Kathy Griffin’s comments on Joe Rogan and “Transphobic” Dave Chappelle

Kethy Griffin plays SEO Word Salad and mentions both Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle. Thanks for the downloads KG!

Pete Davidson hit the In N Out with Kim Kardashian. In a fancy car. You don’t want to hear what that car costs but I will tell you.

Steve Harvey gets in on the Kanye vs. D.L. Hughley side of things.

Johnny Mac says Kanye West’s music is “bad” and Pete Davidson is “not funny” in blatant attempt to get drawn into the feud to promote his podcast.

Amy Schumer talks Oscars. Friends of Amy Schumer say that her Oscar material is amazing or something.

The Kids In The Hall documentary sounds like it us fun.

Little Britain returns in an edited form…but it’s the creators who made the edits.

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news from the category of funny, not funny, Volodymyr Zelensky appeal directly to Congress last week, Jimmy Kimmel said, so Leschi said, we need you right now. And Congress was like, listen, we’d love to help, but we just made daylight savings time permanent. And we are wiped out to Kimmel Zelenskyi, asked America to establish a no fly zone over Ukraine, which we’re reluctant to do because it could result in a nuclear war.

But we are willing to wear blue and yellow lapel pins at the award shows this month. So that’s something right. Seth Zelenskyi delivered a virtual address to Congress and received a standing ovation. Making him the first comedian actually deserve one. I can say with absolute certainty, that’s the warmest reception anyone has ever received on zoom Cole bear.

You know, it’s powerful when that many old people jumped to their feet, their knees in that room that were alive during the Roosevelt administration, camel, he got two standing ovations, which is nice. I think he’d rather get fighter jets, but standing ovations were good.

Kimmel it was bipartisan Republicans. Democrats did for him, which is almost impossible. It’s like getting Kim and Kanye to agree on a daycare situation is very difficult. Our first story today comes from Yahoo. It involves Kathy Griffin, Dave Chappelle, and Joe Rogan.

So I’m going to call time out here. Gives me a good opportunity to talk about something I wanted to discuss us thinking about in the middle of the night, the other night. so You may notice, Hey, he talks about Pete Davidson a lot, or Joe Rogan or Dave Chappelle or John Malaney. I’ve been in radio in some form or another, for 30 years now.

And I can tell you in all formats, rock and roll talk, radio comedy, play the hits always play the hits.

There’s probably a version of this podcast I could do where a deep dive and be like, Hey, just Solomon’s a really up and coming comedian. He got to check out Zach Zimmerman. Rom is if I do that, nobody’s going to listen to it. I have to put, like I did today. Dave Chappelle, Joe Rogan, any episode title to get the extra downloads.

It’s just the way the media is these days. So thank you, Kathy Griffin for this story. I love Dave Chappelle. I think he’s a genius. I just think he’s also transphobic. I think David’s just a transphobic guy. I don’t think Dave is trans bashing. I don’t think Dave is running around harming gaze.

Kathy said her transgender friends are saying to her, how can this be a black guy? Who’s you know, his heartbeats for George Floyd as it should. But when it comes to us, he doesn’t even eat. Doesn’t get it. He just keeps making a joke. She also talks about Joe Rogan to make sure she got an, a headline of today’s episode.

Griffin said Rogan 100% has the right to do his show wherever he wants, he’s exercising his free speech. She isn’t surprised that Spotify quote, stuck with him because when are we going to see any of these guys like really pay? She was talking about Andrew Cuomo, CNN, Jeff Zucker, Louis C K.

I don’t mean like pay. He should still do a show there so many ways Spotify could have done this and it could have either they could have said, look, this is the kind of show we needed to do because people are dying. They could have certainly given him a pay cut, which I’ve been given for saying controversial things.

She also weighed in on Roseanne BARR.

I know Roseanne be treated like crap by men and the industry crap. They didn’t trust her instincts. Didn’t trust her comedic instincts, which were impeccable. And then I think she sorta crossed over, I don’t really know what led her to be mega, but I think she became queue.

First key was in Q1 on.

She’s actually the person they make these documentaries about Q Anon about she really, she really believes that stuff. That’s not me blowing an edit. That’s what the court is. She really, she really believes that stuff. And she hates me now and she thinks I, she thinks I’m ugly on the outside and inside and blah, blah, blah.

So she’s like way down the rabbit hole.

As for the future of her comedy, Kathy Griffin is hopeful. It will be more supportive and less nasty. Like it was in the nineties and two thousands. It was like all this sensibility that was vicious, comedically, like vicious. I don’t think people have a taste for that. Now look, I’m going to talk about the Kardashians because I have an actual relationship with them and they’re always doing something funny, but I think that when I hit the stage again, I’ll probably talk more about like, believe it or not.

