Jim Gaffigan on his kids getting into comedy

Jim Gaffigan on his kids getting into comedy as a career

Sam Morill on bodegas

Some Comedian Action Figures you could buy

Jeff Dunham on how he makes his dummies.

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A local comedy podcaster, recorded a 12 minute podcast and realized he forgot to unmute his microphone, resulting in none of the podcasts being recorded. Sources say the episode spoke about Jim Gaffigan.

Mark Norman and Jeff Dunham, but was lost a time due to the incompetent behavior of the host

Welcome to Take two. Tampa Bay eight night guide. Caught up with Jim Gaffigan. Hey, Jim Gaffigan, A lot of the content you do is focused on your home life and family. How do your kids feel about that?

Gaffigan said. Yeah. It’s so interesting cuz you know, being a comedian is similar to every stage where we have children. There’s a point where they’re like, they don’t know what you do. They’re maybe impressed at some point and then they’re like not impressed. But I would say they’re an endless source of material.

and if you’re not complaining about your kids, you’re not present enough. You know what I mean? Uh uh. Jim is making me laugh here because my kids have no idea what I do. I just, I call it, I go down to the basement and I talk to myself, and it’s probably from them. They’re like, why is dad home all day? What is he even doing all day?

Because it looks like I’m goofing off on the laptop all day, but you know, I have to write these things. I have to edit them, I have to post them their social media. I’m not saying I’m a construction worker out in the a hundred degree heat. I’m not complaining at all, but I could see my kids being like, what do you do all day?


Tampa Bay Date Night Guide, which is your home for comedy. I forgot to mention that said to Jim, your 17 year old son, Jack Gaffigan has performed before and even open for you at one point. Is that something he wants to continue doing? Will he follow in your footsteps? Jim said, granted, my son is 17, but you never have an idea of how long this interest is gonna last.

You know, a kid could be really in a buzz light year, so he converted the room in a buzz Lightyear thing, and then they’re like, ah, I don’t like Buzz Lightyear anymore. I also want to encourage them, but I don’t wanna force him to do it. He’s done it a. , but I’m also very much in the approach of letting him bring it up to me when he wants to do it.

Good parenting. Jim Gaffigan. What about the other kids? Jim said

they’re all kind of funny. You know, it’s weird sometimes even in parent teacher conferences, the teacher will be like, your child’s very funny. And I’m like, I want them to learn to read and. . So it’s one of those things, you know, you’re just falling along, seeing where it’s going to happen.

Mark Norman and Sam Morell do a podcast called We Might Be Drunk in which they drink, talk about the comedy world and ramble through random recommendations and observations Out of that, they’ve released a special label booze called Bodega Cat Whiskey. It reflects on their lives In New York where there are bodegas on many corners. Sam Marrell said There’s something special about the bodega experience, like the weird little guy behind the counter who knows way too much about your life. He sees you at [2:00] AM and then he sees you again at [10:00] AM He sees you making the mistake and then he sees you paying for the mistake the next.

Correct. Has an Article 11 comedian Action Figures you can find on eBay ranked by how much they’re going for. Are you ready for these? First up, 9 93 will get you Dan Akroyd as Baar the Conehead. Number 10, the blue collar comedians for 17 bucks. Now as part of the licensing deal, it’s just Jeff, Larry, and Bill Ron White apparently did not get a doll.

Also the description says, squeeze their ample beer bellies, and each one spouts off one of six homespun jokes. Now, Larry, yeah, Larry’s got a bit of a belly. Jeff Foxworthy does not. Bill Engal does not. I’d actually describe Jeff Foxworthy as skinny.

Been in the room with all three of these men many times, so I don’t know why the Jeff Foxworthy doll would’ve a beer belly. By the way, according to the listings, bill and Larry are the cable guy. Need new batteries? Guess people didn’t play with the bill. Engal won that much. Next up for 20 bucks.

John Belushi in his animal house persona with the college. $29 and 26 cents would get you a boar at, but only the head. It’s a custom made boar at one six scale head direct from Kazakhstan by way of China.

The description is 100% brand new and high quality. Very nice. Uh, this next one for 32 bucks. Colin Quinn, Jay Leno, and Robert Klein. It’s a. Crack says maybe you wanna recreate a lost 1993 episode of The Tonight Show, or raise money from the homeless by putting on your own comic Relief. 13 ABO Costello, a set for 49 95.

