John Mulaney’s divorce is official, Jim Gaffigan on being edgier

James Corden had to cancel shows after testing positive.

John Mulaney’s divorce is official. Done.

Jim Gaffigan talked about how his new special is a tad edgier.

A look at the UK Comedy scene.

You should be watching Toast of Tinseltown but it’s not on in the states. But Jimmy Carr’s I Literally Just Told You is, and you should watch that on Youtube.

Conan O’Brien wants to go to a murder house.

Uncorrected transcript below.

I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. I spent the weekend listening to the new album by the weekend, loved the new wave feel. I don’t know why the weekend has chosen to appeal

to 52 year old dads, but Hey, I’m in the DJ on the album is Jim Carrey? Yes. That Jim Carrey late night enjoyed president Biden’s speech on January 6th. Cole bear said, I love that speech. Truly a powerful speech. That’s the Joe Biden. I remember that’s the Joe Biden. We stole the selection for, I mean, voted for Fallon. I know that vibe that’s high school principal after a food fight, vibe felon again, and then a rub it in Biden’s like I would have DMD you Donald Trump, but I couldn’t find you on Twitter.

James cordon announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19 this on Thursday on Instagram Gordon said I just tested positive for COVID-19 I’m fully vaccinated boosted, and because of this and fortunate enough to say that I feel completely.

They canceled the shows for the rest of last week and said to tune in tonight to see what cool location we’ll try to pass off. As a studio, John Malaney has finalized his divorce. He has signed the papers it’s done.

It is.

This puts a wrap on things. John Malaney and Marie Tandler began dating in 2010. They got married in the Catskills in July, 2014

In may of 2021. Malanie confirmed the dates split with Annamarie Tendler. After six years of marriage, his spokesperson at the time said John will not have any further comment as it continues to focus on his recovery and getting back to work.

And Marie Tendler at the time said, I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage. I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery.

let’s say May, 2021. If you were to get somebody pregnant in may of 2021, let’s say June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January. I got February of 20, 22. That math doesn’t quite work. Does it? John Malaney? Hm.

Speaking of marriage is at Ricky Jervais is considering getting married. He is approaching the 40th anniversary of his relationship with Jean Fallon.

Why have they never gotten married? Ricky says what’s the point? We share everything anyway. Well, there could be a point the tax bill, if one of them dies, the other could end up with a huge tax bill for their share of the Perez house.

Ricky said, no, that’s a good, practical reason to do it. That’s what we will, would do. Hmm. Interesting slip.

they don’t have children. We mutually decided we weren’t interested. The question is, why do you have children? If you’re bringing life into the world, you better have a good reason for it. It’s not that I’m anti marriage.

It’s just that it’s never particularly interested me. We’ll be hearing a lot from Ricky in the upcoming weeks. As the third season of afterlife is about to come out. He says three seasons will be it, although it would be better for me if I did it for the rest of my life, but it’s best for the show that it ends.

Otherwise you might as well be making a soap talent, Your home for comedy news caught up with Josh blue and asked him why he talks about a, several palsy on stage Joshua. There’s a few reasons I talk about it. Number one. I’ve learned if I don’t mention it after a little while the audience is like, does he know he has that? The other big reason is everything I’m talking about is coming from the perspective of a disabled person.

This is all I’ve ever known. So I guess there was a point in my career where I tried to do my show from a Southern Belle point of view, but that didn’t come across.

From the se times comedians, Mary Mack and Tim Harleston. They’re married and they’re touring. Mary Mack said we’re getting older. We’re sick of not seeing each other. It’s been fun.

We’ve had a good creative burst in December. They did a show in Chicago. Merrimack said they spent the entire car ride, talking back and forth and writing new material.

It’s a lot like marriage, you can’t have everything your way. You have to listen. Your spouse might skip around in the joke and you have to give up some lines. You really want them to zoo. If there’s a new idea or a new direction, we’ll go with that story. Or.

She likes to work off script and she knows the audience can tell it makes her husband cringe in my mind, having a really unique, a silly moment that wasn’t scripted. It’s something you and the audience share in that moment. Nobody outside the audience shares that moment. The audience can tell when I’m doing it and they kind of enjoy watching Tim squirm, like.

Armstead is focused on getting his new material out on YouTube and has found a niche doing company parties and banquets. Mary Mack is a voice on solar opposites, a show I love and is working on an album. She expects to release a later this year.

Jim and Gaffigan spoke to the daily beast about being edgier. They were like, Hey Jim Gaffigan, you don’t curse up a storm or anything, but it seems like he got into more controversial territory on this, uh, latest, special. Jim said, I would say this. We’ve talked about the clean thing before, but nobody’s going to see a comedy show just because somebody doesn’t curse, nobody’s saying, Hey, we got to see this, this guy’s not gonna say S word or F word that doesn’t happen.

I’ve noticed this on Netflix with the comedy specials, Jerry Seinfeld isn’t necessarily as a Reverend, as George Carlin, but it’s this point of view, all comedians have a certain irreverence so these adjectives they put next to these comedy specials are a mis-characterization in a way, all comedy has an element of surprise, but I think it’s unfair to say, Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t have an edge to him.

