Jim Gaffigan on the Joe Rogan Experience: I’d take Biden’s corpse over Trump

Jim Gaffigan was on with Joe Rogan where they talked comedy, spirituality and politics. It was a good listen.

John Mayer and Jeff Ross went to LAX to pick up Bob Saget’s car.

Zooey Deschanel will have a new New Girl recap podcast.

Dana Carvey and David Spade have started an SNL themed podcast

Why Steve Harvey won’t be returning to stand-up any time soon.

Uncorrected transcript below.

I’m Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news, a new study show that cannabis compounds can prevent COVID-19 from penetrating human cells. That’s eat up late night. Jimmy Kimmel said that would be interesting all this time. We’ve been listening to the CDC. We should have been eating CBD Kimmel.

You know, it’s funny, all these crazy cures. I’m like, oh, that’s ridiculous. Ivermectin. The horse to warmer bleach. Somebody says marijuana prevents COVID. I’m like, oh, really do too.

Go bear a great news for all the teenagers whose parents find weed in their room. Oh, mom, I see you found the COVID stopping compounds that I hit in my sock drawer. Those are mine. I’m just holding them for my friend, Tony Fowchee, crate, Joe Cole, or in other words, the pot enters the body and ASCO. Are you a sale?

You have to tell me if you’re a sell Kobe again. Now, if you’re skeptical about the science here, let me remind you. The study has been reviewed by the CDC stoner nephew, the THC.

there’s anecdotal support for the COVID fighting properties of wheat itself because as of today, and this is true, said Steven, three people who have yet to get COVID or Seth Rogan, Willie Nelson and Snoop dog.

Lewis black was on with Jimmy Fallon and played wheel of opinions. Louis Black had some appeal. Vaccines he’d bathed in them. If he could bean bag chairs, Yeet beans, you don’t sit on them and social media in general, if you make something up and you believe it, then you’re crazy

from auto evolution.com. Your home for comedy news. Get this John Mayer and Jeffrey Ross decided to help out and went to retrieve Bob sag. It’s Prius from the lax. They posted a 25 minute tribute video while riding in sag it’s Prius on the highway and explain how this all happened. Jeff Ross said, this is his car.

We went to lax. We went to four floors looking for, trying to figure out where he parked. And of course he parked right by the entrance. He’s Bob Saget. He’s got rockstar.

he added that the Prius was sag it’s junk car. He is option for day to day driving over the years, Bob Saget owned several Lexus LS models from different generations. Bob had his fancy Lexus for going to restaurants and that his junk car was this Prius, which isn’t junkie at all.

It’s immaculate. It took a bit, but we got it out of lax. The parking ticket turned out to be $250. The parking company was unreceptive to help mayor and Ross, and they claimed they would have let them go. If it were John Stamos has. but it all worked out in the end from the mirror. Pete Davidson, reportedly being lined up to host the Oscars. As a host of a podcast called daily comedy news, please, please, please, please, please let Pete Davidson host the Oscars, please, please.

Oh, wait, that means I’d have to stay up late on a Sunday night to get out Monday morning’s episode. Maybe not. Yeah, it’s worth it. I’ll do it.

An insider says pizza. People are talking to producers.

Pete gets a demographic. That’s hard to get he’s in a good space. His career’s doing well. He’s on the rise. He’s a sexist. Unlikely, but he is big with a certain generation.

Jim Gaffigan was on the Joe Rogan experience podcast. I enjoyed it very, very much. Now. I was a little worried.

The interview opens right up with Jim doing a joke, something about like, maybe that Jim’s in better shape than Rogan. I was like, oh, it’s Jim just going to do character the whole time. Shoot. But that was it. After that, after that one joke, which takes five seconds, Gaffigan got serious. He actually immediately turns it around and starts interviewing Rogan.

And they had a really good conversation. A lot of inside baseball. I imagine if you listen to this podcast, you’d like the inside baseball comedy stuff. So they went deep there. They’re throwing around names that I’m like, I think I heard of that Boston comedian from 20 years ago, Joe Rogan, I think so.

