Is Tim Dillon the heir apparent to George Carlin? Why Netflix loves Dave Chappelle – and you do too!

The New York Post published the sentence “Dillon — once called the heir apparent to countercultural greats like George Carlin” I imagine even Tim thinks that is silly. He dropped a podcast in which he refutes the details of the New York Post article.

A few longer items today:

The head of Netflix comedy isn’t sure there will be a festival next year – and explains why they do business with Dave Chappelle.

A look at the future of Saturday Night Live

A ridiculous idea by Guy Branum.

Tim Dillon crack me up last week, he dropped an extra episode of his podcast just to dispute a report in the New York post from the New York pros. Don’t be surprised if you spot comedian slash podcast king, Tim Dylan milling about the east end this summer with a mocktail in hand. I don’t know who wrote this.

Tim rip this to shreds. First of all, podcast king, Tim Dillon. I’m a fan of his podcast. His podcast does pretty well. He’s making good coin off it apparently, but podcast king, he pointed out that he is not the podcast king. I’m also having trouble picturing Tim Dylan, walking around with a mocktail.

The post continues, Dylan once called the Arab parents who counter cultural greats like George Carlin timeout, who said that? Now, if I want to go lawyer here once called the air parent, maybe once some human being said that, but it’s not like people are calling Tim Dillon. The next George Carlin. I’m a Tim Dylan fan.

He is hilarious. You should listen to his podcast. And I’ve said before, eventually he’s going to step on a landmine and I’m going to have to die. That ever told you listen to his podcast. But until that day comes, it’s a very funny podcast. You should listen to it. The air to George Carlin, let’s tap the brakes.

A little people, tap the brakes. I think Tim would agree with that. Tap the brakes. The post reported CMS recently closed on a 3.9, $8 million south Hampton home just in time from Memorial day weekend, Tim went out of his way on the podcast. I listened to it two days ago. I think he said he paid 2 million for it, not 4 million.

So he was criticizing the post in a very funny manner. Go back and listen to the episode of the Tim Dylan podcast. So he pushed back on the $4 million notion,

the former child actor, who surprisingly got his start on Sesame street, doing the polka with snuffle up a guess what he did say that that part was true. Started doing comedy in 2008, he disagreed with their date, their.

Tim Dillon named a pandemic breakout comedy star by the post said he’s comfortable with dark comedy on both sides of the political spectrum.

They pulled out an old quote. Then he apparently gave the post, which was, I don’t shy away from the realities of what’s going on. I was saying this a while ago, societies held together by duct tape and a lot of these fragile mechanisms are starting to break. I have found a way to make that funny.

Yes, he has. the post said he’d just completed a whirlwind comedy tour from France to Italy, to all the major cities in Australia. He was in Australia. He did podcasts from there. Tim Dillon denies that he has ever performed comedy in France and Italy.

And he had some problems with that. the Post writes the sober. Funnyman also owns homes in Beverly Hills in Austin. Tim says he does not own a home in Beverly Hills, but he does own one in Austin.

Next on his list as Manhattan, where he once worked as a tour guide. W why does this article even exist?

Oh yeah, there’s a new norm MacDonald special on Netflix today. I probably should have put that at the time. Anyway, new norm McDonald’s special on Netflix today from vulture, they interviewed Robbie Prah.

Robbie is the head of Netflix comedy. It is a very, very good article. I shared it on the subreddit daily county news and on the Facebook group page. And I shared this back on Thursdays. He might have to dig that page is daily company news podcast group. We’re just going to vulture.

Robbie PRA was working in the programming department of Montreal, just for laughs comedy festival. I worked with him on a few festivals there. I doubt he’d remember me, but, uh, you know, we were in the rooms together and

he rose to the ranks at JFL as VP of programming, and develop deep relationships with some of comedy’s biggest names before they were names at all, such as Allie Wong and Boba.

This answer surprised me. He was asked about the Netflix comedy festival, which I think was a big hit last month.

Are they going to have it again? Robbie said, I don’t know. It was successful and we’re really proud of it, but right now it’s not built to be a yearly event. We certainly have interest in doing different things live in the future. That sucks. I was hoping that would become permanent. That seemed like it.

When we really well, it’s a lot of work and it’s not Netflix’s main business, but boy, I wish they would do that again.

