It’s Always Sunny Season 15 Episodes 5 & 6 Recaps

The Gang hands in an OK episode and a pretty strong one. Charlie meets his dad! Mac isn’t Irish! Dennis has Covid! And Dee was in the show too.

Episode 5: “The Gang Goes to Ireland”
The gang’s in Dublin where Dennis ends up helping Frank with some of his business’s dirty work; Mac and Charlie learn about their Irish heritage; Dee rushes to the set of an Irish soap opera, where she will play an “Obnoxious American MILF.”

Episode 6: “The Gang’s Still in Ireland”
Dennis and Dee explore their new accommodations in the countryside; Frank accompanies Charlie to find the truth about Charlie’s Irish childhood pen pal; Mac has an identity crisis and decides to join the seminary.

Uncorrected transcript below:

Hey, if you found this on YouTube, I’m Johnny Mack. I host an audio podcast called daily comedy news. What you’re about to hear is the audio version of the podcast. Saturdays in December, I’ve been reviewing season 15 of it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. This week, episodes five and 📍 six.

📍 The gangs in Dublin, where Dennis ends up helping Frank with some of his businesses, dirty work Mack and Shirley learn about their Irish heritage d returned to the set of an Irish soap opera, where she will play and obnoxious American milk. Let me just start with it. It happens almost immediately. In the episode, I have floated the theory that this season is apocryphal. I know it’s a sitcom. I know the logic of it doesn’t matter, but to just see Dee get hit by the car she went flying.

I don’t think the injury as portrayed in the episode matches the extent to which she was hit by a car.

📍 Going back to the first episode, was the gang really involved with every important event in 2020? I don’t think so. So this whole season might just, you know, be like Bobby Ewing and the shower. I don’t know. I’m overthinking a sitcom. I was on the. the fans they’re really liked these two episodes. I liked episode six, a lot more than episode five. 📍

The Reddit thought these two episodes. I was about episode six in a couple minutes. the Reddit folks thought these two were the best of the season. I think six was up there for the best of the season, but I really liked last week’s pair more than I’m episode five.

I’m cribbing here off the AAV clubs recap. They wrote the gang goes to Ireland, a season 15 hits its stride.

no, I was worried that taking the show to Ireland would mess things up. It really worked just fine. I also thought it was funny that every bar that they hang out with looks kind of like Patty’s pub and in reality, it’s probably just a redress of the existing set, but they did a good job with that.

It just feels the same, even though they’re extensively in Ireland

of note, this to Porter was written by Rob McEleney Charlie day and Glenn Howerton. Some of the weaker episodes, Glenn stepped out on the writing and I think it shows so it’s good to see Glenn back in there. Some edgy humor. Frank, as it turns out has been the number one beverage supplier to Jeffrey Epstein, leading to his frenzied efforts to destroy all evidence of his association with the.

Jeffrey Epstein, Frank, it says 95% of what went down on there was not pedophilia, which was a great joke. 📍

The club rights I can totally buy both at Frank would want no part of the whole pedophilia thing. And that he’d happily make a ton of money selling booze too, and splashing around with the rich and powerful people who very much did.

Davey club. I talked about disease appearance on the Irish sit-com and she 📍 gets her role stolen by the vacationing waitress and Navy club rights in the least elegant plot twist of the two episodes. Yeah, just shoehorning the waitress in there. Didn’t work.

we start to suspect that Dennis May have COVID. He has lost his sense of smell. 📍

We saw more of Genesis psychopathic tendencies, a favorite topic of mine approaching a redheaded Irish bartender, Dennis leaps, right into denied fury. Once his COVID numb nose cannot smell the pure scent. He had mentioned on a true Irish ginger

Mack is all proud that he’s Irish, but we find out that he’s not.

we find out that Mack’s entire self style identity is the Irish bad-ass bouncer of a pub named patties is all a careless light cooked up by his criminal father, his father Luther McDonald. Apparently that’s not his real last name. His real name is of Androse making the joke that his father’s name is Luther Vandross.

And I guess that makes it Ronald to Mac McDonald. Ronald

random into the guys. He doesn’t know who he is anymore. The episode gives Dennis the chance to finally say identity doesn’t have to factor into absolutely every decision you make. But for Mac identity has only has asked kicker Irish Catholic guilt. The joke has never been whether Mac was or was not those things, but how desperately he’s thrown himself into various roles in a quest for self validation.

Mack heads to the seminary. He wants to become a priest telling a priest. I only want one man inside of me,

max Irishness stripped from him and his homosexuality proving his unfulfilling as his early series. Womanizing Catholicism is now first and therefore he hurts himself right into the priestly study with an inappropriately hunky seminary.

but I guess now we’re on to the second episode. This is a two-parter episode six, the gang still in Ireland, Dennis and Dee explore their new accommodations in the countryside. Frank accompanies Charlie, to find out the truth about Charlie’s Irish childhood pen pal, Matt has an identity crisis and decides to join the seminary.

📍 So we meet Shelly Kelly played by the great ACOM, meanie and long story short. We find out that chili Kelly is Charlie’s dad. And here we finally see some character growth for Charlie, Charlie and his dad really hit it off and Charlie starts getting less weird. Frank continues to be weird, and Charlie just kind of feels all grown up now and doesn’t want to deal with Frank being weird.

Shelly, the dad takes Charlie and Frank back to his cottage where the gang’s gonna stay up. Shelley’s taken a back and Frank’s assertion that Frank and Shirley will share a single Cottonelle living room. And so is Charlie

Shelley heads off to bed. Charlie yells at good night, dad, we see Frank alone on the couch.

The episode ends with Frank lonely and he says, good night, Charlie, to a now empty room. It’s not sad.

We also had a side plot where Dennis seemed even more psychotic as he was trying to fall asleep under the influence of COVID. Is that a thing that I phrased that right? Anyway, he starts to be delirious and seems extra creepy, freaking out D he wants to go to the hospital. Her phone is dead, and he tells her to go to the old bell tower and ring the goddamn belly bitch.

📍 We also learn in the episodes that the gang is vaccinated, except Dennis, Dennis is not IVIG.

So two pretty good episodes there. I liked it. Plots. And I like the Mac plots, the D stuff. Didn’t do it for me. And that seems to be recurring theme with me. Um, I’m a big fan of Dennis plots, but the Denis plots didn’t work in this one either, but really excited to see what they do with the Charlie character would be fun to see him grow up and mature a little bit.

And you can never get enough of Mac

episode five. The gang goes to Ireland. It’s a solid B episode six, the gang still in. B plus 📍 follow the show on Pandora, Spotify, pods, apple podcasts, Google podcasts, where we get your shows to see you then.

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