John Mulaney taping new special THIS MONTH! Plus the time Joe Rogan wasn’t enjoying comedy AND Marc Maron is mad at the Academy

John Mulaney will tape a new special in Boston at the end of the month. (Happy February)

Jay Leno was in a motorcycle accident

Cindy Williams, Shirley of Laverne And, has passed away

Joe Rogan told Louis CK about when he wasn’t enjoying being a comedian

Reboot was canceled.

Marc Maron mad at the Academy

The shark deck. I’m Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news coming off a few days of travel, so a little catchup today before these late night jokes get too moldy. Jimmy Fallon talked about the N F L playoffs and said you could tell Philly partied hard because the rocky statues holding up Tylenol and Gatorade.

Of course everyone in Kansas City is just as pumped. This is the Chief’s third Super Bowl appearance in the last four years. Even Tom Brady is like, Hey, give someone else a chance. Colbert, it’s a history making game because Kansas City Chief’s, tight end, Travis Kelsey and Philadelphia Eagles Center, Jason Kelsey. will become the first brothers to face off against each other in a Super Bowl, but not the first time. Family members have played each other. Who can forget the dramatic playoffs matchup between Joe and Hannah Montana? , I like that one a lot. Gordon. . Maybe this is how Prince William and Prince Harry should sort out their issues.

Kimmel, I’d tell them, I would sit ’em down and say, boys, whoever wins is the son we love more. And that’s that. That’s how Trump does it.

Big news came out. John Ney is going to record a new special. John Ney from scratch will record during three performances in Boston in February. Hey, John Elaney, that’s cheating.

You’re gonna cut together from three performances. I know a lot of times they’ll pick the better of multiple shows where they’ll cut together from two shows. So three is an interesting number, whatever. Just bus and chops. John Elaney.

He’ll record at Symphony Hall Saturday, February 25th, [10:00] PM Sunday at seven and 10. Wow. 10 30 show on a Sunday night. That’s late. John Elaney, what do you want the audience to be half asleep.

Looking forward to that one. Now, this next story broke Friday as I was on the airplane there and I jotted it down. I’m like, it’s gonna be super moldy by the time I get back. But then it occurred to me, I don’t even know the details of what I’m about to read you, so maybe you don’t. Did you see Jay Leno was in an accident again?

He broke his collarbone, ribs and kneecaps. Yeah. Now either that’s news to you or you’re like, yeah, everybody was talking about that on Friday. Where were you? I don’t know how you feel about this, but Jay Leno broke his collarbone, ribs and kneecaps, and a motorcycle crash. He told the Las Vegas review journal.

I got knocked off my motorcycle. So I’ve got a broken collarbone. I’ve got two broken ribs, I’ve got two cracked kneecaps. Ouch.

Jaylen was 72, he was out on January 17th. He said he smelled leaking gas while testing a 1940 Indian motorcycle. So I turned down a side street and cut through a parking lot and unbeknownst to me, some guy had a wire strung across the parking lot, but no flag hanging from it. So you know, I didn’t see it till it was too late.

It just clothes lined me and boom, knocked me off the bike. Ooh, that’s awful.

He said, you know, after getting burned up, you get that one for free. After that, near Harrison Ford crashing airplanes, you just want to keep your head.

And he’s Jay Leno. You think he took time off? No. Sunday night he was back at the Comedy in Magic Club in Hermosa Beach.

Eyewitnesses say he was not wearing a sling and appeared.

He has performed at that club just about every Sunday since he took over as host of the Tonight Show in 1992, where he would try out monologue material while reading index cards.

And as Jay Leno continues to have bad news, his long-running TV series, Jay Leno’s garage.

The Holler Porter cites a C N B C source that says that show has been canceled after seven Seasons.

Joe Rogan had Louis CK on, they were talking comedy, and Rogan mentioned that for a while he didn’t like doing comedy. He felt as if he wasn’t doing well enough as a comedian and became jealous of other performers. Rogan said in the beginning, I didn’t like doing comedy because it’s jealousy and insecurity.

