Is Pete Davidson going to go TO SPACE? And why Pete missed The Batman’s party

Is Jeff Bezos talking about sending Pete Davidson to space? Why didn’t Pete make it to The Batman’s party, after all it was at Pete’s bar.

Al Franken talks Ukraine

Dan Soder talks Colorado

Aparna Nancherla talks Joe Rogan

Pauly Shore on growing up

and Pat Sajak says not to make fun of poor puzzle solvers.

Johnny Mack with a daily comedy news in response to the Ukraine war, a bunch of Hollywood studios are Pauling, their movies. Jimmy Kimmel, joked about the Batman said you’re going to invade Ukraine. All right. You’re not getting Batman. It’s like, Hey, you punish a third grader. How good would it be?

A foot finally brings Putin down was a bunch of Russian comic book. Nerds are mad. They didn’t get to see Batman. He said in response to Russia, universal could rerelease cats there.

Trevor Noah said, if you really want to punish Russia, you shouldn’t just block new movies. They should rerelease old movies, but without any of the good parts now showing in Moscow theaters, it’s star wars, but just jar, jar, Binks the matrix. But Neo never leaves the office and old.

They don’t have to change anything for that one. They leave it the way it is and they send that’s a Russia

al Franken doing the only former us Senator currently on tour tour, that’s a tongue twister. He’s at the state theater in Portland, Oregon, tonight, [8:00] PM.

The press Herald asked him, what are your thoughts on Ukraine? President Valotta mirrors, Alinsky, who like you as a comedian, Franklin said, he’s doing great. Now. I love it. Only offered to get him out. And he said, you know, we need arms not. I think the bravest people in the world of Jewish comedians who go into politics, there’s only two Franklin has also Jewish the breast. Harold said, you mentioned Tucker Carlson, a part-time main resident. Any more thoughts on him? The answer he’s been giving aid and comfort to one of the worst people in the world it’s deeply disturbing and it’s deeply disturbing that he’s the most popular host on their primetime schedule.

The others aren’t so great either, but Tucker is smart enough to know what he’s doing.

Is Pete Davidson going to space could be

the New York post reports. Pete Davidson is close to signing a deal to join Jeff Bezos on a blue origin flight as host of daily comedy news, please, please. Absolutely do this.

Pete Davidson was spotted at the compound of Jeff Bezos. That’s in LA back in January, a sore still page six. Pete is excited. They haven’t signed a contract yet, but it looks like it’s going to happen. The details are being finalized.

He got on really well with Jeff when they met.

The stops off on gossip corner. Apparently the other day after Kim Kardashians divorce was made final

kim and boyfriend, Pete Davidson had an outing at the Beverly Hills hotel. The two were spotted by super fans and a hotel lobby. There were seen walking through the hallway, Kim and a pair of jeans paired with a white SOP. Pete kept a casual black shorts, sweatshirt and baseball cap. Pete did not make the party for the Batman and his new bar pebble bar in Rockefeller center.

the Batman, Robert Pattinson through a top secret after, after party at pebble bar, uh, spy it’s all page six. I heard a lot of Kanye records. Not many people knew about this party, but most of the music being played was Kanye sources. Still page six, Pete didn’t attend because he was stuck on set filming.

However Baton sin and Davidson set the party up there. Pete was honored to have the first party at pebble bar for the Batman premier, and did some research on pebble bar. For you, new Yorkers. This is the older Hurley is remember Hurley’s I think Letterman used to pop into Hurley’s now.

And then I didn’t even realize Hurley’s closed in 2000. Check your calendar. That’s 22 years, that went by without me noticing Hurley’s closed. So I guess I wasn’t too attached to the place, but the older Hurley’s is now palbo bar part owners, Pete Davidson, Justin Thoreau, and Jason Sudeikis.

The daily beast caught up with a pardon and CHIRLA they said another big conversation going on in the comedy world right now has to do with Joe Rogan and the debate over what a comedian’s job is, what. Aparna. Well, I think it’s tricky being like Joe, Rogan’s a comedian. He’s not responsible if people take them seriously or who he interviewed seriously, because I don’t think his podcast brands itself as just a comedy podcast.

It’s not like we’re just shooting the crap and telling jokes. Not that you’re not a comedian when you reach a certain platform, but I think the half the platform and influence, and then still say you’re questioning authority. When in a way you have become an authority, it’s a little dicier to be like, he’s speaking out against the mainstream.

When he’s reaching more people than some mainstream media. Is he really still an underdog on say that’s questionable.

Dan Soder told westward. I loved growing up in Aurora. I always disliked that it got a bad name. It’s just that I always thought that people from Denver were a little snobby about it. Now it’s funny with all these people moving to Colorado, Aurora is one of the only places they can afford. I like reminding people that when I come back, it’s like, rather than a place you used to jump on all the time.

And boy, big news from chortle social media store, Haley Morris, who’s been dubbed tick tocks funniest comedian. Has she knocked off Sarah Cooper. You remember Sarah? Sarah used to pantomime to Donald Trump videos. Then Netflix gave her a special and Jimmy Kimmel letter host the show and CBS gave her a sit-com remember Sarah Cooper.

