JFL Montreal: Gianmarco Soresi is the one to watch – plus Pete Holmes has a Bill Burr impression!

The 20th New Face of the News Faces, Gianmarco Soresi, may be the one to keep your eye on. New Faces Group 2 was amazing with 9 of the 10 sets really really strong. Johnny Mac has the recap.

Pete Holmes has a sneaky good Bill Burr impression

The Patton Oswalt Gala is tonight

More from Jimmy Carr

Mag with your daily comedy news coming to you from Montreal. It’s about 1130. It just came out of new faces group two. Can I wait to tell you about that? But quick, late night, if I can squint on my phone here in the dark to see the charco taco is going away. See if a Cobert said no, not the Chuck Osako was the only dessert with as much a real. A taco bell. Go there again. I guess the answer to what would you do for a KAK bar? The answer murder, your childhood. Wow.

Trevor Noah, the taco taco is the perfect

American fusion of cultures. That’s right. It’s Mexican and sugar.

Now let’s talk new faces in group two here P homes, by the way, really impressive MC and I didn’t really do him justice in, when I said about yesterday’s episode in group one, he did a great job of not throwing fast balls. And he talked about on stage. I, he comes out in, he absolutely crushes. He’s making it harder for the new comics we were trying to request, especially the industry.

So Pete would kind of lo him in and not try as hard, not bring his best stuff. It doesn’t mean. Funny, but it was not his a game, but that was delivered. Nice move by Pete Holmes,

new faces grip two. Wow. Nine outta 10, crushed it. First up all Culbert. She had some really good material about being a serial killer. Um, my own little notes here is some of the, community’s got a star LA Cobert got a star for me, whatever that’s.

Second up a Emil Waki. I wrote down the word a charisma, really great stage presence

and did just a killer joke about, uh, Greta Berg, the environmental spiral. I will just go his material or ruin it. When you see him, it is just a great, great set. Pink Fox is a transgender comedian. They absolutely. As well. So those three stars, three for three out at the top and his next couple were really good.

Just half a step down from the three openers.

Andrew Arafo. I liked him a lot. I wrote he’s got a little Hannibal burst in him, meaning his storytelling style that I did have a tough draw. It was just, it wasn’t bad at all. In fact it was really good. Wasn’t as like really awesome missed the first three,

Laura peak was in the five slot and a nice solid set there again, another tough draw. She did some really good jokes about Tennessee. I’m trying to read my own chicken scratch here in the dark on number six was a Skylar HBI. Skylar did some material about growing. As an African American,

his parents are white

and he had an absolute great, great closer, uh, did some material about Jesus Christ as being part of a fraternity. Uh, I was really apostle telling the stories about all of JCS. Awesome adventures. Really fantastic.

Seventh up Forio Kaso from Chile had a really good take on Americans and Americans calling themselves Americans, not the most original premise, but a good, good take on that one. And had probably the best joke of the entire night, all 20 comedians. So keep an eye on Forio.

The eight spot. Uh, Brian Bahi is an indigenous comedian. Really good set as well, a half step down off AIO. Uh, but by no means bad Hannah burner in the nine spot. Um, my college age son, the nine, neither one of us was feeling it. Hannah was doing her material clearly targeted to resonate with women and I’m not a woman.

So I just kind of, I don’t know, didn’t didn’t connect. I’ll let someone else stretch that. Um, but here’s the one to keep the eye on and the. Of group two,

John Marco CREI, he’s got some John Melan in him. Pete Holmes called him, that serial killer version of Jeff BL. And he said was absolutely fantastic. The writing was so crisp and what a great way to go out on. I’d probably put him, so he definitely won the, the group two. And if I had to look at the combination of both sets, I’d put.

A second best overall. And I’m looking back from my notes. I gotta learn these people’s names for group one.

Ethan summons is a Pressman. I can’t read my own notes in the dark. I’m standing seriously in new illustrate across from McDonald’s trying to get some light from a store, but the guy I told you about yesterday, He’s the best one. And, uh, the, the closer tonight, the second best one, I’m back home. And I have proper notes in front of me.

I’ll run through this again next week, but new faces group two. Wow. Uh, just for laughs. Overall, the two shows tonight. So, and I’ve seen you faces before. This was a much higher percentage than the usual of just absolute crushing from memory. I think it was 17 end to 20 were really good. And I’m not saying the other three were bad, but 17 outta 20 were really good.

And Pete homes. Job THEC. All right. So the second half of the podcast today, we’ll take the break a little early. The second half is recorded in the studio back before I left on the trip and more from, just for last Montreal tomorrow, but don’t leave. There’s more. Don’t forget to let me know who you’d rather have cooked for you. Jim Gaffigan or Sebastian Maniscalco, go to the daily comedy news Facebook group. Find the picture of those two gentlemen, you could do the same thing on Instagram at daily comedy news, as a picture of Sebastian, a picture, Jim, and you’re gonna tell me who you would rather have cook for you.

