Jim Gaffigan on working clean AND Sarah Sherman (Sarah Squirm) on working dirty

Jim Gaffigan on working clean.

Sarah Sherman on working dirty.

Would Patton Oswalt rather be James Bond or Dr. Who?

Rich Little is 85!

The shark deck. Jenny Mack with your daily comedy news. Tampa Bay Date Night Guide. Caught up with Jim Gaffigan. Hey, Jim Gaffigan. You’re known as like a clean comedian. You don’t really curse or stuff. You know what they asked him? Jim said, I think I got very lucky because comedians just do what they want to do, and some of that has to do with family culture and also where you grew up.

I grew up in a small town in Indiana where if you were cursing a lot, it would just seem weird. Whereas in New York City, if you’re cursing a lot, it’s just how some people talk. So there’s. , but also it was a relief because my kids could look at my material and they wouldn’t be offended or shocked or embarrassed. But then again, all kids are embarrassed of their parents, right.

Hey Jim, have you ever had a kid come up to you and recognize you as the voice from a children’s movie? Jim said, I think the first Hotel Sylvanian movie I did, which was Hotel Sylvania three, I brought my kids and I think that was the first time my youngest, who probably was six at the time, was really impressed.

He was like, that’s you doing the voice.

Coming up. Jim has a role in Peter Pan and Wendy, who knew that was happening. I didn’t know that was happening. I learned something recording the show. How was it Jim? Jim said it was amazing. It was filmed in the middle of a pandemic, so it’s been a while, but it was so much. It’s also one of those storylines that I don’t think there’s anyone in the English speaking world that doesn’t know about Peter Mann.

So that’ll be really exciting when that comes out and fun for my kids to see me play. SME

Jim’s out on his comedy tour called The Dark Pale Tour. Is it family friendly? Jim said, oh yeah, it’s definitely family friendly. The weird thing about bringing kids to a comedy show is it’s still PG or whatever, but little kids wanna see material you’ve done before. You know, like when you have a little kid and they watch a movie 10 times, whereas an adult wants a new material.

So like there’s an unspoken agreement between the audience and the comedian that if you’re coming to a theater and I’m paying to see you, you’re gonna do new material. And I don’t always, so I would just say that like sometimes kids ask, oh, he is gonna do the whales joke and the bacon on the Hot Pockets, and that’s not what I do.

In my most recent show, vulture caught up with the awesome Sarah Sherman, she moved to LA in 2019. A few years later, she booked the Just for Laughs comedy Festival. She did a set that included wanting to hook up with her dad. I cleaned that up

and compared a part of her body to pastrami. Think about it. Don’t think about it too long.

She had done some SNL producer showcases before, did some of her character base work. And according to Sarah, she effing sucked this time around. She gave them her standup. Sarah said it was grotesque. I talked about tying my nipples together with my long nipple hair. A few months later, she was on the.

Sarah has a workman-like attitude about comedy. If someone’s a nurse and they’re going to the Comedy Cellar on a Thursday night and they paid $30 and a two drink minimum to be there, give them a show.

Walter got into Sarah’s attire. She dresses about the same on stage and off. She was wearing heavy black boots sticking out from a pair of blue, orange, and pink patchwork pants. Her hair is a black mullet, but she tells Vulture she’s straight like a Jets football.

Her persona now has two levels. Sarah Sherman, who’s just excited to wear googly. Eyes on air on S N L and Sarah Squirm who drinks.

Sarah said, what’s fun now is that my audience has brought her people who come to my show thinking, I know Sarah Sherman from tv. She has nice brown hair. Then they come to my show and they’re like, oh my God. They’re all horrified. That’s hilarious.

Last October, she played the University of Connecticut Family Weekend. They built her as Sarah Sherman, a k a Sarah Squirm. She says she bombed so badly that a heckler got upstanding ovation,

She’s going to play a Rabbi in the upcoming Adam Sandler Netflix movie called You are So Not Invited to My Bot Mitzvah. Oh my God. What is Adam Sandler making now? Detour.

I think I did talk about this last summer. Let’s say this from the AV club In July,

the entire Sandler clan, including Adam Sandler’s wife Jackie, and his daughter Sadie, are set to star in the upcoming Netflix film titled, you are So Not Invited to My Bot mitzvah.

Which is based on Fiona Rosen Bloom’s 2005 young adult novel of the same caddy name. The story follows, 13 year old Stacy Friedman as she prepares for her perfect day. Her well laid plans and guest list are dramatically altered, however, when she catches her best friend, Lydia Kissing Mega Crush, Andy.

