Kanye West comes at Trevor Noah with a racial slur

Today it’s all about fighting.

Kanye West came at Trevor Noah with a racial slur. Trevor handled it perfectly.

Godfrey cleaned up the Kanye beef.

Johnny Mac got frosty at trivia!

Mike Myers has a new Netflix show!

South Park: the 25th Anniversary Concert for some reason.

Amy Schumer yes it up with Jimmy Fallon

Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s show was re-added to Netflix

Bill Burr will headline the Great Outdoors Comedy Festival

and Johnny Mac goes off on a long sidebar in search of George Lopez Tacos.

Hey, what’s up. I’m Johnny Mack, who, who we lost trivia by one point. There’s a lot of reasons you could lose a trivia. Maybe I’ll tell the story of the second half, but I believe a question about Bob Saget. Let me ask you a question. It was multiple choice. There are four answers. The fourth answer doesn’t matter.

Uh, the gist of the question was, are there more Bob Saget episodes of full house plus fuller house? How I met your mother or America’s home videos or the fourth thing that obviously wasn’t the answer. I’ll let you ponder that. Um,

and I will tell you the correct answer in a little bit, but who, what a night, a trivia.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine address Congress the other day. I’m sure you saw that. Trevor Noah said based on his references to American history, it was clear as the Lensky knew his audience, he brought out all of America’s major moments.

I have a dream nine 11 Mount Rushmore, you know, he was on Wikipedia, planning out his act. Okay. Pearl Harbor, Boston tea party. Should I mention a whole Kogan sex tape, maybe by the way, props to him. . I mean, he knows way more about American and most us senators know about his country.

Like, can you imagine how they would sound if they had to give an inspiring speech using a cranium history, uh, people of Ukraine remember the vision of your founder? I want to say Daniel Ukraine. Great joke. I’m also impressed that the landscape was able to Dodge so many landmines in his research.

Cause you know, this could have gone very wrong and not a nine 11, which we all know from YouTube was an inside job. I see you Bush, Trevor in the news. Hey, I know some of you were like stop with the Pete Davidson. I kids. We were at the bar. Everybody’s talking about Pete Davidson breakfast table.

Everybody’s talking about Pete Davidson, Trevor Noah is dragged into this thing. Now I told you yesterday that Trevor had commented on Kanye harassing Kim. Well from TMZ, Kanye west is turning his anger towards Trevor Noah. Now firing off a racial slur.

Kanye was up at [5:00] AM, Pacific posted Trevor Noah’s picture and captioned it with some mocking and racist lyrics that I don’t even want to dance with. The devil. I have posted this article on the subreddit, which is daily comedy news. And on the Facebook group, page daily comedy news podcast group, you can read them.

I don’t want to voice them.

Kanye got locked out of his Instagram account for 24 hours. A spokesperson for Mehta. The parent company of Instagram told TMZ that Kanye, his recent posts violated the platform’s policies on hate speech, harassment and bullying resulting in a 24 hour band. Wait, so I can like be a racist and do hate speech and bully, and I get a 24 hour time out.

That’s the policy.

Kanye has since deleted the post. Trevor Noah has responded Trevor’s words.

There are a few artists who have had more of an impact on me than you. Kanye. You took samples and turn them into symphonies. You’re an indelible part of my life, which is why it breaks my heart to see like this. I don’t care if you support Trump and I don’t care if he roast Pete. I do.

However care when I see you on a path that’s dangerously, close to parallel and paint.

Trevor reacted to the slur saying clearly some people graduate, but we still stupid. Don’t ever forget the biggest trick racist ever played on black people was teaching us to strip each other of our blackness. Whenever we disagree,

tricking us and dividing ourselves in a splinters so that we would never unite into a powerful rod.

Vulture chimed in and said, every part of this is perplexing. Kim Kardashians went on Ellen and revealed that her new official booby Davidson has multiple tattoos in reference to her. But that the one on his chest that says cam is actually a branding.

