Jim Gaffigan on the night he went after the Trumpies

Omicron strikes NBC Late Night – first Jimmy Fallon reveals he had it over the break, then Johnny Mac learns mid-podcast that Seth Myers has it!

A clip from Joe Rogan’s podcast was taken down from Youtube. Something about racism.

Aries Spears and Michael Che chime in on Chappelle-Patton Oswalt-gate

Jim Gaffigan explains he wasn’t drunk that night he tweeted about the Republican National Convention

Mel Brooks on Jerry Lewis.

Uncorrected transcript below:

Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news and United airlines, passenger wore a red thong on his face to protest mask requirements. He compared himself to Rosa parks. Trevor Noah said, Rosa parks. Don’t be so modest. You’re more than Rosa parks. If anything, you’re the Martin Luther king of white dudes comparing themselves to black heroes for no reason . And by the way, can we all agree? There’s no way this dude just started sniffing thongs during the pandemic.

I bet you has been going around for years. Like, looks like I got kicked out of the dorm. Cause I’m once again, the Rosa parks of my sister’s friend’s underwear drawer, uh, Jimmy Fallon had some jokes about the CDC. We’ll talk more about that in a second, but the jokes the CDC has cut their recommended isolation time in half

now it says he only needs a quarantine for five days. Yeah. A lot of COVID regulations keep changing. The longer the pandemic goes on. For example, back then, doctor said to cough directly in your elbow. Now doctors say, just have fun out there. SIF.

The CDC added that today’s basically over. So it’s really four days plus Sundays don’t count. So three days, you know what? Just take the weekend co beer. They also said you can swim right after you eat breaking a mirror only gives you four years, bad luck and stepping on a crack. Won’t break your mother’s back.

Her back will just be very disappointed fallon then the CDC said to avoid large indoor gatherings. Now the CDC says parties are fine. As long as you set up a smaller tested positive table, also back then, you had to wash your hands for as long as it takes to sing happy birthday twice, but now you can sing it at the speed Applebee’s employees do when you can tell that they’re not really into at Fallon, finally back then, they said to avoid misinformation by staying off the internet.

But now the internet is where you live. So it’s your home.

Marjorie Taylor green got kicked off.

And she’s been talking about a national divorce. Seth Myers asked how would a national divorce even work who would get the white house, who would make alimony, who would get custody of Eric? It would probably just be the two sides, pushing him back and forth. These are Republicans. He should go with you, but he’s a new Yorker.

So he should go with you.

Kobe said, now to spread the word about Jewish space lasers, she’ll have to use Mormon carrier pigeons, coordin. They only banned her personal account, not her congressional account, which is also known as our crazy lights accounts on the bright side. She’s still a full fledged member of the United States Congress.

Jimmy Fallon revealed that he tested positive for COVID 19. Over the holiday break, he was on Instagram. He shared a photo of himself in an isolation room and wrote, Hey guys, on the first day of our holiday break, I tested positive for COVID. I was vaccinated and boostered, which made me lucky enough to only have mild symptoms.

He thanked the medical professionals who work so hard around the clock to get everyone Vaxxed.

This gets me wondering what would they do? I don’t think the tonight show has had a guest host during the Jimmy Fallon era. And I don’t think during Jay Leno’s time, they had one either. Well, they just go into reruns for a week with somebody else.

Same question for the other late night shows. I know here in the basement, I mentioned right before the holiday, I recorded some extra episodes just in case knock on wood. I’ve been feeling healthy and I want to stay there. But if you hear me talking about happy days, one day or Mitch Hedberg,

and I got my answer. This really just happened. It’s 1 49 on Tuesday afternoon. I had just finished editing. The show was uploading. It took out my phone to kill some time while the file crunched. And I see this headline from the New York times, Seth Meyers test positive for the virus and canceled this week’s late night show.

So here’s your answer, Johnny Mac and it’s sweet posted Tuesday. Seth Myers wrote the bad news is I tested positive for COVID. Thanks. 2022. The good news is I feel fine. Thanks, vaccines and booster. He indicated that late night would return in a remote format next week, this week reruns. There’s my answer.

