John Mulaney needs to apologize to his fans over his MSG show

Fans are upset at John Mulaney and Madison Square Garden because they banned laptops….in NYC after work……and since you couldn’t bring in your phone, nobody had their e-ticket. At the time of this recording (Friday 6pm ET) Mulaney had not commented.

Who is Graggle Simpson?

And Johnny Mac goes down the “Tik Tok comedian” rabbit hole and loses his mind. promo code DCN

Johnny Mack with another poolside edition of daily comedy news, Johnny Mack, did you record Sunday and Monday back to back. So you could go to the beach all weekend. Maybe Trevor Noah reacted to the us Supreme court issuing a major ruling. No, not that one. We didn’t get to those jokes yet. This one from Thursday, which struck down a New York state gun law that allowed residents, a concealing carry permit. Only if they demonstrated a special need. Trevor Noah said the ruling makes complete sense, cuz that would be making the militia well regulated. And I mean, you can’t do that. You know, it’s not like it’s written anywhere. You can see where this is going.

The Supreme court is feeling themselves. Huh? Trevor. You were very prophetic when you made these jokes on Thursday because you finally realize they have all the justices. They need to do anything they want. Very prophetic forever. It’s like Amy Coney Barrett was the last infinity stone they needed. Yeah.

They put it in now. They’re just snapping away at all the laws. It’s like voting rights, gun control, Miranda rights, abortion.

So obviously this is a big setback for gun safety, but if you ask me New York needs to get creative, they need to think outside the box the same way Texas did. Right. Look what Texas did with banning abortion. They weren’t allowed to ban it. So they made a crazy new law that basically banned. Anyway, what New York needs to do with guns is they should say, all right, anyone can buy a gun if they want, but the gun stores are only open on the nights that the Knicks win.

All right, those next set of jokes are gonna set up the first story, Trevor again. Yeah. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I’m sitting in rush hour traffic in New York with drivers, screaming at each other and bikers cussing out the drivers and pedestrians wailing at the bikers and the drivers.

The one thing I always think is, man, one thing that would calm this down is if everyone had a gun right now, just a Glock or two would really chill the situation out. Seth Meyers. Said, move over to us. Seriously, move over. Cuz you’re gonna get shot you know, sometimes you’ll be on the F train in August.

There’s no air conditioning and it stops in the middle of the tunnel and the conductor doesn’t announce anything. And you think to yourself, man, I wish we all had guns. Speaking of angry new Yorkers. Let’s talk about John Malanney John Ney. As I record this on Friday night, just before [6:00] PM. You have not responded to this John Malanney and you need to address this because this ain’t cool from page six, John Malan’s show at Madison square garden, New York city on Thursday fell apart before it even started.

Attendees tell page six, it was widely known that cell phones would be put in a pouches upon entry.

I’ll stop there. That’s really annoying. And a reason I don’t want to go to shows. It’s such a painless neck. I continue here, but it was never announced that laptops would not be permitted in the theater. So this is a thing that’s been going on with the baseball stadiums, and it’s a reason I stopped going to Mets games.

I work on a laptop. I bring my laptop everywhere. When I went to the beach all weekend, I brought the laptop. I hope I didn’t use the laptop, but I bring the laptop cuz you never know something happens. Work needs me. Major comedian dies and have to bang out an emergency episode even the other night at the airport.

Yes, I recorded it on my phone, but I cleaned up the show and published it from the laptop. I need my laptop. And when you work in New York city, you work on a laptop and you need to carry your laptop. Back to page six, with no lockers available at Madison square garden. New Yorkers coming straight from their offices were advised to head to the Stewart hotel to find a locker, but there, there were long lines. One fan said most people walked back to the garden after not being able to get a locker at the hotel. And then they were turned away. One guard said, maybe try a different hotel. Everyone was like, We live in New York. We came from effing work.

Amen. On that. I mean, just come on. What am I gonna do? John Elaney people are recapping your shows. I read a review Saturday. I’ve read a review in the past. Your jokes are getting out. You’re not stopping anything. Even if I sat there and recorded the entire thing. On my cell phone and posted it. It’s not gonna cost you single ticket.

You know, who makes a lot of money? Jimmy buffet, you know, who streams live? Every single concert he does on YouTube. Jimmy buffet. As a side note, I have Jimmy buffet tickets for later this summer, I could stay home and watch it on YouTube, but I want the experience, John Malanney. Dave Chappelle, all you guys.

No one’s bootlegging your shows. Let people bring their. Page six writes. There was also a curve fluffle over mobile tickets, which couldn’t be scanned due to the garden, locking up phones. all right. So your tickets on your phone, but you don’t know if your phone cuz you’re gonna boot like John Ney show and post it to YouTube and then no, one’s gonna go see him again.

This all makes sense. Staffers said people needed to bring their tickets printed out on paper because it’s 1980.

One attendees says if I hadn’t gone to the office, I wouldn’t have known what to do. Page six is sources maintain information about the laptop policy was nowhere to be found a spokesperson for MSG told page six. It was very specific at multiple places like pre-show letters to ticket holders, Instagram stories, specifically mentioning no laptops.