Kim said, I think he was just like, I want something that’s there that I can’t, you know, get rid of my tattoos. He’s in the process of getting rid of his arm, tats and neck tats. So he’s like, I don’t want to be able to get rid of it, cover covered up. And I just wanted it to be there, like a scar on me.

Don’t forget, Pete Davidson is going to space on Wednesday. Kim Kardashians is promoting a new TV show. I’m sure most of this is real, but part of me is like, what is going on?

Mike Myers is back baby, a new six episode Netflix show called the Pence. It’s. It appears to be one of those projects where Mike Myers makes up almost half the cast playing eight different characters. According to deadline, it starts May 5th. It also stars comedians like Ken Jong Mack, packer, Keegan, Michael Key, and Jennifer Saunders.

It centers on these shadowy and possibly world controlling secret society called the Pence Everetts. According to the voiceover in the trailer, it was started by five people who were labeled as. Heretics after discovering that the black plague was caused by fleas and rats. Okay. South bark, 25 years old.

So they’re having a concert. Of course, that makes total sense. Comedy central announced South park. The 25th anniversary concert will take place at red rocks park in Morrison, Colorado on August 10th, The event will feature Trey and Matt as well as Benz Primus and ween.

Matt and Trey gave a statement, which said we’re so excited to go home and play at red rocks, a place that’s been known for hosting the most legendary artists and musicians until now. I’m always fascinated by the joint statement. How does that work? I guess you craft a sentence together.

I mean, in reality, your publicist does and runs a pasture and you go, yeah, that’s fine. And there’s like an email chain I’ve been down that road a million times.

Is almost boiler plate for it. There’s a certain large media company that will announce stuff. And almost every single time, it’s like large media company announces project with big star. Big star is one of the most influential entertainers in the whatever category.

Big Media Company Executive said We’re proud to partner with big star on entertainment project. It’s like boiler plate, whatever.

My voice has shattered already. I’m only five minutes in and I didn’t record multiple pods today. What’s up with that? Maybe it was St. Patrick’s day. Johnny Mac. What were you doing? I am running late today. All right. More feuds, TEI, verse Godfrey. Remember that one Godfrey had taken issue with Tia taking the stage after him last month.

Godfrey went on the breakfast club and said they’ve since patched things up. And the night in question, he returned to the green room backstage immediately after nearly two hour show to decompress. And he didn’t see. On my podcast. They were like to just see him. I was like, no, I didn’t know him to do comedy.

So I’m not going to watch. Not saying you shouldn’t be doing comedy. I’m just a headliner. I just finished. It was for that moment. But I know somebody took that excerpt of me saying that and showed it to TEI. Sounds like somebody is cleaning something up. I don’t know.

I like feuds. They’re good for the podcast.

Doug Stan hope has posted his latest, special, the dying of a last breed. It is streaming on the all things, comedy, YouTube channel. Sometimes I’m so deep in the weeds here is Doug seeing hope known. Maybe he’s not. If you don’t know Doug Stan hope, I would definitely check that out. It is called dying of a last breed.

I haven’t seen this particular special yet, but I’m a big fan of Doug’s work and Doug does not pull punches. Doug is really good. It’s on the all things, comedy, YouTube channel.

Amy Schumer is hosting the Oscars for some reason, full court media press out there between that and life and Beth, which premieres tonight. I think I lost track of that. Amy was on the tonight show.

Jimmy Fallon asked her about being the spokesperson for both mayonnaise and tampons. Schumer says Mayo makes sense. They just pick the person who looks the most. Like they have Mayo on every meal, but since becoming a shill for tampons rights, vulture Schumer was diagnosed with endometriosis and subsequently had a hysterectomy which famously removes the necessity for tampons.

Jimmy Fallon said, I wanted to mention that you’re going to host the Oscars. This. Amy said, oh my God, am I? Yes, Amy, you are. Oh my God. Emma, come on. Just come on. Jimmy Fallon, how did it come about? Did you immediately say yes. Amy said, I just feel like performing right now, coming out of the pandemic and everything.