If somebody else was killing it, then it was like, God, I wish I’d thought of that. God, I wish I was killing it.

I was too wrapped up in trying to get somewhere in comedy that I didn’t enjoy it anymore.

But then he took some time to reflect on why he started doing comedy in the first place and said, I realized, hey stupid. You got into comedy cuz you love watching it. Why would you still not love watching it?

Are you gonna give up loving watching it because you like to do it? That’s so.

Mark Maron and some other stars are slamming the Academy Awards decision to conduct a review of the campaign tactics behind this year’s Oscar nominees. This follows the surprise nomination of Mark Maron’s to Leslie Co-Star, Andrea Riseborough. All right. What is the deal here

Into Leslie, mark Maron plays a motel owner who helps Riseborough’s alcoholic character get her life back on track.

Maron said, apparently in the Academy of Motion, picture sciences, or whatever the F it is, has decided to investigate Andrea Riseborough’s grassroots campaign to get her the Oscar nomination. Because I guess it so threatens their system that they’re completely bought out by corporate interest in the form of studios.

Millions of dollars are putting in the mouths of advertising campaigns, publicity screenings by large corporate entertainment entities. And Andrea was championed by her peers through a grassroots campaign, which was pushed through by a few actors. The academy’s like, I gotta take a look at this. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. Independent artists don’t deserve the attention of the academy unless we see how it works.

Exactly. So we’re gonna look into this.

Maron feels nothing will come with the review and expects Riseborough to keep her nomination. Maren said. It was in earnest, the campaign, and it’s not undeserving, but I’m glad the academy at the behest of special interest in corporate interest and paranoia about how they look or doing an investigation.

Who gives an F

new Adam Sandler movie? Boy, that’s exciting, huh? It’s a sequel to Murder Mystery. It is called Murder Mystery two. In Murder Mystery two, Nick and Audrey Spitz, played by Adam Sandler and Jennifer An. They’ve become detectives in the four years since murder. Mystery one,

They get invited to the island wedding of their friend Maharaja, who’s kidnapping leads Nick and Audrey to Paris. Sounds like Adam Sandler felt like filming in Paris and Netflix was like, yeah, we don.

In the trailer, Adam Sandler’s character. Nick says, the Maharaja has been kidnapped and all of you are suspects. Jennifer Aniston jokes. We’re not gonna be invited anywhere, ever again. Hmm. This doesn’t sound like it’s gonna make the top tier of Adam Sandler movies again to review. There are only a few good Adam Sandler movies.

There’s two with Drew Barry Moore, right? Wedding singers. Okay. 51st states is okay. Hustle is okay, and the Adam Sandler masterpiece is of course, is uncut gems, everything else. Did I forget any more good ones? I don’t think so.

Everything else is complete garbage. Eliza Schlesinger. Taking some money from Seagram’s. Apparently big press release went out kicking off the new year. This press release came out on January 30th. By the way, kicking off the new year. Seagram’s seven Corona American blended whiskey. This is not a commercial.

It’s press release is raising a seven and seven to drinking spots across the country by teaming up with actor and comedian Eliza Schlesinger to launch the new, it’s your spot. . So what’s this? It’s inspired by dive bar regulars and how they’ve transformed their spaces into local staples over the.

Eliza taking some money from Seagrams. Apparently said sometimes the best things in life can be pretty unconventional. The thing I love most about Seagram seven is that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to make an amazing cocktail while making equally amazing memories. That sounds like. The way people speak on planet Earth, right?

That’s not corporate speak. Nobody wrote that statement. That’s how you would speak. I’ll run it back again. The thing I love most about Sacrum seven is that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to make an amazing cocktail while making equally amazing memories. As long as you’re with great company, the rest will fall into place.

Ah-ha. Let me deliberately put that story back to back with this one from Cleveland Magazine, Cleveland comedian Mary Sandora on sobriety.

Mary Sin Tora quit alcohol in 2019 after two previous attempts didn’t stick. She recalls leaning into the life of the funny party person bragging to friends about crashing six cars or using Cleveland’s craft beer culture as a guise for alcoholism.

