John Mulaney spotted in YELLOW SHORTS. Patton Oswalt on cringe comedy. Jo Koy excited about Easter Sunday.

Patton Oswalt on cringe comedy

Jo Koy is excited about his movie Easter Sunday, but one review isn’t so good

Jim Breuer kicks off the Freedom of Laughter tour tonight but Johnny Mac can’t quite nap his half ass Breuer impression this time.

John Mulaney wears yellow shorts? Pete and Kim are still in love.

It is hot to be Friday for me. Did you see Kansas voters rejected the constitutional amendment that would restrict and limit access to abortion rights in Kansas, Trevor no said, yeah, no one expected this. This was a bigger shock than when bat girl found out her real emesis was the CEO of Warner brothers.

Huh? Colbert said, keep in mind. The blowout happened after a series of dirty tricks from Republicans in Kansas first, they made the wording of the ballot measure, extra confusing. Then they sent voters text messages right before the election that misleadingly equated a yes vote with personal choice.

Cober said they try to trick them into voting the wrong way. This is the most misleading political message. Since 1950 twos, I like Ike too much to burden him with the presidency vote Stevenson . In other news, Steven Cober was looking at a new study that found that eating processed food like ice cream.

Hurts your brain function. Steven said, stop it’s science. Just stop studying things. This is why people turn against you and start eating house paste. What’s next puppy kisses cause herpes exposure to Chris Evans is depleting the ozone layer Just let us have nice things.

This is a whole bunch of movies today. Uh, Pete Davidson’s body’s body’s bodies is opening.

Pat Oswald is in a movie called I love my dad in the movie. Pat Oswald plays a dad who wants to reconnect with his son. So the dad creates a fake Facebook profile based on a young woman. He knows. And he ends up catfishing his son. Yes, that is icky variety rights. Pat Oswald is okay with making you squirm after all the actor and comic once performed a number called the cringe on an episode of crazy ex-girlfriend.

Pat says real comedy comes from those moments. I fully ascribe to Tracy Morgan’s Maxim. That cool is the enemy of funny cringe and awkwardness are real humanity. And that’s where the real funny stuff comes from.

Pat’s new special. We all scream comes to the Netflix. September 20th Patton says he will touch on recent topics like the pandemic and cancel culture. That’s original, but one thing that’s different about it is that I’m being defiantly goofy and silly about it. Thank goodness. Pat has apologized for remarks.

He made the past and has publicly reversed his prior defensive comedians who make rape jokes. Pat said I’ve never understood the false alpha male view of like men never apologize. Yes. You effing do because everybody Fs up. I’ve done jokes where I use the R word or I use the N word ironically to make fun of racism, but I didn’t realize I was laying out a blueprint for a lot of actual effing racist.

So it’s okay to go. I effed that up. I didn’t know what I was doing or I didn’t know any better now. I.

He has that. Some people use the term canceled to make themselves seem more dangerous than they are. I wonder who he might be talking about. it’s like the way people used to say strap in folks. This is gonna get dark. No, if you have to tell people you’re edgy and dangerous, you’re not, you should just go up there and do effing jokes.

I wonder who he’s talking about. Joe coy has a movie out today. This is that Easter Sunday movie. I =like= Joe coy. I’m kind of talked out about this movie. So I think today will be the last day that we talk about this one, Joe coy caught up with the LA times and said, summers are all about your blockbusters. Right? We got top gun, Maverick, minions, bullet train, and the studios like we’re putting Joe Hoy’s movie in that slot. What a beautiful moment to celebrate Joe Hoy said I just passed another billboard in front of universal studios. And as I left that, there’s another one they are full on supporting this movie.

That is true. I was on the major Deagan expressway, interstate 87 in New York city. And I. A Joe coy billboard with my own eyes. Joe coy says, if they’re willing to take a chance for my culture and my people have a voice, then I’m gonna do whatever it takes to make sure everyone goes and sees it. And that’s why I’m not sleeping, man.

Joseph Glenn Herbert grew up in Washington state as air force veteran father left the family when Koy was 10 and his mother raised the kids from there. They moved to Las Vegas during his high school years, and he began performing standup at open mics in 1989. The stage name Joe coy comes from a mishearing of his aunt, calling him to dinner in Tagalog.

