John Mulaney hits the Super Bowl, Pete Davidson sends Khloe Kardashian some flowers

Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall will host the Oscars.

John Mulaney was at the Super Bowl

Pete Davidson sent flowers to Khloe Kadashian

How I Met Your Father gets a 20 episode pickup

China is censoring Friends

Eddie Izzard joins the cast of Culprits

Sarah Silverman ticks off the Welsh

Kathy Griffin goes skinny-dipping.

Another busy one. I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Couple of Superbowl jokes leftover Steven Cole, beer talking about Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre and said two legends of hardcore gangster rappers. The kids call them Martha Stewart’s friend and the headphones guy, Jimmy Kimmel said it was crypto and peacock all day long.

There were more ads for peacock than there are living peacocks on the planet.

Jimmy Kimmel reviewed the list of performers, Dr. Trey, 50 cent, M and M Kendrick Lamar. And it was supposed to be Mary J Blige, but Snoop dog smoked all the JS. So it was just Mary Blige. There’s a headline in the New York post Snoop Dogg smokes weed right before star studded, Superbowl halftime show. Yeah, no kidding.

He smokes weed right before everything.

Amy Schumer said, I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea, but I’m hosting the Oscars along with the Wanda Sykes and Regina hall. I’m going home. Cause that’s your news. See me? You nailed it. I know you weren’t joking, but I’m not Amy’s full tweet. I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea, but I’m hosting the Oscars along with Wanda Sykes and Regina hall.

They’ll host the 94th Oscars on March 27th. That’s been 35 years as the Hollywood reporter, since three people hosted Hollywood.

Before the announcement, there had been speculation that they would go to a three-act structure, which would showcase a different pair of MCs every hour. They threw that out. There was a list of talent being considered, including John hay.

But I went with a Schumer all and Sykes Amy Schumer has received 12 primetime Emmy award nominations winning in 2015 for outstanding variety sketch series for inside Amy Schumer. Wanda Sykes has starred in several shows. The new adventurous volt Christine.

Blackish I’d thought she was very funny in the other two. I’m less familiar.

With Regina hall, hollered Porter tells me she has appeared in the scary movie film series live don’t like scary movies. I haven’t seen them. And in the best man, little and the hate U give, she also started girls trip.

The presidents of the academy said in a statement that they feel invigorated. Bye producer will Packer’s vision for the show, starting with the hosts, the money quote, this year’s show is all about uniting movie lovers. It’s apropos that we’ve lined up three of the most dynamic, hilarious women with very different comedic styles.

I know the fun Regina, Amy and WADA will be here.

We’ll translate to our audience as well, many surprises in store exclamation point expect the unexpected exclamation point. Um, I mean, you can hear my voice. Okay. I mean, I don’t really care who hosts the Oscars. It’s just one of those things that right.

Comedians are hosting it. So I’ll have to stay up late Sunday night to bang out the Monday morning episode. It’s kind of a big deal for comedy news, but people have bigger problems than Nat. Am I going to tune in and be like, Ooh, Amy, Schumer’s hosting the Oscars. I don’t know if anyone is it’s it’s a weird pick.

It’s a weird pick. I’ve got to say it. It’s a weird pick guys. It’s a weird pick. I said four times, they go up on the record. Piers Morgan. Who’s always want to mix it up. He asks the court. Great to see three women hosting the Oscars though. I’d have performed many more, at least 10, just as long as no gasoline men are involved.

Right. We see where peers is coming from. But here’s the question I think is a good question. One question though, will there every past utterance now be subjected to the same scrutiny that Kevin Hart and. That is an interesting question. If we were to go through everything, say Amy Schumer ever said she had that podcast, she’s got the things.

I’m sure we can find something and get her canceled. I’m not saying we should get her canceled. I don’t want her canceled, but is someone going to do that? Probably let’s head on over to gossip corner. You know, it was at the super bowl, John Malaney and Olivia Munn. Yeah. They left the baby home who was watching the.

Livia MUN posted on her Instagram story. We got out of the house, there was zero traffic and the Rams one

in the photo was John Malaney. You know who else was at the Superbowl prince? Harry. Yeah, prince Harry.

He ran into Cedric the entertainer, which is what allows me to shoe horn. This story into this pod.

At the Emmy awards, Cedric, the entertainer had said during his part of the show, as great as the crown, is it pales in comparison to the real monarchy? Ooh, I mean that Oprah interview with prince Harry and Megan, that was the real tea right there. Wasn’t it? Megan must put it on that boy.

