Joe Rogan responds to Spotify complaints

Joe Rogan released a lengthy Instagram in response to those complaining about his podcast.

Happy 40th Anniversary of Late Night with David Letterman Day.

Jay Leno discussed Letterman in a new interview.

John Mulaney will host SNL for the 5th time.

Sean Patton is not Sean Payton but Sean Patton is in New Orleans where Sean Patton used to coach.

Uncorrected Transcript below

It’s February, huh? Hi, I’m Tony Mack with your daily comedy and he was happy 40th anniversary to late night with David Lee. That’s show started February 1st, 1982. David Letterman will be the guest on Seth Meyers tonight, which is pretty cool. If you’re a Letterman fan, don’t forget Saturdays in January.

I did a four-part series about late night with David Letterman. You can go back in the feed and listen to those also. I want to thank you. And I should probably thank Joe Rogan, Pete Davidson, and, uh, unfortunately the wee Anderson and especially Bob Saget, January far and away, the most listened to month for this podcast.

A few quick football jokes at the top. And I’ve got a bunch for the middle Alonzo Bowden tweeted first, Aaron Rogers. And now pat, my homes is Jake from state farm, the jinx that’s good. Sam Murrell, maybe. Now people from Cincinnati can stop talking about skyline.

I’ll do more football in the middle of the show. We got to talk about Joe Rogan. If you live on planet earth, you’ve probably seen Joe Rogan’s Spotify, Neil young. Was it Joni, Mitchell, Nils, Lofgren, everybody coming, Harry and Megan coming for Joe Rogan. Now, by the way, cross plug for palace intrigue. That’s the show.

I’m the writer on where we talk about the Royal family. Yeah. Harry and Megan, come on to Joe Rogan. That’s great for both podcasts, please keep it up. Harry and Megan. Joe Rogan posted a 10 minute video on Instagram, Sunday night,

Joe, trying to get in front of this Spotify controversy I’m still waiting to see what happens. If Taylor swift forced the Spotify to make a move, who will they pick?

Spotify had announced that they will post content advisories to podcast episodes that contain discussions about Corona virus. Rogan said he agrees with the decision to edit us. He posted the video saying

there’s a lot of people that have a distorted perception of what I do. Maybe based on sound bites or based on headlines of articles that are disparate.

Rogan said he wanted to do the two episodes with Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough. Those are the episodes that everybody’s upset about. He called them very highly credentialed to very intelligent, very accomplished.

Saying their opinions differ from the mainstream narrative. I wanted to hear what their opinion is. I had them on. And because of that, those episodes were labeled as dangerous. And featuring misinformation Rogan said he had a problem with the term misinformation, because many of the things we thought is misinformation a short while ago is now thought of as fact

rogan continued. If there’s anything that I’ve done, that I could do better, it’s having more experts on with differing opinions right after I have the controversial ones,

I would most certainly be open to doing that. And I would like to talk to some people with differing opinions on the podcast, in the future. I do all the scheduling myself and I don’t always get it right.

He said, he’s a fan of both Neil young and Joni Mitchell. He’s not mad at them. I feel very sorry. They feel that way. I most certainly don’t want that. I’m a Neil young fan. Joe added, he once worked as a security guard at Amelia in concert.

I pledged to balance out the more controversial viewpoints with other people’s perspective. So we can find a better point of view. I don’t want to just show the contrary opinion of what the narrative is. I want to show all kinds of opinions on all topics and not just COVID-19.

My point was to great, interesting conversations And once people enjoying, if I’ve ticked you off, I’m sorry. And if you enjoy the podcast, thank you. He also thanks Spotify for being supportive

and he thanked the haters for spring him to reassess, what he’s doing and to put things into perspective. And I think that’s good to set Joe. By the way I listened to the Jordan Peterson interview that, uh, I’d pick a talked about on Friday’s podcast.

