Jon Stewart and Marc Maron on Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy, plus why Pete Davidson missed John Mulaney’s SNL

The Larry David documentary gets pulled off HBO right before airing….and it was pulled by Larry David.

South by Southwest announces their comedy lineup. Alyssa Stonoha • Andy Haynes • Anthony Atamanuik • Blair Socci • Bonnie McFarlane • Bruce McCulloch • Byron Bowers • Camilla Cleese • Danielle Schneider • Doug Benson • Dulcé Sloan • Eddie Pepitone • Eleanor Kerrigan • Emma Willman • Ian Lara • Jessica Michelle Singleton • Jim Gaffigan • Joe DeRosa • John Cleese • John Gemberling • Jon Daly • Kiry Shabazz • Liza Treyger • Logan Guntzelman • Marina Franklin • Mary Lynn Rajskub • Matt Besser • Matthew Broussard • Mike Lawrence • Mike Yard • Mitra Jouhari • Nick Thune • Punkie Johnson • Rich Vos • Ricky Velez • Rosebud Baker • Sandy Honig • Scott Thompson • Sean Patton • Shane Torres • Stuart Goldsmith • Vanessa Gonzalez • Yamaneika Saunders • Adult Swim Presents Three Busy Debras • ASSSSCAT • The Comedian’s Comedian • A Night at the Comedy Store • Comedy with the Cleeses • The Creek & The Cave • Doug Loves Movies • Find Your Beach • Gotham Comedy Club • improv4humans • Matt Besser’s 420 Show • Roast Battle • The Stand NYC • Wide World of Dougs • Would You Bang Him? Plus surprise guests and more! – all coming to SxSW.

A closer look at Bob Saget’s final hours…and the continuing mystery.

The John Mulaney episode of SNL was the best in years…but why wasn’t Pere Davidson there?

A look back at The Amazing Jonathan

Bob Odenkirk’s new book is out.

Jon Stewart and Marc Maron on Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. I am back live today on Wednesday. I’ll explain some travel kerfuffles and some other reasons for yesterday’s episode today will be a robust episode, a mix of your usual brand new news and some stuff that I did not want to leave behind. Some jokes I had seen and saved Conan O’Brien I’m positive prince Charles is innocent of selling knighthoods or my name isn’t Damon Conan O’Brien Joe list.

Commented on Ukraine saying, God, I hope a celebrity says something inappropriate soon, so we can get back to discussing what really matters late nights. Been all over Ukraine. I’ll talk about that in the second half last week, they were a little upset about the Oscars cutting back

that they’re not going to air the live presentation of the documentary, short film editing, and some other categories. I just did the same thing and cut the categories out for time. I understand Oscars, but Jimmy Fallon said this year, the Oscars are planning to prerecord some awards before the ceremony and air them during the live broadcast.

Even more insulting before the awards are presented, the announcer will say, and now the categories, and nobody cares about. If they really want to shorten the broadcast, maybe just skip the part where someone explains what an actor is.

Jimmy kibble. It does feel ironic for the editors to be cut out of the show.

How could they do this? I mean, who could forget that magical moment back in 1975, when Ronald Pearson, Melvin Metcalf won best sound for earthquake.

I think they should go even further, boil it down to best actor, best actress and best picture. And we can all get to sleep. some weird Larry David news. I know that’s a shocker from the Hollywood. HBO has pulled a documentary about Larry David from the schedule. Wait, what happened? Larry David himself requested that it be polled. The Larry David story in which David has a wide ranging conversation with longtime collaborator.

Larry Charles was scheduled to premiere Tuesday night on HBO, Monday night, HBO documentaries tweeted that the Larry David documentary was being postponed, writing that Larry has decided he wants to do it in front of an audience. A trailer for the documentary on YouTube was made private

prior to it going private. It had shown snippets of David and Charles, his conversation about Larry David standup, Seinfeld and curb with Larry David, reflecting on his luck in the comedy.