It’s like that level deep stuff. Conspiracy, Joe shows up at a couple points. They talked politics for a while. I thought that was pretty.

One part of the interview got some media pickup. The big scary headline is Jim Gaffigan said he would take Joe Biden’s corpse over Trump. Now I heard the interview. They were talking about Trump versus Biden and how Biden seems a little shaky to some people.

And Gaffigan kind of just says, matter of fact, like I would take Biden’s corpse over Trump. It wasn’t like, he was like, I would take Biden’s corpse over Trump. It wasn’t like that. He was just calling Joe old backhandedly I would take Biden’s corpse over Trump Rogan said, well, it’s not really Biden. It’s the cabinet.

It’s the people that are running the whole administration. That’s what’s going on now. It’s not Biden. It’s all the other folks that are moving things in place.

Gaffigan asked Joe Rogan along the same lines of what you just said. Betsy Devoss, Stephen Miller. You’d take all those. Even Mike pants, you’d take him over and say what you want about Camila. It’s like any of those people. And I know I’ll probably get murdered by some Trumpy Rogan said, I don’t think she’s the best example.

I think Kamala Harris has a storied history of incarcerating people and keeping people in jail past the time they were supposed to be really. Gavigan shot back. Mike pans believed in like he could do therapy to get rid of gay. So that’s the kind of interview. It is really interesting discussion.

Check that out on the Joe Rogan experience. Cause Joe needs me to promote his podcast

from deadline. Steve Harvey has no plans to do another standup comedy special. He blames canceled call. The only way I can do one more special as if it’s the end of my television career, because it will end my television career. We’re in the cancel culture. Now. No standup comedian alive that is sponsored.

Driven can say anything. He wants to Chris rock can’t Kevin Hart. Can’t Cedric the entertainer can’t deal. Hugely cans. I can get down the list. The only person that can say what they wants, he wants stage is Dave Chappelle, because he’s not sponsored, driven. He’s subscription. One of the reasons I stopped doing standup is because my wife told me God was about to do something for me that I didn’t know about yet. I didn’t know what he was going to give me a TV career, but he did. And it turned out to be the best thing that happened to me. But if I had tried to continue as a standup, there’s no way I could maintain a TV career because political correctness has killed the comedy. Every joke you tell now it hurts somebody’s feelings. But what people don’t understand about comedians is that a joke has to be about something and somebody who can’t write jokes about puppies all the time, the joke can’t be about bushes all the time.

Some of these jokes will have to be about people because that’s the most interesting topic. So if I come back, I’ll have to wait until I’m done and I’m not done. I want to do one more. I’ll probably have to call it. Well, this is it. Speaking of DL Hughley, a sit-com based on his life is in development at Fox, the official synopsis of the show.

In the show, unfiltered, unapologetic and opinionated radio host, DL Hughley is free at work, but under sesion home, as he navigates life as a husband and father to an LGBTQ plus daughter, a son on the autism spectrum, whose White’s girlfriend lives with them and another daughter who can’t leave his credit card alone.

There are some new comedy podcasts. Zoe de Chanel will host a new girl rewatch podcast that starts January 24th. It has the title. Welcome to our show

she’ll reveal secrets and behind the scenes stories from the Emmy-winning show. So it’s like office ladies, but it’s new girl. You get it.

Dana Carvey and David spade have a new Saturday night live themed podcast. This one called fly on the wall. Carving spade. We’ll sit down with past and present cast, host writers and musical.

Harvey said David spade is a blast to hang out with and riff with. He’s been a great friend for years, not to mention one of the funniest comics out there. We’re lucky enough to overlap on SNL for a few years where I thought he was fantastic. And he’d been talking about it ever since David spade said Dana Carvey is a hilarious comedian.

One of the great legends of SNL and also a good friend.

This podcast is out now with episodes from Chris rock and Rob Lowe, upcoming guests, Tom Hanks, Darrell Hammond, Kevin Nealon, Jon Lovitz, and a bunch of others.

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If that happens, I might have to tighten the rules a little.