Vulture is something I’ve heard from comedians and managers as a standup proved to be really popular after people finished bingeing something serious. This next point is interesting. Bert Kreischer has talked about how Netflix told them that most people just watch the first 30 minutes. So he put his closer 30 minutes into a special, can you confirm that Robbie PRA Robbie said people do watch our specials often all the way through being, go to any clubs around the country right now and see a big headliner do 90 minutes.

You could see somebody do seven minutes and those are two very valid versions of the art form. That’s a Dodge bro. Come on. You know that that’s not the same thing. Somebody doing a tight seven and somebody doing 90 minutes is completely different than Bert Kreischer pulling his closer up to the 30 minute.

Mark Robbie, that’s a Dodge. Come on, answer the question. Robbie said sometimes you like a shorter version of something sometimes rather than the comedian constructing an evening for you a comedians take on a specific thing, maybe a vital important piece of comedy.

We’re striving to do both. Yeah, but did Bert Kreischer pull is closer 30 minutes and it was special because there’s some sort of metric telling him to do that. Answer the question. Robbie, a seven minutes set is by design a seven minutes set a 90 minutes set is something else. It ebbs and flows and changes, speeds, and has long narratives.

And has ratatat tat Joe. Moving you’re closer to the 30 minute. Mark is a major move. I want to know why ultra said we’ve now entered to the Dave Chappelle part of the interview.

Robbie said, oh, greats,

vulture. Dave is put out six hours and five years on Netflix, plus 8 46. And those Instagram specials complaining about Chappelle show and not getting paid. Chris rock has released five hours in his entire career. Do you think all of Chappelle’s hours were ready to release, especially since it was leaked at these specials, lose money for Netflix.

That’s the first I’ve heard of that. What a great question. Great job here. Vulture Robbie process. I believe Dave is one of the most important standup comedians of all time. Certainly he’s the most popular standard comedian. And we’re thrilled to have this partnership with them as specials have been extremely well received.

I mean, I don’t know how many Emmys Grammys he got the mark Twain award. Our members both love his specials and watch them in big numbers. They complete his specials in big numbers. Interesting. He has some of the highest Ron tomato scores. So yeah, we obviously work with Dave because Dave is one of the top regarded standup comedians of all time.

And we definitely hope to continue working on. If we felt like we were putting something on screen that was causing real-world harm, we wouldn’t be putting it on screen. That being said, content of all kinds of lists its reactions. That’s why we all love art. This is a special, obviously that had a lot of reactions to it.

But in the end, I was fairly proud to work for company that would allow important artists, the ability to have creative expressions. Ultra followed up to the protests and former expand your perspective on how these things are received or your own responsibility for them Robby process. I just really believe in the notion of creative expression specifically when it comes to an artist like Dave Chappelle, I think it’s really important that the person in my job is giving someone like Dave, the ability to express himself.

I’m proud that we stood by that.

More from that article tomorrow. It’s very good. All right. Daniel Feinberg in the Hollywood reporter talked about Saturday night live. This is the story I just couldn’t get to last week with all the surveys stuff.

Daniel Feinberg is my favorite critic. I won’t say one of them. He is my favorite critic. I enjoy his podcast. TV’s top five that’s called and his work in the hide reporter say point out last seasons. SNL had 16 cast regulars and five featured players at any time, four or five of them could be way shooting something else.

Even then whole weeks would go by where a familiar and often beloved performer would appear in the background of one sketch and never be spotted. Again, that’s a long way of saying that even if you don’t think the season 47 casts was the best in the show’s history, it’s a really good cast. he talked about the cast members leaving McKinnon in particular is entirely irreplaceable. I agree. She’s been everything he could want out of an SNL cast member, delivering impressions like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Rudy Giuliani.

Feinberg says, I know she is in everybody’s comedic flavor, but 80 Brian is close to McKinnon’s equal on the irreplaceability scale. There, I will disagree with Daniel Feinberg, but he wrote she’s deceptively versatile with her impressions, including her weirdly expert take on Ted Cruz. That is very good.

She’s good. And ego free sketch performer capable of wacky stuff and straight women material.

Then there’s poor Kyle Mooney.

Um, somebody hit me up on Instagram. The Instagram is daily comedy news. Since this was a direct message. I won’t say who send this to me, but you know who you are and I appreciate you. And this listener said, don’t worry. Kyle Mooney did get his own cake for us. SNL sendoff. I had commented on this podcast that I didn’t think Kyle got a sketch sendoff, Daniel Feinberg road, speak in wrapping everybody’s flavor.

