It’s Always Sunny Season 15 Episodes 7 & 8 Recaps

Season 15 of It’s Always Sunny wraps with its two strongest episodes, and one of the series’ best!

The gang wraps up their trip to Ireland with lots of laughs along the way. We learn more of Mac’s ancestry, Dennis reveals he knows a lot about disposing of bodies, and Charlie Day gets to do some real acting!

Uncorrected transcript below:

Merry Christmas. What am I going to talk about today? Obviously this season 15 of it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Saturday in December, I decided to review. It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, not realizing Christmas was a Saturday. So I’m committed season 15, episodes, seven D sinks in a bog.

Max spends a day at the seminary to truly understand what it takes to become a priest, dennis and Frank planted an elaborate trap to humiliate Charlie’s pen pal D prepares for a date with an Irish doctor, Charlie bonds with his pen pal.

I thought that episode was very funny. The two episodes that were released this week, the best of the season

DAV club recaps it with max quest for an external source of validation continues as his hasty decision or hurl himself into his Catholicism. Merely allies in with the friendly student priest, Gus who’s reassuring talk of God’s accepting nature stems from his own predilection for, I’m going to pause here.

Um, so it’s really funny how they set up that, uh, the priest is suggesting to Mac that he’s gay and they’re both gay. And you’re wondering if they’re going to get it on. And then the other precess, he’s got a predilection for the wee lads. . I didn’t see that coming that got a real chuckle out of me on the.

Another funny scene is when the gang told him, no, dude, you are Irish. Mack was getting all into being Dutch and the gang revealed that they had paid Mac’s mother to tell him he was Dutch. So he wouldn’t be all annoyingly Irish while they were in Ireland. And they were like, too, did you really think your dad’s name was Luther Vandross?

Very, very.

the stuff with D in the bog. I didn’t really like it. And I saw the ending coming. They really telegraphed it. I don’t even think they tried to hide it, but it was obviously to me at the end of the episode, it was going to be D that would be the band. Not sure there was a payoff there. We’ve got some interesting views into Jenise being psychotic at the castle.

That’ll play into the next episode. Uh, the stuff with Frank was okay. Although when he was eating the meatballs and a spoiler, if you haven’t seen the episode, the meatballs were made out of feces. I laughed so hard. I was cringing. I couldn’t look at the screen, but I was crying.

Avi club ride season fifteens holds Dennis being possessed angle. Never worked entirely. I agree.

I get that it’s a sit-com but the waitress walking by the bog that D is stuck in, I dunno, just seemed a little too contrived. It was funny enough. I’m showing the D doesn’t know the waitresses name, but I don’t know just that whole subplot didn’t work for me.

All that said pretty funny episode, but the best episode of the season was the finals. The episode of the season, season 15 episode eight, the gang carries a corpse up a mountain. I love this episode. I’m going to put this among the best episodes of Sonny ever. Yes, that is high praise. The gang attempts to ascend a mountain.

In order for Charlie to fulfill an old and mysterious Irish burial tradition, one by one, the gang backs out until Charlie is left to honor the dead body alone. Lot of great character moments in this one.

First taken a back by Charlie’s pride at the ruse. He’s used to gather everybody at the base of a steep Irish mountain. What ruse asking us to go on a hike with your dad and us saying yes, the gang gets the real shock when Charlie reveals it’s his dad’s dead body in the duffle bag.

The death was chalked up to COVID. Did Dennis give the dad COVID? No. Frank gave him COVID but I thought Frank was vaccinated. We found out Frank didn’t get the government vaccine. He got the horse one. Then a great series of scenes as they’re all walking up the mountain and one by one, the gang starts to quit on surely.

Divine’s out that Frank dumped a boiling oil on her doctor dates. So she leaves Mack bells after the reveal about his mom’s lie, stomping away, determined to get yet another Shamrock high tattoo Dennis screeching don’t you dare get another Shamrock tattoo. You set up a bitch

that leaves just Frank behind until Charlie drinks from the wrong thermos, the one with urine, and then the other one with.

We get a nice moment. Frank says for what it’s worth, I’m sorry. I’m not your real dad. Charlie agrees. And then he drinks from the canteens. It says, why is it always something crazy with you? Charlie drags his father’s body up the hill by himself.

And then there was an actual touching moment and it’s always sunny. Like for real, I’m watching this and I’m like, wow, this is touching. Charlie is exhausted. And he says, I’m sorry, dad, I can’t do it. And then has a breakdown. He said, this isn’t fair. I shouldn’t have to carry you up this hill. You never carried me up a hill.

You never picked me up from school. You didn’t read me bedtime stories. He didn’t carry me on his shoulders. He never bounced me. I, you weren’t there. And I needed you. You were supposed to carry me. You were supposed to carry me.

