Jimmy Kimmel talks about Joe Rogan, Marc Maron on Snake Stereotypes. Dane Cook returns to Boston

Jimmy Kimmel talked about Joe Rogan and about Tucker Carlson

Dane Cook returns home to Boston, and has tweaked his act.

Billy Crystal talks about The Slap and how he didn’t think Chris Rock’s joke was that good.

Marc Maron on Snake Stereotypes. I don’t agree Marc.

Patton Oswalt compares his new role to one of the Queen’s corgis.

I am good mood. I went for a run. I came home. I made the most delicious homemade smoothie. Oh, hi. I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. So much late night jokes to catch up on. I’m sure you saw that the CDC got rid of the mask mandate on planes.

Kim all governor Ron DeSantis, praise the decision he tweeted. It was great to see a federal judge in Florida, follow the law and reject the Biden transportation mask mandate, or as he calls it critical face theory, Fallon, but don’t worry to keep everybody safe. Now you can only bring 3.4 ounces of COVID on.

Twitter, another way. Airlines are basically turning off the seatbelt sign for COVID and telling you to move freely about the cabin. Yeah. If you thought Omicron was bad. Wait till you meet these spirit variants, Jimmy Kimmel, all the major airlines have already updated their policy on face coverings, Delta American, United Southwest jet blue frontier, and spirit

announced. They were no longer required passengers to wear a mask. Spirit airlines actually never had an official mask requirement because they don’t have windows on the plane.

Trevor, just as a general rule, nothing should change. Mid-flight ever. That would be like if a rollercoaster decided to rethink its safety policies while you’re already on the ride co bear, it’s like being told halfway through a dinner party that it’s an orgy. I wasn’t prepared for an orgy. I’m all filled up on dinner rolls and I’m wearing the wrong underwear. Felon. Yeah. Passengers were dancing, hugging, kissing, and now they’re all in quarantine. Meanwhile in New Jersey yesterday was 4 21 and it was the first day you could buy marijuana in New Jersey.

They skipped the whole four 20 things. Jimmy Fallon said, really that’s like AAA offering free guac on Cesta Mio. You know what I’m saying? Cold beer. It’s exciting news, but it means new Yorkers will have to do the unthinkable drive to New Jersey on purpose.

Jimmy Kimmel was on Kara Swisher’s podcast. He said, I don’t think we should cancel Tucker Carlson. I think that sucker Carlson is on commercial television. And if you don’t like Tucker Carlson, you should not buy the products that are advertised on a show. And if you feel like writing a letter to those companies, you should write a letter to them.

But I don’t think it’s a good idea to shut people up. Cause I want to know where people are coming from. I want to know what they think. I want to know if they have horrible thoughts, I want to hear their confessions. Now? Do I believe Tucker Carlson believes the things he says? I do not.

I think he’s a phony in every respect. I think he’s an algorithm. I think his audience created him. I think he started out as a fairly down the middle political broadcaster and a cute little boat side with polka dots on it.

Kimball was then asked about Joe Rogan, who, by the way,

sometimes I forget this Joe Rogan replaced Jimmy Kimmel as the host of the man show. About Joe Rogan. Kamal said, I don’t think that anybody should be shut up. I wish people would pay attention to the facts. And I wish people were just consistent. I don’t know Joe Rogan at all. I’ve met him. And I think it’s funny guy.

And I think that probably most of what he says is entertaining and fun to listen to. I know people who trust what he says, and I personally know people have put themselves in danger because he minimized the importance of vaccines. But I also know that it’s not as black and white as sometimes the media makes it out.

This next story is random. I was prepping the show, looking ahead, dropping down some notes about the upcoming, a Netflix comedy festival, which doesn’t start for another week. But I saw this one on May 6th and I’m jazzed. I mean, I’m not going to it. I’d like to go to it May 6th. That’s my time with David Letterman.

Letterman’s going to do stand up. The show also includes Rosebud baker, Phil Wong and Sam Morril on the first night, second night, Brian Simpson, Robin Tran, and Naomi on the second. , no offense. Second night, that first night it’s a pretty killer lineup. Plus David Letterman doing standup.

Jesse’s going to act as the MC. That’s pretty cool.

I’d love to see Dave do like a set set. I mean, we got 30 years of him doing two jokes, five. Would love to see a whole set from David Letterman, Dean cook he’s back in Boston, baby Steven one night at the botched center Wang theatre in Boston Saturday night.

From Vanya land. Dane said when he’s back in Boston, it all comes back to me every turn of the corner, whether it’s a place that’s still there or unfortunately long gone, I’ll find myself pointing out the window and saying, I used to write jokes right there.

