Jon Stewart defends Joe Rogan, Kayne West drags Michael Che into Pete Davidson kerflufle

Kanye West posted a series of Instagram posts about Pete Davidson, and even tried to get Michael Che to switch teams – meanwhile Pete is just trying to have a nice quiet dinner with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Jon Stewart suggested it may be too early to evaluate Joe Rogan on the medical stuff. No mention of the other Rogan-gates.

Bob Saget’s skull was fractured in many places and has doctors using words like unlikely.

No word on Bender-gate and Futurama.

New Zealand turns to Barry Manilow songs to quiet the protestors.

Why won’t anyone vote Chris Kattan off Big Brother?

Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. I thought there’d be a lot more Superbowl related jokes. Now, the ones I found were mostly about the halftime show and feel a little racist. So I don’t want to go there. Dick buckets though, chimed in tick buckets. Remember. He said 50 cent looked like he was hit by inflation.

Pretty good. Dick buckets, Jeff Ross, shout out to the super bowl for keeping Roman numerals alive. And our friends at All-Pro line said M and M is performing at the super bowl halftime show because of the Rooney rule. I’m going to start today on gossip corner. Now let me slow down and get the lilt out of my voice and get a little more.

Originally I had this in the back end of the podcast, because I think at the core here, and I’m not an expert. But it seems Kanye west is struggling with mental health. I, and I don’t want to be light about mental health and I hope Mr. West is doing well, but Pete Davidson is involved with this and Michael Che got dragged into this.

And the reason I moved it up is the Michael Chase stuff is actually pretty funny, but we’ll start with the serious part. Kanye west

was on Instagram over the weekend. Let loose on a bunch of people, including pitting himself against Pete Davidson as two opponents in a Marvel style, civil war Sunday morning, he deleted nearly everything from his count, leaving only one image, a collage of his kids with Kim Kardashian, with the caption, God, please bring our family back together.

So you can see this as serious. And I don’t want to goof on it, but you’ll see when we get to the medical chain part, this is why.

On Saturday night, Kanye posted , something looking like the civil war poster from the Marvel movie on one side, Kanye Drake and a bunch of other people on the other side, Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashians, Taylor swift. Sure.

Why not? And a bunch of other. As a caption county erode the internet has still not found a decent picture of skeets S K E T E some theorize skeets is Kanye his nickname for the couple of Kim and Pete with the little vulgarity thrown in the mix. Also over the weekend, Kim and Pete were seen in Brooklyn.

Italian restaurant Lillia for a quiet date night, page six is a speeds. Davidson was seen opening the car door for Kim before the couple made their way to one of the eateries private outdoor dining huts. Pete Davidson dressed, casually jeans and a flannel layered with a suede bomber J.

On Looker said Kim was seen enjoying a beverage in a wine glass. Don’t want to theorize that it was wine or anything, but it was a beverage in a wine glass. The reports are Kim and Pete seemed to be quotes loved up and were spotted, smiling. As they gazed into each other’s eyes. They also held hands as they left the restaurant later on in the evening.


On Sunday, Kanye shared a screenshot of an alleged text from Pete Davidson. According to that text, Pete Davidson would have written as a man. I’d never get in the way of your children. And that’s a promise how you guys go about raising your kids is your business. And not mine. I do hope one day I can meet them and we can all be friends.

And now the fun part, Kanye tweeted at Michael Che saying I’ll double, whatever they’re paying you. Just so you know enough to look at that pawn ever again. Big love so Che responded. Now he wrote his response on a line pad, similar to Kanye west, which he shared in pickers of a carousel post. First one said, sorry. Yay. , but I would never betray my friends. The next page said for anything less than triple salary, the next page that’s right.

$90,000 per year.

Then Jay added some requirements, full medical, full dental, four weeks vacation corner office, plus a pair of red Octobers size 12. And you got to make some beats from my band, the slap butts.

Jayden said they would have to dress identically and you got to tell me what you’re going to wear to work the night before. So we can look like twins. You did that for me. And I’ll Rambo that whole building.