Kyle Mooney, specialized in weird and off-putting weekend update characters and post 1230 type sketches. The post 1230s are actually my favorite.

And guess what the Saturday night live format requires. A few of those bizarre acquired tastes. Mooney’s material often delivered. He was one of the first SNL regulars to come out of a YouTube producer background. I didn’t know that. And that sensibility was clear in much of what he did.

Now, this dunned me. Kyle was on for nine seasons, 185 episodes.

I feel like I like Kyle Mooney, but I nine years stunned me. Cause I’m trying to think of memorable Kyle Mooney sketches. And I can’t really think of any, the only one that comes to mind is baby Yoda. And I didn’t find that funny.

And then there’s Pete Davidson love Pete Davidson. He’s great for cause of corner, but SNL is going to be just fine without Pete Davidson. I mean, just fine.

Daniel with a good observation. He says, McKinnon Bryant, Mooney, and Davidson will all be missed, but not by the same audiences, which is perfect.

If you distribute the departing screen time to already breaking out veterans like Bowen yang who crushes and some of the others, that’s a good core, right?

Alex Moffitt does a lot of things. Well, it felt like he was a little forgotten this year. Yep.

And it’s well past time for SNL to get more out of Chris red and Melissa villas in your, I agree,

James Austin Johnson, he broke out with his impressions. I didn’t see him in too many other. I like him a lot and you need somebody to do Biden. So I guess he hangs around Sarah Sherman at a couple good things. I feel like she was under utilized. And what about poor Aristotle at three? He disappeared, man.

Like, I feel bad for the guy. I wonder if he’ll be back because he did not get used much at all. And I thought he was good in a few things. He was in.

And Daniel Feinberg hopes they use the please don’t destroy guys some more. I agree with that. Do you want a couple listens? Michael Che was on the bill Simmons podcast and a podcast called the town and spoke with James Andrew Miller, who has written several fantastic books, including one about SNL. And he spoke about this very subject.

So check out Jean Miller on the town and Michael Che on the bill Simmons show.

Normally this week is pretty quiet. So I was happy that vulture asked nine comedians what they would produce with a Marvel size budget. I’ll pick at these over the next few days. So here you go. You got a big budget. What do you want to make guy Branum came up with guy Branham’s gay for pay Palm Springs takeover.

I’m in, he said I’m renting the city of Palm Springs and installing hidden cameras throughout the city for their pride weekend. In November, the city of Palm Springs is run by Republicans and they’ll sell out a government for anything. I do my entire act as incidental conversations with strangers. I subject unaware gay guys to my observations about what’s wrong with gay marriage or paper straws, but with the power and authority to run and manipulate the city of Palm Springs over the course of four days, most of the time an audience is just there for reaction shots.

But in my special, the whole focus is the drama of the reaction shot. We follow these people on their journeys after they’ve experienced my joke. When they’re like that fat guy would not shut up about Canada.

But when we finally come to them and say, we signed this release, they’re going to be worried that they don’t look hot enough. So we’re probably going to have to spend 20 to $30 million just going through and face tuning people, making sure their app definition looks right for lesbians, making sure that their dogs look as good as possible.

We might have to custom make a leather jumpsuit for me. And that would require a huge number of cows and a great amount of work. There’s also the fact that I’m a standardly sweaty, and this is Palm Springs. So we’re going to have to figure out some sort of space, age polymer that we can put inside that will wick away sweat.

I’m going to have to be on constantly. So I’m going to have to participate in Kumail, Nanjiani levels of physical preparation beforehand. We’re going to need a team of people working on that front, starting six or nine months beforehand, except so much of my materialize that my persona, I can’t get ripped.

Otherwise it would undermine who I am and fundamentally place into question the entire project of the leather body. I think IMAX is the only way to capture gay for pay Chris Hemsworth, receiving a favor at the pool \ while I’d sell a joke about brunch in the background. We’re also going to make two of your three.

Chris’s be gay for pay for the weekend. Evans Hemsworth, not Pratt pine. If he wants to.

I did go to law school myself. So I’d be doing a lot of the work in these contracts. Of course, contracts for sexual favors are highly illegal in the U S so I’d have to do a lot of this legal work in the Netherlands.

Very very funny. And that is your company needs for today. Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows, see you tomorrow.

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