That to me sounded like the Tim Heidecker parody of the Joe Rogan.

Peterson would say something, Joe would actually ask him a follow-up question and Peterson would like tap dance and basically do improv and come up with a answer that in my humble opinion seemed to half-ass. If that, and then Rogan would ask him again and they would move on and they covered so many topics.

It’s just, I see why people lose their minds with.

Timing is everything. And I feel like Howard, Hesseman got lost in the shuffle, Dr. Johnny fever from w K RP in Cincinnati, passed away Saturday in LA. This news broke a couple hours before the football games on Sunday and kind of got lost in that Sunday shuffle, even in my case, I wasn’t home on Sunday.

I went to. The sun. So I couldn’t even jump in the studio and do something about it. I was a big fan of WWE KRP in Cincinnati. Hey, I’m a certain age. And I work in radio. Of course I liked w Caribbean, Cincinnati on my personal Facebook. I posted a picture of Howard Hesseman is Dr.

Johnny fever and just wrote the word bigger, which was a plot point from one of the episodes and all the radio people were thumbs up in that.

Hassman was 81, his wife, Carolyn said he died of complications from colon surgery

from the New York times. Obit, Dr. Johnny fever had been pushed from a Los Angeles radio station where he was a star. Yeah. Making six figures, according to the show. And then he wound up at WK RP, which was like a loser station in Cincinnati.

He had gotten fired from the LA station for using the word booger on the air times have changed. As men told the New York times in 1979, I think maybe Johnny fever smokes a little marijuana drinks, beer and wine, maybe a little hard liquor. And on one of those hard warnings to the station, he might take what for many years was referred to as a diet pill, but he’s a moderate user of soft drugs, specifically marijuana.

I didn’t know this back in San Francisco, Hessman helped . Start an improv troupe called the committee. He also worked as a radio DJ himself in 1967 at K M P X. He played quote, strange tapes, unquote from the rock movement and smoked a lot of pot, always against my will.

Hazmats all the times in 79 that he spent 90 days in the San Francisco county jail in 1963 for selling an ounce of marijuana, a conviction that was later thrown out for entrapment, Howard Hesseman would later say that smoking marijuana was sort of a residual hobby from ECE online. Bob sag, his friends had a little ceremony over the weekend.

They called it a punk rock shiver. John Mayer, Dave Chappelle, Jeff Ross, mark Marin, and Seth green share some pictures of themselves on Instagram. And they shared that John Stamos was also there to have Saget. Jeff Ross said after Bob’s fancy funeral, we threw him a small impromptu punk rock. Shivah upstairs at the comedy store. We laughed and cried for hours.

Did you watch Saturday night live? It was not good. I have like nothing to say about it. It was one of those episodes. I was actually up Saturday night. I banged out like five episodes of the amazing race with my daughter or like addicted to that show. And then I’m like, oh, it’s 1130 something. Let me put on SNL.

And it was one of those episodes you could tell from the get-go just, wasn’t gonna fly the opening screen. Okay, which is usually a good tale. And then it was just bad vulture road. Overall, the episode was weak

and really didn’t use Willem Defoe. Well, Willem looked awkward, reading his lines . And sketches worried to play himself. Didn’t do him any favors he had was not good, now the next episode of SNL should be good. Your host John Malaney. That’s right now, John Malaney must have heard yesterday’s episode of daily comedy news, specifically the comedy power ranking segments, where I said to John Malaney, who is dipping in the comedy power rankings.

Hey enough, with the baby enough with Olivia Munn, a time to do some comedy, Malanie heard the podcast went. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense called up Lauren was like I’ll host. Now. SNL is not on for awhile. Pesky Olympics bounced the show. So the next SNL is February 26th. Check your calendar.

That’s like three weeks away, but John Malaney will be the host musical guest LCD sound system.

John Malaney will join the five-time host club. He also reaches the five time hosting, mark a quicker than anybody else. I guess that means Tom Hanks will come by again. That’s cool.