Gabe Kaplan. Looks like it’s in the original. Welcome back, Cotter Packaging, 57 29. If you wanna play with Mr. Cotter, it’s been almost 50 years. I’d leave that in the packaging at this point.

A custom Bill Burr will run you $100. , this is not a Mandalorian figure. This is Bill Burr as a comedian and a blue shirt and some black pants. Comes with a microphone and it’s on a faux back canner card. That looks like a Star Wars backing card, but it is not as a custom.

The third one is someone named Egg Sheira, who I was unfamiliar with, apparently a Japanese comedian. And as I mentioned on the open, this is the second time I’m doing this list and it wasn’t that interesting the first time, so skip it. Move along. Number two, Rob Schneider, San Francisco Giants edition, 200 bucks.

This is Rob Schneider in Plaid Pants wearing a San Francisco Giants jersey. Not sure why that.

But crack points out, there are 13 of them on eBay. You can buy the one for $200, but somebody else is selling it for 1797. And the one that boggles the mind is a signed Gabriel AGLs. Funko Pop going for $4,000, cracked rights. For some reason, Funko has released countless editions of fluffy figures.

There’s Tapio, fluffy stadium, fluffy, a away stadium. Fluffy, fluffy with Dogs Day, the dead, fluffy. all, more or less with AGLs accurate body types. But if you wanna splurge this $4,000 signed Pop Comedians edition is for you.

Today it be Snow Jam Comedy Festival. Are you in Sioux Falls, South Dakota? If you are, I hope you’re at the festival. If not, what are you?

Kicks off today at [11:00] AM Intro to Improv with Improv Falls. [11:00] AM is awesome. I like to go to bed at night at [11:00] AM Show I’m there. That’s a boss Comedy club. Jackie Cain.

She’s recording the Dork Forest Live podcast

that’s happening at one o’clock at the Spellbound Magic Shop and Theater. That sounds like a fun place. Let me look that up.

Spellbound Magic Shop resides in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

They have a pop-up ad that offers you 10% and messes up your flow as you’re trying to read some copy for your podcast just pops up and it blocks the sentence you’re trying to read. We have a small shop full of beginner magic to advance routines. We offer classes and have our very own private 50 seat theater for parlor shows and variety acts.

Looks like a good time.

At five o’clock. Awesome. Start time again. So cool. The Snowflake’s Comedy Showcase.

10 comedians love a 10 comedian showcase. I really truly enjoy that type of show cause you get to see so many new faces and get turn on a new Comedians Plus it’s at five o’clock, so I could bang out 10 comedians and a host and then go to bed. Whew. Love it. at seven 30. Still nice and early. The Hot Cocoa Comedy Showcase.

This one also features 10 comedians from around the country, but not the same. 10 boy back to back. If I could see 20 comedians and be done by [9:00] PM go back to my room. Watch the football game tonight. Ooh, love this festival. And then a few crazy people that can stay up to midnight. Jackie Cain is your headliner.

She’s playing at 10 o’clock at Boss’s Comedy Club, the Snow Jam Comedy Festival. Nice job folks. If you wanna check out some information, snow jam comedy fest.com.

Decider was asking Jeff Dunham about how the puppets get made. He said, I really seriously didn’t get into the dummy making until the mid eighties when I was in college. Back then it was plastic, wooden, and fiberglass. And those are the mediums that I used until like 10, 12 years ago. I still sculpt them in clay.

However, I do have a digital sculptor now that helps me. Every once in a while I’ll give them notes and they’ll come up with something digitally and we put it together.

But when I have time, I make them out of clay. Then I do a 3D scan, and then I build the shell of dummy with a 3D printer. So yeah, there’s still a little human element in there.

I like this next part. I hated doing the fiberglass stuff. The Walter that I use now, I made out of fiberglass and after getting high in the garage, not meaning to, I thought it was a horrible thing. Apparently fiberglass makes you high. So I would give the sculpts to somebody else and he would make the fiberglass head for me, but I got outta fiberglass as fast as possible.

That is for people who have air filters, . And that’s your comedy news four today, follow the show for free on Apple Podcast, Spotify. YouTube. I’m gonna make sure I actually save this file. See you tomorrow.

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