Or nice to meet with my improv and that school playground

for these shows de nosy, get to do something comfortable, familiar, and get by. But the end of the day, what fun is that rights? Vanya land?

Dane said, I don’t want to just do something. I know I’m able to do. I’d like to try and do something when I’m coming home to Boston, more than any other time that makes people look at the whole journey and think, man, from the first time I saw him

to today, he’s going to come in and do something that makes a room feel like when we all leave, we’ll never experience again. That’s the relevancy you need for yourself to continue to want to do this and tell people to come check it out. Because I know that there’s more than I need to meet inside of myself.

And when I do that and I get tangled in the funny it makes for a great night.

He made a comparison to Carlin calmed down. Dean cook was not comparing himself to George Carlin. Relax. You don’t have to write to and cook a letter. His point was George Carlin started out as the hippy dippy weatherman.

And it’s comedy evolved over the years to the, uh, at the time at the turn of the century, what people like me were calling the angry George Carlin that now 20 years later is the holy cow. What a prophet, that guy was George.

Dean wants to continue to evolve. He said that really encapsulates some of the new stuff where it’s always been observant report, but now more than ever, it’s more personal because I’m diving into experiences that are hardships, capsizing and traumatic moments, but I’m doing it very funny ways. I’ve got this 30 year moment, my career.

Where I can do things better than I did them before. Cause I have new tools and I’ve learned new words and I’ve traveled. So I can talk from experience having ventured, but it’s also a part of the journal that tells you this is where I am now. I’m very proud to bring something like this forward and put my time and energy into something.

And I’m damn excited to share beyond these stages in Boston, where I can give people a night of laughs, where they are. I’ve been through hell and high water, both personally and professionally suffering from foot and mouth disease and making my own. The same time, always wanting to it’s on that red Sox hat, because sorry to sound like an effing schmuck, but all I’ve ever wanted to do was make the city of Boston proud of me,

Billy crystal weighed in on the slap. Yeah. That was like three weeks ago before. However, Billy’s got a musical opening next week. So Yahoo spoke to him and he got in on the topical thing, Billy crystal, by the way, hosted the Oscars nine times. So he might know what he’s talking about.

Billy said, Chris, Rock’s joke. Wasn’t a great one. And added why go after her? I thought it was misplaced. I love Chris rock and we’re friends. And I so respect him. I just thought it was.

Billy shared his initial reaction to the slap calling will Smith’s move a quote crime. Crystal said, oh, and unfortunately it was a horrible thing. And it’s a crime. The fortunate thing is it wasn’t a closed fist because then he might’ve had a Kermit Washington situation. Now you’re like what? Who’s Kermit Washington.

What are you talking about? Billy crystal breaking out a reference from a 1977 Lakers rockets, basketball game. Apparently Kermit Washington threw a punch. I’m old even. I’m not that old. I was what, I’ve been eight. I don’t remember it.

Billy. Update your reference. Billy said, I thought Chris rock handled himself as well as a kid and kept it together. It was a shocking moment. I was concerned very much for the mental state of will Smith. I was very worried and concerned and shocked by the aftermath of that too. It was an assault. I’ve had experiences.

I hosted the Grammys three times and I’ve been thrown things.

Cleveland.com spoke to mark Marin. Mark plays a snake in the film. That’s out now called the bad guys.

Marin said, yeah, this movie is a great look to it. A great sort of paste to it. There’s a concept here. That’s fairly grown up. I think the ability for it to be watchable by adults in a way that it isn’t too cute is good.

Also the thrust of the movie is can these bad guys be good? It’s not like a rides in line, but it’s also a fun movie for grownups. So yeah, it’s a good movie for me to be in. If you really think about it. Me and Sam Rockwell and Craig Robinson, it’s pretty.

Okay, mark. But what about the snake? I wouldn’t call this snake sneaky. I think this snake Defy’s snake stereotypes. What are the snake stereotypes? Let’s think about that. Um, they slither, they, they bite you. They have venom. They’re slithery are they’re snake stereotypes.

I’d aggressed. This snake defies snake stereotypes. He’s not particularly cunning or duplicitous. Or snakes, duplicitous don’t they dislike slithered around and I digress again. He is very upfront. He’s very emotional, he’s sensitive. He’s probably the, crankiest one of the bunch, the most emotional, one of the bunch and the most terrified of the friendship bond diminishing where the group breaking up.

So he actually goes against the snake stereotypes. Don’t aggress again from vulture Patton Oswalt. He plays Chuck Colson, who is nicknamed Nixon’s bulldog.