I just feel really excited about it. I want to go out and, you know, get into some trouble because there’s no better way to be edgy than to tell everybody you’re about to be edgy.

Amy Schumer, Regina hall and Wanda Sykes did a photo shoot together for the Oscars, which they’re hosting. For some reason, Amy Schumer wore a chic black tuxedo jacket over punching black gown, which hugged her gorgeous curves, joking for the cameras, the star sport had simple makeup, her blonde hair, falling to her shoulders in a relaxed wave.

The PR machine is out folks.

Here’s a headline that caught my attention. Actor comedian, George Lopez is launching a new series of books. Yes. You thought that was going to be about tacos. I’ll circle back to that. George Lopez as a four book deal with Viking children’s books for Chupa Carter, that’s a series of quotes, fantastical, middle grade books that combine humor, Latinex, mythology, and memories of Lopez’s childhood.

Catching my eye. There is the use of Latinex. I’ve done a few media projects where that has come up And some people that others might identify as Latinex have rejected the Latinex label, but I’ll leave that to somebody else. Humor, Latinex, mythology, and memories of Lopez. Childhood says the release. George is quoted with this series. I want to empower children to think I might feel down, but no way am I going to stay down?

I believe it’s vital for our underrepresented and underserved used a year. It doesn’t matter where you come from or how those around you see you, it only matters how you see yourself. This got me wondering whatever happened to George Lopez tacos.

A lot of new listeners have joined on board. Now, George Lopez tacos got this podcast through a lot of the pandemic. George came out guns, a blazing announced. George Lopez taco is pop-up shops. I would talk about it almost every day, we reviewed the menu. We looked into the pricing when a listener’s ordered it, read a review of the food, and it was just a great way to burn off like the dark days of the pandemic when there was nothing to talk about.

So I’m a big fan of George Lopez tacos, even if I’m not a fan of George Lopez tacos.

So I throw George Lopez tacos into the Google machine. See if there was any news. Now, George seems bored with that project. He hasn’t mentioned it in quite some time after being just so excited about it mashed as the most recent mention of George Lopez tacos in an article called ranking next bike, ghost kitchen brands from worst to first, this has nothing to do with comedy.

And you can skip ahead a minute if you’re like, what the hell Johnny Mac, but you know, you’re kind of curious, let me go through this really quickly. I haven’t even looked at it yet.

Number 16 monster Mac what’s that this brand is completely devoted to the art of Mac and cheese

mash says monster Mack is a monstrous flop. Oh no. Why? First of all, the cheese tastes completely artificial. It even has a chemical, like after taste. Considering the cheeses, half of the Mac and cheese equation, this is a serious issue. This is why I do these articles. And this is why I don’t preread them.

That was wonderful. This is already worth the total sidecar distraction here. Thank you. Mashed right. 15 fire belly wings. Mashed, it’s pretty snarky here with a name like fire belly wings. You’d expect the chicken wings to be smoking with flavor. Sadly, this next bite ghost kitchen brand offers wings that are so boring.

You won’t, you won’t be able to stop yourself from yawning flavors. Sound good though. Classic barbecue. Cajun garlic Parmesan, lemon pepper, hot.

The only flavor with any hints of heat is hot, honey. And even that it’s more honey than hot. This is who wrote this. You’re a good writer.

Number 11 grilled cheese society.

Not too much snark there. Number 10.

This won’t be the best breakfast breed I’ve ever tasted, but they’ll do in a pinch when you can’t make your own or drive to a superior fast food restaurant. That’s right. If you’re too lazy to drive to taco bell in the morning, what the hell? The number nine cracked, which is spelled C R a C K apostrophe.

If you’re tired or the breakfast sandwiches you have in your freezer, you’ll appreciate the delightful and innovated sandwiches that cracked can deliver. The two best options are the chicken and waffles baby and the spicy avocado. Daddy. I love the names.

Number eight is outlaw burger.

