Joe Rogan explains what would make him quit the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

Hey does anyone remember Trevor Noah is hosting the Grammys on Sunday?

Joe Rogan explains “If it gets to the point where I can’t do it anymore, where I have to do it in some sort of weird way where I walk on eggshells and mind my p’s and q’s … f— that.”

Michael Che has no plans to leave Saturday Night Live

Bobby Moynihan wrote a children’s book about sheep with jetpacks.

Kate Berlant and John Early get a show from Peacock

Comedians and comedy club staff keep talking about security at shows.

Chris rock did take to the stage and addressed the weekend lightly. I talked about that in a bonus episode that dropped yesterday around mid day. So make sure you don’t miss that. This is the normal episode for Friday, April 1st. No, April fools jokes here. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news and a new interview.

Former president Donald Trump calling on Vladimir Putin to release damaging information on the Bidens. The late night hosts questioned his timing as Steven Gober said, damn, he’s asking for Russian help or the TV again, does this man have no shame? I withdraw the question. Go bear. It’s generally frowned upon.

The president’s current or former to solicit our murderous mortal enemies for dirt on their political rivals Kimmel. Wow. Now he’s asking flat and reboot and release dirt on the Bidens in the middle of a war. He wants our enemy to dig up damaging information about our president while he’s attacking Ukraine and Trump doesn’t see anything wrong with this.

The whole free world is trying to stop Poot and Trump’s like, Hey, you got anything on the president’s crackheads son. I can use it. Really appreciate it. Go bear as usual. Trump’s timing is impeccable. He reminded the world that Putin is his buddy at the exact moment that everybody realizes his buddy, his actual Hitler, this is worse than last year when jello resigned bill Cosby to announce a new flavor out on a technicality, orange, green.

Hey, Trevor Noah is hosting the Grammys on Sunday. Did you know this? Did you know the Grammy’s or Sunday? I know you knew Trevor and I was hosting them, but did you know there’s Sunday? There’s no buzz on this. There’s no press. I’m prepping for the show and I’m throwing Trevor Noah into the search engines.

Nothing coming up, nothing. Zero. That’s weird. Keep an eye on that over the weekend. It’ll be normal episodes. Hope. I’m also happy that my voice is almost back because I do try to paint the stories with my lilt and going up and down and changing speeds to kind of let you know what I’m thinking when. It’s been so hard for me last week, especially with all this Chris rock stuff, listening back.

And I just, I hear the rasp in my voice and I hear my read is even more flat than usual, and that’s been driving me nuts. So starting to feel a little better, which is great. The hill was listening to the Joe Rogan experience. Joe Rogan discussed the backlash he received from his previous statements on the Corona virus.

Rogan said five becomes something different because it grew bigger.

Meaning the show. I believe I’ll quit. If it gets to the point where I can’t do it anymore, where I have to do it in some sort of weird way where I walk on eggshells and mind my PS and QS F that.

From the Wynnona post. Michael Che was at the Winona state university. He sat down with WSU president Scott Olson. I saw pictures of this. Why is Michael Shay at Wynnona state university. And why is he being interviewed by the presidents of the university?

I mean, maybe the guy used to work at Sirius for a decade and he knows a lot about comedians who knows, but it just seems a weird choice. And I saw the visuals and it’s just like basically Michael Chase sitting there with me. It just doesn’t look right.

Anyway, chase said it’s always more comfortable doing standup, which seems harder, but sitting down answering questions, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I just hope you guys don’t bring up my dad or anything. The 550 attendees had their chance to ask a questions of Michael Che. He said, the state of the world has made it harder for Sensai to exist.

We can update as a segment, parodying the news, but the news is parroting. The news, who are we parenting? The only way to make fun of the news outlets is tell the truth they won’t sell. It seems like we’re trying to be political, but we’re just trying to do the opposite of what the news would be doing.

