John Mulaney only follows The Secret Service on Instagram

John Mulaney is on instagram now and only follows The Secret Service

SNL could expand to the UK with a British version.

Rocky Gervais will take part in a David Bowie celebration.

Matthew Berry’s Toast of Tinseltown coming in January!

There could have been a Young Ones sequel

John Cleese is in a Bryan Adams video

Why there won’t be a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel. Gee I wonder why. And wait there is a Mrs. Doubtfire musical?

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This is something like the 860th episode of daily comedy news. You think one time I would remember to plug in my headphones. Hi, Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. Stephen Colbert was talking about Omicron. He said so far, it appears to be milder and more infectious than Delta. That might be happening because according to new study, it shares genetic code with the common cold.

The has gone on so long, we’re officially in the remix stage. The next rain is going to be COVID featuring shingles. The Scrillex mix Fallon said here’s some good news. Fowchee said the first data on the severity of our Macron is encouraging. Yeah. That’s what passes for good news in 2021. Did I switch between Homer chronic?

I’m a Cron during those two jokes, I think. I don’t know how to say it to you, Trevor Foushee says while it’s to really know, for sure. It looks like I’m a Cron spreads more easily than Delta, but maybe less severe. Yeah. Which means COVID might’ve watered itself down so it could reach more people like the ice cube of Corona variants, Fallon. The new deadly virus variant is only worrisome. People were like this calls for a tip and uncertain celebration. Fallon. Yeah. It’s encouraging, which is positive enough to continue with your holiday plans, but vague enough to make you spend the entire time freaking.

John Malaney has joined Instagram. He’s only following one account that account, the U S secret service people are fascinated by why John chose that you can follow me on Instagram at daily comedy news. This next story, I’m less interested in the story and more interested in at the only place that I see this story.

Is on dot AEU your home for comedy news and also a TV station in Australia. So why am I fascinated? Customers have a South Carolina, fast food restaurant. We’re not served by the regular waitstaff instead. It was Chevy chase. Why is this being reported in Australia?

And nowhere else, Chevy chase grabbed a bite from self, but surprise patrons of Charleston’s raising cane, fast food restaurant by getting behind the counter to serve passing chicken fingers and fries to customers at the drive-through winter.

A company official said in true Chevy chase form, he asked to jump behind the counter and hilarity ensued as he served up their orders in the drive-thru and inside at the counter customers shared videos of chase, serving them on social media with one tick-tock user sharing footage of chase, participating with her in the trend of bopping heads in sync to drill a.

Delaney free road, over footage of chase holding up a cup. She wrote when you go to Cane’s and Clark Griswold is working the drive-through. She captured the video hap hap happy Christmas for me and chase.

Speaking of tick-tock and this is me being catty, but I was thinking about, it was about a year ago. Remember Sarah Cooper, she used to pantomime to Donald Trump videos on tick-tock and the comedy industry was like, oh my God, she’s the next big thing.

Netflix gave her a special CBS, gave her a sitcom and I sat here every day being like what the F man it’s a year later, I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything lately from deadline. Saturday night live is heading to the UK deadline, understands that a British version of the long running NBC comedy is in the works at scout.

This would mark the most high profile international adoption of the Lorne Michaels created series, which has been remade in a number of places around the world, including China, Germany, Italy, and South Korea. Did we know this? There’s Chinese Saturday night live. Really? I want to see this.

Sky is owned by Comcast. Comcast owns NBC. That starts to make sense. Doesn’t it?

this comes after sky began airing full versions of NBC’s American Saturday night live last year on the sky comedy channel.

A British series called Saturday live aired on channel four, between 1985 and 1988. Help to make stars. The likes of Harry Enfield, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, and Ben Elton it later, moved to ITV. I will talk about American Saturday night live tomorrow. Why? Because I recorded this one on Friday for scheduling reasons.

Speaking of people on Saturday night, live Pete Davidson back in the news.

Pete has revealed that when Miley Cyrus. Appeared on Saturday night, live in 2015. She and Pete Davidson got matching tattoos, man. What is it with beat Davidson? I know I’m just, you know, a middle-aged dude in his basement and I’m supposed to sit here on grumpy old man mountain, be like, how do I get the Pete Davidson thing, ladies?

What is it? You got matching tattoos with Pete Davidson. Why they got matching tattoos that red we babies I’m even more confused. Now. I understand that. Then giving a CBS sitcom to somebody who pantomimes to Donald Trump videos. Pete has since gotten his tattoo lasered off. That’s sad. Miley still has hers.