Seven hatch house. Don’t forget. We’re trying to get to George Lopez tacos. Apparently he’s doing pretty well on this list. We’re moving up here and we haven’t gotten to him yet. Hatch house. If breakfast sandwiches, the crack cells are too adventurous or too quirky for your liking hatch house is a worthy alternative.

That’s right. If you were conservative and can’t handle.

Eating something called chicken and waffles, baby, or the spicy avocado. Daddy. You need to get a little Tamer, just have the chili Crispin egg. Number six is the big melt.

If you like Jack in the box, water burger and Sonic, well, you must live on the west coast, but you can still get that flavor from the big Milt. Number five, don’t ask me. I know there’s a Sonic in New Jersey. Don’t at me. Number five, lucky dragon fried race, which now I want fried rice.

Your advertising campaign is clearly working.

All they sell is fried rice. Now they’re spicy fried rice, which is a favorite of mine. Moving on crave burger.

Number three, miss Maisie’s amazing chicken, which looks good. Number two T Z K I what’s that Mediterranean cuisine. All right. Number one, hotbox by Wiz Khalifa. You know, the Wiz Khalifa is an award-winning hip hop star. Even. I know that cause I love fast and furious soundtrack.

But in addition, it was musical talents that, you know, he also has great taste in the culinary world. I did not know that

hotbox by Wiz Khalifa has wings, that you’ll order again and again, the wings are ginormous, juicy and available in either hot or mild. And now I’ve gotten to the bottom of the list and I didn’t mention George Lopez tacos. And if you were paying attention, And I’m not doing a bit here. This is what really happened.

I accidentally skipped one. I accidentally skipped number 13. I did not do that on purpose. I promise you, this is not a bid I actually missed. And somehow skipped over number 13, which was the whole point of this premise, George Lopez tacos. Let’s see what mash says. Well, there’s a lot of potential. George Lopez tacos isn’t worthy of a full throated recommendation.

Sounds dirty that Socos are actually quite flavorful and surprisingly authentic, but two relatively simple problems will overshadow your experience. Oh, no. First the tacos are too small. Yeah. Come on George Lopez. That’s kind of a big deal for fatties like me. I don’t want small tacos second. The tacos are too expensive and the super items together, you have food that offers very little bang for your buck.

So the review here is that the tacos are small and expensive. That’s not good. George Lopez master rights. If you want to try George Lopez tacos at its best, what are the latching gona with shredded pork? These tacos come with green salsa . roasted jalapenos, cilantro, diced onions, pickled onions.

The pork is slow cooked. So it’s extra tasty and the corner tea is are of high quality. Unfortunately, these tacos are so small that they’ll disappear before. You know it,

maybe I should tag in half-ass angry. Jerry Seinfeld impression. He hasn’t been on the podcast in a while. Jerry, you there. It’s so small at this point before, you know it, you may think about ordering more tacos, but the high price tag will dissuade you.

Even though these tacos are good, you’d be better off picking a Mexican fast food chain that offers bigger portions and a fair price.

Where were we? I didn’t mean to do that. And I just checked the timer. Holy cow, Johnny Mexican. I have to drop some sand from today’s show. Ah, Alrighty of water. Here’s a Lensky president of Ukrainian. Remember he did a TV series called servant other people where he played the president of Ukraine and then it turned into real life.

And then world war three happened to the poor guy. That is now streaming on Netflix. Insider says a comedian went viral this week for performing a rap opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine during a city council meeting in Texas, Alex Stein, who introduced himself as primetime 99, Alex Stein rapped in front of nine people for nearly four minutes on Tuesday.

Here are his raps. Are you ready? I’m sure he delivered them better than me. And I’m not going to try and sing them. I will read them to you. Here are the beats he dropped go insane for your crane, a bullet and Putin’s Brene, not quite Wiz. Khalifa quality. There

Zelensky is a VIP Ukraine and I go insane.

One more time. I’m 99. You know how I grind and shine gas prices way too high. Vladimir Putin needs to die.