It’s a very strange juxtaposition. Comedians have a way of stating the obvious that a lot of politicians have a hard time doing people relate to comedians a lot more. Cause we tell it the way we see it and the way everybody else sees it, as opposed to politicians who tell it the way they want you to see.

He was asked about Chappelle, anything that opens the discussion. That’s important to people is always good. Cause we’re talking about it. Even if we’re yelling, we’re talking at some point, not every, joke’s going to be funny to everybody. Not every special, every comedian, every subject is going to be funny to everybody.

in general, talking about controversial comedic routines. Chase said this is a discussion that needs to be had. No, one’s having an honestly a frankly, a sometimes you need people to say things, frankly, even if it seems angry, you need to get that out. So you can find out what everybody’s thinking.

So you can have some kind of Middlebury.

Winona state university, president Scott Olsen asked about that sketch from 1975, Saturday night, live Chevy chase and Richard Pryor doing word association Chevy. Chase says a word that starts with an and Richard Pryor reacts to it. You remember that one Allston said you couldn’t do that sketch today.

Chase said, sure.

Shay said the sketch received flack when it aired in 75, just as it would today, they just put up with what came next and they weren’t going to stand by it. They did it in a way where it made people laugh and that superseded all the negativity they got. It’s the same. Now you can do all the jokes that you want to do.

You just have to make people laugh and be brave enough to stand up to the fire for.

It sounds like he has no plans on leaving. He said the cast is close no matter what. And we’ll be part of the show for the foreseeable future it’s home. That’s great. Bobby Moynahan, who used to be on SNL has a children’s book. For some reason, it is called not all. Sheep are boring. I know you can’t wait when you’re going to have to wait until September 20th, when it comes.

It’s an illustrated book, featuring adventure seeking Jetpack wearing sheep. Bobby Moynihan said I’m as pleased as punch to help little toot tell a story. Not all sheep are boring. Also just a reminder to keep an eye on Pierre, the sheep he’s shifty. Now I know you’re wondering why, I don’t know why this book exists either.

I guess there’s a big market for Bobby Moynihan illustrated books, about sheep who knew,

see it’s a lot easier to be sarcastic when I, my voice back from variety peacock as commissioned a sketch comedy special from Kate Berlant and John early, it is titled. Would it kill you to.

It will see Berlanti and early playing exaggerated versions of themselves as they reunite after suffering a public falling out many years earlier to also play a variety of other characters. In addition, veteran TV journalist, Meredith Vieira, his sets appear in the special as well.

For some reason,

a suit said we’re beyond excited that Kate and John are bringing their comedic talents to peacock. This is a one of a kind special, so brilliant fun.

W K TV fat cats comedy club in Washington mills is holding at charity comedy shows to benefit Ukraine fat Katz, K a T Z comedy club. All proceeds from the event will go to St. Vladimir Ukrainian Catholic church and then in turn, be donated to organizations in Poland, in crane,

helping provide food, clothing, and other necessities to those who are displaced club owner, bill Keeler said watching the news, compelled them to do something. Keeler is the owner of fat cats and said the pictures that I’m watching on the news every night, over and over again, they’re standing up for their country, things that we take for granted every single day they’re standing up for and fighting and putting their lives on the line.

I think the least we can do is try and help. This is awesome. Matt McClary will headline the shows to show seven to nine 15 Friday and Saturday. Tickets are $15. Each person who attends will also get a free.

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from the Hollywood reporter when Curtis Shaw flag president of the laugh factors, Chicago. So willsmith slapped Chris. A sinking sense of deja VU set in flag said we’ve had more instances lately of audience members trying to charge the stage. He describes an incident four weeks ago in which a mother accompanied by her son in his twenties was targeted by a string of comics at the club for being an unlikely pairing.

When the third or fourth comic on stage, it was his turn have fun with them. And he said something to the effect of, oh, this is a healthy relationship. the pair had been taking the jabs and stride until then, but for whatever reason, those words triggered the son flag said he starts yelling at the comic comics, like, all right, calm down there.