Puck reports that Larry David didn’t love the finished dock, which has been quotes shelved indefinitely in its current state.

POC says that Larry David agreed to the interview with Larry Charles before he knew the documentary would air on HBO.

Something’s fishy there. The spidey senses tingling. We’ll keep an eye on that south by Southwest announced their comedy offerings south by Southwest and March 11th to 15th. Check your calendars. That’s coming up soon.

Pretty big. Let’s take a moment here and I’ll walk you through this all south by Southwest badges. That includes your platinum Badger, interactive your music and your film are welcome to all south by Southwest comedy showcases and conference sessions.

The participants in alphabetical order by first name, Alyssa. Andy Haynes, Anthony Tamnick. He’s great. Blair Sochi, Bonnie McFarland, Bruce McCullough. That’s cool. Byron Bowers, Camilla CLIs, Daniel Schneider. Doug Benson. They’ll chase Sloan, Eddie Pepitone Eleanor Kerrigan, Emma Wilman, Ian Lara, Jessica Michelle Singleton.

So not the all-stars here. Here’s an all-star Jim Gaffigan, Joda Rosa, John Cleese. This list just got a lot better. All of a sudden John Kimberling, John Daley Curie. Shahbaz liza trigger Logan Gunselman marina Franklin .

. Apparently the M’s are until the AllSeen because we have Mary Lynn. Ryska Matt Besser, Matthew Broussard. I love him. Mike Lawrence, Mikey. Metro Johari, Nick foun, funky Johnson, rich Vos, Ricky Velez, Rosebud baker, Sandy Hoenig Scott Thompson, Sean Patton, Shane chores, Stuart Goldsmith, Vanessa Gonzalez Yamaneika Saunders plus surprise guests and more.

There are comedy festival special programs, including adult swim presents a three busy Debra’s ass cat.

Which is a legacy UCB thing. The comedian’s comedian a night at the comedy store comedy with the CLIs is the Creek in the cave. Doug loves movies. Find your beach Gotham comedy club improv for humans, Matt Besters four 20 show roast battle the stand NYC, wide world of Doug’s. And would you bang him?

The festival will kick off on Friday, March 11th, with a discussion led by John CLIs.

A panel of up and coming comedians, joining the company icon for an informal conversation that discusses groundbreaking often provocative career in working in comedy today. Hey, young up and coming comedians for the love of God, please do your homework, please actually watch a lot of Python. Please actually watch Fawlty towers, please actually watch fish called Wanda.

Please actually watch some James Bond movies. Please actually pay attention to what he’s been doing the last 50 years. So you’re not like, yeah, comedy. I hate when they pair the old and the young and the young don’t know what the old is up to the following night, CLIs and daughter Camilla, take the stage for a variety hour of comedy and chat, equal parts, familiar, love, and cantankerous banter,

blah, blah, blah.

next paragraph throughout the various challenges of the pandemic. How many scenes around the country found ways to adapt and persist, blah, blah, blah, and renowned a launching pad for new York’s funniest to Gotham comedy club, which is a great club. We’ll return to the festival with a killer lineup of comedians from the famous stage.

No names mentioned the stand NYC. A fixture of the local scene will join the festival with rich Vos and Bonnie McFarland’s comedy game show. Would you bang him the Creek and the cave, which just moved down to Austin they will also showcase a selection of their favorite New York.

Stand-ups why all the New York stuff. So we’re all going to go to Austin to see New York. I don’t get it. South by Southwest is honored to host a night at the comedy store, the kick-off celebration for the 50th anniversary of Las iconic venue. a roster of comedy store.

Regulars will pay homage to the enduring legacy of the storied stage. This year’s festival will future live recording of the comedy store podcast, as well as roast.

UCB stuff, Matt Besser, his back he’ll lead the UCBs popular ass cat featuring Truett sales from celebrity guests and inspired scenes from some of today’s most skilled performers as cat is spelled with four S’s where you would put the S and S cat Anthony it’s Tam new wick, John Kimmerling .