Chris Redd apparently also got a tattoo based on the sketch. Y from rolling stone, David Bowie would have turned 75 on January 8th. They’re going to have. A live streaming event featuring Def Leppard, Simon Labon John Taylor. Those are the Duran Duran guys, right? Living color, really? Gary Oldman. And why am I mentioning this?

Ricky survey’s Ricky and Bowie were friends. This headline caught my eye. They were teasing an article in the San Francisco gate. The teaser said why there will never be a SQL to Mrs. Doubtfire. Oh, can I guess, can I guess, Hm. Let’s see. Why would they not make a SQL to Mrs. Doubtfire? Which Robin Williams starting and seems kind of important to the project?

Well, Chris Columbus, the film’s director of the original. I said there will never be a SQL because no one could possibly fill Robin Williams shoes. Yeah, no kidding. It’s impossible. It’s just impossible. I was just reading a lot of reviews ironically, today and about the Broadway show. Wait, there’s a Broadway show of Mrs.

Doubtfire, Google time. What

This is the thing Mrs. Doubtfire at the Steven Sondheim theater, a new musical comedy about the things we do to stay together. Story Daniel Hilliard, a struggling out of work actor will do anything for his kids after losing custody in a messy divorce. He creates the kindly alter ego of Scottish nanny.

You fajita, Doubtfire. And a desperate attempt to stay in their lives.

Really it’s there a soundtrack? My kids are into musicals. They didn’t tell me about this. Don’t they know. I always talk to myself in the basement all day about Kameni stomach does things.

Here are the songs spoilers ready? Act one. Opening slash pizza roll. That’s Daniel. I’m done. I want to be there. Nanny interview Montauk. Make me a woman. What the hell? Sung by the kids? My jollies show ensemble, cooking, montage, easy peasy. I want to be there. Reprise. Mr. Jolly, reprise telling time wrap. Bam.

You’re rocking now. It’s time for intermission. All right. We’re back from intermission act to the shape of things to come. She deserves a real man. Let go. New leaf. You’ve created a monster. He lied to me. Restaurant sequence, pretend as long as there is love. As long as there is love finale.

Well, we’re still not getting a Mrs. Doubtfire to, unless of course this becomes the biggest musical of all time. And then money tends to change things. Chris Columbus says it’s impossible. It’s just impossible. I was just reading a lot of reviews ironically, today, and about the Broadway show that Johnny Mac just found out about as he recalled.

And this guy is playing him is supposedly very energetic and phenomenal, but he’s no, Robin, Robin was one of a kind

The last time I met with Robin before he passed away was about the Mrs. Doubtfire SQL. We had a script and it was a great script. Robin was prepared to do it, and then unfortunately he passed away. From chortle

remember the sitcom, the young ones, it could have had a follow-up. It would have been called the middle aged ones. Co-creator at Liza mayor has revealed this.

The writer said she always wanted to catch up with Rick Vivian, Neil and Mike later in life. , she also incented the original comedy run longer than its two series.

But Rick Mayo who wrote the show with her and Ben Elton block, the idea she said, I was, had the idea of doing the middle-aged ones. I had this idea that Neil would have cut his hair and be wearing a suit. Vivian would be on his third marriage and work in a hospital and still drink too much. The usual disappoint in most people’s lives, what they think they’re going to do at 18, 19 20 and what they end up doing.

Right. You wind up sitting in your basement, reading comedy stories, so sad. Cl muse that I think we finished it all too early and at the young ones could have had a third series. The only reason we didn’t do a third series and a Christmas specials because Rick had this romantic notion that we were faulty towers and we’d done two series.

Get out, keep it Nambour before he went too far. But I think we had a lot more and could have done.

She added it’s amazing and retrospective that we didn’t think why don’t we have a woman or a person of. Not a British news today. BBC has confirmed the air date for it. Matt berries, toast of Tinseltown. Oh man. If you haven’t seen toast of London, starring Matthew Barry, you have missed out. Now I checked just before I started recording.

Toast of London is not streaming in the U S these days.

So you’ll have to look under a rock, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean? If you want to see the show, but Steven toast will be returning the TV in the UK. On January 4th. I am so jealous. I just may have to look under a rock. The new series comes more than six years after toast of London. Last aired on channel four.

Toast of Tinseltown follows Matt Berry’s character, trying to make it in LA. I’m telling you, you probably haven’t seen this show. If you live in the states, it is fantastic. Harry peacock also apprised of his role as Ray purchase. That’s Matthew Barry’s rival on the show.

The description of the first episode reads toast is becoming increasingly angry and everybody’s noticing even repurchase. There’s no chance of landing the big movie audition in this. After a successful visit to an anger management center chose to as a new man and sets about apologizing.