There’s a lot of really funny stuff in recovery. I can talk about that. Pills are funny. I know it sounds crazy, but we’re all going through stuff. I want to talk about what we’re all in together. And then I want to pepper it in with my silly, whatever celebrity thing I happen to be actually immersed in.

Amy Schumer is hosting the Oscars. For some reason, variety caught up with Amy. They were like, Hey, Amy Schumer, who’s hosting the Oscars. For some reason, the Oscars hasn’t had a host in four years. Do you feel any pressure, Amy? A lack of pressure. I’d say it’s like, there’s nobody to really compare to. Cause it’s been a minute.

Oh, there are people to compare you to. Don’t worry.

I think we’re just ready to have a good time and enjoy it. It’s going to be a night to celebrate everyone on their achievements, making a movie during a raging pandemic, an also fun to take the piss. As they say, Amy Schumer now apparently grew up in London.

I’ve never heard an American use that phrase.

Maybe she wants to go. All Ricky Jervais is as a host, which would not be a bad move.

Amy Schumer who’s hosting the Oscars for some reason was on the view and asked former Oscar host would be Goldberg, who here’s an example of someone you could compare her to. She asked what be for any advice and joked that her lawyer advised her to cut half her set.

Amy also said, she’s going to go on the Howard stern show after hosting the Oscars because apparently it’s 1996 and possibly share some of her material that didn’t make it on.

Despite the secrecy. One person revealed that he got to hear some of Schumer set, that person, Kevin Kane, who happens to be one of the co-stars of life and Beth, the project that Amy Schumer’s currently promoting alongside the, her Oscar gig. Good job, Mr. Hollywood agent to getting all this done and the timing working out.

Isn’t it funny how the timing worked out?

Kevin Kane, one of these stars of life. And Beth said, I got to see a little preview of some stuff she’s doing. I think it’s going to kill. I’m always the guy saying don’t do it to her. And then she does it. And I’m like cringing, like a parent.

Laura. Benanti placed the mom on life and Beth and said, she’s going to F and killing it. Like she kills everything in her life. She comes in completely herself full of love and light and humor, and she’s going to make people laugh. So is she coming in light or she coming in like nasty. Lisa gives me something to talk about this week.

Cause Pete, Davidson’s not go to space.

, but it’s not like we’re not going to talk about Pete Davidson. Steve Harvey is now getting involved in this. Now my mom watches, family feud. Love Steve Harvey. Soon. Maybe she’ll start asking me about who is Pete Davidson? Who is that? Except she won’t get his name.

Right. She’ll call him. She’ll probably call him Pete Davidson with no second day. That’d be my guess. Yeah.

Steve Harvey shared some thoughts, not about Pete Davidson, but about DL Hughley, who also got into it last week with Kanye west.

Might the feud turn into fisticuffs. Steve Harvey said, pull up any what you want. If y’all do get to scrapping all my cash on DL, cause you have no idea. You’ve been a little politically, socially conscious rapper. We are from a whooping area.

We from a whole nother era, Harvey? Edit. Yay. Come on, man. Back that up a little bit deal. Ain’t your problem. Don’t go out there against that man.

Yeah, who says social media appear to side with the family feud hosts. This is so silly. Once said, don’t go to war comedians. It’s going to be endless not to mention. He went smoke with Trevor Noah to another person commented. Now, Steve, my boy, but he ain’t saying nothing to future. A third person said not the Kings of comedy street gang.

As repeats Davidson himself. He was spotted at the in and out burger with girlfriend Kim Kardashians.

Kim was driving the custom may back sedan.

No, I wasn’t familiar with that. That is apparently a Mercedes and quick Google says the Mercedes Maybeck sedan is as rare as its impressive. Ooh, how much does a Maybach sedan cost? The Google machine says, all right, you’re you’re going to lose your mind. You don’t want me to tell you I’m going to give you, I, I, if I tell you this number, you’re going to lose your mind.

I’ll give you a minute to prepare yourself. I’ll do the rest of the story and I will come back and it will tell you how much Kim Kardashians Mercedes-Benz S-Class may back costs.

You’re not going to like the answer. Anyway, that’s what Kim was driving. Pete Davidson, riding shotgun. They’re the in and out burger, just that you’re driving this car. And then you got in and out burger. Amazing. Kim Kardashians partially rolled down her window to place the order while a friendly employee.

Typically order, we don’t know what she ordered.

I’m going to guess. I’m going to guess Kim gone. Just a basic cheeseburger and kept it light, maybe dye Coke. And I’m going to guess Pete Davidson went full on double, double with a shake. I have absolutely no insight into what they actually got, but why not speculate? What’s the worst that happens.

