John Mulaney has entered rehab

The Interrobang included Sarah Cooper as one of their ten nominees for Comedian of the Year…and well….they should know better. They do know better. I read their site every day. They know better. The rest of the nominees are Colin Quinn, Maria Bamford, Bert Kresicher, Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope, Jim Gaffigan, the suddenly trendy Eddie Peppitone, Leslie Jones and Tim Heidecker. I will give it to Kreischer this year.

John Mulaney has entered a six week rehab.

John Krasinski’s Good News returns with a holiday episode. The Rock and Justin Timberlake are his A-list guests. Not bad.

Al Madrigal will have a new sitcom about an executive forced to become a guerrilla fighter.

Andrew Schulz’ new special, which I have not seen, is getting mixed reviews with some saying it is bold and others saying it is racist.

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