It’s Always Sunny Season 15 Episodes 3 & 4 Recaps

Is “The Gang Buys A Roller Rink” truly the worst episode of the series? Johnny Mac says NO and found it pretty funny and isn’t worried about continuity. And “The Gang Replaces Dee with a Monkey” – Monkey good, Dee part not so much.

Uncorrected transcript follows:

The AV Club

📍 club thinks season 15, episode three of it’s always sunny in Philadelphia is the worst episode ever. I disagree. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily company and he was Saturday’s in December. I am reviewing a season 15. Of it’s always sunny in Philadelphia today. Episodes three and four, if you don’t like, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, you should probably leave because there’s nothing else in today’s show.

But that episode three, the gang buys a roller rink in the past and innocent Dennis learns the horrifying details of Frankston. 📍 A truly sweet D is excited to head off for Hollywood while Charlie and max jobs at the roller rink are in jeopardy. I’m going to crib off the club’s review here. I was also on the it’s always sunny Reddit, and some people are like out of their mind that this episode was bad.

It bothered them that it kind of broke some of the continuity in the episode. We saw some detail about how the gang may have purchased the bar in the first place. There were also some details. So we saw a very nerdy Dennis at kind of high school, college age, but we’ve previously established that Dennis thought he was pretty cool in high school.

Again, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. And I said this about episode one. I felt like episode one was a pocket. It just didn’t make sense that like all that stuff and go listen to last Saturday’s episode. I explained it, they better, but it didn’t make sense to me that all that stuff would happen in the quote unquote, real world.

So maybe if this episode bothered, you just think of that. This episode is also apocryphal. Maybe this whole season is apocryphal, but on the other hand, it’s just, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. We take fun characters out for a drive. We have some laughs. I laughed at this episode. I thought it was good.

Davey club rights of all the format breaking stunt episodes. It’s always sunny has perpetrated. It’s now 15 years in the air. None are as consistently disappointing as the flashback, the gang buys a roller rink. It’s not Frank’s brother abysmal, but it’s perhaps more worrisome in how flippantly it punishes us for giving a darn about the show’s world.

Davy club rides. I can accept that the number four mentioned roller rink, which apparently is around the corner from the bar was the gang’s go-to hangout before they managed to purchase Philly’s least reputable bar and Charlie being a smooth skating blissfully competent second in command to the rink owner could be chalked up to Charlie’s long history of revealing oddball capabilities, Mack being a sleazy weed dealer is iffier considering Mac’s inherent unwillingness to court, actual physical danger. I thought Mack looked cool and a little scary as a drug dealer.

1998, Dennis is way too stiff. A little cartoony, but again, I laughed.

We know Dennis Reynold’s history of self-aggrandizing mint, narcissism, and hinted at psychopathic tendencies. Again, see last week’s episode of daily companies to buy this button-down square version. Even with some 23 years of accumulated awfulness yet to come, this is not the Dennis Reynolds.

We know again, to me, that’s why it was funny. They were just all playing against. I dunno, I, it didn’t bother. I get why this might bother some people. And if it were a different show, like they did this to, I don’t know, star Trek and started messing with the continuity. Believe me, I would lose my mind looking at you star Trek discovery.

Now it brings us to sweet D who truly in bafflingly lives up to her, turns out on ironic name and this travesty of mis-characterization Dee was never sweet. So yeah, Dee was really sweet and episode then bangs her head and then becomes a psychotic, uh,

DAV 📍 club asks is the gang buys a roller rink. The worst episode, the sunnies legendary consistent run. That’s a tough one. It’s not as 📍 aggressively futilely unpleasant as Frank.

While fella flashback episode, the gang cracks Liberty bells is merely as irrelevant as a side show. As a centuries along game of telephone can be, but even those uncharacteristic missteps didn’t feel like the work of it’s always sunny imposters. So, yes, this was the worst sunny episode ever.

They gave it a D plus I am not giving it a D plus I I’ll give it a, B I thought it was the best episode of the first three . I’m in the middle of my rewatch. Now, nothing in the first four seasons would be the worst episode of it’s always sunny. I think the worst episode probably appears in season 13.

That was the season where it wasn’t clear if Dennis Reynolds really wanted to do the show or not. He’s only in half the episodes, which is the problem.

I’ll remind you spoilers in March, 2017, following the 12th season finale, in which Glenn Howard, his character was seemingly written out of the show, Howard and express doubt is returned for the 13 season, describing it as partially a creative and personal decision. . He also suggested the show would take an extended hiatus and in order to accommodate the castle, their projects.

