John Mulaney sits in as a writer on Seth Meyers’ Late Night

John Mulaney is a writer on Late Night with Seth Meyers, at least that’s the bit. He did some jokes about ghosts.

Britain’s #1 Stand-up special is Ricky Gervais’ Humanity. But what’s number one in Slovakia and Turkey? You will have to listen.

Jason Manford says if you go to a Jimmy Carr concert and get offended…well that’s on you.

The Arab American Comedy Festival is this weekend and if they had a better PR department I would have told you about it on Friday’s pod. You missed some shows, but there are more tonight,

The Creek and The Cave was a cool comedy club in Queens. I say was because it has closed.

A look at the comedy scene in Cameroon!

Billy Connolly will make his final public appearance.

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