one lasted a few years, but boy, look at this lineup. I just don’t know if people are going to go to Austin, but boy, what a lineup ready? Do you want me to read every name? I can read every name, but let’s check the clock here. Okay. Let’s see how long this takes me. You’re ready. Abby rubbers.

Adrian. Allie. Makovsky Andrew Murphy. Andy Haynes, Andy Kindler, Angela Martin, Anthony DeVito, Ashley Sharma Avery. Those are just comedians. Who first name begins with a big Jay Oakerson Brandy Davis, Brett Brian Gar Carlton, a Wilcoxon Carmen Lynch, cat co, and Chris Cubas. Chris red. Gristina P Dan Soder, Daniel van Kirk, Danny Goodwin, Deb JIA, Giovanni Deon Cole, Donnell Rawlings, Dylan Sullivan, Elizabeth Spears, Emma woman, Emmy Blotnick Erica Rhodes, the goddamn comedy.

Grace cooling Schmidt, guy, random Hannah Benner, Holly hearts, hunter Dunkin’s in Edwards, Irene to Ivan. Zecker Jackie cation, James Austin Johnson, Janell James James White cotton, Jeremiah Watkins, Jessica Curson Jesus, Trey, ho Joe, Mandy, Josh, Adam Meyers, Joelle Nicole Johnson. You’ve gotten a feel for how big this thing is.

Kelsey cook, Kurt Braunohler Langston Kerman, Laurie Kilmartin medicine. Mark Marin, Mark Norman, Matt Sadler, Michelle butcell Mike McCray, Moshe Kasher Natasha shero. Nathan McIntosh is the first name I stumbled on and had to make an edit Nick’s ever, you know, Nicole Byer, Nikki Glaser, not another Dungeons and dragons podcast.

Orlando labor, pat Reagan, pat search Roy, please don’t destroy Rachel Feinstein or Rosebud baker. So she has a motto Sawyer, still Scotty Landis, Shawn Donnelly, Chappelle Lacey Solomon Georgio, Sophie buddle Taylor Dowdy, the Sklar brothers, trevor Wallace. I stumbled again. Damn. I almost made it.

Tyler Gross. Zach Brooks and Zach Zucker. Okay. I stumbled twice and that took me one minute, 50 seconds to read. That is how big the Moontower just for laughs. Austin comedy festival is going to be April 13th through the 24th. Now I just read two minutes worth of names and it’s Austin, Texas. No, Joe Rogan.


There will be podcasts. I am not one of the podcasts, some of the podcasts. I’m not reading another two minutes. Andy Kindler, Kurt Braunohler. His podcast is pretty cool. Let’s see Sean Donnelly’s Jessica Kirsten’s will be there. The Sklarz will do theirs. Natasha and Mosha will do theirs. Rosebud baker will do hers.

My dad, isn’t Danny DeVito with Anthony DeVito. Langston Kerman is doing his

huge, I guess, all of them I’m talking about in April, also just for laughs. New faces, which is attrition every year in. Austin. Isn’t quite getting their own version of new faces, , but they are getting an audition showcase with the people auditioning, hoping to get a spot on the Montreal list.

This sounds pretty cool. So if you’re curious, how does this work? A satellite badge will cost you $125. Just for laughs website says with 100 plus shows in more than 10 walkable satellite venues, the satellite badge provides a 10 day comedy binge filled with star-studded lineup, surprise guests, blah, blah, blah.

You get it. However paramount and state side headliner tickets are sold. Separate.

Satellite badge holders received pre-sale access to headliners before the general public. So you’re basically getting one of these passes that will let you bounce in and out of different shows. That is a great way to do a festival. I’ve mentioned on this podcast in the past. If you do a comedy festival, I recommend going to a lot of smaller shows.

Yeah. I know you want to see these big headliners. Maybe you pick your favorite and you go to one big show. But the action is on the smaller shows. You get a better feel for the next generation of comics. A lot of the headliners, you can just watch their Netflix special.

Anyway, the action is in the bars and the clubs I highly recommend you do. If you do want to see headliners star badges go from a $399 to $1,250. Oh my the JFL website writes, won a hundred plus clubs shows over 10 days. Plus your pick a festival headliners, add some of the biggest names of comedy to enhance your Fest experience.

All you have to decide is how many shows and your premium set preference, concierge Fest, service, and drink tickets. Pick from five star badges at the 2022 festival. So that sounds awesome.

You know, I was hoping to hit the Montreal comedy festival this year, but as I’m thinking out loud,

my daughter’s got a big time soccer tournament. That’s going to have me on the road. I don’t know if I could make Montreal. Hm. So tough.

Speaking of just for laughs from variety, just for laughs is collaborating with AEG presents today. BW just for laughs in London in 2023. How awesome is that? March 2nd to fifth, if you want to block out the dates and not book a soccer. Just for laughs. London will feature solo shows, live podcast recordings in conversation events and cast panels from UK based artists and international stars.

That sounds awesome. I would love to go to that Bruce Hills, how you been pal? Bruce Hills is the CEO of just for laughs. I know Bruce from the Sirius XM days where he used to have us up at the Montreal comedy festival and would VIP as much appreciated Bruce.

I’m sure if I asked to be credentialed to either of these festivals, I would absolutely get a yes.

