Jen Kirkman vs. Louis CK, crowds unhappy at Chris Rock show, Amy Schumer’s dropped Oscar’s joke

A very busy episode – Jen Kirkman has been quite vocal about the Grammys giving the award to Louis CK, and now she is getting backlash on social media.

Jada is said to believe Will Smith overreacted.

Attendees at Chris Rock’s Atlantic City shows had logistical problems getting in.

The jokes Amy Schumer dropped from the Oscars, including one about Alec Baldwin

Johnny Mac with your daily company news, there is so much to get to, again, we got the Louis CK thing we’ve heard from Chris rock. Amy Schumer talked about a joke. She did not say at the Oscars . Let’s start with late night real quick.

Jimmy Fallon talked about the 64th annual Grammy awards. And he said,

I think it was a good night overall because nobody was watching the uncensored Japanese version on Twitter. And that’s a good thing. Campbell said, dosha cat, nearly Mr. Acceptance speech. Cause she was using the bathroom. See, this is why they need litter boxes under the seats. I’ve said it a million times. Jimmy Fallon said it was a fun night, hours and hours of musicians performing for free or is that.

Spotify, Seth Myers. And I got to say as a 48 year old man, I was just happy to see someone at the Grammy’s whose name I knew. Amen, Seth.

All right, let’s start here. This was on chortle by Jen Kirkman. The day Louie CK tried to show me his penis. We’re going to talk a lot about Jen Kirkman and Louis CK today. The day Louis CK tried to show me his penis and why Dave Chappelle supporting him is so dangerous.

Turtle rights. Jen Kirkman has told them how Louis C K tried to expose himself to her and caught a Dave Chappelle’s support of the shamed comic as dangerous Kirkman told a story on her latest stand-up album. Okay. Gen X that came out last week.

Jen Kirkman first mentioned the inappropriate behavior back in 2015 and long before conduct became public. But at that time she didn’t name him saying she didn’t want to face the backlash. However, she’s now chosen to tell the full story, describing her experience as quotes, not a big deal compared to other people, unquote, but part of culture, especially in comedy that makes life harder for women.

She used to routine a Moxy case defense that he always asked for consent from the women. He asked to masturbate in front of as if that were normal behavior for a. Kirkman told her audience on the album. People say that’s comedy, but not really. People make dirty jokes to each other the same way you do with anyone you’re familiar with, but it’s still a work environment.

And it’s a work environment. You should be more careful of as it involves nighttime, the dark and alcohol, and sometimes hotels and traveling. You should actually think more carefully about making sure a woman doesn’t feel something scary is about to happen.

So this is my quick story. About the wonderful time, the very thoughtful Louis C CK asked my cousin. I get emotional as it was so sweet of him. She recalled how CK invited her for a drink after a gig in LA at a time when CK was doing well, but before he was super famous She thought little of it at the time as it was the same bar, comedians would always hang out. They’d hung out a few times and she knew he was married with kids. Then they headed to an upstairs area, separate from the main bar. Kirkman were called CK, said something along the lines of what if a guy you knew asked if he could, I want to clean this up, uh, do that thing in front of you.

What would you say. She said, I thought it was just a Reverend enough that it sounded like the way comedians talk. She thought he was trying to work out a new bit. And I was honored that maybe he was asking my opinion on the bit

like some loser guy. Imagine if there was such a loser, I’m trying to think of funny things back and he’s looking at me like, no, what if I really could do that? I still didn’t get it. I was like, maybe the punchline should be something else. And he was like, Jen, and I go, what? We’re not doing a bit. He said, what’d you think this was?

And I was like, oh, and then a friend came up. And he said, I was just showing gin pictures of my daughter as he had photos in his pocket. Isn’t that the sick part, my complete ignorance of what was happening made it, not that fun for him. I think he got off on people being scared. I think I wasn’t scared enough, just weird and confused.

So it didn’t end up happening. She then joked, I really regret it. What was his penis like?

Continuing from chortle Kirkman said CK continued to make unnecessary comments for several months, but added, I never felt unsafe around him. It’s not the end of the world. I still had a great career. I didn’t need him for. But for women in comedy, there’s always a threat of rain. So we carry an umbrella everywhere.

Men just get to walk out the door and assume it’s going to be sunny. We always have to be aware that the men we work with are trying to get something out of us. I’ve heard what you think. This was so many times the little things add up. They don’t destroy you, but you have to have different Kevlar on and it’s less fun.

It just changes things enough that it taints your experience. She then slammed Dave Chappelle for defending CK.