Hope you feel better SEF.

anyway, a clip from the new year’s Eve episode of the Joe Rogan experience was removed from YouTube.

This from the New York daily news, they say that episode included a conversation with Dr. Robert Malone

during the podcast, in question Dr. Malone likened to vaccine policies in the U S to the rise of fascism in 1930s.

The YouTube link to the show that is no longer on YouTube says this video has been removed for violating YouTubes community guidelines,

space force. With Steve Carell, the disappointing said, come on Netflix. We’ll return February 18. Ari Spears jumped into Chappelle gates. Remember patent Roswell took a picture with his friend and it was a big kerfuffle Ari. He says, it’s a shame. We live in a time where patent felt the need to say, sorry for hanging with a friend, especially one as accomplished as Dave, Michael Che weighed in as well and said, celebrities love their fans way too much.

Tom’s a gore. His father passed away right before their new years. Tom said his father thought that people have an obligation to do things for their communities, especially people who have the ability to do so.

The daily beast has a lengthy interview with Jim Gaffigan that I highly recommend. I will share it on the Facebook group. Daily company news, Facebook group, Jim was talking about the night. He kind of went after Trump saying, people think I was drunk and some of these right wing sites characterize me as going on a tirade.

What went down? What. I’d always done jokes here and there about Trump. I remember when he was debating Hillary, I had tweets about wondering what Trump’s speech would sound like in Russian. And there’s been blow back from minor groups, people on the Trump train, but it was watching the Republican convention.

And of course, politicians are always lying and trying to convince people. But what bothered me was there was a. This former Notre Dame football coach, Lou Holtz was in his eighties. And I used to have this tweet that said, if you’re letting an actor tell you who to vote for you shouldn’t vote. But I was annoyed and confounded by the amount of lying that was coming from the Republican convention, which was essentially the Trump family, right before I started tweeting.

I thought, you know what, I’m going to treat myself.

Some of it had also been influenced by how I’d been sitting at home with my family for a while, George Floyd had happened to pandemic and happened. It was so cut and dry to me. I didn’t want somebody to convince that the cities are on fire. and all of these lies about people trying to seek social justice for an African-American who was killed.

I don’t want people in my background just being a moderate, essentially, to be steered into voting for Trump. So I was just like, I’m going to come out and say exactly what I think of him. I needed to get would influence anybody necessarily, but I also wasn’t sure if Biden was going to win.

And I do believe if Trump had won, it would have been really bad. And I wanted my kids who was home with to know that I had stated my case. I didn’t want them thinking well, kids, I do a lot of shows in red states and don’t want to hurt my ticket sale. What’s the point in trying to communicate to your children to stand up for things.

If you can’t do it yourself,

I didn’t do any press whatsoever because I didn’t want it to look like I had an ulterior motive because I didn’t selfishly I did it so that my older children who were paying attention to this stuff could have the conversation with me about it and that it could make some sense.

it got pretty weird for about, I would say a month I lost some virtual corporate work, which was kind of like, who gives a hoot, but when you’re not making any money, it’s kind of like,

The beast asked him to name the corporations. And he said, no, no, no. It was like three of them. And then their, their fence, they were just trying to provide some entertainment. And they’re probably terrified of the Trumpers too, but there was a lot of blocking that occurred. And a lot of people that were nasty that were thing is now that we have this time away from it, it doesn’t seem like it’s affected my followers on any platform or effected my touring.

was worried that people would confront him at the shows or maybe buy tickets to protest him. Jim said, granted, I wasn’t going out after show isn’t it entered my mind. Are people going to buy a ticket just to heckle me? I don’t think so. A lot of people who sent messages, like I was a big fan, but I’m not going to your shows.

I think they were lying. Like you weren’t going to my shows in the first place. I think it’s people were just angry as a defense mechanism and nobody said anything to me in person. But as far as all those people who were like, I liked you until you got political, it’s like, no, you like me until I said something you disagreed with, it’s not about politics.