Navy club rights. And so we cry along with Charlie, as he loan on a mountain far from Philadelphia, tells a dead man, the things Charlie Kelly needs to so badly tell everybody in his life, but. And then the gang comes back to his rescue. They’re in a borrowed pickup truck blasting the Star-Spangled banner everyone’s back.

They hurl a dad off the cliff, but it’s low tide. So the body just hits the rocks.

And everybody snaps back to normal Charlie rationalizes, that his father was a deadbeat and a gang all decides to head back to Philadelphia, chanting USA, USA. The gang is the gang and they will always, always have each.

Some observations from the AAV club, max perpetually heartbreaking, pathetic need for love and acceptance is summed up in his pretzel logic explanation to guess the pedophile priest, when God took away my Irish identity and made me Dutch to smite me for the urges that he gave me, what I made the original sin of being born.

And also in that final episode, Dennis knew a lot about how to get rid of a body. He kept suggesting chop up the bodies. So that’s more of the psychotic Dennis we’ve seen throughout the series.

Avi club gave the season a B I think that’s right on par the final episode. Episode seven and eight, but early in the season, not as on-point as some other things now having seen the entire season, they were clearly moving some pieces around the chess board for some great payoffs in episode seven and eight, but the individual episodes didn’t always click beside like a season grade of B is on point.

Continuing from last week, vultures 17 key episodes of Sonny, go back and listen to the December 18th episode of this podcast to hear part one of that, the gang hits the road, season five, episode two. That’s actually one I’m in the middle of, on my rewatch. Sonny’s character has caused so much damage to Philadelphia that the rare episode set anywhere outside of the greater Philly area standard.

The gang hits the road is the first time Charlie ever leaves, Philadelphia marketing, a big development for the character and providing countless jokes, both in this episode. And later in the series, season five, episode 10, the Dennis system forgot about that one. That could be one of the best ever. I really like the night man, cometh.

This could be up there as well at worst. This is probably the second best episode.

In the dentist system, viewers learn the extensive process behind Dennis’s manipulative seductions. It’s painful to watch, but a key window into his character. Season six, episode four, max big break.

In max, big breaks, several shows, most beloved secondary figures like rickety cricket, been the soldier and the waitress get moments to shine with their appearances serving as a welcome reminder of Sunny’s truly impressive. World-building

season seven, episode two, the gang goes to the Jersey shore. Is that episode that long ago, I feel like that was just a new episode. I watched like 10 minutes ago. Wow.

The gang goes in on a plan by D and tennis to relive their childhood memories. Does that happen? Absolutely not. What does happen though? Involves PCP puke and rum ham. Fun episode, season seven, episode seven charity, Mick Dennis, the game of games, also a good one, Frank and a dog cage, Dennis throwing beer, maca Charlie’s game pieces being smashed to ruined by the games.

Crazy vindictive winners, charity muck. Dennis is one of Sunny’s funniest episodes ever. And perhaps the strongest example of just how much fun the gang and viewers can have when they don’t feel like leaving the bar season eight, episode five, the gang gets analyzed.

That’s where they go to see the therapist. I feel like that just happened to, geez. These are seven, eight years ago as these episodes, I feel like the chess happened.

The gang Dines out season eight, episode nine, Mack, Dennis, Charlie, and Frank, and a solo dining de all separately. Go to. Because Gino’s and engage in increasingly disorderly competition only, and eventually joined forces at the expense of someone else. Another episode at the restaurant. Wow. Season 10, episode six, the gang misses the boat.

Matt goes on a misguided dating quest. Frank joins a different gang Dennis deals with his anger issues and Charlie and D do everything from explore Def. To maybe possibly sleep together. The gang misses the boat is proof that the show’s five leads are just as fun to watch on their own as together. And that starts to be where we start to see more solo episodes, which is one of my problems with season 13 next up, oh, I love this episode as well.

Season 11, episode five Mack and Dennis moved to the suburbs.

If you’ve ever seen the scenes of Dennis driving around in traffic, yelling at the other drivers, 100% me, I have issues love that episode. Season 13, episode four times up for the. After Patty’s is placed on the list of the worst bars for women, the gang attends an anti-sexual harassment seminar, and while it doesn’t exactly go swimmingly, each member does have an eye opening realization about their own less than ideal behavior.

Great episode. Does it change much? No, but it’s progress. And in season 13 episodes, 10 Mack finds his bride. Max denial of is clear to everyone else. Sexual orientation a running gag through all of. But in the season 13 finale things take a serious turn. When he comes out to his father via an elaborate and emotional choreographed dance.

It’s a stunning unforgettable. And despite the jarring change in tone from the rest of the episode, it’s by and large, one of Sunny’s most notable achievements to date. That is a great episode. This article again, vultures 17 key episodes of it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. And that is your comedy news for today.

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