Saying that the comic blaming CKS victims for having a quote weak ass spirit was quote dangerous for culture. As every time she called out sexual harassment, she would get tweets and hate mail inspired bike. Chappelle’s comments going to dive in on that.

Jen Kirkman has tweeted several times this week. I’m going to dive in on her Twitter feed. One of her tweets says to every media person in my emails today asking me for comment about Louis C K. Stop asking me, ask male comedians. Why not ask Patton Oswalt, Judd Apatow, mark Marin, David crossbow, Burnham, Aziz and sorry.

Pete Holmes, Rory Scovel. Mike Birbiglia. Doug Benson. Ron Funches.

Some more tweets from Jen Kirkman, unfollowing, every male comedian. I follow it’s been fun fellows, but I can’t abide anymore. One more. I’m Reed squeezing my harassing comments. So any media outlets, trolling my feet of publish my tweets about Louis CK can see the harassment I get and stop asking women who are in a PTSD situation to talk about them and ask the male comedians or write about how male comedians are silent.

I’m on Twitter right now. This is a tweet from Jen Kirkman and following every male comedian. I follow show this thread. Let’s see some of the comp

oh, I was going to read you some of the comments I now seeing, and this is 1205 on Tuesday. This tweet has been deleted. Now why that’s unfortunate is I wanted to, and I had it all prepped this morning. I was just going to read them off my phone. I wanted to share some of the comments Jen was getting, and you could see how she is being attacked.

And here’s another tweet from Jen four minutes ago. So it’d be about 1203 on Tuesday. Hey, I made a mistake. You guys made mistakes, right? Would you want your whole life ruined because of it? But thing is he didn’t make a mistake. His behavior was deliberately planned sociopathy and it hasn’t stopped another topic completely.

And people who make mistakes are seeing themselves through his eyes. And they’re being brainwashed by sociopath. It’s a much, much larger discussion. That’s not about cancel culture. It’s about rape.

so Jen has been retweeting, some of the comments coming in her direction, one from somebody named Dante who wrote good for Louis CK, hard to feel bad for pathetic comedians like this. Meaning Jen, step one has terrible comedy. Special makes fun of Louis CK who asked for her.

Wow. Step two comedy specials, terrible zero presser buzz. Step three, ride his coattails for more attention, step four, stop asking

somebody named Titan wrote it didn’t happen at the workplace though. Unfortunately it’s a tricky situation. Everyone consented. It may have been an abuse of power, but as things are it, wasn’t. And he’s obviously rehabilitated himself. As I see, I think he’s done his time.

Juan tweeted, get over it. Lady Mo tweeted. How long is long enough? Y’all can’t cancel everybody and everything. Get over it after a while.

Katie tweets because Louis CK deserves the award. Man is a legend.

Scott Swedes don’t feel too bad. She herself has been harassing, calling out male comedians for at least 24 hours. Her playing the victim now and fishing for sympathy simply because people shot back at her is nothing short of pathetic, a case of being able to dish it out, but not.

The Hollywood reporter has a very insightful article. It asks, how did Louis C K win the Grammy anyway, even carrying that baggage? Great breakdown by the Hollard reporter. I also shared this full article on the subreddit daily comedy news and in the podcast group, daily comedy news podcast group, the Hollywood reporter writes Grammy voters.

Often gravitate towards familiar names, especially in quote down-ballot categories. This was Louie’s fourth nomination and third win in the category.

One of only three comedians to win three times since 2000, the others, George Carlin and Dave.

The Hollywood reporter writes CK also caught a break when the recording academy rule that Bo Burnham’s inside, which was the biggest hit of the year in billboards, comedy albums chart, didn’t meet the criteria to compete in the category.

Instead Bo Burnham’s album had to go up against for best compilation soundtrack, visual media category, typically reserved for original music composed for films, TV shows, and video games. At wound up not even being nominated there. The academy has a new rule in place informally called the 10 slash three rule, which was intended to cut down on the practice of voters, roaming around the ballot and voting in categories in which they’re not experts.

All right. I hadn’t been familiar with that rule. I think that rule is a good rule. Let’s see all voting members may vote in these so-called big four categories, album record song of the year, plus best new artist.

After that they may vote no more than 10 other categories chosen from no more than three other fields. Best comedy album is the only category in the comedy field. So voter would have had a use up one of the three fields to vote. There are 24 fields not counting the general.