And Daniel Schneider will join in the fun. It says the copy Besser will also present the most star-studded show the festival of Neil Young’s COVID hootenanny, Neil young played by Matt Besser, banters and bickers with a who’s who of celebrity guests invited to express their opinions on everything COVID.

And this once in a lifetime concert event, that sounds like a lot of fun. Nick foun is back with riffs and riff Raff, a mixed bag of weirdness complete with outlandish characters, nonsensical lyrics, and improvised songs. They’ll swim we’ll sneak peak season two of three busy Debra’s

Doug Benson we’ll record. Doug loves movies live. He’ll also record his new show wide world of Doug’s.

Stuart Goldsmith will return with live additions of his podcast. The comedian’s comedian, his guests will be Jim Gaffigan, Dolce Sloan, and Eddie Pepitone. Matt Besser is improv for humans will return

and the south by Southwest film festival. Sketch comedy pioneers, Dave Foley, Bruce McCullough, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson. Yes, they are the kids in the hall. There’ll be an attendance to debut the new documentary, the kids in the hall, comedy punks.

South by Southwest March 11th through the 19th. Catching up people magazine had a story about Bob Saget. When Bob Saget checked into room 9 62 at the Ritz Carlton, Orlando Grundy lakes in Florida on January 7th, he seemed to have the vitality of a man half his age. A hotel employee tells people he was cracking jokes, waving to the people in the lobby.

When people asked for selfies, he’d run over and grab their phones and take pictures with them joking the whole time he was a ball happy, positive energy people spoke with several involved with the investigation of Sackets death and orange county. Sheriff’s deputy said it’s definitely an unusual case.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions.

. The last time Sagat was caught on surveillance video. He was seen exiting the elevator of the ninth floor and walking down a long hallway towards his room. Authorities have seen the footage, tell people nothing seemed out of the ordinary using his key card and entered his room at [2:17] AM hung a do not disturb placard on his door knob and locked the door from the inside.

The door didn’t open again until the following afternoon, when security found him here is the working theory. Authorities check the marble and tables and counters in the bathroom, but found no traces of blood or hair. They believe Saget lost consciousness in the bathroom and fell backward onto the marble floor, striking his head.

They believe in it. Groggy, Saget, regained consciousness, and stumbled into the bed where again, he lost consciousness and died. His time of death was estimated to be around [4:00] AM.

About 12 hours before his body was found.

I want to talk about this week, Saturday night live. I didn’t get to watch until MOnday night after the next break. I’ll tell you what was going on with me. All get just travel. I thought that Malanie episode was by for sure. The best episode of the season, the best episode in a few seasons, the monologue was really, really good.

My note there though, this was the monologue where he was talking about breaking up with his drug dealer. So it was good that John. At least half of the elephant in the room. He didn’t talk about his marriage, but he talked about his intervention. So I liked it.

But what I didn’t like about it was it was a comedian doing his regular routine, as opposed to a Saturday night live monologue. It’s like, when you see somebody go on a late nights hop show, are they funny? Or do they go straight for just heading for their. And you can, of course be both.

And Malaney was clearly funny in his monologue, but it was his act. It wasn’t just talking to the audience and doing an SNL opening if you know what I mean there, but very funny. I thought it was a little too long. He could have gotten out after the drug stuff. And then he tagged on a second session. I forget what he did there, but it was a few minutes too long, but again, really.

Then looking at the sketches monkey judge was hilarious. The pet shop thing was hilarious. The dinner COVID discussion. Pretty good in the four slot, please don’t destroy, actually got on TV and actually got on TV before 1255. . Hopefully Lauren Michael starts giving them more run.

So that was a great start to the episode. Then we got to the sketch with the five timers club. It was okay, but it was moving along. Well, candice Berkman can’t do comedy at all, but Steve Martin carried it and then Conan walked on and just crushed.