I’ll update that over the weekend. Tonight at the Montreal comedy festival of the Patton Oswald gala, the Holly reporter spoke to Patton Oswald and said, , who do you find to bounce material off these days? Pat new has a new Netflix special coming out in September, said a few months before the special I’ll book, two nights in a row, once a month down at like the Irvine improv, a road comedy club, where you really have to edit and hone your stuff down.

There’s nothing more humbling than a weeknight audience that doesn’t of time for you. They’ll let you know how you did know uncertain terms. Patton was of course asked about cancel culture and said, you shouldn’t just cancel out of context. But I also think comedians have a responsibility to evolve and try to push things forward and pushing the envelope. Doesn’t mean digging your feet in while the envelope moves forward, you should be ahead of that envelope.

That’s how you should be pushing it. And again, the whole battle over wokeness, it’s nothing new. It happened in the eighties, happened in the nineties and it happened again in another form. That’s what I was talking about in the special, I do a joke about the future. What I’m gonna be canceled for, and you don’t know, but at least you wanna try to keep progressing.

The other thing I’d say is comedy always worked better with restrictions. Think of the restrictions that Richard Pryor and George Corland had before them. Lenny Bruce, they found clever, brilliant ways around whatever the restrictions were. That’s what made it so fun and thrill.

Called MTL spoke with Jimmy Carr.

And they said, given your appearance that this year’s just for laughs apparently your efforts to end your own career have been unsuccessful. Jimmy said, it’s a weird thing. I did call part of my show, career Enders, and then almost got canceled. I mean, there’s canceled and there’s canceled. I seem to get canceled BI annually and it’s.

Always over joke. There’s a difference between the mock outrage that comes with comedian, tells a joke and gets canceled and someone who really gets canceled. It seems like an occupational hazard and it’s unavoidable given the kind of stuff I do. But I think people realize particularly comedy fans that my jokes are from my head, not in my heart, and I’m not trying to change.

Anyone’s voting habits. Am I.

If you take comedy out of context and present it to people who don’t realize, it’s not a statement, they don’t get it, but why would they, they’re looking at their Facebook feed and suddenly it’s vile hate speech and they go, this is terrible. And you go, no, no, no, no. Within context, it’s ironic. It’s SAR organic and it’s dark and it’s fun, but they haven’t seen the first 57 minutes of the show.

so it ends up becoming comedy for people who didn’t want, or weren’t expecting comedy. If I’m honest, I think the average band on the street is pretty bright and a lot of this is mock outrage who actually confuses my joke with hatred

people who choose to come and see my show have a fantastic time. We get on, you know, it’s almost like a friendship. I mean, think about the people you really laugh with. It’s your friends, family, a couple of comedians that really get you and your personality and your sense of humor really tied up together.

And then suddenly you get to a. Fame or notoriety and your comedy gets exposed to people who don’t wanna hear that kind of comedy as a comedian. You desperately wanna be like, but it’s okay for people to be offended. And to not like it, I mean, there are those who turn it off and say, I don’t like this.

It’s a bit much for me. And I don’t like it. But to say, I don’t think anybody should be allowed to hear that those are two different things.

New faces of comedy international showcase today seven o’clock

a near bond. Du Gupta is a Mumbai based standup comedian writer with a distinct comedic style since leaving behind his career as a corporate salesman. he’s headlined at major comedy clubs and festivals around India and abroad.

Blake Freeman is one of Australia’s brightest new comedians making a name for himself with his own brand of energetic and disarmingly, honest comedy. Blake won the best newcomer award at the 2019 Milburn international comedy festival. Katherine Bohart is an award-winning comedian writer and actor.

She has fast become one of the most sought after comedians in the UK and Ireland after her debut solo show immaculate premiered at the 2018 Edinburgh fringe.

She’s co-hosted the BBC sounds podcast and radio four show you’ll do and has appeared on multiple radio shows, including the now show, the news quiz, museum of curiosity, and a good read. She also has a special on Amazon prime called immaculate Geraldine. Hickey won the most outstanding show award at the 2021 Melbourne comedy festival.

Her 2019 show things are going well, received a nomination from Melbourne comedy festival award for most outstanding show. And she took home the coveted comedian’s choice piece of wood award. From 2016 to 21, she was a cohost on a breakfast radio show in Australia. That’s neat. Jason Long is one of Malaysia’s best and brightest standup comedians.

His 2020 Netflix special hashtag blessed

dived into his transition from medical doctor to professional joke, tiller his latest show. Hedi completed a sold out run at the Melbourne international comedy.

Michelle brazer is a multiple award-winning actor, singer writer, and comedian on the small screen brazer has featured on network tens drunk history. Australia brazer is widely known for her collaborations with absurd comedy sketch group, anti Donna.

Reese James sardonic wit combined with this playful style have made him a firm favored on the British comedy scene.

James will debut a us audience as a regular panelist on the great American joke off soon to air on the C w network. Sophie der D U K E R is hysterical. Intellectual new comedy voice in 2021. She took home the funny women best comedy writer award as voted by producers, head writers and industry executives.