So it’s fair to say that voters in the comedy community supported CK, despite the controversy voters from outside the comedy community, weren’t likely using up a field just to ding him. Uh, all right. Let’s split that apart. I think that rule is great. So I don’t have a vote, but say I did have a vote.

I have some expertise in the comedy field. I don’t consider myself an expert at all and say, I don’t know.

Best global musical performance, not my thing. So I wouldn’t build there. That makes sense.

And so if you’ve listened for a few years, you know that I have a stick up my hat about what the Grammy’s consider an album. Some things that they consider an album I consider to be. Really TV specials, but I don’t want to bog down in that today cause we got a lot to get to. So just accepting that the nominees for best comedy album were Lucy case sincerely Lavelle.

Crawford’s the comedy of vaccine, Chelsea handler’s evolution, Louis blacks. Thanks for risking your life. Naper Gatsby is the greatest average American and Kevin Hart’s zero. F’s given again, putting aside, arguing over what is an album or not. If I had a vote between that list, I would have picked a neighbor.

Gatsby is the greatest average American.

Comedian Moana shake. I hope I’m pronouncing your last name, right? It’s S H a I K H did a guest article in the Hollywood reporter saying the message. This award sends to CKS victims and other female comics and comedy writers is that their cries will fall on deaf ears and might well backfire.

It was November, 2021. I was in New York city for the New York comedy festival. When I was invited by comedian friend of the comedy cellar being invited was the only way I could have gotten in it’s the only way anyone can get in by knowing the right people.

. So there I was part of the inner circle. Claiming a coveted spot among comedians mingling with other comedians and sitting across from Louis CK. I thought, how is this guy allowed at the club after his five finger shuffle in front of unsuspecting innocent women?

After all this was the prestigious comedy club. It had no shortage of great and famous comedians put on stage and put butts in seats. Why him.

In my many years, working as a comic, I understood the business to be a boys club, but men favoring other men. And yet I was surprised to learn that the Booker of the club was a woman. I also learned in 29 interviews, she referred to the accusations against CK as quote, unfortunate and to offended comedians as quote holier than now.

This is the kind of all too common mentality, female comedians on this battle with when dealing with bookers start to come together. The boys club, isn’t a club of boys. It’s called a people, male and female who favored boys.

Skipping ahead. Mona writes in comedy. It’s still a good time to be a sexual abuser. The message this award sends to CKS victims and other female comics and comedy writers is that their cries will fall on deaf ears and might well backfire. Not strips because men in the industry is porting other men. But because the system is broken, the comedy establishment sends a dog, whistled, a sexual predators for giving their abusive actions.

As long as they offer a superficial apology, often drafted by their policies and go underground for a year or so. After that they emerge and revive their careers. It’s assumed they’ve changed even though there’s no evidence of change. Meanwhile, Female comics are given no such benefit, no such breaks.

It’s a slap in the face of all the brave women who came forward, risking their careers and reputations to really industry of toxic behavior. Why is Louie CK given a pass? When many women comics aren’t even letting the door, what exactly is wrong with the system? It boils down to the gatekeepers.

And comedy to be given opportunities. You need to perform a clubs, four clubs. You have to be selected. Bookers decide to gets exposure by allowing Lucy Kay, to continue performing at their clubs. They’re essentially enabling him to have a chance of success, no matter how many sexual abuses of power he commits.

And by deciding not to nurture female comedians, no matter how good they are, the bookers are essentially assigning that those women won’t have careers.

When I sat across Louis CK, the comedy cellar thought to myself, this guy has two daughters. His lack of empathy is pretty jarring. If that alone doesn’t open his eyes. When I think about how the world he works in the world that supports and nurtures him carries the same lack of empathy that it makes sense in life.

You get what you tolerate, and we don’t want to tolerate this anymore.

All right. That’s a lot for the first half there let’s come back and we’ll talk, Chris rock

from the Hollywood reporter, Kenny rock that’s Chris’s younger brother. He’s weighing in on the slap.

Kenny rock talks to the LA times, said it eats at me watching it over and over again because you’ve seen a loved one being attacked. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

He said Chris was no threat to Smith who had no respect for Chris in that moment and belittled him in front of the millions of Oscars viewers.

I might’ve looked at it differently. Had he initially apologized when he got on stage and cry and accepted the award, but he didn’t. So right there tells me that this is something else.

The joke was funny. Wasn’t hilariously funny, but I know that if he knew that she had alopecia, he wouldn’t made a joke about that, but he didn’t.

