Is Trump the funniest person alive? Plus, Bert Kreischer on the movie version of The Machine

Bert Kreischer is making a movie version of The Machine. Mark Hamill plays his dad!

James Austin Johnson thinks Trump may be the funniest person alive.

Kenan Thompson says ending SNL after 50 years may not be a bad idea

Conan O’Brien joins the Please Don’t Destroy movie

Johnny Mac is going to talk about Jimmy Carr every day forever isn’t he?

Oh man, you know, who loves summer? Well, everybody, but also me it’s August 1st. That’s like the two minute warning of summer. I’m now gonna be in a complete panic to go to the beach as much as I can. Hi. I’m Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. The justice department is looking into information about former president Donald Trump’s potential crimes and attempting to overturn the 2020 election.

I’m laughing cuz I know what this next joke is. Steve Colbert said it’s about time at this point, the investigators are like the last person at the office to catch onto a popular TV show. So get this guys there were dragons, but they hardly ever show them. There’s lots of nudity and I’m really looking forward to the red wedding episode.

I’m so happy for Rob stark. He deserves all the love. Cober said I’m potentially very excited because all of this is potentially huge because no former president has ever been charged with a crime in the country’s history. And before John Wayne, Casey, no one ever executed a birthday clown, Bert Cher has a movie coming out based on the machine.

Mark ham will call star.

Bet told Rochester first. Well, the movies, me and mark Haml, mark Haml plays my dad and I get kidnapped by the Russian mafia. And we have to go back to Russia and write all my wrongs. That’s the movie. It’s the most fun experience I’ve ever had my entire life. I never wanted to do a movie. I never had any interest in being an actor.

Now it’s all I think about. I wanna go back. I wanna make another movie. I mean, well, I’m set up to make three other movies, but you never know. Mark. Hammels everything you want him to be. He’s as generous as he want him to be. He gets asked a lot of the same questions every time. And as I ask them, you see other people ask him and he sits with you and he answers them way.

He should. Not that he should, cuz he doesn’t have to. But the way you hope he would, he was the most awesome dude. Mark Hammel. What was it like being Luke Skywalker? Bert did not ask him about voicing the joke. He said I’m too old for that. I never knew about the joker. So at times I guess he’d go into the joker voice on camera and people would recognize it.

And I was like, ah, I don’t know. I’m not familiar with that. I wanted to be like, Hey man, you’re Luke Skywalker. Patas waltz will release his fourth hour for Netflix on September 20th. It is titled we all scream.

it was filmed in Denver. Why it’s, where he happened to be when they decided to film it.

The Holly reporter was like, Hey pat, Oswell you got a lot going on. How’d you decide it was time to tour. Pat said, it’s funny. Everything that I do in other areas, writing, acting producing is so that I can increase my visibility and keep doing standup. The standup is always something that I’m doing. I’m either in the process of working on the next set or thinking about what the next hour’s gonna look like.

So it’s not that I find the time it’s that everything else is fit around me doing standup.

New pandemic influenced this special. And he said, we’re kind of coming out of a, not necessarily darkness, but loneliness. So it’s me acknowledging that, oh, we’re programming a lot of our own loneliness these days and trying to fight against that. And in a funny way, show that there’s danger in. I say at one point the special, we all remember for the pandemic going, if I just get a month to myself to get my life together and the universe said, well, how about four and how about 12?

So it’s really embracing the absurdity of that. The whole monkeys Paul aspect of the reality that we are living in Keenan Thompson floated the idea that 50 years of Saturday night live might be enough. Keenan was on Charla main, the God’s. and said, 50 is a good number to stop at. It’s an incredible package.

Lauren Michaels will be close to 80 years old at that point. You know, he’s the one who’s had his touch on the whole thing. So somebody tries to come into his shoes. you Know, it’s a good opportunity for NBC to save money as well. You know what I’m saying? So they might slash the budget.

And then at that point you really can’t do the same kind of show. So it’s unfair to watch it go down in flames for real cuz of those restrictions. So capping it at 50 might not be a bad idea.

The guys from please don’t destroy, you know them from Saturday night live, they’re getting a movie told you about that last week. Some new cast have been added to the movies, bow and yang and Conan O’Brien. Yeah. No word on who they will play. Kate McKinnon left Saturday night live and told Kelly and Ryan, I thought about leaving for a very long time.