I’m not proficient Tagalog, but I believe the phrases Joe co eat. Meaning my Joe eat. And that somehow turned into Joe coy

in his early twenties, after being spotted by someone from a catcher rising star, Joe coy became a regular support act for a headliners and canvas the streets handing out two for one coupons. That is like the worst thing that comedians have to do. It’s awful. Eventually he realized people were coming to see him, not the headliners.

He still couldn’t get those coveted top of the bills spots though. So he put his own money into renting a theater and persuaded local businesses to sponsor him printing coupons for them on the back of his tickets. Soon, he found himself filling the house, then joined the black college comedy tour and appeared on B bet’s comic view and Showtime at the Apollo.

Joe coy says, and I won it.

He moved to LA, where he worked as a stalker at Nordstrom and Barnes and noble. He cleaned yachts to make ends meet for himself. And his young son,

Joe says there was a lot of systemic racism going on. I know we threw this around a lot, but it’s true. I know we throw this around a lot, but it’s true. Late eighties and nineties, it was FD up. You can ask Cedric the entertainer, Steve Harvey, Margaret show anybody from that era, there was a division in comedy.

It was literally called white nights, Friday and Saturday. If you were any other color you had to do these theme nights. Thursdays were Asian invasion. Yeah. I remember Asian invasion, chocolate, Sundays, Joe coy speaks truth.

After his 2019 Netflix special Joe coy coming in hot Alan entertainment that Steven Spielberg’s company brought him in for a meeting. Joe says the minute we walked in, every other person’s walking up to me. Oh my God, Steven, can’t stop talking about your special. Steven’s a huge fan. I was like, are you talking about Steven from accounting?

And they were like, no, Steven, Spielberg’s your biggest fan. He wants to make a movie with you. And I pitched Easter Sunday to him. He’s been involved since the beginning from the writing process to picking the director, casting everything. Thank God for Steven spiel.

Well, how’s the movie, the Hollywood reporter rights, unfortunately. That’s not a good start. Johnny Mac. Unfortunately, the interesting cultural elements are undercut by the cartoonish dialogue, characterizations and situations, which even managed to include a high speed car chase. That leads to an UN funny scene in which Joe is awkwardly United with his bitter.

Ex-girlfriend now a cop played by Tiffany Hadish, a particularly strained running gag involves Joe’s frequent phone calls with his agents. Which invariably get cut short by the agent pretending to lose his cell signal. That’s pretty hacky. A lengthy scene set during a church service mainly provides the contrived opportunity for Joe coy to, deliver a short version of a standup act and the cameo by all right, guy that wrote me about spoilers.

I’m giving you three seconds here. Two, one, and the cameo by LD, ZY and Phillip. Proves an UN amusing example of yet another famous performer. goodly playing a less than flattering version of themselves Even worse. Oh no, that’s not a good start to a sentence. Johnny Mack are the strained attempts at heartfelt emotion from Junior’s versioning romance with a young woman who turns out to be the voice of reason to the inevitable reconciliation between the mother and aunt, which leads to an exuberant karaoke session.

This sounds like you watch it with the wife on a Thursday night, over Christmas break on Amazon. Doesn’t it.

Jim brewer starts his freedom of laughter tour tonight. Let me see if I can summon up half ass Jim brewer impression. I worked with Jim for a decade. I used to write a lot of copy for Jim. I don’t mean his comedy, but like radio promos and stuff. And I got really good at writing in Jim’s voice. And I, have Jim’s voice in my head.

I have noticed. And you may have noticed on the last few podcasts, my voice has been a little thin this week. I feel fine. So let me see if I can bust this out. From the Herald bulletin, Jim brewer plans to start a show with off the cuff, I improvisation then use the material he has prepared. So I’ve talked about that a lot, especially recently, Jim is really good at free forming a crowd and reading a room.

The Herald bull rights. Jim will ultimately follow the energy of the crowd brewers materials inspired by life in general and the ridiculousness of it.