Howard and wound up appearing in six of the seasons, 10 episodes, but had no writing credits.

So I’m looking at season 13, right here, some candidates for possibly the worst episode. How about season 13, episode three, the gang beats, bogs ladies reboot, D the waitress Artemis, Mrs.

Mack and Bonnie Kelly board, an all female flight bound for LA to participate in the women’s March until D informs them that they’re really doing an all female version of the bogs challenge. Eh, 📍 yeah.

But, you know what I might vote for Charlie’s home alone, episode eight, season 13, Charlie’s left alone at the bar on the weekend of the Superbowl after falling victim to his own home alone style traps to protect the bar from and shooters, he must try to overcome several obstacles to complete his rituals, to help the Eagles win the game.

Yeah, that probably is the worst episode in the series, in my opinion. All right. 📍 On to season 15, episode four. The gang replaces D with a monkey. I had some pretty good laughs in this one.

When the gang suspects D has menopausal, they scrambled to find a new employee for Patty’s pub D decides to put her acting career on hold in order to mentor young actors. So my deal with this episode is the whole D subplot. Didn’t do it for me. If you cut that out and his stay at the bar with the monkey, I thought the boy.

And the monkey bar. It was hilarious. The deep heart didn’t do it at all.

Davie club rights. Where did Frank get a monkey? Don’t worry about it.

And while Dennis is initially exasperated, reminding Frank at their offhand mockery, that D’s job can be done by a monkey was just an insulting figure of speech. He and the rest of the guys are gradually won over by their new employees facility with pouring suspiciously delicious.

the way they all respond with an offhand. 📍 Thank you. Monkey to each definitely refilled beer speaks volumes as to how willingly we’ve been conditioned to accept that the gang’s collective self obsessed madness can incorporate anything that furthers their weekly desires.

Now mega spoilers here, but where I really cracked up was at the end, when we find out the gang is all passed out at the bar, apparently the monkey got them drunk, stole the cash register. And, um, how do I say this? I think they phrased it, that in their mouth, they tasted something. What they say salty and sour at the same time.

It’s perhaps the monkey did something to their. Oh, let you use your imagination. I laughed at that. The wife was like, you have the giggles. I’m like, yeah, son. It was pretty funny.

The V club gave this one, a B plus, I will agree with them when we come back. Let me tell you about a bizarre, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia fan.

this from cracked. It seems the find people have read it, have developed a theory as to why each episode of it’s always sunny. Begins with a car depicting the time at Dayton locale of the opening scene. Sunny is actually a documentation of all the various crimes. The gang has committed throughout the past 15 ish years.

📍 Dennis Mac Charlie Dean Frank have committed a cornucopia of alarming offenses, including facilitating underage drinking, embezzlement burning down, apartment drug, possession, animal abuse, sexual assault, grand theft auto, even conspiring to commit murder. They’ve committed so many crimes. There’s an entire, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia.

Wiki page dedicated to archiving every single incidents they’ve legally ever. Uh,

the theory is the serious could ultimately culminate in a courtroom showdown, much alike. Seinfeld

As many have noted over the years, 📍 Seinfeld and sunny represent two sides of the same conceptual coin. Seinfeld’s about nothing with the character. Status is a bunch of raging a-holes

playing second fiddle to a signature in consequential reality. Sunny on the other hand is the opposite. While the characters have notably stagnated throughout their decade and change at Patty’s pub. Except of course, for Matt coming out as gay in season 12,

the show hinges on the fact that the gang is a group of terrible, terrible people who will happily eff each other over for their own personal.

While Seinfeld’s banality would have been suited for more in consequential, ending sunny, especially with the backing of this new theory could bring redemption for Seinfeld’s ultimate installment.

This is not entirely out of the question considering they included a frame for frame recreation of a scene from Seinfeld, the contest during season 13.

The gang could actually face consequences for the way they end up the lives of everyone from the lawyer to the waitress to of course, rickety cricket.

Seinfeld may provide the blueprint for what could easily be a five star finale, but who knows, we’re getting at least two more seasons after this one. 📍 That is your company news for today. Follow the show. If you’re discovering this on YouTube, follow the show on apple podcasts, Google podcasts. Good pod.

Spotify, wherever you get your shows. I’m here. Seven days a week. Saturdays I’m reviewing. It’s always sunny. The other six days, regular comedy news. Hopefully you come back and I’ll see you here tomorrow.

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