Joselyn Che did their thing. I found it interesting. There were no characters on the news this week. I’ve never really been a fan of the characters on SNL. I would rather just hear Joest and Che do their thing. So I loved the news this week. The subway musical about the chiro was on-point. The slime sketch was really good there.

I wrote a note, the sketches this week seemed longer than usual, and I don’t mean in a bad way, but I just felt like there were fewer of them and they went on longer, but in a good way, there were strong sketches. I might be making that up, but I have to do a count of how many sketches are in a usual SNL verse this week.

But best episode of the year, the writing was so much better. So is that because John Molina. Worked with the writers. Is it because they had an extra week, maybe extra two weeks because of the Olympics. So instead of crunching a show in six days, this is the result of what happens. If you give the writers 21 days to make an episode.

I don’t know, thought it was really good

Deadlines keeping tabs on Kate McKinnon. She starting to close in on some records. She’s now moved into sixth place for all time. Sketch appearances. She’s moved ahead of bill Hader. I don’t have the list of who’s been in the most

Kate McKinnon 806 sketches since joining in 2012. Bill Hader was an 805 between 2005 and 2013.

somebody who was not on the episode this week was Pete Davidson, which I noticed after three, four sketches. And I was like, Hey, where’s Pete Davidson. This is suspicious. Well, calmed down on Johnny Mac, a source close to Pete Davidson, confirmed to E news that he wasn’t going to be on the episode. Even, that was hosted by as close pal, John Malaney.

So there’s no like super conspiracy there. Maybe like John Molina, he’s like, oh, I can’t believe you’re dating Kim Kurdish, you know? Yeah. I can’t believe you’re dating Olivia Munn. Now that didn’t happen at all. Pete Davidson was on set, shooting his new film, the home.

In the home, we will see Pete Davidson step into the leading role. He’ll play max, a troubled man who starts working at a retirement home and realizes the residents and caretakers, Harbor sinister secrets. Could Pete Davidson wind up being like a poor man’s Steve Buschemi. He could.

As Pete Davidson’s character discovers more about the home and its inhabitants. He discovers his own personal connection to the building that stretches all the way back to his childhood.

Now we’ll stop off here at gossip corner Eagle eyed, beat Davidson fans. Think they spotted a Hickey on his neck.

Meanwhile Kim Kardashians had captioned a post with Ariana Grande’s song lyrics was just interesting because Ariana Grande’s was once romantically involved with Pete Davidson. Yeah.

But about that Hickey, Gabriela, a fan of Pete Davidson said, Pete Davidson said it was nice to meet me. No one talks to me. She posted herself with Pete wearing a Yankees cap, a gray sweatshirt, a denim jacket, and one follower replied. Is that a Hickey?

Today’s daily comedy news is not at all in no way whatsoever brought to you by jet blue. So I was in Vegas for the weekend, doing some stuff. Tell you about this stuff in a second. And boy, the flight home that was supposed to take off at 10 40, 11 30. Oh, it’s canceled everybody. Make your way. Terminal three to terminal one and talk to the supervisor at ticketing.

And then we all walked to terminal one and they were like, no, the supervisor is back in terminal three. So then we had to go to security again, back to terminal three, where the supervisor was like, who told you the flight was canceled? It’s not canceled. It’s taking off at [2:00] AM. Okay. Let’s sit here until [2:00] AM.

[2:00] AM comes by a plane lands, some pilot, and the crew gets off and they’re like, yeah, we’re over our hours. We’re not flying anywhere. Jet Blue’s like, I don’t know what to tell ya. So I’m just sitting there. I’m booking flights on the fly. At one point I had booked a flight that was going to take me from Vegas to LA, to Philadelphia to make my son pick me up because there was no other options.