This is a new thing on star is dropping on Sunday. It’s called gaslight’s patent Haswell told vulture. It’s funny that he was Nixon’s bulldog Nixon’s hatchet, man. Cause he was so not suited for the job. I think he was like a lap corgi. It’s walked twice a day and they just give him little cold Turkey slices because the stomach is very sensitive and not just any corgi.

One of queen Elizabeth. The second is corgi. May they rest in peace. He’s a palace corgi he’s never existed below or above 72 degrees. He has never felt air that’s above or below that temperature only knows.

There’s a new episode of my very casual travel podcast. It is called travel is back. And on this episode I left Hoover Nam and I started driving over to lake Mead and I got sidetracked. And that’s that’s on this week’s episode of travel is back. If you’re at the Nashville comedy festival, which is in Nashville.

Great nights tonight, bill Burr at the Bridgestone arena, Bert Kreischer at the Ryman. He’s got two shows and Shane Gillis and friends at . That is fantastic.

Moontower tonight. Tons of shows, including one called the dork forest. Jackie cation guy marina.

Chris and

that’s at five, also at five pen pals with Roy Scovel and Daniel van Kirk,

more headlining mark Marin. He plays a snake, but not a stereotypical snake. You can ask him about it tonight at the paramount theater seven o’clock Neal Brennan’s at the state side.

Be Jay Oakerson. Dan Soder, Jessica Curson or at Antone’s at seven.

Here’s an interesting lineup at eight o’clock dumb people town, the Sklar brothers, Daniel van Kirk, Chris red, a Neal Brennan, I guess that’s a podcast. Jessica Curson and Rachel Feinstein at the Creek and the cave at eight,

Chris red and Rosebud baker at the state side at nine.

And seriously, there were about 15 other shows that I didn’t read. So if you’re in a comedy, get on a plane, man, Austin and or Nashville tonight.

Or if you’ve got a lot of miles at the Melbourne international comedy festival, ting Lim is performing tings show is on Saturday. Cause it’s going to take you some time to get to Melbourne and see, I finally learned I hooked you up, but giving you a chance to get on a plane right now, Singaporean, a born tingling.

Things comedy’s taken her from Singapore to the Outback, performing for drought stricken communities two opening for stars like Dimitri Martin. Pretty cool.

Short overview, two of the shows down there. Cameron James electric dreams three and a half stars, cringe inducing, teenage memories have been feeling comedians for years now. Cameron James has packed his up in a cheerfully entertaining hour about his youthful rockstar ambitions. And picked up a most outstanding show nomination for the efforts.

All right. We start with the adult comedian giving a wonder years, style voiceover to footage of a 16 year old self. He and his outfit. Electric dreams are just about to do the biggest gigs of their lives, the school battle of the mans with a set list. That includes a ballad called a love that makes the roses.

James has a guitar case full of awful band names, like new prophecy and you prophesy tears and roulette. Plus cheesy song, sidles and insincere lyrics. He sang about sex and drugs and punkish rebellion with zero experience of any of those things. And now after rediscovering a cache of teenage notebooks containing these masterpieces, he’s ready to rock out.

Actually heard is a podcast. I like a lot called weekly planet. It’s a two Aussies and they talk pop culture every week. They just mentioned this on their newest episode that I just listened to on the run that I told you about at the beginning of the podcast, all this, see it’s all coming together.

Another show at Melbourne. Damien powers. Love thy neighbor. Chortle gave it three out of five.

This first sentence is rough. This Damien powers gig has a disconcerting energy and it’s largely the comedians fault. Oh no. He repeatedly dips in the audience to comment and how they’re reacting often too defensively, which acts as a considerable break on the momentum. He wants to build up as an experienced comic.

He even knows he’s doing it.

Explaining that he’s less used to attentive Melbourne audiences than uninterested crowds and ratty pubs, but it’s his seventh time at the festival. So y’all have the hang of it by now.

When he finally finds us, rather me as a good take on describing gen Z as hypersexual environmentalist, who take up activism to boost their social media profiles amid this epidemic of narcissism.

He’s withering on wellness, fads, sexologists, and his ex is flagrant liar of a new hunter. There’s a well of frustration bitterness here, which he draws upon skillfully. And he’s a commanding performer, but after a strong middle, oh, comes a weird muddle, then do-now as he launches into a surreal fantasy about his dad and a band of comedy magicians who humiliated him, it’s supposed to explain these sparkly microphone.

He uses all show, but only serves to detract from the caustic real-world humor. That’s at the heart of the.

If you’re in Melbourne and you’re not, but if you were Melbourne town hall, Damien power at love thy neighbor tonight and tomorrow eight o’clock. And that’s your comedy news for today or tomorrow is Gilbert Gottfried stories. Port to Sunday is a totally normal episode. You can follow this podcast for free on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever you get your shows.

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