Chris rock performed at the Borgata in Atlantic city. Over the weekend ticket resellers, we’re getting as much as a thousand dollars a ticket for Saturday show. Wow. Philly mag says those who had already bought their tickets were greeted with long lines and frustration at Borgata. Many fans had to wait in line at the box office, or rather wait in line to get to the box office since the long, long line snaked around the casino floor, just to pick up will-call tickets there also the fans that had bought digital tickets who learned upon arriving that they had to wait in line to exchange those digital tickets for paper tickets that doesn’t make any sense to me.

One digital ticket holder. It’s old Philly mag. I love Chris rock, but this S is ridiculous.

Then there was the waiting in line to get to the 2,400 seat venue. See, this is why going to a live show. And I don’t just mean comedy. I mean, everything now is such a pain in the neck. We’ve all got 70 in shy. Duff TVs just stay home is sometimes the right thing to do.

There was one security line that fed fans through metal detectors. Then there was yet another line where fans had a lock, their cell phones inside yonder pouches. I hate that.

Many seem displeased with the no phones policy. I spent $600 on two tickets and can’t even get a picture of Chris rock said one disgruntled woman describes to have a thick New York accent.

The first show was scheduled to start at seven. Chris rock took the stage at eight that’s annoying as well. But Philly man speculates that was likely due in no small part to the fact, there were still hundreds of fans waiting in the affirmation lines.

30 minutes after the scheduled start time, fans grew, audibly annoyed as the minutes tick by, but the grunts and groans displayed. As soon as Chris rock came out, he repeated the line from the Boston shows. I had a whole show written long before that S. that got limited enthusiasm says Philly, mag Philly, mag ads.

The man seated to my right later told me he was disappointed that rock didn’t talk about the Oscar slap said he only came to hear about that, but things picks up once. Rock launched into a scripted material, which touched on everything from aids to Ukraine, to Lula melons, parenting

rock made it through an anti-Trump tirade at one point yelling F Trump, without anybody in the audience firing back. The only time the audience seemed to collectively cringe was when Chris rock had tackled abortion. He mocked the notion of a safe abortion, noting that a safe abortion as an abortion where only one person dies a guest as for his own stance on abortion. Rock joked, he’s not pro choice, but pro better choice.

Ladies, if you have to pay for your own abortion, get an abortion. Leave these minimum wage penises alone.

From the daily mail, Jada Pinkett Smith wishes will Smith. Didn’t get physical with Chris rock, but isn’t angry with her husband. The couple is apparently in agreement that Smith quote overreacted and our quotes all about their family and their kids.

An insider told us weekly, it was in the heat of the moment and it was him overreacting. He knows that she knows that they’re an agreement that he overhead. They also said Pinkett Smith is not a wallflower, nor one of those women that needs protecting. He didn’t need to do what he did.

Chelsea handler praised Chris rock saying he was a professional. Wasn’t necessary to be reactive. I think the reaction has heard now and it’s appropriate and people have really felt for him. I feel for him, he’s an incredible guy. I love the way he handled it and respect him even more. Chelsea’s boyfriend, Joe Koy said, I can’t wait for Chris’s take on it.

It’s going to be serious and funny at the same time. He’s the king. And he showed everybody why he’s the king. It was beautiful. What he did.

Shaquille O’Neal weighed in because why not? Shaq said this all goes back to 2016, quoting Shaq. I’m hearing from the streets that we’ll see in Chris and said, Hey man, chill out that, ah, let it go. Chris kind of blew him off, but still somebody blowing me off.

I got him in that phone. I’ve always said that a man’s job is to P P L. If you go back to the tape is, you know, I like to be my own detective will laugh. He laughed and then Jadah and then check me to face. That’s when PBL kicks in. Cause all your married guys know unhappy wife, unhappy life. Now that you saw Jayda uncomfortable, he was like, I’m probably gonna have to deal with this at home until that board chill out.

And now he’s disrespecting me. He went up and did what he had to do

And we’ve learned some of the jokes Amy Schumer did not say at the Oscars one. Don’t look up as the name of a movie more like don’t look down the barrel of Alec Baldwin, shotgun, little rough. Not that funny. She probably would have told a better some of the other jokes now, I haven’t seen the detailed jokes, but apparently she dropped things about James Franco and Joe.

Amy said, I wasn’t allowed to say any of that, but you can just come up and slap someone. follow this show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever your shows, if you would like to show without commercials and early releases become a premium subscriber for $5 a month on apple podcasts, who things do not slow down around here.

All right. See you tomorrow.

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