Jon Stewart calls Pete Davidson a smart, funny kid

Jon Stewart calls Pete Davidson a smart, funny kid

Jen Kirkman has a new album

Amy Schumer goes on Ellen dressed as Ellen

Jon Oliver on putting the show together

Some thoughts on New Mulaney

A Ukranian comedy Youtube show

A look at a special set by Maria Bamford

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. My voice is more or less back. Thanks to those of you who reached out and were like, Hey, let’s a couple of podcasts out. A little suspect yesterday did from late night, Vladimir Putin is still planning to attend the G 20 summit. Later this year, Jimmy Fallon said it explains this year’s theme, which is awkward Fallon.

Seriously what’s Booton doing is like getting kicked out of high school and then showing up for the reunion. Yeah, it will backfire on boot. And when he realizes it’s not a G 20 summit, it’s an intervention.

Jon Stewart was on the Howard stern show and talked about Pete Davidson. He said, I know Pete real well, he’s just a kid trying to live his life. He’s one of my favorite people. He’s just a smart, funny kid trying to live his life. I think he’s doing the best you can in that situation when you’re dealing with something that’s so explosive and low.

With all kinds of other things. I just love that kid. He and I know each other from comedy, from going on the road, Chappelle and I were doing gigs in Boston and Houston and Pete Davidson came out and performed and him and John Malaney worked near, I live in Jersey. So I’d go buy pizza from a place and we’d go hang out.

And we just became friends from that. I always have a very paternal instinct on those guys because I’ve seen too many of my friends get in trouble and some of them die and you don’t want that. It’s an F up business.

Okay. Maybe my voice isn’t all the way back. I hear the deep respite. It Jen Kirkman tweets. My last standup comedy album, which is called, okay. Gen X it’s out. Now the album is a much have if you’re gen X or if you want to hear jokes about the time Louis asked if he could show me his stuff. I assume she means Mr.

C K there, Amy Schumer is hosting the Oscars tomorrow. For some reason, she went on Ellen and as people writes it, Ellen degenerates was shocked when Amy Schumer shimmied onto the. Dressed like Ellen that’s all right. Ellen had no idea that Amy was going to do this bit. Amy, totally wild cat.

Catted this bit where she dressed exactly like Ellen in a white Oxford shirt, a white bomber jacket, jeans and neutral Nike sneakers. Plus with an Ellen degenerate style wig. Ellen had no idea. Amy provided her own costuming, her own wig. She was backstage. She got dressed. She did her own makeup.

No one on the staff knew this. No one mentioned it to Ellen. Ellen was totally, totally surprised by this. And Lynn asked her guests, how did this happen? Amy Schumer joked, am I not taking over the show? I was so confused because they invited me and any kind of rapid things. It’s the final season of the show.

So I thought I was going to become you and take over the show is that not the plan? No, it is not the plan. That was the bit

Ashley Soren wrote for runner online. Ashley saw John Malaney show and said, I enjoyed the. I found myself laughing multiple times, but after walking out theater filled, it was a weird experience that made me feel awkward. During several bits of the show, it was clear to me that Malanie had changed drastically and used his actor express that many others felt the same way such as Taylor gray from grey had attended the Malaney show in Atlanta in September, 2021, gray roots sauntering onto the stage of the rock.

Well, Annie set the tone for that night by pleading with the audience to buy merchandise out in the lobby, including a shirt with a phrase. I saw him right after he got out of rehab and blazing on the chest. A few minutes into the set, made it very clear that the John Malaney standing in front of the crowd was a changed man.

Soren writes. The lack of Polish was one of the first things I personally noticed as Malanie was not dressed up in his usual suit and tie, and immediately opened the show with his personal life.

Lila Jordan pays magazine, wrote the comedian is older and trying to stay sober. So he’s creating a new type of persona that adapts to his new reality. Indie wire asked John Oliver, how much time do you spend rehearsing the show to convince yourself that you’re ready? Oliver, it’s a good question because we’re working on six stories at one time, right? Those main stories are six week processes.

They’re all in different stages of development. It’s like degrees of worry about each one that you’re in. And the thing actually that I miss the most during the pandemic has been, not being able to read those stories early on just to our staff in a room in our office that was incredibly helpful to us because you get a sense of whether the story made any sense, whether it was interesting, whether there parts of it that were confusing, that need to be much more clear, whether we were overexplaining certain things it’s massively useful to be able to learn those things before doing it to an audience.

There are gradiations of silence, right? There’s engaged, silence and bored and confused silence. You want as much of the first and as, as little as you can have the second, generally, you don’t want to find that out as you’re recording a show.