Santura said deep down, you know that something’s wrong, so you try to justify it any way you can.

Cleveland Mag Ads for many comedians stand up and drinking need each other. Sandora, often took her first drink of the night with her on stage and gig payment frequently came in the form of a free bar tab, but it was her performance that benefited most from tossing the sauce aside.

She said I was stuck in this rut where I wasn’t progressing compared to where I was, I’m in such a better place as a comic and as a writer.

She says, drinking and comedy do not go together. They’ll ruin your career.

Sad news. We learned that Cindy Williams passed away last week. She died on January 25th. She played Shirley on Laverne and Shirley, her family put out a statement. Cindy passed away from a brief, yet unnamed illness. According to the LA Times, the statement, the passing of our kind hilarious mother, Cindy Williams, has brought us insurmountable sadness

that could never truly be expressed. Knowing and loving her has been our joy and privilege. She was one of a kind, beautiful, generous, and possessed, a brilliant sense of humor and a glittering spirit that everyone loved.

It’s Wednesday, it’s trivia Night. Gotta defend the second place. Title from last week, we won great prizes from our friends over at Best Men Trivia.

Check out their podcast Best Men Trivia and their Affiliated Friend podcast from the third trivia guy, SNL nerds. Check all that out. Best Men. Trivia I’ll be playing tonight. Glen’s not going, so Glen’s not gonna buy me beer. So if you wanna sport the show, go to buy me a comedy news.

Throw five bucks in the tip jar. I will take your $5. I will go to the brewery. I will play trivia and I will use your five. And put it towards a beer.

San Francisco Sketch Fest continues. Let’s see what’s playing tonight. Seven o’clock A Western Nerd Rage. The great debates. That was a podcast for a while. I think they have stopped. This is a no holds Bard improvised debate with the funniest standup comics, podcasters, and even pro wrestlers over the most absurd of nerdy topics.

Eight o’clock magic mind reading and mayhem. What’s that? I like the mayhem.

Awards, awards and more awards. Five of the most awarded magicians Sketch Fest could afford six completely different styles of magic. In one show,

over 150 years have combined experienced crammed into 75 minutes of interactive magic comedy and mysteries of the mind. That sounds like a good.

Eight o’clock, several shows, including locals, only

some of the Bay Area standup comics, probably no names that you know here, but that would be my choice for a show. I always like seeing the local scene when I go to festival.

And as we head towards the weekend, things pick up a little bit. I’m skimming ahead here Friday, quite busy. We’ll talk about that when those days roll around.

Over the weekend, Fred Armon was at Sketch Fest and he welcomed a Les Claypool to the first night of comedy for bass players.

Each show featured a mix of music and standup comedy, as well as a different special guest Green Day’s. Mike d and the Gogo’s, Kathy Valon participated in Knights two and.

Armon opened the show with drummer Scott Amandola and pianist John Spinney as the Fred Armon Jazz trio. They played a song he said was called Autumn by Alexander Olesen. Later he revealed that both the song and its composer completely made up. Fred Harm has said, . I can never really hear the notes played on the bass of jazz songs.

I want to see if I could just play anything.

Prime Front man, Les Claypool participated in a skit , along with a member of the audience. Claypool did several humorous impressions of his own shredding, like Eddie Van Halen as the impersonated famous bass players, including the who’s John Ant Whistle. All right. That’s a famous bass player.

Paul McCartney, very famous bass player. And Russia’s Getty Lee. Yeah, see you went into that sentence. Johnny Mac thinking famous bass players three for three, bro.

Fred Harmon joke that Russia’s Getty Lee recently taught him the proper way to play Y Y Z. The joke being that it was indistinguishable from the improper way that Fred Harmon used to play it.

That sounds like it was a lot of fun. I told you I was catching up, so I caught up on Saturday Night Live. Michael B. Jordan.

Way my wife went outta the way to say he’s a handsome man. I think she might wanna see Creed three. Hmm. Which brings us to the state forum sketch. Did you see the state forum sketch

Michael B played Jake from State Farm and he kind of moves in on this dude’s family and takes over a very funny sketch. Look it up on.