Well, apparently now Hailey Morris is tick tocks funniest comedian. You might not be familiar with Hailey Morris. Let’s see what she does in her sketches. She personifies different body parts and acting the internal dialogues that ping back and forth while navigating the challenges of everyday life.

Yeah, she’s getting a book. Yeah, she’s getting a book it’s called me versus brain and overthinkers guide to life and Martin. The description, a warm and witty commentary on living with intrusive thoughts and anxiety written with sparkling humor and unflinching honesty.

Let’s take the break. I’ve got to go bang my head against a wall.

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Really good. Buy me a comedy news. And that’s my new Tik TOK. It’ll it’ll be me making those disgusting sounds, but you’ll be able to see me doing it quick recommendation on HBO. Our flag means death. I watched the first episode the other night, it was fun. It’s miserable, but it’s fun. Like if I went over to your house and you were like, we’re going to watch our flag means death.

I’d be like, all right, cool. Now, if I went over to your house and you’re like, Hey, check out this tick Docker, then I’d be like, why am I here? I have to go. But I could watch our flag means death with you. Pirates funny.

I was kind of scrolling on Twitter while half watching it, but there were some moments that pulled me in a couple of genuine chuckles. So I don’t know. What does that on a scale of one to 10, 8, 7, 6, something like that. It’s good, but it’s miserable.

Hey, Paulie shore. Do you think it’s good or bad for standup? That almost every comedian has a podcast. Now, this question from the express Pauly shore said, it’s a changing of the times. Every comedian has a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram podcast, or YouTube page. It’s like the new version of a business card.

Bali. Have you seen comedy crowds change over the last 30 years? Pauly said it’s like stock. It goes up and down. Now it’s very much up. People seem to want to laugh and go out and feel that live connection. Now more than ever the shows I’ve been doing have been great.

I look at what I’ve done just through the eyes of a normal person and it’s quite different and fascinating and weird having my mom around the comedy store. Someone called. I could just edit this in spam risk. Can I answer it? Why didn’t you edit that out? I don’t know. So the weekend only shores telling us a story about his mom.

She ran the comedy store and his dad was a comedian and me being the spawn of that, and then making it on an MTV in the movies and then the ups and downs on that whole thing, it’s never really been done like this. It’s basically all stories leading up to the time before I made it. If you know, You remember the movies and the MTV stuff, but people don’t know where I’m really from or how I became who I became.

So the one man show really dips in the life I had growing up at the store and Beverly Hills high school and the Playboy mansion.

That’s an uncommon combination of events. And from the Hollywood reporter, Patsy Jack defends wheel of fortune contestants against online jokes and criticism. Before I even read the story, pat, say, Jack, let me just tell you I’m part of the online jokes and I’m part of the criticism. If you miss this, pat say Jack went on Twitter to support, not one, not two, three players from the March 1st episode of wheel of fortune who took several rounds to solve what social media users perceived as a simple.

They were like two letters away from solving the puzzle feather in your cap.

The contestants, Laura Christopher, and some S took a total of eight turns and 10 attempts to solve the puzzle. Laura initially tried to solve it as another feather in your hat, which really isn’t a free.

Pat say Jack said it always pays me when nice people come on our show to play a game, win some money and maybe fulfill a lifelong dream. And that are subject to online ridicule. When they make a mistake or something goes awry. Last night’s feather in your cap puzzle was a case in point sitting at home.

It seems incredible that they couldn’t solve it, but I knew in real time what was happening.

Now imagine you’re on national TV and you’re suddenly thrown a curve and you begin getting worried about looking stupid. And if the feather is in your hat, where can it be? You start flailing away looking for alternatives rather than synonyms for hats. It’s a three-letter word with an a, and it guys come on.

And of course, when it’s solved, you want to crawl in a hole. St. Jack says he’s been praised for keeping it together and not making fun of the player.

Say Jack says mocking them online and calling them names. Doesn’t understand the stress. The show’s good people in a bad situation are under from the comfort of your couch. It’s almost like being on wheel of fortune is being in Ukraine. Good natured. Laughters one thing hack. They laughed at themselves, but Hey, cut them some slack.

I have funnel players and I tease them. Occasionally when things go wrong, I feel. And I try to solve the wounds on camera and off. So yeah, it was an oddly entertaining puzzle and it’s okay to laugh at the situation, but have a little heart, pat. I agree with you. It’s okay to laugh at the situation. Pat leaves us with these words of wisdom after all, you may be there one day and no one wants to be trending on Twitter.

Actually, I want to be trending on Twitter. Can we get comedy podcasts? Take shot at pat. Say Jack trending on Twitter. Can you guys make that happen, please? That’s your company news for today. Follow the show on apple, Google, Spotify, the rest. And don’t forget. Let’s get trending on Twitter. Comedy podcasts.

takes shot at pat St. Jack and be sure to include the download link. See tomorrow.

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