Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle are doing 5 comedy shows together

Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle will do five comedy shows together in Austin this week!

Chappelle also makes Paste Magazine’s Top 15 Comedy specials of the year along with Sam Jay (watch it!), Hannah Gadsby, Patton Oswalt and what you want me to spoil the entire list? Hit play.

Maz Jobrani is watching Ugly Betty and 30 Rock

The Bob’s Burgers Mafia got to Geri who is trying to convince me that Bob’s Burgers actually is on TV and not just a hoax….we all know better. Have you ever seen it? Have you met anyone who has seen it? No you haven’t. HOAX!

Hannibal Buress does not want to voice a tarantula in a movie.

Rob Riggle says Robert DeNiro has really good comedy chops.

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