I mentioned today’s the 40th anniversary of late night with David Letterman. Now I saw this great article with Jay Leno. I shared it on the new Reddit. Have you been to the new Reddit? It is a daily comedy news also shattered on the Facebook group, which is a daily company news podcast group. Fantastic article.

I’m going to be picking away at it this week and for some future travel days. But Jay talked about Letterman. And if I’m not going to talk about Letterman today, when am I going to talk about Letterman? St. Pete catalysts said you, our favorite guest on Letterman in the eighties, you were always sarcastic about the rich and famous.

Did you have to dial that back for the tonight show? Jay said, well, you have to dial it back because now you’re rich and famous. You can’t pretend you’re sitting in economy now because people don’t believe it. You got to adjust to the situation you’re in.

Those were my favorite years doing Letterman. There’s a magazine called success magazine and Letterman was on the cover. Of course, a Letterman hates any time of adulation like that. So I walked out with a magazine and I said, Dave, I saw you on the cover of success magazine. You know, I’m on the cover of this magazine.

And it was twice the size and it was called super success magazine. My face was bigger than Dave’s. Everything was just bigger. That was my favorite thing with. When he was in the Playboy interview, I came out with the Playboy and he goes, yeah. Yeah. And I go, you know, Dave I’m on women are equals magazine.

That’s so great. That’s a good joke, Jay. It was so stupid. It was so much fun those days. That was the first time I was on a TV show with a contemporary, what I would do to the tonight show, I’d say Mr. Carson, and he’d go call me Johnny. I couldn’t do that. Whereas with Letterman, we were contemporary. So you could be sarcastic and have fun with it.

The best part of being older now is you can just trash people your own age or people younger than you. Without that age thing.

St. Pete catalyst said, all right, I’m going to tread lightly here the late night wars, Kona and Letterman. Well, you think if we can use the word legacy in quotes, some people are still feeling a little Tinder about it. Jay said, well, legacy is hilarious.

All that’s left really is numbers. Yeah. We kept the show. Number one, that was my.

St. Pete talking about those days with Letterman though, the fact that you guys aren’t ever going to be pals anymore. It’s a little sad for some of us. Jay said, it’s fine with me. I have no problem with it. I’d go on Dave tomorrow and do what’s my beef and everything. Look, I’m a huge believer in low self-esteem. I think it’s the key to success. If you don’t think you’re the smartest person in the room, you shut up and you listen. I mean, I truly believe you’re only as good as your last joke.

And when I go on the tonight show, now, when I go on with Jimmy Fallon, The standup, I don’t sit down and complain and go, you know, in my day you go out and you tell jokes. I go out in the street and I meet young people who only know me from Jay Leno’s garage. You don’t guess when you’re talking to somebody who’s 22.

They were 12 when I was on, they didn’t watch it in terms of the late night wars and all that nonsense. Look, I always say, who do you tackle the guy with the football and the tonight show was the football. So people are going to attack you and beat you up and say nasty things. All right, fine, please.

That’s all part of the job.

Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by all pro lines. That’s my go-to podcast on Tuesday because they combine football and jokes. I like jokes. I like football. You at least like jokes. So we’re halfway to getting you to download all our lines, wherever you get your shows. They also have a Twitter feed and I steal their jokes because I am the Carlos min CEO of promos.

From the All-Pro lines, a Twitter feed. And again, if you listen to All-Pro lines, professional comedian will tell these jokes with a well-trained well, honed cadence, not just some idiot sitting with a USB mic in his. Who doesn’t understand timing, doesn’t understand, pacing. Doesn’t know how to hit a punchline properly.

So just imagine these upcoming jokes told properly by Castonguay econom. Opolis on the All-Pro lines podcast. He got me. All right, here we go. The chiefs were up 21 to three late in the first half, and completely fell apart who gave the halftime speech, the Falcon. The bangles at the best turnaround, since Jennifer Lopez, the Bengals had 21 unanswered points.