Oh, you didn’t read John LAN’s Instagram story before you went to a concert. That’s on you, bro. Come on. What is this policy at our website event page, reminding our guests about recording devices, cell phones and cameras not allowed. Laptops are considered recording devices, horse hockey. The spokesperson said only about 10 people didn’t return, but added the venue.

Help to accommodate everyone. We could with options around MSG, including a nearby hotel. How about you guys get some lockers? This presumably is not the last concert that’s ever gonna happen at Madison square garden. Maybe we need a solution to this other than, oh, you brought your laptop cuz you work in Midtown Manhattan and you live in the suburbs and you wanna go home tonight.

Bad job Madison square garden. And John Elaney. You have not acknowledged this yet. Not cool bro. From the AV club. Have you seen this thing about a character on the Simpsons that doesn’t exist? That character is called Goggle. I will explain.

Greg was originally edited into a screenshot by an anonymous user.

And was later picked up by four Chan and dubbed yellow mats. Hey dog, I’m recording. What is that? You don’t bark while I’m recording poolside edition of daily comedy news, a YouTuber who goes by Simmy and Jimmy picked up the Baton and renamed yellow mat Gumby and suggested the character was actually a cast member on the Simpsons that demonstrated concrete proof that the show had jumped the.

Gum Lee continued to spread from there, picked up by another Facebook user and renamed once more to Goggle. Since then Greg has spread across social media appearing in TikTok videos. And in one example, modded into the early two thousands video game, the Simpsons hit and run. Greg now seems to be unstoppable.

A character. The internet has made real through the undeniable power of simply wanting to run with a dumb joke. As far as possible. The AV club suggests that the Simpsons should just include Goggle in the actual show.

That’s tremendous. Evan, Rachel Wood was on Jimmy Fallon’s show and busted out her Madonna impression. Why she plays Madonna in the weird owl, Yankee Vic biopic. That’s coming out.

Dog. I’m recording.

Jimmy Fallon challenged her to perform as Madonna. She did. I watched the clip on the interwebs. It was pretty good. She sang material girl in her Madonna voice. The AV club said from the nasally Tanner to the over enunciation wood gave a masterclass in how she says Madonna used to disarm interviewers, Fallon ass, would her reaction to getting the role? She said, I got an email. And the first thing I read is you’ve been offered the role of Madonna and I burst out laughing. You just spit your drink out when you read that. Like you’re not expecting that on a Tuesday.

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All right. If you wanna hear me lose my mind from CNN, this wordless comedian is now the most followed person on TikTok. Oh boy.

Copy lame has become the king of TikTok all without uttering a word with more than 142.9 million followers lame as de throne, teen dancer and content creator. Charlie D Emilio to become the most follow person on the platform. Lame 22 born in Senegal. Now lives in Italy. Creates videos in which he reacts wordlessly to absurd life hacks, racking up millions of views and likes with each post.

I’m surprised he doesn’t yet have a Netflix special, a CBS sitcom deal, and a spot in a Jerry Seinfeld movie

Le may started posting videos after he lost his job as a factory work in Italy in the early days of the pandemic, he spent his days hold up at his parents’ home. Looking for jobs. One day he downloaded TikTok and started tinkering with it in his bedroom, at first, he created clips of himself dancing, watching video games, doing comedy stunts. I don’t think he panto mine to Donald Trump videos, but that probably would’ve been a good idea. He could get a Jerry Seinfeld movie out of that in early 20, 21. He began making fun of the life hack videos that flood social media platforms or reacting to them with a wordless shrug or a look of exasperation.

I just wanna beat my head.

Lama said one of his goals is to work with his favorite movie star. Will Smith oh, but don’t despair. Johnny Mac. There is hope in this world. Thanked to this next story from the hot reporter, Michael Shay has beat a copyright suit alleging he ripped off the idea for one of his episodes from a TikTok video called a homegirl hotline.

Congratulations, Michael Shay, Michael cha a ruling has tossed the case. Saying that Kelly Manos, homegirl hotline jokes are too abstract to be protectable under copyright law in December mano Che and NBC universal among other producers and broadcasters of the HBO comedy show that damn Michael Chay, mano who has 1.3 million followers on TikTok.

I wanna beat my ad claim, the cha copied jokes in her videos. Of a service allowing customers to summon a homegirl to fight on their behalf. She pointed to both works depicting variations on the same theme of violence in vengeance and the similar structure in which this sketches unfolded.

The order says in the videos, a woman calls for a home girl in the episode, a man calls for a home girl to fight his battle. Since he cannot be seen striking a woman, to the extent that any similarities exist between the episode and the videos, these elements are not protectable.

Ideas aren’t copyrightable. The two characters are dressed differently. The only apparent similarity is that the characters are both women and both wear sneakers, such generic and common characteristics cannot serve as the basis for an infringement claim. Well, that’s good. And that your comedy news forward today from pool.

I like it out here. Weather’s nice. Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify river. Get your shows. You can buy me a coffee. I got nice coffee out on the deck. I posted a picture on Instagram. You can see what my setup was. Buy me a comedy news. See tomorrow. Wonderful.

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