Jay Leno gets quite candid about Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show

In a fascinating interview, Jay Leno tells his side of what went down when NBC tried to switch The Tonight Show to Conan O’Brien

Ali Wong: Don Wong drops on Netflix February 14th.

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross will reunite for the Paramount+ series “Guru Nation”

Chris Redd and Langston Kerman will star in Peacock’s Bust Down

Colin Quinn on who was best at hosting SNL’s Weekend Update (hint, he said Dennis Miller).

I’m Johnny Mac with your daily company news. For real, this is take six of me trying to get into this bent the right way. All right. Former president Trump, I kept forgetting to say the word. Former president Trump had some documents something January 6th something the documents were ripped up.

Finally, I have set the premise, the jokes, Jimmy Kimmel, the national archive did not explain how they knew they were ripped up by Trump. My guess is tiny little BBQ. Fingerprints. I didn’t nail that read. I can’t do it at seven times. Stephen Colbert sounds like during the pandemic, the people at the national archives also got into puzzles, Kobe air.

It violates the presidential records act to tear up official documents, but the former president had a very good reason. He was afraid of going to chill should just stop there. That joke winds Kobe era, according to white house advisors, Trump once ate a sensitive document. He would have eaten more sensitive documents, but he ran out of ranch.

Switching topics, Zach resorted and sweets. Uncle cracker is demanding Spotify, remove Joe Rogan, or he’ll put more music on Spotify.

Allie, Wong’s got a new special, this one called Don Wong. It’ll be on Netflix, February 14th. Hey honey. I know it’s Valentine’s day. I host a podcast in my basement. Can we watch a Netflix comedy special? This one was filmed near my house, sort of like an hour away at the count Basie theater in New Jersey.

Back in November in the special using the copyrighting rule of three Wong reveals her wildest fantasies, the challenges of monogamy and how she really feels about synchronous. Indie wire tells us Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are putting the Colts in cult comedy. Yeah. All right. They are reuniting for paramount pluses, a new series guru nation.

Odin Kirk and cross we’ll play rival cult gurus who manipulate the minds of their diluted followers. David Krause said after a year of having to be coined secretive about this, it gives me great pleasure to let y’all know about this new project, Bob and I are working on. It’s going to be unlike anything we’ve done so far.

Get ready to have your pants blown wide open Bowden. Kirk said, Hey, thanks for the heads up.

The V club has some news about that. Amy Schumer sit-com that I predict is going to be canceled really quickly.

You know, This one it’s called life. Avi collaborates. If you’ve been wondering what Michael Sarah’s been up to lately, we have an answer he’s been growing. A patchy beard.

Hulu has released a bunch of preview images for the soon to be canceled life and Beth that show Amy Schumer looking normal and Michael, Sarah. Patchy beard. It’s distracting, whatever will get over it. They write the official plot synopsis. I’ve read this in the past, but I would just need you to listen to this so you can understand why I am saying this is canceled already.

That’s life would look pretty great on paper, impressive to everybody she grew up with. She makes a good living as a wine distributor. She’s in a longterm relationship with a successful guy and lives in Manhattan. . When a sudden incident forces Beth to engage with her hast, her life changes forever through flashbacks to her teen self.

That starts to learn how she became who she is and who she wants to become. We’ll go on her journey towards building a bigger, bolder, and more authentic life learning to express herself and living in an intentional way. A trip down memory lane as a strong source of trauma comedy and moving forward it’s life.

And Beth soon to be canceled by Hulu. No buzzing how I met your father. I wonder if that’s going to get renewed or not, but talking about Jay Leno a lot lately, because that interview in the St. Pete catalysts was fantastic.

St. Pete didn’t pull punches. Hey, Jay Leno, there are people in comedy who still resent the whole Conan thing and resent that you batched yourself to that. Jay Leno said, here’s this thing. All right. When Conan came up, Don Ohlmeyer didn’t like him. He was going to give him 13 weeks. And I said to Don, look, I’ll promote Kona every night and say he was big.

Guests are tell people to stay too. Things go along fine. I get a call. Kona’s people want you out. They want the tonight show where they’re going to another network. And I said, guys, read my contract. It’s pay and play, not pay or play. I don’t want to get the money without work. I’m pay and play. You have to keep me on the air for the five years, as long as the ratings are there.

Okay. And look, when they want you out, you’re out, you can’t bitch and moan about it. I thought I was being gracious. I’m going to retire in five years. Conan’s coming up. Okay. Fine.

In that interim, Craig Ferguson came along suddenly he was beating Conan and NBC was like what are we done here? I said, guys, it’s not my call. And I was getting calls from ABC and CBS about going over there. That CBS part is interesting. Isn’t it?

That’s very interesting. Conan took over the tonight show in 2009. Where would Shaylin off gone? The CBS 1130. What about days? Hm, NBC came to me and they said, we do this 10 o’clock show. I said, that doesn’t make any sense. They said, look, we’ll pay your staff for two years. Pay everybody’s salary, regardless of what happens. I said, all right, let’s try that. All right. We tried the 10 o’clock show and it didn’t work. I’m going to jump in.

I think if they did it now, it would work. TV has changed. I think budget wise that would have been friendly. It was like five minutes too early. I know that thing bombed. I don’t think that was a bad idea by NBC. I think if he did that today, people would watch Jay Leno at 10 o’clock or 10 years ago, Jay Leno at 10 o’clock.