Cause he renounced his throne quicker than Eddie Murphy and coming to America. But apparently Harry thought it was all in good fun. Cedric the entertainer posted a picture of him to his 2.8 million Instagram followers. Wow. This, of course, for a long time listeners know this is an opportunity for me to plug palace intrigue.

That’s the podcast on which I’m the writer. And we talk about prince Harry probably in a, in a five day week, probably 3.9, nine times some days we do Kate Middleton stuff, but Harry’s just always. So if you like the Royals and on all the dirt dishing gossip, and there’s always something, believe me, palace intrigue, wherever you get your podcasts.

Harry’s favorite newspaper. The daily mail takes us to gossip corner. Chloe Kardashians thanked her sister’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson for sending a thoughtful gift on Valentine’s day. Apparently Pete Davidson sent Chloe a beautiful bouquet of pink and purple blue.

Now much like yesterday, let me get the lilt out of my voice. Cause this starts to get a lot more serious and insider tails. E Kim Kardashian is trying to ignore Kanye social media posts and pleased to get back together. She was really happy right now and is having a lot of fun. She likes where she’s at in life and is loving this new channel.

And insider tells E that the kids are the main focus. As long as the kids are safe and taken care of. That’s all that matters to her. As for Pete, a second source says, Davidson doesn’t really spend time on social media yet we’ve heard in the past. Pete does not have social media, so he’s not totally aware of all the drama.

I doubt. That’s true. I’m sure someone mentioned this to. The second insider. It’s all the news. Pete doesn’t want to get involved or be in the middle of Kim and Kanye. He sports came with whatever she needs and they try not to focus on it. Now, even more serious. Page six says Kim Kardashian has expressed concern that somebody might physically harm Pete Davidson,

according to the page six story, Kanye west sheared, a purported text message from Kim Kardashian and a Monday Instagram post.

The alleged text from Kim says you are creating a dangerous and scary environment and someone will hurt Pete. And this will all be your fault. That’s pretty scary, not funny at all. I’m not goofing here.

Kanye then captured a social media post in all caps upon my wife’s request, please. Nobody do anything physical to skeet. I’m going to handle this situation myself. You know, it’s one of those stories, the fun parts of it are fun, but the serious parts of it, or a little scary, Kevin Hart is going on a big sore.

He said, I’m hyped to go back on soar. There’s nothing better than making people laugh. I can feel the energy and the venues like caffeine pumping through my veins. I’ve been cooking up something special and a thoughts I need to get off my chest. And I saw in the. The Sentinel. This is one of those annoying shows where you can’t have your phone phone use will not be permitted in the performance space.

Guests will be required to secure their devices in individual yonder pouches. Now, this is interesting. Attendees will keep hold of the pouches, which will be opened at the conclusion of the show. Devices can still be used in phone use areas within the venue. I don’t know, man. Like what are you worried about?

Somebody holding up a cell phone video of 10 seconds of your act with crappy audio? Like I don’t get. All this stuff gets out. Anyway, Dave Chappelle makes everybody lock their phones. The second day it gets off stage everybody’s reports. What he said anyway, I mean, what are we doing?

How I met your father has been renewed. What did you think? I was going to say? Yeah, Hulu picked it up and listen to this season. One was 10 episodes, season two, 20 episodes. This thing must be doing really well. 20 episodes in 2022 for a streamer. That’s a massive pickup. I stopped watching around episode four.

So do I have to go back in now? Here’s my review. I don’t think Hillary Duff is that good. My wife disagrees. She thinks she’s fantastic wife and I agree that fake Ted, the main guy. These characters have names, but they haven’t registered with me fake Ted, the main guy. He is pretty cool. Fake Ted’s friend that owns the bar.

He’s pretty cool. We dislike the British character because he doesn’t seem like a person who exists in real life. We really, really, really don’t like the. Adopted sister who’s Asian gay and divorced, because that just seems like, what else could this character be? It doesn’t feel like a real person. Um, and then there’s one more friend.

Uh, the friend is the roommate of Hillary Duff’s character who probably has a name and is the center of the show. None of these characters names have registered. Um, that character is fine. So I think you’ve got three or four. You could build off, but they might want to revisit somebody ensemble cast, but apparent.

Julio and the rest of the world disagrees with Johnny Mac cause 20 episode pickup is huge. Meanwhile in China, friends has been picked up on a streaming platform. Several memorable sequences have been altered or cut, including an entire storyline about Ross’s. Ex-wife being in a relationship with a woman.