Sounds like me arguing with my wife, Kansas city. Hasn’t been this upset since they learned about the mic rib. The Bengals came from behind, which makes them honorary, Greeks say I left the pause there and a mug for the camera, like bomb. Hope what.

I don’t think it’s fair to have a home Superbowl game to keep that from happening, they should host it in Detroit and Jacksonville in New York, the Rams have the first openly gay kicker. He’s not shiny gay. He’s Matt gay

and just see Tom Brady may or may not be retiring. How’s this news, Boston man retires and. And for the win. This next joke is amazing. Brady’s career is so old crystally it wouldn’t date it. Thank you all pro lines, everybody clap. That is a fantastic joke. All pro lines, where we get your shows. Speaking of football, there’s a comedian named Sean Patton that not to be confused with recent new Orleans scenes coach Sean Payton.

Sean Patton was talking about Sean Payton, stepping down and said one of my biggest regrets as a comic was not being successful enough to afford a ticket from New York to new Orleans to watch the saints in the super bowl. I was still building my career in New York. So I watched the game in a barn.

He gave some comedy advice, saying people say, do what you’re good at and love what you do. The thing I’ve always been best at is opening myself up completely and laughing at myself. That’s how I made friends as a kid, humiliating myself. Something I’ve always been good at is being flawed.

If my strength is living with the flaws, why not born there and show out funny.

In 2006, Sean Patton, the comedian who never coached the saints move to LA, but felt a nagging sense that New York was where it needed to be.

I came to New York and a psychic told him that because his mother was pregnant with him in 1978, which was the year the Yankees won the world series. He was destined to end up in New York, of course, pat and realized even the psychics in new Yorker, Yankees fan.

All right. I told you about the new Reddit, which is daily comedy news. Jump on their Facebook group, daily comedy news podcast group. And if you want to leave a voicemail, you go to pod comedy news lane. Sparcus did that. Let’s hear what Lane’s got for us today. Now he recorded this before the weekend,

But lane commented on the new Orleans comedy scene. See how I tied this all together. I play on the shows. Hey friends, it’s lane Sparcus, I’m a standup comic in new Orleans. And I got to say it’s a big week of comedy here in the Crescent city. Fortune Feimster was in town earlier this week. Todd Barry.

He is here now, at the dragon stem, a venue where you can see me perform. Sometimes Sean Patton, we’ll be back here, February 3rd, to film his special at Tipitina’s and the following night, Nate Bergonzi will be at the Orpheum. So a lot of tantalizing comedy options for listeners in the Gulf south.

Maybe DCN should do a remote good stuff lane. Thank you. That sounds like a really good line of comedians hidden down there. Todd Barry, if you’ve never seen Todd Barry, he’s fantastic. And go see Sean Patton. If he’s in town this week. Absolutely. As for doing a remote from new Orleans, I’d like to do remote from everywhere.

I just have to figure out what’s going to pay for these remotes. No, what I’m saying?

the last time I was in new Orleans was when I was working at Sirius. I was down there for the Colin Kaepernick, 49 or Superbowl, I guess that’s been a while now. Yeah. Wow. That went fast.

I was down there to work with Jeff Foxworthy, who did me a favor and did radio row for us. And here’s a quick Jeff Foxworthy story.

So Jeff shows up. I asked him if he’d like anything and he asked me if there was a subway nearby at the S there is Jeff. I’ll go get you something. And yes, I would go get something. I don’t send the intern. I went to subway myself to get Mr. Foxworthy sandwich. I don’t remember what he wanted, but I remember him asking, can I have a bag of chips?

And I looked him in the eye and I said, Jeff, you can have two bags of chips. That’s your company needs for today. Pod, coming in and just leave me a message. Read it. Daily company news, Facebook group, daily comedy news podcast group.

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