Kathy Griffin’s comments on Joe Rogan and “Transphobic” Dave Chappelle

Kethy Griffin plays SEO Word Salad and mentions both Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle. Thanks for the downloads KG!

Pete Davidson hit the In N Out with Kim Kardashian. In a fancy car. You don’t want to hear what that car costs but I will tell you.

Steve Harvey gets in on the Kanye vs. D.L. Hughley side of things.

Johnny Mac says Kanye West’s music is “bad” and Pete Davidson is “not funny” in blatant attempt to get drawn into the feud to promote his podcast.

Amy Schumer talks Oscars. Friends of Amy Schumer say that her Oscar material is amazing or something.

The Kids In The Hall documentary sounds like it us fun.

Little Britain returns in an edited form…but it’s the creators who made the edits.

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