Joe Rogan Experience protested by 260 Doctors

Over 260 doctors and medical professionals have fired off a letter to Spotify over some medical claims made on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Jim Gaffigan on being cooped up with his family during Covid.

Demitri Martin is open about the Steven Wright influence on his comedy

DL Hughley on the formation of The Kings of Comedy

In the UK doctors are prescribing….comedy?

And please don’t drink urine.

Uncorrected transcript below.

Dr. Fauci is hopeful that Omicron’s going to calm down. I would hope I could predict accurately, but no one can, but I would hope by the time we get to the fourth week in January, end of the third week, this would be third week Dr. Fowchee, beginning of the fourth week that we’ll start to see this coming down.

Stephen Colbert said, can you be more specific? That’s like your horoscope reading Capricorn. You will make a connection with a handsome stranger or not. Maybe it’ll give you a disease. No one can predict accurately.

Some people have been drinking urine as a cure. I’m not a medical doctor, but that seems a little whack job to me. Jimmy Kimmel said, I think Pfizer needs to come out with some gummies and a hard lemonade.

You’re in therapy is being promoted by a guy named Christopher Key. Kimball said if that guy’s kids ever set up a lemonade, stand in your neighborhood or run

you’re in therapy. That’s actually one conspiracy theory. I’m okay with if you think vaccines are created by the devil or George Soros or bill gates, go ahead. Be in a Mason jar and chug along with doctor dumb ass.

It’s a very medical daily comedy news today from variety more than 260 doctors, nurses, scientists, health professionals, and academics, and an open letter to Spotify have asked Spotify to implement a misinformation policy, specifically citing the Joe Rogan experience. And it’s concerning history of broadcasting misinformation,

particularly regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the letter highlighted Joe Rogan’s new year’s Eve episode in which he hosted scientist, Robert Malone.

The letter says throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe Rogan has repeatedly spread misleading and false claims on his podcast. I kind of want to do this as angry Jerry Seinfeld. I know it’s a serious topic, but always go with the bit right. Half-ass angry. Jerry Seinfeld can come in here and read this letter from me, please.

Thank you. Wow. This COVID 19 pandemic. Joe Brown is her paly spread misleading and false claims on his podcast. Provoking distress in science and medicine. He’s discouraged vaccination, young people, children, and correctly claim that MRN vaccines or chain therapy promoted. Off-label use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19

contrary to FDA warnings and spread a number of upstander conspiracy theories. This is not only a scientific or medical concern. It’s a sociological issue of devastating proportions. Spotify is responsible for allowing this activity thrive in its platform.

Dr. Malone had used the Joe Rogan experience platform to promote numerous baseless claims rights variety, including several false hoods about COVID-19 vaccines and an unfounded theory that societal leaders have hypnotized the public.

Here at daily comedy news. I encourage you. Please get vaccinated.

CNN caught up with Jim Gaffigan. Jim and family spent the spring of 2020 in the early months of pandemic in New York city. But June found it to be overwhelming. So they moved upstate and bought a house.

Jim had talked about life two years into the pandemic and said, it’s a lifetime, right? It’s like describing the fall of Saigon. You know, there’s so many. I think it’s going to be really interesting to see culturally how we all grow to understand what we went through. You know what I mean? Like we know there’s psychological effects.

We know that it’s probably been harder on kids. I feel like it’s a little bit like watching an episode of Dateline. Like you think you’re gonna find out information, then it gets into that four minute commercial junk and then there’s a new variant when we get back.

Jim didn’t really right. Stand up during the first year and a half of the pandemic, I was trying to exercise. I finally gained all my weight back. It took at least a week, you know, we’re a household of seven. So it was like a round Robin of people losing their mind. I remember that spring break, we as a family, watched a movie every night, . But the screens did take over, you know what I mean? Like, I’d be lying if I said they didn’t, but the big thing we focused on was not killing each other.

He talked about doing drive in shows and said, and honestly felt really bad. You know, it was not the connection. That was a reflection of how desperate we were for a sense of community. At that point, I’d done stand up for 30 years. I’d kind of established myself. I felt more for the people that were finally getting some traction there.