I get into a Twitter war with Pete Davidson and Kanye west. Please I’ll take the downloads. Should I start it now, Kanye, your music’s terrible Pete Davidson. You’re not funny. I don’t even believe any of that, but I just want to get in another beef

after rattling off their order orders, Kim Kardashians generously tip to drive their employee before moving forward. Well, how do we know that? How do we know how much money she gave? And we don’t know what the order is. I want to know what they ordered.

For her lunch date with beat Davidson, Kim highlighted her cleavage in a low cut black. All right. You want to know how much a Mercedes Benz S class Maybeck cost are you ready? $173,000.

Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by palace intrigue. What’s that? It’s a quick five minute a day podcast about the Royal family. I am the writer on that. Great news for us. Megan Markle is starting her podcast back up. So a, it gives us something to talk about and B , the one time Harry and Megan put out a pod.

Our numbers spiked because people type in things like Meghan Markle podcast and they find us. So thank you, Harry and Megan, that podcast is called palace intrigue. Wherever you get your shows, did you say on the Goldbergs they’re doing CGI. Jeff Gorlin. I saw this on the laugh button. Jeff Garlin I don’t know, quit the show earlier this year and they didn’t want to write out the character.

So they have. CGI Jeff, Garlin just kind of in the background. Occasionally they use a loop piece of dialogue to make it seem like he’s in the scene. And I don’t follow the show at all. I think the daughter was getting married. Maybe that’s what it looked like in a clip I saw. And Jeff Garlin, I guess, is the dad.

And he’s kinda in the back of the living room. I don’t know why they’re getting married in the living room. None of it makes any sense, but there is a CGI Jeff Cortland for some reason.

The Hollywood reporter saw that new kids in the hall documentary at south by last week, it’s called kids in the hall comedy punks. They say it will leave old fans wondering where they put their DVDs and newcomers wondering how they hadn’t heard of these guys. Though peppered with lots of photos and clips fans, haven’t seen rapid fire editing ensures we never see enough for wear clips, humor to land.

Instead, the montage persuasively, conjures, the camaraderie and creative enthusiasm. We all wanted to believe in. Yes, these guys were great friends when they were transforming comedy, then they weren’t. Now they are again. Wow. Drama.

The film opens in 1981, where Bruce McCullough met Mark McKinney on stage at an improv event called the loose moose.

Apparently there’s a fun anecdote in this thing. Spoilers in 1985, they started to sell out Scouts from Saturday night, live, arrived in Toronto to poach new talent from second city. Seeing the stories in the press. One scout from Saturday night, live called for tickets to see the kids in the.

Bruce replied. Unfortunately, the show was sold out Lauren Michaels. Oops. That wasn’t last. They’d hear of Lauren Michaels. Fortunately, amazingly the group survived a temporary split when two were hired to write for SNL, but they hated the experience sensing. They might deserve a show with their own Lorne Michaels, relocated them briefly to New York, making them do live shows for crowds.

Who’d never heard of them while the were new sketches for a pilot.

That sounds like a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to watching the kids in the hall comedy punks. It’s an hour and 34 minutes, which is the perfect length for a movie that all these new movies. Now I’m like going all men, Batman three hours, make two movies.

I’m recording this on Friday and it’s 72 degrees out. So I’m going to wrap this up. I will tell you I’m bound. Maria Bamford tomorrow. I’ll do this quick. Short-haul did the cuts go too far or not far enough? Little Britain has returned to the BBC I player, but some stuff edited out. An example of that, the character of Deseret divert for which David Williams, Don black makeup and a fat suit that’s out.

so is ting Tang. The Thai bride played by Matt Lucas.

However other controversial alter egos remained such as the quotes, rubbish transvestite, Emily Howard, Maggie Blackcomb warranty, racist and homophobic member of the women’s Institute and university counselor, Linda Flint, who described students in cruelly offensive ways, such as quoting here, the Ching Chong Chinaman unquote.

The BBC said the edits had been made by Lucas and Williams themselves, as spokesperson said, little Britain has been made available to fans on the BBC. I player following edits made to the series by Matt and David. That better reflects the changes in the cultural landscape or the last 20 years since the show was first made.

In 2017. Lucas said, if I could go back and do little Britain again, I wouldn’t make those jokes about transvestites. I wouldn’t play black characters. Basically. I wouldn’t make the show. Now. It would upset people. . We made a more cruel kind of comedy than I do now

one viewer tweeted well done BBCI player, you put little Britain back on being careful to remove the racist blackface characters. And he used hashtag black face. Are there people searching hashtag black face I’d aggress to remove the racist hashtag black face characters, but left in the anti working class and the prejudices against the.

And other said, can we just leave little Britain in the comedy bin word belongs next to love thy neighbor. We’re condensed the episodes down, including the generally good sketches and leaving out all the racism and transphobia.

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