So I was just sitting there. For my Philadelphia flight, which was going to take off at [10:00] AM and then suddenly jet blue and canceled the flight that was supposed to take off [10:00] PM the night before. And it took off at seven in the morning and I got home late afternoon. And these podcasts, you know, I not only have to record them and have some semblance of energy when I record them, I have to write them and I didn’t have the writing in me.

so what you’re hearing today is basically a double sized episode, and that’s why you got the rerun about Seinfeld yesterday.

But when I was out in Vegas, I did the national park. So I’ve mentioned I’ve got a side podcast it’s called travel is back. I brought the portable zoom recorder with me and I did some recordings onsite, including it, Zion national park, which was just the most beautiful place you’d ever see. So it’ll take me a few weeks to assemble those episodes, but the travel is back podcast, which is, Hey, you know, that’s, my side hustle is about.

A lot better when I started that one, I had a vision for it. And then there was this pandemic. Did you hear about this thing? So instead of me going places, which was the true vision, it turned into me reading articles in the basement, but now we’ll be able to do what I intended it for to be all right, enough about that on the Facebook group, which is daily comedy news podcast group, Jason Robley posted.

Thanks for the Robert Schimmel episode. He was one of my favorites, probably right after Carlin. I was lucky enough to see him a few times and meet him when I was living in.

Appreciate that, Jason, thanks for checking in. Again. Facebook group daily comedy news podcast group. There’s also the Reddit, which is daily comedy news. Instagram is at daily comedy news. I wrote myself a note here, did space force just come and go. Like they posted some episodes. I’m on the internet all day, every day.

Most of the time of some Zion national park. I haven’t seen a thing about this show. Is there a zero buzz on season two of Steve Carell space force? I think so one story I didn’t get to because I was traveling

the amazing Johnathan passed away

In 1973, Jonathan walked into a local magic shop there. The owner trained the teenager, but for his big break, a neighborhood boys birthday party, they set ended with young Jonathan locked in the trunk of a car and a course of booze. He made $4, three years later, he was performing on the streets of San Fran. Where he befriended fellow amateur magician and future night court store. Harry Anderson. I did not know that. They were on the cutting edge between magic and comedy and as Anderson made his rise. So to did amazing Jonathan and the eighties, the amazing Johnathan toured colleges and comedy clubs establishing himself as one of magic’s most original acts.

He appeared on HBL Letterman and the weird Al show where he got his only acting credit as quote, uncle Jonathan.

Throughout the two thousands, the amazing Jonathan made a home in Las Vegas where you don’t want to fly jet blue and tell you that selling out rooms up and down the strip. For two years, I did 500 seats a night, every single night we sold out. And for the next 13 years, I had a great time.

Greatest time of my entire life has been here and I’ve made millions of dollars. I have two beautiful homes and everything came crashing down. When I was told I had a year to live in 2006. He was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a degenerative heart condition that affects the tissue surrounding the heart

he disappeared from the stage, no pun for five years in the 2010s, he attempted to restart his career. He did a final year long residency in Las Vegas before touring comedy clubs.

Now here’s the twist. Some people began questioning his diagnosis like Andy Calvin, before him some wondered if his illness was an elaborate ruse that would lead to a final reveal in 20 nineteens documentary, the amazing Jonathan director and Fran bed Berman attempted to get to the truth, peeling away, layers of artifice to reveal even more questions.

Jonathan is upfront with Berman about his struggles with drugs. He spends most of the films, smoking meth and goading Berman and smoking meth with him and about his heart condition. Unfortunately, the big reveal was that Jonathan was telling the truth. He passed away in his Las Vegas home and his wife by his side, back in 2014, he said, don’t feel sorry for me, because I had the best, most incredible life that you could have.

I really have everything I ever wanted. I got there’s a lot to be said for devil worship. Had I done an episode yesterday, I would have told you, Bob Odin Kirk’s new memoir was out. So it’s still out. It’s not like when an out they didn’t like go. It was only available March 1st. Wrap it up, get these back in the warehouse.

Now you can still buy it. It is called comedy comedy, comedy drama by Bob Odenkirk.