Jordan kind of carried the episode. Uh, I did like the sketches were quite out there this week, I thought, and I think that’s a good look for snl. Now, not all of them landed, but I felt like SNL was trying, and Sarah Sherman being increasingly weird. Love it. Keep it up the Atlantic Road about the episode and said this season, the Live Sketchers where SNL has.

A few reasons included underdeveloped premises writing that Mrs. The Mark and a lack of recurring characters.

They point out the pre-recorded sketches of the ones that are scoring. I don’t disagree. That’s like saying I agree, but I don’t.

We get one more new episode this week before they take their week off. So, uh, looking forward to that. More podcast awards. I, if you wait five minutes, somebody will hold some podcast awards. These ones are from the podcast academy. These podcast awards are known as the amies. Now let me read to you the nominees for best comedy podcast.

I’m not saying these are bad.

But you know, if you’re this far into the podcast, you probably like comedy. I’m somewhat expert in comedy and somewhat expert in podcasting. Let’s combine the two. Have you heard of these? Cuz these are the nominees for Best Comedy podcast. Funny cuz it’s true. I love a lifetime movie, scam Goddess Summer in Argy.

I have heard of the next three, the F GRE with Leslie Jones and Lenny Marcus. Is anyone paying attention to that? Really? Wait, wait. Don’t tell me. All right, establishment and why won’t you date me with Nicole Byer?

That’s a weird, weird set of nominees. I’m not saying daily comedy should be on here at all. As I tell people, I don’t make art. I made McDonald’s. We churn these out. We polish them. We play some ads. Make a couple bucks. Next. I am not the Da Vinci of podcasts. I’m the White Castle of podcasts. I’m cool with it.

Would you like some fries? Ed Elms got a nomination for SNAFU with Ed Helms. I did listen to all of that. That’s up for Best History podcast. If you would ever like to submit for these. $175 if you’re not a member of the Podcast Academy, $100. If you are a member of the Podcast Academy, of course, then you would pay the fee to be in the podcast academy.

So there’s that, right? Yes. Somebody paid to be nominated to move on. John, bad news for the Mac Pack. One of the Prime Mac Packers, Keegan-Michael. Reboot, canceled by Hulu. That’s a shame. That was a good show.

Spoilers for how it ended, its first and now only season. it ended with the characters themselves, wondering if they’d get renewed for future episodes. The answer apparently is,

Creator, Steve Levian said around the time of the season finale, which is now the series finale, he told DW there were a lot of balls in the air during the finale, and the first thing to do is make sure that those all landed a compelling and entertaining way. But it’s amazing how quickly the world expanded.

There’s a lot to explore. I think at season two we’ll get into the premiere of the show and all that goes into that.

As somebody who just went through a premiere, there’s fresh stuff for me to delve into about what it’s like in this day and age to launch a show when the whole world can comment on it. It’s a pretty fascinating time. That’s one of the things we’ll talk about, except now we won’t cuz it was canceled.

That sucks. And another leftover from the weekend. But it’s funny from TMZ Bengals super fan Gary Owen really loves Joe Burrow. So much so that the comedian told TMZ sports. He’d be thrilled if Cincinnati Bengal’s quarterback Joe Burrow ever wanted to hook up with his family members.

He told TMZ Sports if somebody in my family wants to sleep with him, do it. Like you don’t ever want to think of any females in your family sleeping with anybody but Joe Burrow. Yeah. I’ll drop you off. What time you need me to pick you up?

The article is from last weekend, at which time Owen said, I’ve never been more confident in a team.

Chiefs 23 Bengals. 20, sorry, Gary. Not your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, wherever we get your shows. See you tomorrow. I got a lot for tomorrow already. Gonna dive in on Louis CK and some Chappelle stuff, c n.

John Mulaney will tape a new special in Boston at the end of the month. (Happy February)

Jay Leno was in a motorcycle accident

Cindy Williams, Shirley of Laverne And, has passed away

Joe Rogan told Louis CK about when he wasn’t enjoying being a comedian

Reboot was canceled.

Marc Maron mad at the Academy

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