He does because without the edge of point of view, wouldn’t be funny. Is my comedy goofy, I guess. So is it political now? I sound like I’m being defensive, but to answer your question, I would say there’s a relationship a comedian has with an audience that has to evolve the great friends we have, or because we have great conversations with them and we challenge.

So I mentioned I’ve been doing the show from London because otherwise, how would I possibly have seen toast of Tinseltown I’ve watched the entire season, liked it a lot. I hope you have an opportunity to come to London like high Dade and watch toast of Tinseltown as soon as possible. A lot of great cameos in there for an arms and crushing it.

I don’t want to talk too much about it. Cause I think like three of you have seen it so far, but when you get a chance, Matthew berries, SOASTA Tinseltown. Absolutely watch it. The other thing I’m into is Jimmy. Car’s a game show. I literally just told you these, you can find on YouTube. And I shared an episode Friday night on the Facebook group, daily comedy news, Facebook.

That show is a lot of fun. So if you haven’t seen it, it’s like an hour long. And along the way, as the game show contestants mentioned things about their life, Jimmy Carr will ask you a question. For example, right now, Jimmy Carr might ask. What album was Johnny Mac listening to yesterday, and the answer came up previously in this podcast.

Do you remember? Cause we said it, I literally just told you, see that’s how that works. I think somebody needs to option this for America. I think drew Carey would be a great host for an American version, but check out the British version. It’s not like it’s too British or anything. And Jimmy Carr is always funny.

I literally just told you, you will find it on YouTube.

While I’m here in London. Cause how else would I have seen toast of Tinseltown

I’m checking out short all, and they have the comedians to watch her 20, 22 promoters pick their most tip to ax.

good kids here in Aon and Tom Dowling or extremely able performers and the song they closed her set with pile joke upon joke and comedic flourish upon comedic flourish. When they finished the audiences exploded with applause. That sounds fun. Lily Phillips.

As well as her iconic Chappelle in jumpsuits to stave Chappelle wear jumpsuits. I’ve never noticed that. Yeah.

Yeah, I guess he does. I’m looking here at an article on dot com green olive online coverall jumpsuit warned by Dave Chappelle in Dave Chappelle sticks and stones. I always thought he was just wearing an army jacket with a Chappelle C on it. Anyway, you can get this on Amazon for $37 and 17 cents. If you want the Dave Chappelle look.

where were we? Lily Phillips where Chappelle, Leanna jumpsuits and shares the American comics ability to be exceedingly engaging and has a masterful tack returning crowds to hysterics.

Last year, she was a BBC new comedy awards.

Ian Smith was nominated by David Hardcastle of the museum of comedy. Wow. He says our Monday club at new material night is always pretty high on quality, but he’s a standout every time whether he’s doing actual material ad-libbing or just messing about that’s my favorite kind of. I can’t remember the last time I saw him not be the best on the bill.

Any bill? Okay. That guy’s name is Ian Smith. Let’s check him out.

I just queued up a clip of his, on my own YouTube. I’ll share it on the Facebook group when I’m done recording here, which is in my future, your past. So it’s probably there right now. Facebook group daily, common news, Facebook group,

Rudy leads her Rua in the past three years, the head tattooed half Maori, half Aussie roots has exploded onto the Australian comedy circuit, where he now headlined some of the best and stuff as gigs. He was a finalist in the Melbourne international comedy festivals, raw comedy competition.

He’s a stereotype. What you see is definitely not what you get. He plays heavily on the juxtaposition of his indigenous heritage is typically white Bogan day job of driving monster trucks around the world’s largest mine. And guess what? His sexuality, that sounds like fun. Let’s see if I can find a clip by him.

Nope. Unfortunately, no. All I’m finding is a clip of him talking.

and one more, they picked Sammy Abu Warda and magnetic performer.

His clownish characters radiate with a luminescent glow. Thank you. Chortle for that. And from the Herald news on Thursday’s episode of Conan O’Brien’s, Conan O’Brien needs a friend up podcast. .

they chatted with a longtime fan about the guy’s work as a tour guide at the Lizzie Borden house, the fan invited a Conan O’Brien to spend the night.

It turns out Conan is a true crime fanatic and quite familiar with the board in case dropping knowledge bombs on his co-host about the world, infamous unsolved murder of 1892. He’s even familiar with the grizzly details of how the skulls of Lizzie’s father and stepmother, Andrew and Abby Borden were zoomed, boiled and presented at Lizzie’s trial.

Cohen and said, can you mention the guy boiling a skull? And then he leaves the room for a second. He comes back and someone’s like, you know, I don’t know what that soup is, but it takes a little off.

Conan said you’re such a fun day. Yeah. We could’ve seen a movie, but I thought we’d just drive around and show you a factory where 55 Italians died in a. We’re coming to your town. I’ll figure it out. I don’t know when, but we’ll come to fall river. The three of us on the podcast. I swear to God, we should podcast from the house where these terrible crimes were committed.

And I would do the podcast dressed as Lizzie Borden, and then I will recreate those heinous crimes.

And that is your comedy news for today. Follow the show on Spotify, apple podcast, Google podcast, Pandora geo seven high Indians.

Good pause. Wherever you get your shows. See you tomorrow.

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