This next story about the Bob Saget autopsy. Uh, this came to my attention on Saturday afternoon. I don’t want to go into speculation corner here, but my spidey senses starting to tingle. Let me read it to you from the New York times, Bob Saget, the comedian actor died after what appeared to be a significant blow to the head.

One that fractured his skull in several places and caused bleeding across both sizes of brain.

The findings complicated, the picture of Mr. Sag it’s death that has emerged in recent days. That version. Far from a head bump that might have been shrugged off the autopsy described an unmistakably serious set of injuries that would have at the very least have probably left someone confused.

Dr. Joshua, Stephanie is the chief medical examiner of orange and I see Yola counties in Florida. He said it is most probable that the decedent suffered an unwitnessed fall backwards and struck the posterior aspect of his head

inner times spoke to brain entry experts. Who said, , if sag had struck his head hard enough and just in the wrong place, it’s possible that frackers would have extended to other parts of his skull.

Dr. Jeffrey Bazarian said it’s like an egg cracking. You hit it one spot and it can crack from the back to the front.

But experts say that with such an extensive injury, it’s unlikely that Saget would have intentionally ignored. The injury would have left him confused. If not unconscious Bazarian said, I doubt he was lucid and Dowdy thought, oh, I’m going to sleep this off. Some neurosurgeons said it would be unusual for a typical fall to cause sag set of fractures to the back to the right side of the front of a skull.

Those doctors said he injuries appeared more reminiscent of one suffered by people who fall from a considerable height or get thrown from their seat in a car crash. The autopsy though found no injuries to the other parts of sag its body as would be expected from a lengthier fall.

Dr. Gavin, Brits is the chair of neurosurgery at Houston Methodist. He said, this is significant trauma. This is something I find with someone with a baseball bat, to the head who has fallen from 20 or 30 feet.

Brits noted that the autopsy describe a fracture is to the particularly thick part of the skull, as well as to the bones and the roof of the eye socket. He added. If you fracture your orbit, referring to eye bones, you have significant pain. I don’t know what to say. Just take that in. I thought Joe Rogan was out on the new cycle and then I did a Joe Rogan, Google.

And I saw the John Stewart went to bat for Joe Rogan on Thursdays, installments of the problem with John Stewart, you know, the apple TV show that you forgot existed, steward address the situation he began by acknowledging that he may be guilty of a bias since he knows Rogan. And by default would grant more understanding of nuance to people that.

Stuart said that he himself was very vocal in opposing the Iraq war in 2003, the New York times. Right. It was a giant purveyor of misinformation and disinformation. I don’t know if the times was purposeful, but misinformation and that’s as vaunted a media organization, as you can find, but there was no accountability for them.

And I think where I get nervous is in the run-up to the Iraq war and the prosecution, the Iraq war. I was very vocal about that. But the mainstream view, the New York times was mad weapons of mass destruction. They had these tubes that can only be used for nuclear wars.

I was on the side of what you’d think on the mainstream is misinformation. I was voting what they would call misinformation, but it turned out to be right years later, and the establishment media was wrong and not only were they wrong in some respects, you can make the case that they enabled a war that killed hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people and never paid a price for it and never had accountability.

And just having an ombudsman printer with traction. To me, isn’t accountable. So it’s very easy to attack Rogan and I’m not saying that’s not your right. And then if there aren’t things to talk about, but what I’m saying is let’s be careful because the sands can shift couldn’t. I have gone down and fallen down for this.

If I calm or comedy central had wanted to sensor me and wanted me to take me off, look, I’m not owed a platform. Nobody is. But my point is these are shifting sands and I think I get concerned with, well, who gets to decide.

Current daily show host, Trevor Noah will be the featured entertainer for the white house correspondents’ association dinner on April 30th. That’s good. We’ll get that content back here for the daily comedy news.

A suit said Trevor is an incredible talent. It keeps us laughing and thinking four nights a week. . We can’t wait for him to help bring our 100 year Washington tradition back to abnormal. Trevor’s also gonna host this year as a Grammy awards.

The news came out right as the super bowl was ending that comedy director, Ivan Reitman passed away his resume.