Bob was on with Steven Cole bear and said, when you come back from the grave, you get applause. Remember Bob Odenkirk passed out on the set last year for the rest of my life. I’ll be thinking about the warmth that was sent my way. When I went through that

Odin, Kirk told he doesn’t have any memory of the day some arterial plaque tried to straight up murder him and he doesn’t remember the week after either.

Odin Kirk brought along a film clip, , which was extensively the process of Bob writing the memoir in the film. He seen assembling ghost writers for not making his life more interesting or salacious enough and for using big words like inconsolable, the old Kirk character said, this is an actor as a memoir, dumb it down.

Bowden Kirk, explain a Corvair. Writing’s a tough business. Sometimes you’re gonna have to order your team of sycophantic college, boys and girls to go stand on the corner, facing the lamp till they get it right. Dammit. This doesn’t make me look good. This makes me look like a monster. Humanize me. Dammit, humanized me.

He punished one writer for suggesting he had a cocaine problem. Sneering. Do I look like I’m 90 that’s 1970s. Crap. That’s awesome.

From the guardian. As Ukraine’s president asked for foreign volunteers to help fend off the Russian invasion, one Canadian comedian has answered the call. He’s Anthony Walker. He’s 29. He lives in the suburbs of Toronto. He has traveled to the Polish Ukrainian border to serve as a combat medic.

He is way more manly than. Up until now he was best known for satirical video skewering, mega fans, and other conservatives. But lately he’s taken on a new role as the temporary Ukrainian, which is new Twitter handle. He tweets hello at Ukraine after a very difficult and Siri conversation with my wife, I’ve decided to go, do you need extra combat medic?

Just get me a flight from Canada to Ukraine since then he flew to Amsterdam, then Budapest and hop the train to Poland and then hitched a ride to a Polish city on the Korean border. As he made his way there, he was stunned by the number of other volunteers.

He tweeted holy S so many people want to help you. Crane. There’s a traffic jam going into the country.

He explained his reasons for joining the fight. This war affects everyone. The only people living far enough away that this doesn’t affect him are in space. I would go to fight for the freedom that Ukrainians deserve. My family deserves. And you deserve

when he got to the Polish town, he posted on a truck, delivering supplies for the Ukrainian army.

On Monday, he tweeted with frustration that someone was dying on the Ukrainian side of the border, but his volunteer group was stuck on the other side. There’s a man dying on the Ukrainian side of the border and we can’t help them because we don’t have special permission from the Polish foreign ministry to cross back and forth

Walker added two years ago, I was denied entry into the Canadian forces due to a rare blood disorder. I bleed too much. Now I’m voluntarily headed to Ukraine to do what my government won’t late night had a whole bunch of jokes about Ukraine. These from earlier in the week, Seth Meyers. So if you’re like most people, you were shocked and horrified, but if you were Donald Trump, apparently you were at, Mar-a-Lago watching with a bunch of Palm beach, plastic surgeons in their third wives and thinking you really got to hand it to Bladimir.

Can you hear my voice going? The raw recording here is 30 minutes in already Kimmo while Vladimir Putin is being condemned by leaders and ambassadors from every democratic country around the world,

donald Trump was complimenting him. And of course, himself, while bombs were falling on a country that did nothing to provoke an invasion, go bear. As the invasion began, the ex president sipped her Russian state media. Sorry. I misread that Fox news. Great joke. Campbell takes a special kind of person, A set of a bitch to see in us, in people fleeing their homes and think, how can I make this about me? But nobody does that better than Donald Trump Kimmel. Can you imagine if any other president behave this way? This will be like if during world war II, Hoover came out and said, atta boy ate off sweet mustache.

I see what you’re doing there.

Seth Meyer is the entire world is a gassed and horrified. The only people who could possibly think this is a good move. Are those unemployed fringe weirdos who go on small radio shows, Fallon, keep in mind. Trump also used the words savvy and genius to describe McDonald’s dollar menu Fallon. So honestly, I’m not sure you want to be called a genius by the guy that clogged the white house toilet with classified documents go bare.