Next thing you know, the guy’s trying to get on stage a quick acting security guard, grabbed the man and injected him from the club, living his mother, sitting there mortified.

Flags that it was really bad in between 2016 and 2020, where if he said something about Trump and there was a sport on a crowd, they just had to make themselves known it just all became like this intellectual battle as supposed to be able to sitting down and joined the.

Audience members who heckle at the laugh factor, giving two warnings, then ejected from the club. If they do it a third year.

No one’s warm. And who owns the comedy cellar said the mood among comedy seller comics. is 100% outrage outrage at this Hollywood culture, which looks at a left and looks to the right and then decides what’s to think as sheep, this was terrible thing that happened and it shouldn’t be cheering.

It were cheering him. The guardian caught up with a bunch of UK comics on this same subject. I’ll pick it this over the next few days. One is ed Burke. Who said being hit on stage is very rare and says, award shows are never the most fun event on a comics calendar. The order of gigs, you want to play go one where all the people are there to see you. Then all the people there to see comedy and then a long way down the list. Come industry awards, such as the Oscars, where people there for a reason has nothing to do with you. They all know one another and wish you’d have.

You have to know what the audience will take, especially if you’re roasting the crowd. It’s quite an American tradition. In the UK. We a what’s the phrase here. I’m trying to clean it up. We take the, a whistle out of people, but the roast means saying whatever you want to prick pomposity. It’s why Ricky Gervais sta stuff at the golden Globes, he wouldn’t do it.

The BAFT is Chris rock. At least didn’t know the room, but if an awards gig goes wrong, it really goes wrong. Although being hit on stage is very rare. I’ve only known two comedians get hit. One was a student gig with Brendan burns. I forgot about Brendan. Brendan is a fantastic comic. I love Brendon.

Wow. I totally forgot about him. After the show, a girl went up and slapped him in the face. And Jim Jefferies has been punched twice he nearly got knocked out at one club and was hit on stage. Another time in Manchester that helped us career immensely was videoed and went viral.

The worst moment for Chris rock would have been the five minutes afterwards when you think, well, I better try to get a laugh. I did a financial service awards. I was dying in my hole and I said, look, I’m just going to go because either I’m a terrible comedian or you’re a terrible audience, but a comedian for 20 years, how long have you been in audience?

And I walked off, then the organizer goes, well, now you have to do the charity auction.

The Melbourne international comedy festival is underway.

Sounds like Mark Watson finally made it there. He was doing a gala where comedians got four minutes each and he said, I’ve got three years of stuff to tell you. So he begged them not to applaud. There’s no time. There were a bunch of jokes about anti-vaxxers but Zoe Combs, Mar joke, not to worry about it because they’re not allowed in here.

We can say what we like time outs rights. The gala format has pros and cons. Rapid Mike handover means it’s impossible to get bored, but also that deeper engagement with a talented storyteller that marks a memorable stand-up gig is missing. It’s the tick soccer Tolstoy thing.

Some acts simply don’t work as excerpts, some lesser experienced comedians struggle to make an impact, leaving the old hands to excelled or a combo of audience recognition and finally honed a skill and making a joke land perfectly on a very short runway. It might be hazy saying that all kids who don’t like to see their parents kiss

or like bacon fans who don’t want to see how the pig has killed good line or David Azarte comparing Australian politics to a block to port a body or the effortlessly brilliant Becky Lucas on why sharks are losers.

And don’t miss tonight, the Cowtown, the comedy festival. That’s right. It’s the countdown comedy festival, the first comedy festival in Greeley, Colorado. Kicks off at six o’clock tonight, the festival features performances by Adam Clayton Holland, Rick Brian Hannon Jones, and more.

Colorado’s funniest comedians. Take over two stages. That’s the Cowtown comedy festival. That’s your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever your shows become a premium subscriber on apple podcasts, $4 99 cents a month. Get the show ad free end early normal episodes this weekend.

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