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On your Netflix today, you should find season three. The final season of Ricky Jovi’s is after life. I think we’ll see a lot of Ricky Drai’s news next week, as he’s out promoting this thing, I saw an Anna Marie Hendler item and I had it in the show and I pulled it. So hopefully you can pick up on my vibe on this show.

I’m just here to have a good time. I’m not here to be an a-hole. So originally I started to pull together, Hey, let’s head on over to gossip corner and see what Annemarie’s Sandler’s up to. But this isn’t funny. I’ll just read the one thing and you’ll get a feel for why uphold it. Anna Marie Tendler. This is John Malaney.

His ex wife told Harper’s bizarre. Everything that has transpired has been totally shocking. And I think surreal in a way, I feel like, well, it can only go up from here because I’ve reached the depth of where I could go. She’s openly discussing her depression.

So it’s one thing for me to have fun without John Malaney ran off with the handshake, like I’m not here to like beat up on Anna Marie teller. I hope she’s doing well. It sounds like she’s really struggling

a regular listener to the show who, you know, I’m like podcast tight with, we communicate on the side. Never met this listener in real life, but we communicate asked why didn’t do more with Betty White.

I shall answer. I didn’t feel like I had anything to say. Now, part of that, and I’m guilty of this is timing, right? That happened.

Uh, new year’s Eve. It was a Friday. I already had the weekend recorded. Our had Monday recorded. And by the time it was time to record Tuesday’s podcast. I felt like everybody had covered it. I didn’t really have anything to say about Betty White that wasn’t said anywhere else.

That’s why I didn’t cover it. I went back and forth with regular listener and in retrospect, I probably should have done more with it. Regular listener also pointed out like, Hey man, you even did a Betty White blood drinking headline for tension. And I explain that and I think regular listener understood where it’s coming from.

Here’s one of the things about doing the podcast.

It is really hard to get discovered. One of the ways you get discovered is through search on a podcast app, the podcast apps only index the show title and the episode title I could put whatever I want in the episode description, the apps. Don’t look at that stuff.

So for example, this week I put Bob Saget in the title four days in a row,

also this week was heavily listened to, including I had the most downloads for one day ever. So yes, guilty as charged. I do keyword stuff into the episode titles, but that’s. But I think it was a fair point. Uh, next time when we have an unfortunate situation analogous to Betty White, I should roll up my sleeves and work a little harder.

So good note there. Uh, somebody else asked about me throwing shade at certain comedians. So here’s the deal. I worked at Sirius XM for decade and along the way, got pretty tight with some comedians. Lisa Lampanelli comes to mind. Larry, the cable guy comes to mind, many others. So Lisa and Larry were people that we got to know when they weren’t so famous.

And then they got a lot more famous and they still knew our number. So you could call Larry the cable guy and be like, Hey, need a favor. And Larry would do it for you. Lisa would do it for you.

Plenty of others would do it for you. Then there are some comedians in the same boat that when they were starting out, they were happy to come up, Sirius XM, promote their careers, et cetera. And then a few years later when you’d try and book them on the show, because they were a little more famous than they were a good get crickets.

So when you hear me throw shade at people, and that’s what that’s about.

. Remember the phrase dance with who brung you dance with who brung ya?

We should have a new episode of SNL this weekend plus or minus the COVID looks like it will happen. However, the musical guest has switched out Roddy. Rich was supposed to be the musical guest COVID Roddy riches out. The bleachers will be the substitute musical guest.

And from business insider, a comedian who quarantine award, a cruise ship after testing positive for COVID-19 has recounted her isolating experience in a small windowless cabin. Jen Murphy, LA bay, standup comedian was due to perform on a ship wasn’t feeling well. Went to the doctor and the doctor did not seem happy that it would be joining the dozens of other sick crew members.

A number that was multiplying by the day she was escorted below deck by a woman dressed in a full medical scrubs and face shield outfit.

Jen Murphy says that was the last interaction I would have with a human being. For the rest of the cruise, felt like I was going to jail for a crime. I didn’t commit.

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