And it was very, very hard. All I ever wanna do in my whole life was be on SNL. So I did it. I loved it. I had the best decade. And then I was like, my body’s tired. And I felt like it was time. Will she watch season 48? I don’t know what I’ll do. I don’t know if I can watch the show yet.

It’s just too emo because I miss everyone so much. I mean, it’s my other family. I think I’m just gonna tape the bachelorette and watch that. Instead. James Austin Johnson. You also also know him from Saturday night live. He spoke with Nashville scene the topic Donald. James said in 2015 and 16, I was very distraught about, especially coming from like the Christian side of the public world.

I was sort of distraught that Trump was this guy who’s plainly not Christian and just sort of lying about it. I was raised that if you were pretending to be a Christian that was worse than not being one at all. He just broke every rule of the world I was raised in and being celebrated for it. And that really boggled my mind.

I was extremely depressed and felt like I didn’t even know my own family and who I was. And then I started doing the impressions of him and I was getting more used to the idea of. I just got more used to what America is. I was just like, no, I mean, this guy won, he was elected and people wanted this and I got to know where he came from and what that means.

I started doing the impression. It made me feel better about him.

I started paying a lot more attention to the words he said and his speeches and it hit me at some point, oh, he’s making it up. As he goes along. He has no plan. It’s fully word association. And then as I got better at the impression, the impression becomes a little bit less about my anger and a little bit more about being silly.

I truly feel like I understand Donald Trump in this way that like, I don’t know, maybe no one else. I would just see how I could turn an audience into my zombies as I do that voice the way I hold people’s attention when I’m doing it, it’s like, oh, this is how he works. He’s figured out the funniest way to talk.

I saw him for who he really is the funniest person alive. I think Donald Trump may be intentionally and unintentionally at the same time, which is like a double whammy, the funniest person of all time. It made me feel better about things. I don’t know. Me and Donald Trump. It’s a weird relationship. I really hope he doesn’t find out what my politics are and sickest goons on my wife and son.

I mean, when you look at Donald Trump, you have to go, this is America, we’re this, this is the height of our culture. A guy being like Ted Cruz’s wife is a dog. Elizabeth Warren is Pocahontas and you see how much his fans freak out. You just gotta go. This is the height of American culture like it, or. It’s not the criterion collection.

It’s not Aaron. Copeland’s Appalachian spring. It’s this, it’s Donald Trump being like, ah, man, this chick she’s not even hot . And then all these old TBN washers flipping the F out at how funny he is, the good news is it’s exactly what it looks like. It’s not anything other than what it looks like. And so hopefully more people realize that it’s a Grif and that he’s BSing.

I mean, he truly is. He’s like Harold Hill and the music man doing 76 trombones. It’s a Grif that said I’m more afraid of Rhonda San.

Last week I asked you, who would you rather have cooked for you? Sebastian Maniscalco or Jim Gaffigan? As we headed into the weekend, Sebastian was up Ruthie went to the Facebook group page. That page is called daily comedy news. Ruthy wrote Sebastian. I already eat like Jim Gaffigan to keep my picky family happy.

I have that with my mom. She eats like three things and then we’re like, Hey, we’re getting Thai food. Mom doesn’t want Thai food. Hey, we might get Indian mom doesn’t want Indian. My wife is really cool at trying things. Dan BLIS Jr said hands down S. So there you go. You’re champion of who would you like to eat with?

Is Sebastian Maniscalco. I’m recording this Friday afternoon. I just got back from Montreal and I’m really tired. I don’t even have an idea for a contest this week. So let’s flip this around. Why don’t you go to the Facebook group page daily comedy news podcast group. And you suggest a contest and then we’ll run it.

How about that? Speaking of food.

I ate like a champion up in Montreal. So I’ve mentioned I have the travel podcast travel is back. I was recording. I went to this neighborhood in Montreal. It’s called my end. It’s like, what if there was a little Italy and all the old Italians died and the hipsters took over. So I dunno how to explain it.

Uh, but we got bagels gelato. Then we went to this, uh, chalet barbecue place I had seen on the internet that you would never in a million years pick out that that was a good place to go. Oh my goodness. The food portions so big, the chicken was so big. I ate so much. So this is Friday. This morning. I ran 11 miles training for the marathon.