I haven’t seen a president cheer on the Russians this hard since the Cuban missile crisis, when Eisenhower, where the t-shirt cruise chef is a Zadie. Seth, even when he was president Trump was always so desperate to buddy up with Putin, even Putin couldn’t believe it.

Trump was like those rookie defensive backs who would stop Tom Brady after the game for an autograph. Hey, I know I’m on a team, but each fan don’t sound like coach. Booton always had that smile on his face when he’s next to Trump. Like I can’t believe how easy this is. It’s just insane that Trump is so desperate to praise a bloodthirsty tyrant like Putin, every chance he gets Trump narrates Putin’s every move like he’s Tony Romo calling the last drive of a playoff.

Fallon as you know, Russia is now at war with Ukraine. It’s a crazy world we’re living in. In fact, president Biden asked the CDC to find a new variant, just to lighten the mood, create choke Fallon Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. I think Putin has lost his mind. Even Kim Jong UN was like,

you’re not actually supposed to do it. Fallon. Yeah. World war three, a global pandemic. The queen is COVID rising inflation. Billy Joel is already working on a remix of, we didn’t start the fire cold beer. I know what’s going to happen one thing’s for sure. Putin. Should fire those peacekeepers.

You had one job go bear. This is the biggest ground war in Europe since world war two and the whole world is in shock. And that’s why today’s Wordle was ah,

Market can see. And as a senior advisor for the center for strategic and international studies, he told the Washington examiner about Vladimir is a Lensky let’s. Remember he was a comedian. It’s important to keep in mind that when’s the Lensky came into power. He was not taken very seriously. He’d been an actor and a comedian he’s risen on the moment.

He has inspired to Koreans and become a world figure by his willingness to stay in the Capitol and take the personal risk involved. Because we heard that the U S offered him a way out. He refused

John Stewart expressed admiration and respect for Zelenskyi. John said we are comedians, and we know the general brand of cowardice that runs through our business.

We’re watching Shecky Greene. Transformants. Stuart, imagine a darkly funny scene involving a group of comics complaining about the horrors of their profession. Like being poorly, treated at a comedy club before Zelinsky chimes in to recount the genuine horrors of war steward added what this dude is doing.

It’s incredibly moving and from extra dot I E. Your home for comedy news staff and a comedy club in Blackpool. We’re faced with an odd refund request this weekend as a customer look to get their money back because. The Ukraine invasion has made travel to the area unsafe again, not the Ukraine Blackpool, the comedy station comedy club shared, what looks to be a screenshot of an email from an unnamed pair of pensioners who are looking to get a refund for an upcoming comedy show,

a comedy station employee. said they had offered a transfer of the dates on the tickets to accommodate the couple. But the couple refused

the couple asked for a full refund. The club said no, based on the nature of the.

The club owner said that’s when there were threats to find out where he lived, and suggestions of being in cahoots with other businesses, calling them awful names and swearing at them.

the full note due to events in Russia and Ukraine. It’s not safe for us to travel. As we were both retired due to this. It’s safer that we stay near to home until it’s sorted. I told Rob though, we wanted a refund

and he said he would move tickets on another date, but I do not want that because I don’t know how long this will go on for no one knows you’re supposed to be a comedy store, but this is not funny at all. Have some respect

and mark Marin on WTF, under the headline. Probably good. He quit comedy.

It’s strange what it takes to have hope and people in the world, but I’m not alone. And my respect for and amazement in president Zelensky of Ukraine takes a violent attack , by an authoritarian country on fledging democracy to amplify the courage he showed on the face of global fascism.

The fact that it’s specifically rooted in his Jewishness makes it even more moving and important. The reaction to it here in the United States has further revealed and exposed. The fascist sympathizers and our own government, and those who aspire to gain power within it and, or regain power. Here’s a global hero and it’s real display of bravery.

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