I don’t know if Jay’s too old to be on TV now who knows?

Jay said we tried the 10 o’clock show and it didn’t work. They came up with the idea you want to go on from 1130 to 12. And I said, that’s just going to cause a lot of Rinker let’s call Conan and see where they are with that.

And that’s when he quit and 10 BC that solved the problem. They said to me, all right, you’re back in your spot again, from their point of view was clever, like a. It was the same problem with me and Dave. They had hit show at 1130 and I hit show at 1230, moving Letterman down on the tonight show at 1130, wouldn’t have guaranteed a hit.

And then there would have been a hole at 1230 Conan came to NBC and it was not a success. I don’t know how that was my fault. I would read those articles Leno on demand at the tonight show back, and I had to give it to him. How did I get fired in the first place, if they had to give it to me, sounds like Jay’s really upset about this thing, huh?

That doesn’t make any sense where they had to pay me 150 million. There’s no 150 million that’s based on what.

So I never answered any of it. I just let it play itself out Howard stern and all those guys went on and on and that’s fine. That’s fine guys. Do what you gotta do. Something, if you’re worth saving, people will save you. If you have to save yourself, that’s not a good sign. Wow. And that’s what I. I said, I’ll let other people speak for me and we’ll see what happens.

And it turned out fine. I mean, I was sorry about it, but I’m not quite sure what I could have done differently. People said you shouldn’t have taken away the tonight show why it’s a job. When I took the tonight show from Johnny, there were people who said they should have ended the tonight show and retired.

It’s an insult. Now it’s a business. It’s a going concern. Somebody has to do it and they’ll find somebody to do it. It’s a job. It ended. I don’t wallow in it. I don’t, boo-hoo in it. It’s a job. Wow.

Wow. That was something from Jay Leno there. If you want to comment, there’s a Reddit. Subreddit is a daily comedy news. There’s a Facebook group, , daily comedy news podcast group on Facebook. Stephen Colbert has got a new cartoon coming out February 9th, [8:30] PM. I looked at it and I, it was just, you can hear me. The hyper-technical fear view looks at how national politics causes wild, small town drama, and the Natty light chugging, grocery store parking lot fighting public urinating town fair.

And it takes that look through the lens of it’s sloppy party. Girl turned pragmatic, mayor Kelly, Samson. I saw the trailer, I shared the trailer on the Facebook group and the Reddit. It doesn’t look good. I do some of the voice acting upon it and Shirley’s in there and James Austin Johnson. Who’s fantastic.

But this thing, it looks bad and the animation looks bad. Now it’s paired up with south park, which isn’t known for like awesome animation and south park is clearly a monster hit. So what I want. I didn’t do it for me from the root. Chris red is not satisfied with co-starring in Keenan and being on SNL.

He’s going to join Sam J and Langston Kerman in the new peacock comedy bust down is about four casino employees living dead in lies with debt and jobs in middle America and the massive mess they managed to make out of it. That’ll be out Thursday, March 10th on peacock. I like peacock because they spend a lot of ad money.

Thank you, peacock.

Colin Quinn was down at the miracle theater. He spoke to WTO P I tried to get to this during the week. It was just such a busy week. He likes that theater. Colin said the whole country’s filled with these old vaudeville houses even go to the small towns and there’s these old theaters and a beautifully restored.

It’s amazing. There’s a great feeling to it. There’s something elegant about it. All comedians love the crowds in DC, and that goes from the smartest to the stupidest.

Colin Quinn’s hole, WTP. He fell in love with comedy at an early age. Me and my brother used to listen to George Carlin and Richard Pryor albums all the time. My whole family loved Carlin cause it was the Irish Catholic, New York guy. But prior we couldn’t believe a funny was I saw David Brenner on the tonight show and I was like, oh, you can be a cool guy like this and do.

He started performing in 1984, working anywhere he could find work. Me and Chris rock once did it. When we had to perform on top of a pool table on Sunday, after the jets and giants played in Jersey, we were literally standing on top of the pool table in front of these guys, performing. There was no place to stand where everybody could see you.

So they said, go on top of the pool table. We were like, all right.

Good story here in 1994, Colin got a job writing on the last season of in living color. He remembered Jim Carey laughed halfway through the season to go make the movie ACE Ventura pet. Detective Collin said he thought Carrie was making mistake. Turns out he underestimated the pet detective Collins said, when you read a movie, if it says guy walks in a room, sits at a table and starts knocking glasses over.

You’re like, that’s not funny, but when Jim Carey does it, it’s going to make it something special. Collin replaced nor McDonald as the host of weekend update on SNL Norma’s fired over the OJ Simpson jokes. Collins said once norm got fired, they’re like, you’re doing it. And I’m like, I don’t want him leaving, but he’s gone.

I’m doing it. I made OJ jokes. I had to carry the tradition on the Clinton thing was a big one. Of course, when I was there. It’s so funny. When you look back, you go, that was really big. But at the time it was just the news happening.

Who does Colin Quinn think was the best weekend update hosts? I think it was Dennis Miller changed the game, but we’re forgetting Chevy. Chase Chevy. Chase was great at it. No one had ever done it before.

A lot more to that interview. Maybe I’ll save it for next weekend. And that is your comedy news for today. Follow this show on apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcasts, overcast, wherever you get your shows read at daily comedy news, Instagram at daily comedy news, Twitter at DCN pod Facebook group daily comedy news podcast group.

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