It’s about how you’re on that side. Great read daily beast, Jim Gaffigan. I’ll share it on the Facebook group. Daily comedy news.

The Washington post also has an article with fortune Feimster. , they asked fortunate about the response to her special, sweet and salty. She said their spots was incredible. The by-product of me telling my story was that it seemed like it helped people in that journey.

I even had parents email me and say, I didn’t know what to expect when my kid. . I didn’t necessarily handle it in the best way. I watched your special learn some things about how to be there for them. And I had people say I’ve been afraid to come out to my mom or dad, and I played them.

You’re special. And I watched them watch you.

When I saw that they were smiling and laughing, I felt safe to come out. I mean, that kind of thing just really blows you away.

Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by palace intrigue. Kate Middleton turns 40 day. This weekend. Everybody’s talking about Kate and how wonderful she is. If you’d like a daily recap about the Royal family, palace intrigue, wherever you get your podcasts. Congratulations to Rob Bartlet. His podcast won the worldwide comedy awards, best comedy podcast, edging out notable, such as daily comedy news.

Congratulations to that team over. The last button caught up with Millbrooks. The topic Jerry Lewis, Mel said Jerry liked to be super in charge of everything, including the comedy, but the comedy has to be written. It has to be. We working on the ladies, man, he was a janitor and episodes have to be kind of natural.

And he was looking for big laughs. The kind of jokes I wrote in that movie where he’d be cleaning butterflies under glass and he lifted the glass and they all flew away. It was just crazy. Jerry said that couldn’t happen. And I said, I know that’s what makes it funny. So we had fights like that about the butterfly.

I wrote a joke about falling asleep in a convertible, going through a carwash and his knee pushes a button, the top opens and he’s just drenched. He liked that.

I couldn’t get enough of my own stuff in because he’s a pretty good comedy writer himself and wanted to be in charge of everything. I learned when I made my own movies get as much help as you can. You can’t be in charge of everything. There’s somebody has to light you. Somebody has to photograph you.

Somebody has to come up with a storyline it’s collaboration . Movies are an incredibly collaborative, medium. And Jerry didn’t appreciate that. He’d say no collaboration. Be generally some OMI boss. You listen, take notes. We had fights every day later when I was making my own movies and he was making his, he realized that Millbrook’s was not just a stooge.

Maybe he was a talent in his own. Right. We became good pals. He kept saying one thing, contemporaries, usually have little spats about who’s got the better this or that. And the one thing Jerry would come at me with was

they like you and France, but they love me. And Frank.

Vulture did that list of 22 comedians. You should know one of them. Danielle Perez. Hey, Daniel Perez. When did you feel you were funny enough to make a legitimate go at comedy? I love this answer. When I saw my BFFs roommate performed stand up and thought he’s not funny. I’m funny. Then I texted my BFF. How do we do.

Daniel Perez. What are you known for? I love this answer too. In 2015, I want to treadmill on the prices. Right? The clip went viral because I use a wheelchair and don’t have feet. I made jokes about winning the awkward prize on Twitter. And the next night Jimmy Kimmel had me as a guest on a show.

It was a very silly and surreal 48 hours. And I can’t wait to be back on Kimball someday. I’m proud of a lot, but acting with Larry David on curb, including the season premiere was a huge bucket list moment. If there were a 90 style sit-com built around you and your material, or would it be. Danielle said after her father is charged with running an elaborate Ponzi scheme and her family’s fortunate C’s by the feds spoiled socialite.

Danielle Perez is forced to get a job at a waste management company where she learns the value of hard work, friendship and disinfectant for girl with no feet. She steps in an awful lot of crap. It’s called rolling downhill fast coming this fall to Fox best and worst comedy advice. Best Madison Shepard until.

What is for, you will be for you reminds me of that. All I can do is be my best. So worry, stress and anxiety outside of that is not just unhelpful, but a few tile. Worst advice was once in the parking lot. After show comedian drove up to me, as I was getting my car and said, I have a suggestion. Next time you should open up with Danielle, stand up.

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