Her first standup hour Venus saw her nominated for best newcomer at Edinburg fringe. Susie RA is a comedian who has said five sellout runs at the Edinburgh fringe festival racking up critical acclaim from reviewers and audiences alike. She’s now on tour with her show dance like everyone’s. And got a nomination for best standup show at the national comedy awards.


wary NEN is a comedian writer and filmmaker. His show nomad has taken him to different cities on four continents, performing in English, French, Arabic, and Spanish uses his keen sense of observation and improv skills to highlight the differences between east and west, bringing people of different backgrounds together, laugh about themselves.

switching gears after career and telecommunications, he now appears regularly on French TV and his political satire is featured on Francophone radio, new faces of comedy international tonight at seven o’clock. And boy, my voice is gonna give out cuz I got one more to tell you about new faces of comedy Canada tonight nine 30.

. A Jonas. Charlie is a black non-binary comedian who has performed at CBC Jim’s new wave of standup. They are a cast member of the second city touring company and star in the HBO mini series station 11 and bell media sitcom. Shelved Ali Pierce is a standup comedian writer on the award-winning TV show letter.

She’s the winner of J L’s, 2021 standup and pitch competition. Good job, and has performed for tapings at the Winnipeg comedy festival. CBC’s new wave of standup and CBC’s the debaters Ben Sosa Wright is a pretty queer and Latinx standup comedian writer and improviser from Toronto.

Wright was named one of CBC’s 15 Canadian comics to watch in 2019 and performs in clubs all over the country.

Claire Bellford is a comedian who cut her teeth on the road all over her home province of Alberta telling deeply personal jokes to crowds of drunk tradesmen from Fort McMurray to red deer, you know, red deer.

Her debut album, the entire cabbage was selected as one of the best of 2021 by NPR Connor. Christmas was born in Calgary, raised in high river Alberta. They began their standup career while taking feeder, going to any open mic they could, despite there not being many in the small.

You can find their face, pop up in a variety of different TV series on multiple streaming services. Laura LIBO has used her wit and laid back comedic style to become an in-demand comic in the Toronto standup comedy scene.

She’s the editor of the comedy website on the original and host two podcasts for the Canadian Jewish news.

Malik Al is a Lebanese Canadian standup writer and actor from the streets of Northeast Calgary. In the past year, Al has won the yuck yuck top comic competition in the hometown of Calgary recorded sets for the Winnipeg comedy festival. And CBC’s the new wave of standup.

Mike Green started in Winnipeg and began learning the rules of the road a decade ago with the raise, the Wolf fundraiser shows, which benefit animal shelters, all across Canada.

He’s got a show he created for five TV, one called comedy battle Royale with an E at the.

Wasim L Mooner began his comedy career, like most standups while teaching ESL in South Korea. enjoyed it so much. The quit his job at you can English academy and moved back to Canada to pursue comedy more seriously.

In 2018 L Mozer was named by the Montreal. Gazette is one of the artists to watch and was featured on the BBC arts hour. And CBC’s laughter

new faces of comedy. Canada is at nine 30 tonight.

Let’s take a look at the schedule four today.

It starts at [11:00] AM by any joke necessary. Amanda seal’s keynote address.

Is it the double tree grand salon opera, Alonzo Boden [11:00] AM. Who’s paying attention also at the double tree who’s paying attention is a weekly audio podcast giving you Alonzo’s take on what’s going on in the world. Did I know Alonzo was a podcast? think I did actually.

Three o’clock the, just for laughs awards show Amy Schumer’s comedy person of the year has on Minhaj, standup comedian of the year, Gerard Carmichael’s comedy special of the year, Taylor Thomason, breakout comedy star of the year. And James, a caster rising comedy star of the.

Seven o’clock flua Borg’s dancing party. note dancing, not required. Also partying, not required. Just do whatever you like. See ya there. Hi, it’s me. Flua that’s one of the free outdoor shows. That’s at seven, seven. O’clock an evening with Sam, Jay. Seven o’clock comedy night in Canada, seven o’clock Brit ish, seven o’clock to Patton Oswald gala.

I mean, he’s here. How big this festival is and the choices you have to make seven o’clock Katherine Ryan seven o’clock Krista Stephano seven o’clock new phases, international seven o’clock Tommy tearing in seven o’clock Hassan Minhaj. I just rolled off 10 shows all at seven o’clock and they’re all.

seven 30 Naish Patel,

eight o’clock Kevin Hartz eight o’clock Festa at the nest eight 30 mark Marin nine o’clock J Farrow nine o’clock Rosebud baker. I mean, how huge is this Trixie Mattel at nine 15. Chris red at nine 30, Pete Holmes at nine 30. New faces Canada at The Eliza lesser gala.

10 30 Mateo lanes, 10 30 on his PO is 10 30 Fest at the nest 10 30 Reese Nicholson, 1159 red storm. The red is Chris red and the storm. Who is the storm? Moses storm. Oh yes. 1159, Neil Brennan, 1159, alternative show 1159 midnight. Surprise. That is a jam packed Friday at, just for laughs. And that is your comedy news.

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