Vulture wrote about that’s the news, a daily wartime comedy show streamed on YouTube by Kiva underground standup club

Ukraine’s largest comedy club pivoted from in-person shows to live streams on March six, with comedians delivering material from their homes or temporary shelter. Every that’s the news episode begins with an improvised ceremony of raising the Ukrainian flag, except with the host slowly raises above his head to the beat of the Ukrainian military March.

Is this cat key? Not the flag.

The show is freewheeling , but there are some staples, including a monologue and a short joke. For example, what’s the difference between a Russian and Ukrainian plane? The Russian has always followed by the rocket. The show traditionally ends with a plea to give, to, to charitable causes the comeback alive fund to support the Ukrainian military and you animals to take care of pets during.

Cultural rights. What gives the show? Most of its structure, new stories about Russian occupying forces, suffering losses in Ukraine. For example, during one stream, the comedians discussed Ukrainian farmers, stealing Russian tanks. They share urban legends too. Like the one about a Ukrainian babushka who invites Russian soldiers to see

Only to poison them.

The host says these people came to Orlando on a mission to kill us. They’re murdering innocent people, striking churches and hospitals. So I don’t worry about offending some guy in Russia.

There’s a new episode of the podcast of the best song ever this week available in that feed. This week’s best song ever is before the last teardrop drop falls. If you’re not hip to that show every week and music journalist, Scott Frampton picks one second. And tells you why. It’s awesome. And a little story about the song.

I find the stories incredibly compelling this week song is Freddy Fender’s before the last teardrop falls, Scott Frampton says it’s the first bilingual pop hit that launched a country career for Freddy fender, which wasn’t at all when he wanted. If you’d like to support this podcast, I’ve added a freemium option on apple podcast.

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I’m a little slow on my drinking of it today, but always liked me in ice coffee.

From the BBC when UK comedian, Johnny Pelham told us therapist who was considering trying out some new material about how he was sexually abused as an eight year old boy, be professional advised against it. Pelham said, why do you think it will be too traumatic? Will it mess me up the reply? Now? It just doesn’t sound very.

Pelham is now 30. And he said, I naturally write autobiographical stuff. And I think that’s just what was going on in my life. Really? It wasn’t that I was particularly set out to write a political show. I was trying to do a lot of things. I was trying to get into my first relationship. I was trying to be more present.

My life was going to therapy. Those felt like things I was talking about. And the only way for the audience to understand them really was to talk about the reason why that was all happening. And I never want to be flippant about abuse because it’s such a serious thing. But I also want to say there are different ways to discuss this.

My way of talking about is just saying this can happen to you. And it’s obviously an incredibly damaging thing, but it doesn’t have to be life-defining completely. Johnny Pelham show was called off limits. It is touring the UK now through April 30th.

Vulture was quite impressed by Maria Bamford’s recent appearance on James Corden, shell vulture rights, even veteran comics with a few late night appearances under their belt. Usually won’t stray far, assuming that anyone watching, especially the tourists in front of them don’t know who the heck they are.

When comedians do push things. Other comics take notice, Patton Oswalt, praise Gary Goldman for doing his state abbreviations. Been on Conan in 2016, knowing that if the audience didn’t get it right away, it would be five minutes of silence.

On March 10th, James Corden introduced the delightful Maria Bamford vulture rights. Bamford’s mom, Marilyn died in late 2020 from lung cancer. Considering that Maria’s impression of Maryland is a beloved picture of her act, it’s been a major part of the set she’s been working on during the.

Vulture says the entire set is incredible, but I want to focus for a second on the first 30 seconds and what she does to make the rest of the set work, a set in which she talks and set in what she talks exclusively about her mother dying from lung cancer.

According to Maria, you guys, some people love. I’ve always been on the fence about the whole thing. She speeds through some people laugh, but don’t think too deeply. She continues. I could go at any time, medium laugh still. Building’s still fairly dead pan. What I really like is a sharp blow to the head.

She says before her voice switches to cartoonishly Midwestern league cheerful that I do not see. She laughs maniacally. She gets a big laugh from the tourists, which it does here is find a way to introduce death as not that big of a deal.

The next joke starts, my mom loved life. Vulture ads. Remember this audience probably doesn’t know Banford and almost definitely doesn’t know where mom has died. This is how she tells them subtly gently it’s Frazier probably here in 90% of eulogies. And this set is a eulogy. She respects the audience’s intelligence enough not to blurt out.

My mom died and knows that would just get her perform sympathy. She wrote my mom loved life and it brings the audience in creating a genuine feeling of closeness with Maria, all the TV BS fades away and for a moment. So does the horror still happening outside the studio for the next four minutes?

It just one person telling you they love their mom and you get it. I laughed until I cried and cried until I laughed. That’s really great. You’ll find that piece on vulture. And that is your comedy news for today.

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