Listen to this Ghostbusters twins, meatballs, stripes, kindergarten cop producing animal house. Right. Men died peacefully in his sleep Saturday night. I think I’m going to try and do an episode about Reitman’s body of work for the weekend. I’ll have to take some time to write it. I’m not sure I have that time this week, but right now I have it in the editorial calendar to do on this weekend.

Also, I was reading the obit Ivan Reitman’s daughter, Catherine. She plays Maureen Ponderosa on it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. I watched that show every night before I go to bed, I watched usually two episodes around 10 30 at night. Would’ve never guessed that Ivan Reitman, his daughter was Maureen Ponderosa.

Mindy Kayling tweeted Ivan Reitman was old school and the best way in kind. I love working with him. Sandy’s gone. It makes me feel older. Like my childhood movies are more far away than ever rip Kumail. Nanjiani wrote a legend number of great movies. He made as an absurd rest in peace. Mark Marin had Reitman on his podcast and he reassured the episode.

You’ll find that in merits.

Tonight at union hall vultures, putting on comedy shows again, your host Marcia Belsky J Jordan and Zach Zimmerman. Pretty good. The performers, Mary Beth, maroon, Alex English, Luke Monez and young me mayor. That’s a union hall in New York city. Kevin Hart announced like a big, massive tour. I feel like I need Kevin to tap the brakes.

He’s like a little too much out there. And my wife watching the Superbowl, she was like, I don’t get it. I’m like, he’s really popular. But Kevin needs to like take a week off and just not be seen or heard from Kevin has a 41 city north American tour. One of the places he’ll be playing is the, just for laughs Montreal comedy festival.

He’ll beat the bell center on July 29th.

Presale tickets tomorrow. Jump on it.

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Jen Kirkman with an interesting tweet. She tweeted gen Z on Tik TOK, accusing me of stealing and Aziz joke, parentheses. Uh, not even if my life depended on it, even though the video they’re watching is from before his joke. Tell me more about how this generation is saving the world. Hmm. Taylor Tomlison we’ll co-write and start a new film.

That’s based on her religious upbringing.

She also announced a new, special last week. I don’t know what happened with bender gates. Remember I told you if you trauma was back and they were going to do a table read on Monday at time of this recording just before lunch. On Monday, there was no news about Futurama or John DiMaggio. Just some Twitter searches did some Googling.

Didn’t see anything. So I’ll let you know if they used a replacement vendor and who it was.

I remember I told you, Chris gets Han. They thought he was off big brother. Well, here’s what happened. Chris gets in was stunned that he was still in the house.

He asked everyone to vote him out. They didn’t, they voted for Olympic figure skater.

it’s Ann walked back to his room and said to the other. I don’t understand what I did wrong. If she really wants it so badly, then she should stay. He was scolded by in-sync founding member. Chris Kirk, Patrick. Who’s 50, by the way, who said everybody here wants it badly. Obviously UDA. Reality star Shanna Moakler.

She’s 46 in case you’re curious, said, I don’t think Chris gets and fully understands the game. I know his heart is breaking. He sees this sort of innocent young girl, but Mariah was no joke. She was a fierce competitor. She would have taken us all out, down the road. Catan said in the confessional that he didn’t get the same note that everybody else did about the voting later in the show, Chris Catan competed in the head of household competition, but went inside the house before the results were announced, saying he didn’t feel well.

And from New Zealand, New Zealand authorities have deployed Barry Manilow against protesters at Portland. People were protesting against coronavirus restrictions. There was one of those truck convoys, like the one in Canada.

So parliament broke out a sound system to blast out vaccine messages, decades, old Barry Manilow songs. And the 1990s hit Mack arena on a repeat loop. That doesn’t sound so bad that doesn’t scare her. The protesters responded by playing their own tunes, including twisted sisters. We’re not going to take it.

That is your comedy news at four today, by the way, last week, whew, far and away the most listened to week on this podcast, like by a lot. So thank you. If you’re a relatively new I’m here, seven days a week for all the show on apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, overcast. Wherever you get your shows.

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