So usually the way I can get into doing Jim is doing a breath thing and going all right. It’s a current events or hard situations life. I have no problem tackling that and explain it and find a funny angle or healing angle on the subject.

I like leaving the crowd going. Wow. I don’t feel crazy anymore. I don’t like getting regular laughs. I’m like you can’t breathe and you’re gonna get a headache tomorrow. It’s gonna be the best headache you ever had. I love hearing someone laugh so hard cuz I know it’s coming somewhere else. Especially last two years, people don’t laugh hysterically.

That’s a grace feeling in the world to know you can exercise that out of them. Will he be doing SNL material, , the last five specials zero to do with SNL. So the difference between any type of thing written for you, I don’t have my good gym today. I’m in control. And when I’m gonna control my destiny, I have no problem failing and I know how to deliver it when I’m in someone else’s control.

It’s just like having a job. That was pretty good. See, jim would lean in on the be there and stretch out that word. Just like having a job, just like being in control of everything that you’re putting out. There’s no better feeling in the world. And standup does that for me. As long as people wanna laugh, I’ve gotta do it today.

I’m dead. I don’t really have any other goals. I don’t need vanity. I don’t need to be a star. Very happy where I’m at at life, family morals, friends, faith. I got everything I need. And yet my voice is there today.

I just had a nice drink of water, but my daughter is texting me right now. She’s hitting the national donut chain and I, I got a cold brew. I got a cold brew with cinnamon and, uh, if you wanna buy me a coffee, you can go buy me a comedy ears. And I’ll send my daughter to the donuts chain and pick went up for me.

I do a casual travel podcast. It’s called travel is back this. The episode was recorded. Live from Catalina off the coast of Los Angeles. Catalina island is awesome. West coasters are like, yeah, we know, look, man, I’m from Queens. I didn’t know. You didn’t tell me. It’s awesome. So check out travelers back where they get your shows. Let’s hang out at gossip corner again.

Gossip corner was a lot of fun lately. People still talking about Dean cook. The best joke I saw was now Dean Cook’s jokes. Aren’t the worst thing about him. us weekly has the headline Kim Kardashian and it Pete Davidson send love notes to each other amid hard, long distance romance. Yes, it is so hard filming a movie.

Up by the great barrier reef. Then your girlfriend has to fly her private jet all the way to Australia, just for you guys to hang out. It is really hard to have a romance like that. An insider tells us weekly, Kim and Pete are in constant communication. Although they’re different time zones and filming call times make talking difficult.

oh boy, they send each other love notes when the other is sleeping and they FaceTime whenever their schedules link. The distance has been hard, but even communicating long distance is exciting for them.

They can’t get enough of each other. The insider says they’re still very smitten with each other and can’t wait until they’re in the same place. Again, they both have busy schedules at the moment, but they’re still making time together. They’re very much enjoying spending time together.

Okay. Got. and the daily mail, they had somebody out, uh, not at all. Stalking Olivia MUN and John Ney. They just happened to be walking by. And the guy from the daily mail happened to be there. So somebody snaps some pictures, it happens, it happens, but I love the flourish daily mail puts on their copy.

Olivia Mon and John Melania. Appeared blissfully in love as they strolled with their son in New York city. On Thursday morning, the 42 year old beauty looked casually chic and a pair of white and hand striped cotton overalls with a white crop top, which offered a peak at herd trim, torso details of the walking dead actress, stylized her long dark locks and straight layers.

Her makeup look daytime fresh with a neutral pink. She finished the look with large cat eyes, sunglasses earrings, a gold pendant and cream slide sandals. It’s a lot of detail there. Daily bale, John 39 kept cool in a great t-shirt yellow shorts, sneakers at a white baseball cap. All right. I saw the picture of John Ney in the yellow shorts and the t-shirt.

He makes me look like George CLO.

And I’m wearing blue shorts and a t-shirt with a puppy on it right now. But John in the yellow shorts. Yeah. He made me look like Joe DEMA on a suit. Know what I’m saying?

The daily mail ADSS, the couple’s eight month old son, Malcolm was nestled in a stroll.

And that’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, where we get your shows. Buy me comedy news and normal episodes all weekend. I’m about to record them. See you tomorrow.

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