All the people he’s been rude to whoever when he reveals the extent of his wrongdoing, a purchase, the pair come face to face at the colonial club.

Co-creator Arthur Matthews originally revealed the new series at the chortle comedy book festival last year. Arthur. Matthew said it was a thrill to be writing toast again. After a long gap, Hollywood is a brave new world for toast. There’ll be triumphs and tribulations. Matthew Barry said, I couldn’t be more thrilled to not only be working with Arthur, but the rest of the toast family again, and also be taking the show to the BBC, which I know toast himself what very much approve.

[10:00] PM. BBC to January 4th, Johnny Mack’s house under a rock, January 5th, nudge, nudge.

Couple more from that side of the pond, which is not something anybody actually says, Chris O’Dowd who co-starred in the it crowd with Matthew Berry. I think Matthew Berry was a supporting character on the show. Chris O’Dowd was the star. I’m being unfair to Mr. O’Dowd. I digress. He has been tapped to star in the upcoming series adaptation of the big door prize based on the bestselling novel by M O Walsh.

Those will come to an apple TV plus who’s got a lot of good shows, although I just finished up the season of invader. Hey invasion. Can we actually have some aliens or some actual invading invading shin? Wasn’t that good foundation was good. And did I mention tad lasso?

Chris O’Dowd is set to portray the role of good natured teacher and family man named dusty. Really who’s deeply averaged life will change with the appearance of the mystifying machine that forces him to question his own happiness.

And from louder Your home for comedy news, Brian Adams has released a new single it’s called kick ass. Why am I mentioning this? There’s a video. The video starts with John CLIs doing an introductory sermon,

in which CLIs, it says there’s not enough rock and roll in the world. More guitars, more drums, join hands. Let’s rock.

Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by all pro lines. That’s that podcast I tell you about every Tuesday because stocky economy, propolis and Aaron Hodges combined at football and jokes. It’s very funny. You like football, you like jokes. Why aren’t you listening to all pro lines? Or if you get your shows, I went to Twitter at all pro lines and I stole some jokes from them.

You ready?. The Eagles beat the jets, which is, I think how captain Sully got famous. Pretty good. Cause stocky who hosts the show with Aaron Hodges? Stocky econom Opolis is a big Falcons fan and he likes making fun of his team because his team is terrible after appearing in the super bowl, the Falcons fell so fast.

They now appear to have the bins, the Falcons haven’t won at Mercedes-Benz stadium and over a calendar year. There’s. Going back to last year, the Mercedes slogan is the best or nothing. Spoiler alert for the Falcons, nothing, all of her lines, wherever you get your shows, vulture did this in a whole series called comedians.

You should know I parked this for the end of the year. Cause it gets a little slower. Although today was pretty robust, huh? I’ll be picking away at this list as the upcoming weeks come. And we had towards 20, 22 you know how the end of the year works?

Why am I explaining to you?

This one about Robin Tran. Robin is one of the 22 talented writers and performers on vultures annual list comedians you should know and will know vulture does a great job with this. I subscribe to vulture. I would encourage you to as.

Robin Tran said I didn’t actually truly internalize how funny I was until my, just for laugh set where I literally say, oh, I’m really funny, out loud on camera. It was a revelation that took nine years to reach I’m amused it happen on camera and now everything feels more fun than it ever has.

Describe your company in five words, mischievous S staring Asian, trans lesbian. What are you most known for coming out to my Vietnamese mother with a language barrier, , which people call born boy, brain girl. I wrote this joke while I was actually coming out. Cause it was the first time I ever disassociated from my.

And it felt like I was looking down at myself, coming out to her and I wrote the joke in my brain simultaneously. It goes to the only way to cope with the intensity of the moment, but don’t feel sympathy for me. I’m only sharing these details to humble brag about how I’m a genius.

What have you done for comedy during COVID that you thought you would never do? I became a Tik TOK star. Oh, Johnny, Mack’s gonna lose it. You know, he gets what these tick-tock stars. And I started creating memes. I started looking at social media as a place to perform because so many people would be home and I figured introverts need entertainment too.

I got over 175,000 Tik TOK followers during COVID Oh yeah. Well, who are some of your favorite comedians right now? I’m not sure vulture phrased it in that aggressive tone. Robin said Eddie Pepitone was for the master specials. My favorite of all time.

Wow. Really? I think it’s just perfect. And almost every joke is good enough to be a closer, otherwise there’s too many to count. Cause most of my favorite comedians were also friends, blah, blah, blah. Come on.

Also I’ve stopped looking at others as inspiration. And I try to look at myself from the outside as a fan.

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