We’re selling out shows

the Boston globe had talked to Dimitri Martin. Dimitri was in the car with his family. When his son who was then five years old, announced he had a joke to tell Demetrius said it was one of his proudest moments. He recognized that his son’s a joke was similar to a classic one-liner written by Steven writes.

Steven Wright openly a massive influence on Dimitri Morton. Dimitri said he totally surprised me. I didn’t have the vocabulary back then, but I thought, wow, this stuff is so economical. No segues. I liked that. I didn’t know anything about him. Didn’t know anything about his life. I liked that it was just about his perspective.

Years later they met backstage on Conan show. He told Steven Wright what an influence he had been, got to give credit where credit’s due.

. Cedric the entertainer was on clubhouse. He was asked how the original Kings of comedy were formed. He said that was a product of timing. Of course, me and Steve Harvey were on the Steve Harvey show. So we were all together all the time. And this guy was promoting. He would do all of us individually.

That time, nobody thought about doing a big arena style show. So comedy was really in the space because Def comedy jam was hot and doing theater shows was the idea. So he’d promote us individually. He would do me and DL Hughley. He’d do Steve by himself.

He’d do Bernie Mac by himself. Then I guess he had this idea to have this big show. He presented it to us like, yo, I want to take everybody out and I want to do. We were all cool. And we were able to work it out and then we add a deal. He ugly. The first year was Bernie Mac, Steve and guide, sorry, was our MC and opening act.

The next year we added DL Hughley and Steve took over the MC spots. The Washington post did a big profile of Greg Gutfeld, who I’m definitely going to misspeak and say, Gutfield during this segment here, you know, Gutfeld he does the late night show on Fox.

Washington post writes in Gutfeld America. President Biden is a daughtering geezer. The mainstream media is essentially a house organ for the left and the nation isn’t engaged in a necessary national conversation on race and racial disparities in housing, healthcare, and employment. Instead get filled, aims to persuade his audience that the nation is consumed by destructive and divisive, reverse racism

Gutfeld says I have a lot more in common with liberals in terms of creativity, music, and all that stuff for Republicans always seen as state and stuff.

Gutfeld is a punk rock and metal fan who was delighted that he got splashed with blood not too long ago at a metal.

and I get this Gutfeld a self-described libertarian says he doesn’t remember how he’s registered. Yeah. Washington post says he’s officially listed as no party or refuses to disclose. The Washington post writes Gutfeld did not cast a ballot in the 2016 presidential election.

According to New York voting records reviewed by the post. This came as a surprise to Gutfield. Who said he voted by mail though. He thinks it’s possible. He missed the deadline. Gutfeld who’s been critical of mail-in balloting says he wrote in the name of someone with whom he works, but he can’t remember who.

The silliness, he loves poop and flatulence jokes and salts the program with low production, skits and Trumpy, and name-calling is folded into sure-fire. Right-wing pleasers, such as criticism of Corona virus, vaccine mandates and mask requirements. Gutfeld is.

The Washington post writes there in lies the puzzle that is Greg Gutfeld. Is he merely the fool or is he something larger gutfeld says in the theater, the fool often gets the best line.

Continuing our medical theme from since the beginning of the year, had doctors in Bristol, England have been able to prescribe a comedy course for their trauma patients. Sure. Why not? Is laughter really the best medicine to find out the NHS, which is Britain’s public health system is running a trial that started new year’s day in the city of.

The program allows doctors to prescribe a comedy course to patients suffering from trauma. The aim is to help these people see the funny side of their experience. People suffering from conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, or grief are eligible for this trial. The program includes six weeks of writing workshops to depend lighthearted sex about patients experiences during the sessions, which are free of charge.

Participants are invited to act out the.

One of the doctors says it will allow us to release hormones, namely endorphins, and also activates the reward circus with dopamine. Did you know, as you age, your daily duration of laughter decreases going from 300 bursts of laughter and. To just 20 in adults. That’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show on apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcasts, wherever you get our shows.

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