I burned 1700 calories. I got home and I know what my weight was earlier in the week. And I’m like, well, usually after a long run, I’m down a pound or two. I was up from early in the week. So God knows what I weighed this morning when I woke up. And I’m sure it’s the salt, I mean the protein and all the fries and the chicken.

I gotta get the salt outta my system in a couple weeks. I’ll have the Montreal episode up on travel is back, but yeah, food now, would I rather have Sebastian or Gaffigan cook? Yeah, I guess Sebastian, right. The Montreal times was at Randy felt Face’s show. I never got to Randy felt face because uh, new faces was.

Two shows. I thought it was one show on the website. It said it was one show. So group one went at seven o’clock group two went at nine 30. So I wouldn’t have been able to see Randy felt face anyway, but I am intrigued someday. I wanna see Randy felt face. The Montreal time says Randy felt face is the type of performing puppet you would never have seen in a past episode of Sesame street of the Muppet show.

In fact, he’s more like an anti M. The purple faced Australian puppet with the observational comedy style and constant rage of Lewis. Black is back with his new show alien of extraordinary abilities in which he offered his full house audience, his version of a deathbed confession.

From his anti Disney world song that started the show to his opinions on vaccines, critically endangered species, defecating GetGos Australians, moral injury and coffee drinkers. Randy never failed to provide a steady stream of raucous quick. Get me the oxygen lasts from the audience and his dissection of the Liam neon thriller movie.

The commuter was a hilarious highlight. See that even reads.

Yeah, we do it on time. Oh, we got plenty of time today. Okay. Lemme tell you about Jimmy Corr again, Johnny Mack, you talk about Jimmy Carr every day. Yes, I do call MTL caught up with Jimmy. And listen to this question. I noticed that a lot of your comedy seems to be based on johnny Mac takes a deep breath and pronounces this word slowly.

Para pro Doan. Jimmy cars. Comedy is based on para pro doen 10 points to any of you who can tell me what a parapro Doan. You can’t luckily cult MTL put in parentheses a statement in which the latter part of the sentence or phrased is surprising or unanticipated in such a way that makes the reader or listener reinterpret.

The first part that is a $5 word cult MTL. How did you land on this particular arguably challenging form of comedy, Jimmy Carr. Jimmy car said. So barley, it’s the linguistic thing that always fascinated me. I’m very dyslexic. And so naturally as a dyslexic kid, sometimes you need to speak and misread things.

And you can either be very embarrassed by that or lean into it. And so you see things in a slightly different way. So I use the English language to write my material rather than more experiential comedy, where you have to wait for some funny stuff to happen to you. I can just write, which is lovely. Now I’m doing a little bit more observational stuff in my new show because stuff has happened to me.

And it’s interesting, you know, this COVID, the world is crap. I had kids and I have lots to say about that. I’m trying to redefine the dad show. So it’s not all word play, but word play is my love. That’s what I like to think.

Oh, there’s a lot more at Jimmy Carn. I’m losing my voice. I recorded three of these back to back, time out. I’m gonna have a coffee. Like I really have the ice coffee here.

It’s really good. All right. I’ll do more. Jimmy Carr later in the week, you guys are like, oh good. Johnny max. Finally gonna talk about Jimmy Carr. He never does that. All right. I hear you from shor. Another 146 Edinburg friend shows have gone on sale bringing this year’s tally two. All right, let me ask you how many Edinborough fringe shows do you think there?

Let’s play over under, so they added 146. Do you think there are more than 2200 or less than 2200? I’ll tell you in a second new highlights of the comedy section include a work in progress from medic turn comedian turn bestselling author Adam K. Plus the cult New York show drag his ass with Mary Beth Barone.

A deconstruction of modern dating culture. They’ve also added Ukrainian comedian edema watermelon, and that is edema watermelon’s real name. All right. Over under 2200 shows. How many shows are there at fringe? 3,385. Imagine trying to see them all. Well, I, they get after time travel sometimes shows are at the same time as we learn from Montreal.

And that is your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on apple podcasts or Spotify. Cuz you know, I got leftover Jimmy car material. You’re gonna want to hear, uh I’m kitty. See tomorrow.

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