I could see this being a good use of Adam Sandler. If Sandler is just playing the dad and not doing whatever he was doing in Jack and Jill Sandler might nail that long time. Listeners know I’m not the biggest fan of Adam Sandler movies, but I’ll meet Adam halfway on that one. Let’s see what the man hands in he’s had two outta three good movies, which is.

Totally off the charts for an Adam Sandler movie, but two of his last three have been actual good movies, not curving on a grade. They both were entertaining. The basketball one, I can never remember the name of Hustle, is it? Hustle? And of course, uncut Gems, which is the citizen cane of Adam Sandler movies.

So, all right, Adam, let’s see what you got.

And I just went to head back to the Sarah Sherman article, but the rest of it is pretty naughty. I’m gonna skip it. You can read it, you’ll find it in. the Guardian took some questions from civilians for Patton Oswald civilian number one said, Hey, pat Oswald, how do you win over a challenging audience when performing standup?

Patton said, if you’re excited to be there and you make them excited, you wrap them up in your excitement. I’m always happy to be in front of an audience. I’m never like, oh God, these effing people. I want them to have a good time, and if I’m not having a good time, no.

I like this next question. Hey Patton, I’m sure some baristas have murdered your name on coffee cups. Any spectacular failures in this area? Patton said, yeah, there was one I can’t even remember. It was like pavilion. It was kind of beautiful. It was so off base. I loved it, but I couldn’t care less. . I wanna get outta there. I want my caffeine. All right, Patton, if you could choose, would you be the next James Bond or the next doctor?

Pat oal said definitely Dr. Who less having to work out. You wear heavy your clothes and you don’t have to worry about having your shirt off.

the Hartford current caught up with Rich Little, rich Little is 85. As I record this on Monday. I’m recording this in advance cuz I’m not around today. I’m terrified. First because Rich Little, I was surprised to learn that Rich Little was still around and now I’m like, what if he dies between Monday and Saturday?

Wouldn’t that be horrible if I kill Rich Little with this little vamp here that I’m doing? I hope Rich Little lives to be 125. Love rich little who doesn’t love Rich little. Younger audiences are like, who’s rich? Little? And anybody my age is like, yeah, we know who Rich Little is. Of course. Who’s rich Little?

If you’re growing up in the seventies, he was the guy that did impressions of everyone. Think Frank Caliano, except it’s the seventies. Got it. Yes.

Rich Little 85 is a citizen of Canada and America became a US citizen 10 years.

Rich says, the judge administering the oath asked Rich Little to repeat the Pledge of Allegiance As John Wayne Rich Little said, when I said in John Wayne’s voice, I’m not doing it. John Wayne, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.

Pilgrim, the judge fell over. He just loved that.

. Rich said, obviously I cater to the older crowd who know who Dean Martin, Johnny Carson, John Wayne, and George Burns were.

But I do get a few young people in the audience who’ve seen me on YouTube.

Also known for presidential impressions, particularly Reagan and Nixon. Rich Little has added Joe Biden to his current routine. He does not do Trump or Obama.

He says his impressions have never been mean spirited. He’s aware that contemporary political humor It can be divisive. Rich says people are more sensitive now and everything has to be politically correct, so it’s a little tougher to imitate politicians these days compared to 30 or 40 years ago.

I was talking about this last weekend about presidential impressions, and it used to be like everyone did the same. Reagan. You could say anything as long as you went well. Well, hosting a podcast, and then there was the generic Nixon where you just dropped down and you were like,

Nobody has nailed Biden. And here’s my theory on why, because Biden speaks so slowly in real life. If you did a true Biden, you’d be too slow for comedy. That’s why it doesn’t work. Nobody ever nailed Obama either. Jamie Fox does a pretty good Obama.

And from cross cuts.

When Joey Cliff, a citizen of the Cowlitz Indian tribe, was growing up, the only representation of indigenous people on tv. He remembers seeing were racist native mascots or native people being shot in the back in John Wayne films, perhaps by Rich Little doing an impression. Who knows?

Fortunately, multiple professors in college encouraged his interest in comedy, and Cliff is now leveraging his talent to create authentic representations of native people in comedy and on tv. His most recent project is a three part short film series for Comedy Central called Gone Native. The final short, which was recently released is called Dear Legendary Horror Author or Stephen King.

Instead of using Indian burial grounds in your books, have you thought about using European burial grounds? Love it.

And he told a great story from his personal life. I was dating a woman a few years ago who shook me awake with a look of absolute panic in her eyes at like [2:00] AM on a Saturday because she needed to tell me when she was five years old. Her mom dressed her up like Pocahontas from the Disney movie, and she had to apologize for it.

that’s some hookup. Metro Comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, wherever you get your shows. See you tomorrow. I.

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