I don’t know if I can go to Austin for 10 days though, but London and 2023, get Anita sponsor though. Let’s head on over to gossip corner. Cause it’s very gossipy today from the mercury news diva, Pete Davidson, Mrs. SNL rehearsals to be with Kim Kardashians. What it is said that SNL cast members are starting to turn on Pete Davidson after he broke a few rules on the.

To spend time with Kim Pete made an appearance on the show last week, despite missing a few days of rehearsals, which is reportedly not allowed what’s up Lauren Michaels. So you’ve been in the rules for Pete Davidson of all performers. A source told the sun, which is one of those British tabloids. Pete Davidson has become a total Ziva at SNL.

He missed the first few days of rehearsal last week and was still allowed to be on Saturday show. Normally, if you miss any rehearsals, you’re out of the show on Saturday. And the cast is starting to turn on him,

An insider added. It’s not just pizza onset actions that have not gone down well with his fellow comedians, but his outside behavior as well. The source says he has security now for when he’s outside the building, colon, Joseph married an actual movie star, Scarlett Johannson, and yet Pete is getting more attention.


Pete performed the other night at the ninth annual Patrice O’Neal comedy benefit concert in New York city. That happened on Tuesday and boy, there was zero coverage of that. I know I told you like a month ago it was coming, but I forgot it was happening because there was nothing. Now believe me, I do prep for this show.

I spend at least an hour every day, looking up comedy comedians, going to various websites, there was zero leading up to this and zero recap. This is the first mention I heard of the ninth annual Patrice O’Neal comedy benefit concert. Not sure why there’s no buzz anyway. Us weekly apparently had someone there at the show.

Pete Davidson said there seems to be a curiosity about. That’s what my friends tell me. I’m trying to figure out how to explain it myself to someone. Cause I was doing an interview. . He decided to compare himself to the $5 bin at best buy where you might find a hidden gym like predator or tropics.

Man, so much news. I had three things I was going to do in the first half, but they can wait until Monday, honestly, behind the scenes here. Normally I have stuff like foreword in the editorial calendar. Like today I’ve already got stuff in Monday’s editorial folder, but a lot of days this week, I only had what I read to you and nothing else.

And even yesterday I had to dip into my Evergreen’s folder that Paul Scheer story, I’m a sitting on that for a while for a rainy day. And it rained to yes. But that’s good. Right? I also don’t want to make this podcast 25 minutes long. I woke up to the nicest thing this morning.

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Glen’s been looking to hang out. I’ve been laying low. I’m like Glenn. I am not sitting in the brewery with you for three hours getting COVID. I’m not doing it. I told Glen I will go back on February 2nd. I were turned to trivia that night, although that’s the finale of Boba Fett. I might have to blow going off.

We’ll see how that goes.

But Glen thinking he was on the Instagram for the brewery we hang out with . It’s called Glenbrook brewery in Morton.

in the unlikely event, you’re in the area on a Wednesday. I’m the guy in the Mets sweatshirt. Most likely. Anyway, Glenn discovered they’re doing comedy night at the brewery and Glen pointed out, Hey, you can hang out with. Incorporate into the show and then right off the night as a business expense, how brilliant is that?

Huh? Hey honey, I got to go to the brewery. It’s comedy night, they’re doing open makers. I had to do research for my podcast. You know, the one where I mumbled to myself in the basement. And then you come down and do the laundry and mess up my flow. That one. Great idea, Glen. Hey Glenn, can you figure out how I can write off a London?

I guess it’s the same concept, right? Hmm. Any tax experts out there,

the bill Cosby based documentary called, we need to talk about Cosby. You know, we need to talk about bill Cosby, not exactly the hero of our dreams. It turns out that new doc screens at Sundance tomorrow, I’ll be looking forward to seeing, well what’s up with.

Howard stern. Remember him?

Variety says that Howard stern said on his January 19th episode of his radio show than hospitals across the U S should not admit patients who were unvaccinated against COVID. The quote, people have been told you will die. If you get the vaccine, some of you will live, but most of you will die. These people don’t trust our government.

They think there’s some conspiracy to turn them into a magnet or something like that. They think they’re going to become magnetized. If they take the vaccine, I’ve taken this vaccine three times and the worst side effect is for a day. I had a little bit of a headache. No one’s sitting there conspiring against you.

Americans don’t want to create a vaccine. That’s going to turn you on a robot or magnetize. You there’s enough Americans now that have taken. Look at us as the sampling where nothing has happened to us. It’s time for you to get it. Now, if you don’t get it in my America, all hospitals would be close to you. You’re going to go home and die. That’s what you should get. Absolutely.

Speaking of Howard stern, if you like the classic Howard stern, I eighties, nineties, Howard stern. Love it. Serious era Howard stern, not bad, but this last period here where he’s the serious interview where it acts like he never did things like lesbian, dial a date. That guy, not really a fan of the late period Howard stern work, but.

I was messing around on the podcast app. Now let me get quiet here. Cause the second Howard stern finds out this exists. It’s going to disappear. There’s a podcast called Howard stern history that has full radio shows from back in the day. There’s one from 1981. There’s a couple from 19 85, 19 86 range bunch from the nineties.

It’s called Howard stern. I’m assuming it’s a perfectly legitimate podcast feed. Otherwise, why would apple podcasts improve it? Right. Right. But I’m just saying you might want to download those because I have a feeling they ain’t going to be there too long. Howard stern history, wherever you find your podcasts

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