Local viewers are on social media, using hashtag at friends, censor.

However, if you were on the Chinese social media and you tried to look that up, it said this topic is not shown according to the relevant laws and regulations yet. Hollered water says while the sequence involving Ross’s lesbian ex-wife was removed altogether, making its episode largely incomprehensible.

Other scenes involving mentions of sex or LGBTQ situations were tweaked via adjustments to the Chinese subtitles. In one show where the six principles are debating the advantages of men versus women. Ross mentioned that women can have multiple orgasms and the new Chinese version, the audio was left on cut, but the subtitles read women have endless gossip.

That’s going to be, that should be a new catchphrase. Women have endless gossip. I got to figure out what to do with that. Hey, babe wants some gossip. I don’t know. Some Weebo users poked fun at the assumption that no one in China knows the English word for orgasm while another, by the way, did we just give a whole new meaning to gossip corn?

That’s not what I mean. Gossip corners. Just gossip. Don’t get too excited. One post received 80,000 likes that post said not only does it ignore women’s sexual desire and enjoyment, but it also reinforces the gender stereotype of women. In other snippets of dialogue, the word lesbian was replaced with the Chinese word for X Y.

The phrase I have a penis was translated as I have different organs than a woman. You know, this reminds me when I was driving to the donut chain this morning, listening back to yesterday’s show. I mentioned this last week, I really thought when I started this thing, it would be like, Hey Kevin, Hart’s going on tour.

Cool. And Hannibal Vera said this, and I’m listening to the topics. And we’re talking about mental health. We’re talking about this China thing with the censorship.

You would think daily comedy news would be boring, but there’s always something to talk about.

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And that’s all they did. So here’s what happens in real life. I do screen ramps and these things, and I send them to Glen and whichever others of our crew decide to show up. And I drill these people. I will be at like six 30 tonight. I will be holding my phone up to Glen’s nose and I’ll be like, remember this?

And I’ll G I’ll just like drill in his head and be like cats, Def blue eyes, cat, Steph blue eyes. And we’ll try and remember these answers. So we get three points. Cause last week we finished 11th, which is pretty impaired.

Vulture caught up with Dana ghoul. He does that hanging with Dr. Z show. I like where he pretends to be doctors. , you know, he pretends to be doctor say, it’s not like it’s the actual doctors, I guess, what am I even trying? You talking about the origin of the show. And he said at one point Turner classic movies asked if he would help introduce planet of the apes, which was being screened in theaters.

That’s pretty cool.

He said, that’s where the Dr. Z character developed as a show business, like figure. And I really like this. He said like, when you watch Orson Welles on Merv Griffin, and he’s like, I was at Suzanne plus shits and Alan Alda came by. I love that. And that’s where the character came from. That’s such a good inspiration.

Where did the web series originate? My writing partner, Rob Cohen. And I go back to the Ben Stiller show during the pandemic, we’re going to do a short movie, which would have been a day in the life of Dr. Zayas shuffling around his Hollywood mansion.

But then he had this idea to do a talk show with a green screen because of the pandemic guests that would be on a monitor like space ghost. We figured this will cost us a lot of money and put us at risk of being sued by Disney. This is perfect. The two things we had going for us as parody law, and we’re not making money, they only get annoyed.

If you start to make money, you know, people are starting to write about this show data gold. I waiting for the shit. Eddie has joined the cast of the Disney plus heist series. Culprits. The series follows the aftermath of a heist with each member of the crew individually targeted by a killer after they’ve gone their separate ways.

That sounds like a good. From Wales online, your home for comedy news, they ask what the heck, Sarah Silverman, we showcased to you. Our beautiful fairytale surroundings showed you sheep that you loved. It’s all you had to swear and Welsh gave you a hot and telling an actor boyfriend, and you’d turn around and you’d take the Mick out of the best flag in the world.

Apparently on her podcast. Sarah silver.

He said, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the Wells flag, but it makes me laugh so hard. It honestly, it looks like a drawing that a 12 year old boy drew on the cover of his Mead notebook. So the wealthy were very upset and from, congratulations to Kathy Griffin. She is recovering. Remember she had.

Lung cancer. Well, she posted on Instagram

six month lung cancer scan is clean, no more cancer and yes, I’m skinny dipping in a pool while shaking my boobs and butts. So Watts, if you want to see Kathy Griffin naked in her. That’s on her Instagram. And that is your comedy news for today. Follow the show on apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify overcast, wherever you get your shows.

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