Inside or caught up with Stein the next day. And he said his performance was 100% sense higher. Thank God. Cause you are not a good rapper.

All right. I got the machete out. Cause I ran long with that whole George Lopez thing. Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by the new podcast. The best song. Every week music journalists, Scott Frampton takes a quick deep dive into one song this week song.

And I was feeling this yesterday cause I was all being poser Irish. I’m Irish American, but my friends from the Republic of Ireland always used to call me poser Irish. What I would hang out with them in the 1990s and this poser Irishmen was all about the Pogues and the band played waltzing Matilda yesterday.

Scott Frampton says that’s a folk song about the world war one, glibly Kim. There’s nothing to do with St Patrick’s day, but every mid do with the truth Shane McGowan and the Pogues could find in a song, follow the best song ever this week, wherever you get your shows.

Hey, also, thanks to the folks over at I heart. They started this website called pod guides.com.

I clicked on it, explore the world through audio. And these are travel podcast to inspire and x-rayed adventure. And they linked to the thing I told you about yesterday. My side hustle podcast called travel is back.

I haven’t had a chance yet to totally deep dive, but they have at least linked to my episodes about Chicago Nashville and the best beaches in the world. Pretty cool. It’s like, it’s a real podcast now. So thank you. That’s called the pod guides.com.

The podcast is called travel is back wherever you get your shows.

All right at the top. I mentioned trivia night and the Bob Saget question. Are there more episodes of this, this, this, this, this, the answer is there are more episodes of full house plus fuller house than there are how I met your mother. I think there was a total of one additional episodes. I guess how I met your mother, my logic being that ran like eight, nine seasons back when CVCs and just to be 20, 22 episodes , but full house also ran in that era and the extra fuller house tagged on just enough, Bob Saget to take first place there.

There was some other reasons we didn’t win trivia night. I don’t want to get into it. I got a little frosty. It’s a brewery. Maybe I had a couple beers in me at a different point of view. And one of the answers.

But trivia nights, always fun. If you want to hear, when I went down, the trivia guys have a podcast it’s called best men trivia listen around five. So I’m going to say.

Maria Bamford story. You’re going to have to wait because of George Lopez

tonight, a Gilda’s laugh, fast, fortune Feimster

and other festival news. The great outdoors comedy festival. That’s June 24th to the 26, but less than bill Burr. Got your attention. Yep. David spade and Whitney Cummings. There’ll be the prince islands part stage in Calgary. Um,

I guess I got to do this review of life and Beth today from the Hollywood reporter, Amy Schumer, who is hosting the Oscars for some reason, they didn’t write that. Those are my words. It has that new half-hour dramedy set out to chart. Beth’s changing relationships with her friends, family, romance, health, and career over past and present.

It’s neither as hilarious nor is moving as it seems like it could be. And the tonal shifts between drama and a D can be jarring. That’s a good review. I like that. E online, caught up with Amy who says the show is based on her own life. About 50. She helps people relate to it, hopefully a little more than they relate to your Foria. One aspect was particularly important for her to portray in a relatable light, the sex in a relationship you’ve been in for a long time, because that way they represent sex in movies, it’s like slamming against the wall.

And that rarely happens maybe once or twice in your life, especially when you’ve been together a long time.

If you’re married the best day to have sex, the best weekday. So is tomorrow.

All right. I got some leftovers, cause I don’t want the podcast to be like half an hour long. It’s long enough as it is this weekend. Normal episodes. Sunday, I’m going to talk about. Who I think should host the Oscars. The answer is not Amy Schumer, but I’ll tell you who should do it on that’s on Sunday.

Tomorrow is also a normal episode and you can follow this show on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever you get your shows, buy me a coffee. Don’t buy me a beer. Cause you buy me a beer. I go to the brewery and I don’t like one of the answers to the trivia questions and I get a little huffy and it gets a little ugly there.

You don’t want tonight to just buy me a coffee. Don’t buy me a beer anymore. Buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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